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Best Flight Deals to Kütahya


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Arrival Airport: Zafer Airport (KZR)
Flight duration from İstanbul to Kütahya: 1 hour 5 minutes
Flight duration from Brussels to Kütahya: 3 hours
Flight duration from Düsseldorf to Kütahya: 3 hours 20 minutes
Flight duration from Cologne  - Kütahya: 4 hours

Kütahya is one of the major touristic cities located in the Aegean region in Türkiye. The city has a long history dating back to ancient times with Frig settlement. Kütahya is home to numerous artefact as well as porcelain products as the city is historically known for its porcelain production.

Kütahya is known for its rich cuisine as the city shows some of the fine delicacies of Turkish cuisine such as Kütahya kebab and sini dumpling. You can start discovering this amazing city by buying cheap affordable flight tickets to Kütahya from Pegasus Airlines.

Zafer Airport (KZR) is located at the intersection of three cities which are Kütahya, Uşak and Afyon. Flights to Kütahya are organized to Zafer Airport from different cities in Türkiye. There are flights from İstanbul, Brussels, Dusseldorf and Cologne to Zafer Airport. You can choose either a direct flight or a connected flight to Kütahya. Also, these direct and connected flights to Kütahya enable access to Uşak and Afyon which are nearby cities.

Zafer Airport is constructed at the junction of three cities namely Kütahya, Uşak and Afyon. The airport has a total of 3,248,890 m2 of the activity area which the entire operations run, 27,726 m2 of closed area which the passengers can wait and 17,620 m2 of the terminal area which the passengers can board. The runway of the airport which is used by the planes to take off and land is 3.,000 m. long and 45m wide. Also, the ramp capacity for this airport which means that planes can wait in line for take off can accommodate 3 planes per hour. The airport has advanced aviation devices such as VOR, DME, NDB, ILS which is considered as a world standard.


Transportation from Zafer Airport to Kütahya City Center

Zafer Airport is located at the intersection of three cities which are Uşak, Afyon and Kütahya. For this reason, it is possible to find transportation options from the airport to any one of these three cities. Transportation from Zafer Airport to Kütahya City Center has three main options. These three main options for transportation are airport shuttles, taxis and car rentals.

Public Transportation

The municipality of Kütahya offers a wide range of public transportation options to travel across different districts. There are different bus lines that cover the entire city including the districts which are far from the city center. In addition to public transport in the city, it is easy to reach the neighboring cities such as Uşak and Afyon by using buses. The buses leave the bus station at Kütahya city center every day and the trip to Uşak and Afyon is a short trip.

Kütahya is considered to be one of the popular holiday destinations in Türkiye. Located in the Aegean region in Türkiye, the city is famous for its porcelain manufacturing. Further, the city is known for its rich thermal sources. The visitors can enjoy a SPA holiday in this city. For this reason, the SPA hotels are among the most popular accommodation options in Kütahya. There are also other hotel options which are bed and breakfast and hostels other than SPA hotels.

Kütahya offers a fine selection of Turkish cuisine. It is possible to find different varieties of kebab as well as some distinct dishes of the Aegean cuisine. The restaurants in Kütahya offer different options including vegan and vegetarian options for different people around the world.

You can find useful information before you plan your Kütahya trip. This information will be your main guide to visit the city which covers a large area with diverse places to see.

Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Kütahya

  • The climate of the city is continental so it might be colder at night regardless of the season.
  • It is possible to visit nearby cities like Uşak and Afyon.
  • The regular public transportation card used by the local people can also be used by the tourists.

Neighboring Cities

Afyon – 94 km

Eskişehir – 78 km

Uşak – 140 km

Ankara – 310 km

İzmir – 340 km

İstanbul – 360 km


The weather in Kütahya is continental. The continental weather means there is snow during winter and the summer months can be hot. Although there might be snow during winter, the average number of snowy days in the city is 20 days. Also, there is rain during spring and fall in the continental weather. In general, spring and summer can be considered the ideal seasons to visit this city.

