Istanbul - Düsseldorf Flight Tickets

After purchasing your economical flight tickets from Pegasus and having a three and a half hours long journey, the first point you'll put your feet in the city will be Düsseldorf International Airport. You have 4 alternatives to reach the city center from this airport, which has the trait of being the 3rd biggest airport of Germany, as trains, buses, taxis and private cars. Transportation is quite developed in Düsseldorf. You can realize that right after you land at the airport. The main means of transportation from airport to the city center Düsseldorf, where railway transportation is widely used, is the train. You can say a real "Hello" to Düsseldorf after an approximately 15 minute journey. The bus with the number 721 is another option you can use for transportation. You can also reach wherever you want to go in the city easily by a taxi and rent a car from the offices in the airport if you think that you'll need an alternative that is a bit more private.

Shopping in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is a true heaven for those who like shopping. It's possible to find anything from stores of  huge brands to small gift shops in the city.



Once one says shopping in Düsseldorf, the first thing that comes to mind is Altstadt. Cafes where you can relax after a shopping spree will also be waiting for you on this street.



Königsallee Street offers a shopping experience filled with stores of worldwide known brands.


La Cure Gourmande

This shop, which can be seen as the address of candies and chocolates with unforgettable tastes, is famous for serving gourmet tastes.

Schadow Arkaden, 11, Düsseldorf



Schadow Street, is one of the famous shopping street not only of Düsseldorf but also of the whole Germany, will amaze you with its atmosphere.


Carlsplatz Market

In this market where you can shop for foods, it's possible to find everything from vegetables to fruits, fish to cheese. We also reccomend you to have a fish soup here, if you have the chance.

Benrather & Miittels Streets, Düsseldorf

Accommodation in Düsseldorf

You have many accommodation alternatives in Düsseldorf. Centrally located hotels' prices are a bit higher than the average. Even if the hotel that is suitable to your budget is located a bit outside of the city center, you can choose that alternative thanks to the developed city transportation system.


Innside by Melia Düsseldorf Hafen

This hotel by the River Rhine will give you peace with its spacious rooms and white decoration.

Speditionstrasse 9, Hafen, Düsseldorf


Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf

This hotel which lays a city view and River Rhine right before your feet is one of the most luxurious ones in the city.

Speditionstraße 19, Hafen, Düsseldorf


Derag Livinghotel de Medici

The hotel which brings modern architecture and art together will amaz you with its facilities as much as its stylish rooms.

Mühlenstrasse, 31, Altstadt, Düsseldorf


Haus Litzbrück

It's guaranteed to have a peaceful vacation in Haus Litzbrück which has a green garden and looks like a big mansion.

Bahnhofstraße, 33, Angermund, Düsseldorf


A&O Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof

This centrally located low-budget guest house can be preferred for its high quality service and rooms with personal showers.

Corneliusstr, 9, Karlstadt, Düsseldorf

Food and Drink in Düsseldorf

It's possible to taste outstanding delicacies of the world cuisine in Düsseldorf which draws tourists from many countries. Since there are many Turkish people living in the city, don't be surprised when you see restaurants that serve dishes from the Turkish cuisine. Here are the Düsseldorf restaurants that will bring delicious tastes to your table:


Im Fuchschen

In this restaurant, where you'll have the chance to try German delicacies with traditional beer, desserts are just as good.

Ratinger St., 28-30, Düsseldorf


Im Schiffchen

The historical texture of this Düsseldorf restaurant, where gourmet tastes from German, Italian and French cuisines are served, is as striking as its delicacies.

Kaiserswerther Markt, 9, Düsseldorf



Don't think that you'll have a hard time in Düsseldorf, where meat and fish are consumed a lot, if you're a vegan. Sattgrun serves delicious meals for you.

Graf Adolf Platz, 6, Düsseldorf


Dene & Gör Döner

If you want to get seated by a nice Turkish table and have an enjoyable meal in Düsseldorf, Dene&Gör Döner should be your address.

Graf Adolf Strasse, 58, Düsseldorf


El Lazo

The warm atmosphere of this restaurant, where you can feel a breeze of South America in Düsseldorf, will make you taste beautiful tastes and have some quality time.

Bolkerstrasse, 11, Düsseldorf

Country Code: +49

Ambulance: 112

Fire: 112

Police: 110

Düsseldorf International Airport: +49 211 42 10


Places to Visit in Düsseldorf

Schloss Benrath

The sculptures and the fountain in the back yard of this palace, which is known for its amazing architecture and peaceful garden must be seen.

Benrather Schlossallee, 100-106, Düsseldorf


Kaiserpfalz Kaiserswerth

Castle ruins from hundreds of years ago will take you to a historical journey in Kaiserpfalz Kaiserswerth, where you'll see many historical works while having an enjoyable walk in the areas filled with trees.

Kaiserswerth, Golzheimer, Düsseldorf



This construction which is a gift from the 16th century combines historical texture and glamour and creates a fascinating ambience in the city center.

Altstadt, Düsseldorf



The interesting and striking architecture of the church is one of the details that make it special for Düsseldorf. Thanks to the magnificence of this building that was built in the 19th century you won't have to look for it.

Martin- Luther- Platz, 39, Düsseldorf



The naval museum inside of this building which is a former tower will make you have a satisfying time even though it's small.

Burgplatz, Düsseldorf


Haus der Japanischen Kultur

There are spots constructed in Japanese architectural style and a temple in this place, which creates a Japan atmosphere in Düsseldorf. If you like Japanese culture, you should definitely stop by here.

Brüggener Weg 6, Düsseldorf


St. Lambertus Church

This gothic church, which was constructed in 1394, is one of the important spots in Düsseldorf where you'll meet history. In adition to its outside, the church's inferior architecture also has the power to make you fall in love with it.

Stiftsplatz, Altstadt, Düsseldorf



Nightlife and Düsseldorf are almost synonymous words. In Düsseldorf, where you'll come across all kinds of places, everywhere you go will be the best of its style. Bars that have been lined side by side in Altstadt made the region known as " the world's longest bar".


Et Kabüffke Killepitschstube

This spot which is one of the most popular places in Düsseldorf is attention grabbing thanks to its unique design. The most famous drinks of the place are its liquors.

Flinger Straße, 1, Düsseldorf


Schloesser Quartier Boheme

The club which is known for its parties that keep on until the morning is very vivid and crowded especially on saturday nights. The place will also charge you with its endless energy.

Ratinger Strasse, 25, Düsseldorf



You'll have the chance to taste very special German beers in this place where live music performances are held.

Flugelstrasse, 58, Düsseldorf


Engel Düsseldorf

You can have a pleasant night in Engel, which is one of the most popular rock bars of the city and a must-visit for those who like rock music.

Bolkerstrasse, 33, Düsseldorf


Pitcher Rock’n Roll Headquarters

The ambience of this place, where you can have an enjoyable time with rock'n roll songs, will take you to 1950s and 1960s.

Oberbilker Allee, 29, Düsseldorf

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