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Istanbul - Krasnodar Flight Tickets

Krasnodar International Airport is on the east of the city and 12 km away from the city. There are alternatives that will help you with transportation in the city. Let’s list the options that you can use to go from the airport to the city center.


It is possible to reach the airport from the Krasnodar-1 train station by trolleybus number 7 (1hour) or taxi-minibuses that are numbered 53 and 15 (40 minutes). It is also possible to reach the city center by busses numbered 1 and 1A.


The airport has a private taxi service: Kuban Express. Taxi offers maximum comfort, reliability and safety with reasonable prices. It works 7/24. Its phone number is +7 (861) 211-88-55. Also, you can find offices of car rental firms in the entrance hall or you can consider rental car options of


There is an intense transportation network that consists tramways, trolleybuses, buses, taxis in Krasnodar and ferries on Kuban River. And there are also marshrutks that is a mixture of a taxi and a minibus, which is special to East Europe. Hitchhiking is also used very often. Tramways and buses are more popular because they are open to the public and relatively cheaper.


Some people do not prefer tramways, buses or trolleybuses because they get very crowded in the mornings and in the evenings during rush hours. Also their schedules change when it rains and snows. For those times, it is possible to find taxis and marshrutks with higher prices. One third of the people in Krasnodar have their own cars.

Shopping in Krasnodar

Shopping in Krasnodar is done both on the streets and in small shopping malls.



It is a chain store in Southern Russia. It also has a branch in Krasnodar. It is possible to find affrodable CDs, DVDs and videos there. Russia is known for the cheapness of CDs and DVDs. One CD costs 100 rubles and one DVD costs around 400 rubles. Pay attention to regions of DVDs and to holograms of CDs while purchasing them.


Krasnaja Ulitsa(Krasnaya Street)

It is the center of endless shopping! You will find many shops on the boulevard and on side streets.


OZ Shopping Mall

There are various small shops and cafes in this shopping mall. There are cinema halls, an ice-skating area and bowling. You can spend your time here.

Accommodation in Krasnodar

There are accommodation opportunities that are suitable to all kinds of budget in Krasnodar. It will not be hard to find the one that is the most suitable for you among the options ranging from worldwide famous hotel chains to the hostels that mostly students and young people prefer.


Praga Hotel

This 5-star hotel is 1 km away from Kuban river bank. Its reception gives service for 24 hours a day and it has a billiard room, bowling hall, sauna and Wi-Fi. It is 5 km away from St. Ekaterininsky Cathedral. There are air conditioners and mini bars in the rooms of Praga Hotel that is decorated in a classical style. You can eat very delicious foods from traditional Kuban cuisine or enjoy a drink from the bar in this restaurant. Krasnodar Train Station is 2.5 km away from Praga Hotel and 10 km to Krasnodar International Airport. A car gives service to the airport upon demand.

Maykopskaya Street, 81


Troy Hotel

There is a spa center and free Wi-Fi in this hotel. There are air-conditioners and plasma TVs in rooms. Its reception gives service for 24 hours a day. Every room of Toy is decorated in a modern way. There are bathtubs in private rooms. There are mostly European and Russian dishes in its restaurant. It is also possible to eat in Troy café and terrace. The pastry shop in the hotel offers various kinds of pastries. Guests can relax in the sauna, Turkish bath or spa. It is also possible to purchase skin care or massage sessions in the hotels spa center. If you want to play billiard or sing karaoke, and have fun, Troy Hotel is a good option.

1 May Street 131, 350901 Krasnodar

Tel: +7 800 333-34-43


Hilton Garden Inn Krasnodar

This 4-star hotel is on the Krasnaya Street in the center of Krasnodar. Its reception gives service for 24 hours a day. Its wi-fi and sports center are for free. Its well-lit rooms with air conditioner are decorated in classical style with warm colors. There are flat screen TVs, refrigerators, and private bathrooms in each room. Great American Grill Restaurant offers a warm breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is possible to buy various beverages from HGI bar and terrace. Hilton Garden Inn Krasnodar is 15 km away from Krasnodar Central Train Station and 15 km away from Pashkovsky International Airport.

Krasnaya Street 25/2, Krasnodar

Phone: +7 861 210-20-30


Savoy Petit Hotel

There is a bar and a restaurant that are open for 24 hours in this hotel which is in the center of Krasnodar. There are flat screen TVs and DVD players in the rooms. It is 20 minutes away from the Krasnodar Airport. All of the rooms in Savoy Petit are designed in a classical style. There are a desk, a mini bar, and a private bathroom in the rooms.

