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Airport of departure: Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW)
Airport of arrival: Dortmund International Airport (DTM)
Flight time from Ankara to Krakow: 3 hours 20 minutes

Dortmund, the third largest city in Rhine-Ruhr Westphalia of Germany, emerges as an attractive route for business travelers, entertainers and expeditioners. It is also a haunt for transit passengers driving away to Eindhoven and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. You can find flights to Dortmund from Istanbul at very affordable rates.


How to Travel to Dortmund

You can search for cheap flights to Dortmund if you plan a trip to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. You can easily combine a direct flight from Istanbul to Dortmund with a short drive to those destinations.

It is always possible to find a direct flight to Dortmund from Sabiha Gökçen Airport. For summer vacation, enjoy the golden beaches in southern Turkiye via connecting your Dortmund flight to Antalya, Bodrum and Izmir on domestic routes. See our traveling tips to find a cheap flight to Dortmund Airport.

Transportation in Dortmund

Well-merged transport system in Dortmund will give you the opportunity to get to the main hubs from the airport. For local and intercity traveling, you can benefit from VRR-operated trains and public buses.

Transportation from Dortmund Airport to City Center

You can get to the city center by taking an Airport Express bus or the shuttle. After a 25-minute bus ride, you will stop at the city exit called Königswall. Walking to the Central Station will take you there in only a minute. Airport shuttle, on the other hand, will lead you to Holzwickede Station after a 6-minute journey. If you depart from Dortmund Hörde, you can take bus 440 with a change to bus 490 on Rodenbergstraße in Dortmund Aplerbeck. If you get on VKU C41 bus at Unna Station, it will also bring you to the airport.

Public Transport in Dortmund

Now, you are in Dortmund and would like to go around the city. What you can do is to pick up a tram or metro on Stadtbahn routes and connect it to bus lines. You will see that there are medium and large-scale stations in different parts of the city. Remember that you should either buy a single ticket (category A) which is valid for 90 minutes or a day pass to hop on-hop off public buses and trams. Do not forget to stamp your ticket on vending machines each time.



Accommodation in Dortmund

Dortmund covers all prerequisites of a safe, clean, value for money accommodation. You can find low-budget flats and boutique hotels near Messe Dortmund. For luxury hotels and global chains, you may enlarge your search to the city center and Museum Ostwall area. If you plan to stay for two weeks or longer, you can also rent an apartment in a more silent residential area in eastern suburbs. Get the best deal for a splendid facility to accommodate you in Dortmund by clicking hotel reservation offers from Pegasus partners.

What to Eat in Dortmund

Although the city does not possess the fame of gourmet culture, it still offers a bountiful of flavors. Try a sour and ripened variety of Nieheim cheese which is called Nieheimer Kase on a rushing afternoon. At supper, taste traditional meat and broth dishes to appease your hunger For an appetizing dinner, pick the brownish Pfefferpotthast, which is stewed and cooked with onions, pepper and spices. Doner kebab and Dortmund sausages are the ones you should never miss as street food. You can find the best grills and delicately served menus in Kleine Beurhausstraße, Kaiserstraße, Friedensplatz, Europaplatz, Hoher Wall and around the Market Area.

Apart from tasting the delicacies of the German cuisine, you can also try Middle Eastern and European cuisines in the city. Don't be surprised if you see a Turkish restaurant in every city since there is an intense Turkish population in Dortmund.

Here are the Dortmund restaurants that will speak to your taste:


In this restaurant which serves traditional German delicacies in an impressive ambience, the taste we especially recommend you to try is potato graten.

Hoher Wall, 38, Dortmund

Brauhaus Wenkers

You can have pleasant moments with your friends in this restaurant where Dortmund's famous drinks accompany amazing German dishes.

1 Betenstrasse, Dortmund

Bega Restaurant

This restaurant that resembles a bar from outside will manage to surprise you at first sight. You should stop by this restaurant if you want to try Indian cuisine in Dortmund.

Stiftstr, 5, Dortmund

Uni Falafel

This place, which serves many Middle Eastern delicacies from doner kebab to falafel, will bring many familiar tastes to your table in a delicious way.

Stockumer Str, 407, Dortmund

Ristorante Albero Verde

This restaurant, where you can eat the most special dishes of the Italian cuisine that will fascinate you, will make you meet unforgettable tastes.

