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Best Flight Deals to Krasnodar


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Airport of arrival: Krasnodar International Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Krasnodar: 2 hours
Flight time from Ankara to Krasnodar: 2 hours 5 minutes

Krasnodar is often regarded as the main gate to Southern Russia. The city is worth visiting for those who are interested in history with its remarkable museums, significant monuments and unique architectural layout reminiscing the tsarist period. It is also a main industrial center as well as a transport hub due to its strategic location established on the banks of Kuban River in the south of Russia.

Pegasus Airlines provides affordable and frequent flight tickets to Krasnodar.

There are direct flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Krasnodar International Airport. It is also easily connected from a great number of places through connected flights.

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About the Airport

Krasnodar International Airport or also referred as Pashkovsky Airport is situated 12 km away from Krasnodar city center. The airport provides various services including a free parking area for its passengers.

Krasnodar International Airport

History of the Krasnodar International Airport dates back to 1932. It currently consists of a wide air network route of 56 domestic and international destinations. The annual passenger capacity of the airport reached to 3.1 million people in 2015. The recent renovation projects foresee an increase about 6 to 10 million passengers per annum.  

Transport from Krasnodar International Airport to the City Center

There are trolleybus number 7 or minibuses number 53 and 15 that provide transfer from the airport to the city center. Bus number 1 and 1A also alternative options. The journey takes approximately 50 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or benefit from car rental services offered by Pegasus Airlines.

Public Transport

City bus, tram and trolleybus are the principal means of transport to move around in Krasnodar.  The city does not have an underground system for public transport. Marshrutkas(shared taxi) are also commonly used in Krasnodar.

Krasnodar is a place where you will never have difficulties finding various accommodation options suitable for any budget. Tsentralnyy Okrug is a preferred neighbourhood closed to the city center if you would like to stay close to the main highlights of the city.  Prikubanskiy Okrug and Karasunskiy Okrug are alternative pretty areas to choose for more economic accommodation options within easy reach.

If you would like to have further assistance to plan your trip, you can book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines.

Diversity of the city’s demographic structure is evident in its varied cuisine with the availability of many options. As a result, local culinary culture in Krasnodar is represents also a mixture of different flavors with influences from Caucasian cuisine. If you would like to have a taste of the most traditional plates you should try borscht soup, pelmeni dumplings, pirog and blini.

You can have a look at  Krasnodar Food Guide for more suggestions about all the local foods.

Turkish citizens who are travelling to Russian Federation are entitled to national visa rules and regulations depending on the purpose of their visit. Russia Tourist visa enables single or double entry and provides the holder with maximum 30 days of accommodation and free movement in the country. Please check the required documents for visa application procedure.

Neighboring Cities

  • Novorossiysk (101 km)
  • Sochi (170 km)
  • Stravropol (236 km)
  • Taganrog (243 km)



Krasnodar shows the characteristics of humid subtropical climate. The winters are generally cold with a great difference in the change of temperatures. But summers tend to be quite warm with an average of 25 degrees in July.

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +7
  • Krasnodar Area Code: 8612
  • Airport Contact: +7 800 301-19-91
  • Emergency Line: 112

Krasnodar is home to the oldest and biggest art gallery in the Caucasian region, Kovalenko Art Museum which displays a wide collection ranging from tsarist to post-Soviet periods. Museum of the Weapons of Victory is also worth paying a visit.  If the weather is good enough, Krasnodar has delightful parks to spend time outdoors. You shouldn’t return home without taking a stroll around Krasnaya Street and Theater Square.

For a more local experience you can go for shopping at the bazaar at Vostochniy Rinok or the mall of Galaktika on Stasova Street and discover the local products.

You can have a look at  Krasnodar Travel Guide for further details on more places to visit.


How to find cheap Krasnodar flight ticket?

You can consider booking your ticket to Krasnodar in advance in order to benefit from promotions offered by Pegasus Airlines.

Why should I visit Krasnodar?

Krasnodar is an important cultural and historical city that provides for the southern access point to Russian Federation. The city offers a range of great activities and a pleasant atmosphere for its visitors.

How long should I stay in Krasnodar?

You can spend up to 2 days to explore Krasnodar.

When is the ideal time to visit Krasnodar?

Despite having a milder climate compared to the other parts of the country, Krasnodar endures cold winters. Therefore, spring or summer months are the perfect time to take a trip to Krasnodar. But take note that there are also several festivals taking place throughout the year which might be of interest to you.

Is there a travel card for tourists in the city?

Travel passes are not available for public transport.

Is Krasnodar a safe city?

Krasnodar is regarded as a safe city with low crime rates.

Is Krasnodar an expensive city?

Krasnodar is a quite affordable city compared to the other major cities in Russia. Of course, the costs may vary depending on interests and preferences but overall the city is the perfect place to take on a short and economic trip.

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