193 Kostyleva Street, Krasnodar


Undersun City Aerohotel

This 4-star hotel is 700 meters away from Pashkovsky International Airport. The well-lit rooms with air conditioner are designed with warm colors in a classical style. There are flat screen TVs, mini bars and private bathrooms in its modern rooms. Dialog Cafe-Bar is in service with dishes and various drinks from Russian and European cuisine. Krasnodar Central Train Stations is 12 km away from Undersun City Aerohotel. M4 Don Highway takes 15 minutes by walk.

Ukrainskaya 89, 350042 Krasnodar


Hotel Terem

Being a 4-star hotel,  Hotel Terem is 2 km away from the city center and 3 km away from the beach of Kuban River. It offers free internet and has a reception desk that is open for 24 hours a day. There are flat screen TVs, mini bars, and private bathrooms in every room. There are Russian dishes in a la carte menu. There is also a fireplace in the hotel that is designed in village style. Hotel Terem is 400 meters away from Botanical Gardens and 5 km away from the train station. It is possible to reach the city center from the bus station that is 140 m away from the hotel.

Severnaya Street 28, Krasnodar, Russia, 350004

Tel: +7 918 310-00-55


Greek House Hostel

It is a simply designed hotel. There are air conditioner and cable TV in the rooms. There is a free parking lot for the guests. Its reception is in service for 24 hours a day. There are also snacks in the Greek House bar with a refreshing drink.

Ryleeva, 165, 350049 Krasnodar

Tel: +7 861 221-29-93


Vivat Hotel

This hotel is in the center of Krasnodar. It is traditionally decorated and offers free internet and safe parking lot. Its reception is open for 24 hours and there is an air conditioner in the rooms. The library, where there are books that have been chosen for the guests to relax, is in service in the hotel. The very famous Krasnodar exhibition center is 2 km away and Krasnaya shopping street takes 25 minutes by walk.

Kuznechnaya Street 150

Krasnodar 350000


Aelite Hotel

It is a usual 2-star hotel that gives service with its Finland style sauna, hot tub and free internet. It is in the Pashkovskiy region of Krasnodar. It's 10 minutes away from Krasnodar Airpot by car. In the rooms that are furnished with elegant colors such as gold and cream, rich fabrics and classical paintings have been used. There is a sitting area, refrigerator and a bathroom where every kind of accessory exists in each room. Cafes and restaurants where traditional Russian dishes are served are 1 minute away from Aelite by walk.

Food and Drink in Krasnodar

Since Krasnodar is a cosmopolitan city, it offers various alternatives in terms of foods and drinks that are suitable to many budgets and tastes. If you want to know about what to eat in Krasnodar, various places and tastes such as Russian dishes and Hungarian restaurants are waiting for you.



It is a small and enjoyable restaurant with its halls that are decorated in an interesting style and classical music. The restaurant has three coffee halls: “Mozart Café”, “Shonbrunn Beisl” and “Vis-a-vis”.

Tel: +7 861 267-12-03



This family got very enthusiastic when they thought about opening a restaurant that served Hungarian dishes; but they couldn’t decide on how to decorate it and which dishes they would serve. They found the answer in the old books and they introduced the unique dishes of Hungarian cuisine to the people in Krasnodar.

Tel: +7 861 251-70-31



If you want to taste real Russian dishes and pass your time in a warm environment, you should go to Selpo. The restaurant is decorated in Slavic style. The small hall that has been constructed as a garden is very pleasing. The food and the beverages are very delicious. The waiters serve in national clothes. There are also chickens walking around the restaurant, which creates a Slavic village environment.

Turgeneva Street, 155, Krasnodar, Russia

Tel: +7-861 226-46-07



The effects of Caucasian region in this small South Russia city are inevitable. There are delicious foods with spices that are mixed with traditional Russian cuisine. There are also very original menus that belong to Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani cuisines. They use various spices. They prefer sheep and goat for both meat and milk. The waiters wear traditional Caucasian dresses.


Ljubo- Dorogo

You can eat various Russian dishes for very reasonable prices in this restaurant. You must try calf’s liver in Kazakh style.

Krasnaja Ulitsa Street

City Code: +78

State Hospital Ambulance: +7 861 252- 1679

Police: +7 861 233 5997

The closest Pharmacy: Lora Plyus: +7 861 201 -2222

Places to Visit in Krasnodar

We have searched and listed all the places that you should see before leaving Krasnodar. 