Essential Numbers

Country Code: +90

Airport Contact: +90 444 3 937

Airport Taxi: +90 546 812 44 00

Emergency Line: 155 (Police), 112 (Ambulance)

Airport Shuttle Service to Kütahya: +90 532 453 57 78

Airport Shuttle Service to Uşak: +90 541 962 78 48 – +90 530 512 60 62

Airport Shuttle Service to Afyon: +90 272 214 47 20

Booking a flight to Zafer Airport will give you the opportunity to visit numerous cities. Some of the closest cities to the airport are Kütahya, Afyon and Uşak. Additionally, there are other nearby cities on the Aegean coastline.

Aizanoi Ancient City and Frig Valley

Aizanoi ancient city located in the Frig Valley is among the top places to go in Kütahya due to its natural habitat and ancient history. You can walk inside the ancient city to see the ruins of the old civilizations and learn more about the valuable history of the city.

Kütahya Tile Museum

Kütahya Tile Museum is home to numerous porcelain and tile products which are considered as the main sources of income for the people living in the city. A special museum dedicated to porcelain products highlights the importance of these products for the city. Different porcelain and glazed or unglazed tile productions are exhibited in the museum where visitors can get to know the production method and buy gifts.

Dumlupınar Martyr’s Cemetery

Modern-day Türkiyehas fought an Independence War where Dumlupınar played a significant role. There is a cemetery which is dedicated for the brave soldiers who found in Dumlupınar battle for the independence of the Turkish people.

Kütahya Castle

Visitors who are interested in grand and historical structures will have an enjoyable time at Kütahya Castle. The castle was built in the Byzantine era which was later used by the Ottoman Empire. The castle is a detailed structure with numerous extensions built on a solid rock to give it an impressive look.


How to find cheap Kütahya flight tickets?

Another option to find cheap Kütahya flight tickets is the BolBol membership program offered by Pegasus airlines. The membership program enables travelers to collect points for their flights. Passengers can use these collected points to get special discounts on flight tickets to Kütahya.


Why should I visit Kütahya?

Kütahya is one of the most important historical cities in Turkey. In addition to that, there are a lot of different cities to visit around Kütahya. Visitors and travelers can easily go to Uşak or Afyon to discover the beauties in these cities.


What is the ideal season to visit Kütahya?

The ideal season to visit Kütahya is spring and summer. In general, Kütahya is a warm city. However, the winter might be cold and snowy depending on the weather conditions. Visiting the city in spring or summer will be one of the best times to enjoy the historical and natural sites here. Also, it is possible to go to nearby cities such as Uşak and Afyon during spring and summer.


How long should I stay in Kütahya?

The duration of your stay in Kütahya will depend on your travel plans. If you want to visit Kütahya alone, 2 or 3 days might be enough. But if you are planning a more extensive trip that covers neighboring cities like Afyon or Uşak, you may want to plan a longer trip. To visit these three cities, you can plan a 5 or 6 day-long trip. Also, it is possible to extend the travel to visit other places in Turkey.


Is there a travel card for tourists in the city?

Kütahya municipality has a regular bus card which the tourists can use. However, tourists can purchase a Museum Card which is valid across Turkey. Further, visitors can use the transportation card of the locals to take public transportation. There is no pre-condition to purchase the Kütahya travel card.


Is Kütahya a safe city?

Kütahya is one of the safest cities in Turkey. Visitors can walk around the city without any concerns There is also a special police department on the streets to ensure the safety.


Is Kütahya an expensive city?

Compared to other cities in Turkey, Kütahya is a relatively cheap city. Visitors can eat and drink at a reasonable price. Also, shopping is affordable in this city as well. There are different options for different budgets which makes the city a less expensive one. When this information is considered, Kütahya can be listed as one of the cheapest cities in Turkey.

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