Istanbul - Erzurum FLight Tickets

It's possible to reach Erzurum by air, land and railway. If you have preferred Pegasus Airlines' cheap flights to Erzurum, you can easily reach the city center by renting a car on Airport shuttles, which stop by Station Square, Gaz Neighbourhood, Hastaneler Street, Kiz Meslek Lisesi, Oto Terminal, Oto Terminal, Erzurum Büyük Şehir Belediyesi Spor Tesisleri and the airport respectively, can be preferred for transportation to the city center. Local people use municipal buses for public transportation in the city. You can also reach anywhere you want by using these buses that function in a wide network.

Shopping in Erzurum

It's possible to find different shopping alternatives in Erzurum, which has a big university like Ataturk University and naturally, a young population. Locals of Erzurum prefer Erzurum Mall for shopping. Erzurum Mall has an important place in the city life of Erzurum with its cinema.

Rustem Pasa Arcade is one of the historical arcades that should be seen in Erzurum. Located at city center, Rustem Pasa Arcade is a must-visit shopping address where you can find handmade prayer beads made of black amber (oltu tasi) and souvenirs. Another important address for objects made of black amber is Tashan, that is located on Cumhuriyet Street that leads to the city center. You can buy not only prayer beads but also many accessories and ornaments made of black amber in Tashan. 

Accommodation in Erzurum

Accommodation in Erzurum is mostly done in luxurious hotels at the skirts of Palandoken, which is the city's skiing center. However, there are also accommodation alternatives in the city center. You can find accommodation alternatives on a wide range of budget in Erzurum and pick the one that is the most suitable for you. If you'll go to Erzurum for skiing in winter season, don't forget to make your reservations in advance. Occupancy rates of Erzurum hotels get seriously high in that period.


Dedeman Palandoken

Dedeman Hotel that is located in Palandoken is one of the most luxurious hotels of the city. Dedeman, which welcomes many domestic and international guests during the ski season, has an perfectionist understanding of service although its prices are above the average. 

Kayak Yolu Palandoken, Erzurum


Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel 

In Erzurum, where it's very hard to find a room during ski season, it's possible accommodate in Polat Renaissance Hotel at a reasonable price and with great comfort by making your reservations in advance. It's very enticing with its perfect location for guests who want to ski. 

Palandoken, Kayak Yolu Uzeri, 25070 Erzurum


Palan Ski & Convention Resort Hotel 

Palan Ski & Convention Resort Hotel is one of the hotels that are located in the ski center. You'll be very pleased with the warm welcome of this hotel, of which prices are more affordable compared to other alternatives.

Palandöken, 25000 Erzurum


Grand Hitit Hotel

This hotel located at the center of Erzurum is one of the clean and warm accommodation options with a location that is preferred by visitors who go to Erzurum for cultural tourism especially in spring.

Kazım Karabekir Cad. No: 26 | Merkez, Erzurum


Rafo Hotel

Rafo Hotel is one of the nice alternatives that can be preferred for an economical and comfortable stay with its location that is close to the city center.

Asagi Mumcu Mah. Milletbahce Sok. No 25 Erzurum

Food and Drink in Erzurum

The most important delicacy of Erzurum's kitchen is "cag kebab" which has a reputation throughout Turkey. Since it's the most important delicacy of the city, naturally there are many places which serve this taste. However, one of the most famous one among these is Koc Cag Kebabi. Located on the opposite of the Congress Building on Kongre Street, Koc Cag Kebabi is one of the places which are frequently preferred by city's locals as well.


One of the best places to recommend for another famous delicacy of Erzurum named "kadayif dolmasi" is Kadayifci Muammer Usta. Go to Muammer Usta, which serves both "cag kebabi" and "kadayif dolmasi", and either eat only "kadayif dolmasi" or taste "cag kebabi" and order your dessert afterwards. You can try the Terminal Street branch of Muammer Usta, which has 3 branches in Erzurum.


If you want to taste local foods in an authentic atmosphere in the city, Erzurum Evleri will be the right choice. You can have a different experience by eating on old floors tables. Some of the foods of the restaurant you need to taste are sour stuffed vine leaves, "su boregi" and tandoor.


Another restaurant we can recommend in Erzurum is Donerci Hacibaba, which will attract the attention of those looking for a more familiar taste. If you like doner kebab, you should taste the doner that is served with salad and roasted pepper. Donerci Hacibaba is located on Ismetpasa Street, on the opposite of Provincial Police Directorate.

Country Code: +90 442

General Emergency: 112

Police: 155

Fire: 110

Ambulance: 112

Erzurum Airport: +90 442 327 28 35

Places to Visit in Erzurum

Being one of the oldest settlement areas of histor, Erzurum is very rich with historical artifacts. You'll witness not only the history of Erzurum but the history of Anatolia while going around in Erzurum. Get ready for new explorations in Erzurum with mosques and madrasahs, artifacts of old settlements, castles and many other historical and natural beauties.


Erzurum Castle and Clock Tower

There is a clock tower in Erzurum Castle, which is one of the historical constructions that should be seen in Erzurum. You can get the chance to watch the city from above by coming to the castle and climbing up the clock tower.

Yakutiye/ Erzurum


Yakutiye Madrasah

 Yakutiye Madrasah, which is another important historical building, can be visited easily thanks to its   location at the city center. One of the values that needs to be seen in Erzurum with its carved doors and peerless minaret. 

Karakose Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. Erzurum Merkez


Uc Kumbetler

Being one of the historical buildings that have reached today, Uc Kumbetler is one of the most special buildings of Erzurum. Located at the city center, Uc Kumbetler has 3 floors although only one floor is visible from the outside. After entering the building from the floor that is visible on the ground, you can reach the mummification section one floor below. However, you can't go the first floor since tombs are there.

Erzurum Center


Narman Fairy Chimneys

Located in Narman vicinity of Erzurum, Narman Fairy Chimneys are one of the most striking natural formations in the city. You shouldn't leave before seeing the fairy chimneys, which have a unique beauty that is created by the red/orange color of the region and winds. 

Erzurum-Ardahan Road, Narman/ Erzurum


Tortum Waterfall and Tortum Lake

Being one of the most important waterfalls of Turkey, Tortum Waterfall is a big waterfall surrounded by greens that should be seen especially in Spring. As you've come all this way to the waterfall, which also has picnic areas around it, you shouldn't leave before seeing The Tortum Lake that is located just a little bit ahead of the waterfall and the unique color of this lake. 

Uzundere, Erzurum



It's not possible to talk about an active nightlife in any part of Erzurum. However, nights are a bit more lively in Palandoken during ski season. During these times, you can drink something and dance in the bars of Palandoken even though not until late hours. Parties and activities organized by hotels generally make up the nightlife of Palandoken. Also, you can warm the cold weather with hot drinks by a fireplace and listen to live music in many hotels.

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