Krasnaya St.

There are interesting places along the main street of the city. Do not hesitate to get in and look around the places that you are curious about.


12 Theatres

The oldest ones are The Drama Theatre, The Puppet Theatre for Children, The Philharmonic Hall that belongs to the region, and The Opera Hall. All of them are on the Krasnaya Street.



There are 10 museums in the city, but it's a must to see the two most famous museum. In both of them, famous works of Cuban, Russian, and European artists that lived in the early 16th century are exhibited.


Krasnodar Region Fine Arts Museum

13 Krasnaya St.,

+7 861-262-6633


Krasnodar Region Exhibition Hall

32 Rashpilevskaya St.

+7 861 268-6763


Splash Fountain

There are various parks, arboretums, 4 zoos and 2 aqua parks for those that go there in summer. (“Equator” and “Aqualand”).


11 Cinema Halls

“Aurora” cinema hall (169 Krasnaya Street) is one of the oldest ones. This historical building was built in 1967 and has been well reserved since then. Twenty different entertainment complexes for nightlife are open for 24 hours. It is possible to find bowling halls, shopping malls, Atari halls and restaurants in the same place. Krasnodaris home to a hyperboloid tower made of a steel cage that was built by Russian engineer and scientist Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov in 1928. It's near Krasnodar Circus.


Kuban Bank

A big fund was spared to renew a broad area in the Kuban River bank and a small memorial museum in front of it. There is a huge amusement park in the center of these museums where there are war monuments like tanks, armor-plated cars, planes, rocket projectors and even a small submarine. A big water-entertainment aqua park and fair amusements meet the entertainment expectations of the young and old people. It is possible to eat good food in cafes and restaurants and listen to Southern music at night.


Theatre Square

This square is also among the beautiful places that must be visited with St. Catherine Cathedral, State Art Museum, a park and theatre hall that bears the name of Maxim Gorki, a wonderful music hall that belongs to Krasnodar Philharmonic Orchestra that is said to have the best acoustic of Southern Russia, State Cossack Chorus and Krasnodar Circus, Krasnaya Street that means beautiful red Street, the biggest sprinkler fountain of Europe.



It is possible to find both lively clubs and calmer bars in the nightlife of Krasnodar. Here are our recommendations for you:



This small night club, which has a stage where local groups give concerts, has three different halls. Naturally, you can have a chat with your friends while sitting at a corner or dance if you'd like. There are old motorcycles and car parts inside.


Miami Beach Night Club

The theme of this club is beach! The average age is around 20 and its guests are mostly women. You need to purchase a card to pay for your drinks. You should not lose this card; otherwise you need to pay 3500 ruble as loss fee. You can dance till morning here.


Latte Matte

You can drink coffee or tea, or taste delicious cocktails. They mostly drink coffee downstairs.


Polo-ostroc v Kuban

This place that is near Kuban River is a wonderful option to dance at a hot summer night. In this place that is known as Krasnodar Amusement Island, there are many bars, cafes and restaurants. You can eat saslik first; and then listen to music and dance. Mostly local people visit this place.


Club Digger

The intetiot decoration of Club Digger is very interesting. The club that has been opened in 2005 is decorated with technical equipments, motor parts and pipes. The waiters wear red work wears. Generally live bands play rock, blues and jazz. They have very interesting cocktails. Order a cocktail that you do not know and get ready for a fun night.

Krasnoarmeiskaya Street, 64


Krasnodar Calendar 

Holiday of Holy Trinity

In the holiday of Holly Trinity in 23rd of June every year, 250 participants that are amateurs, children and Kuban young people walk to Sunny Island Park. 

People rush to the churches to worship in the morning. There are also folk dances; various games are played and various songs are sung. It is also among the traditions to invite guests and give them presents. Every year, there are activities that support creativity in the fair. Art schools for children and folk groups from West and Karasunskiy region make the fair more colorful. Holy Trinity Holiday is accepted as the birth of Christian Church and is celebrated every year on the 50th day of Easter.


Kubana Festival

This festival is performed every year between July 29th and July 31st. Kubana Festival is the only beach themed open air festival for three days in East Europe. It is held along the wonderful coast of Black Sea in Southern Russia. Festival managers prefer to work with groups that play alternative music to give concert there.


Photovisa Festival

The goal of this festival, that is held every year between October 17th and November 18th as it is all around the world, is to bring amateur photographers together, to motivate their creativity and to create a network among them. It is worth seeing because it has an egalitarian point of view and it aims university students.

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