Lubkestrasse, 9, Dortmund

Useful Information about Dortmund

While getting ready for your flight to Dortmund, take some notes about useful information. Remember that the medical assistance and ambulance is available at 112 and general police and security services are available at 110. You can dial +49 (231) 921301 to contact the airport services. If your child gets a cold or infected, you should dial +231 95 321700 to make a physician’s appointment at the Child’s and Youth Clinic in Dortmund Hospital.

Visa and Security Regulations in Dortmund

Visa, passport control and customs regulations are bound to German laws. While you are preparing your luggage for your Dortmund flight, be aware that legally prohibited items, drugs and materials will be banned at the customs control. The size of your hand luggage may vary according to your airline’s flight package. In any case, you have to dispose of your electronic cigarettes, matches and even petrol lighters in your handbag. The security check will not allow you to carry a knife, sharp pointed scissors and dangerous tools on board.

For visa and passport control, get ready to show that your passport is valid and your visa has not expired. EU citizens are allowed to travel visa-free to Dortmund. If you are a Turkish passport holder, you should check whether you have a valid visa to enter Germany. Remember that visa applications and passport issuing may take 4-6 weeks at busy periods and your application may even fail due to lacking or insufficient documents. Check the most recent visa announcements before booking your flights to Dortmund from Istanbul.

Top Places to See in Dortmund

Discover the historic landmarks of Dortmund blended with Gothic and Renaissance features. Magnificence of these attractions are mostly hidden in their former functions. You should not miss the chance to wander in and around Dortmunder U, which is symbolized as the ¨Eiffel of Dortmund¨, to see the traces of an old brewery and a union’s meeting point. Visit the oldest churches of Rhine-Westphalia, at Reinoldikirche and Marienkirche:.Get into the Altes Stadthaus to breathe in the spirit of the memorable City Hall and Majestic Eagle. Never skip a pleasant match triumphed by Borussia Dortmund on the grass. Take more hints from our Dortmund City Guide about top sites and thrilling suggestions.

Westfalian Museum of Industry

This museum, where you can see the development of industry, is located both indoors and outdoors.

Grubenweg, 5, Bövinghausen, Dortmund


This impressive church, that has been constructed in the 13th century, is one of the best spots to watch Dortmund.

Market Square, Dortmund

St. Petri Ev. Stadtkirche

Interior of this magnificent building, which is one of the oldest churches of the city, will amaze you as much as its architecture.

Westenhellweg, Dortmund

Hohensybury Castle

Hohensyburg Castle, which was built in the 12th century, is one of the old buildings that have witnessed the city's history. The castle where you'll inhale the clean air of Dortmund will lay the city that is adorned with green before your feet.

Hohensyburgstrabe, 200, Dortmund

East Wall Museum

This museum, where important examples of contemporary art are exhibited, does justice to the fame of Dortmund. Workshops held there are one of the details that make the museum more special.

Ostwall, 7, Dortmund

Brewery Museum

Brewery Museum, where you can get information about beer, the famous drink of Dortmund, is located in a former beer factory.

Steigerstrasse 16, Dortmund

Westphalia Park

Westphalia Park, which is a peaceful and relaxing spot, will make you spend hours in the company of flower smells.

Am Kaiserham, Dortmund

Dortmund Zoo

Dortmund Zoo, which allows you to meet many animal specias, may help you have a pleasant day. The entrance of this famous zoo is free for kids.

Mergelteichstrasse, 80, Dortmund


Like most of Germany, Dortmund is also a city that loves nightlife. There are many altenatives to have some fun time in the city. You can find a table and have chats with your friends or enjoy the city as it deserves by attending parties.


This place, where you can dance until the first lights of the day, is preferred by the youth of Dortmund especially for the music it plays.

Humboldstrabe, 1, Dortmund

Rush Hour

If you want to attend parties with interesting concepts and have fun, Rush Hour should be your address in Dortmund.

Im Spahenfelde, 51, Dortmund


Domicil, which is seen as one of the best jazz bars not only of Dortmund but also of the whole Germany, will offer you a night with quality music.

Hansastr, 7-11, Dortmund


Justin’s, which is one of the most famous clubs of the city and visited by many celebrities, is more stylish and elegant compared to other places.

Markt Square, 6, Dortmund

Anton’s Bierkönig

This place, which meets all the necessities to have chats with your friends, is one of the best places for a pleasant evening.

Bissenkapm, 11, Dortmund


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