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Airport of departure: Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB)
Airport of arrival: Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS)

Lisbon is a city of stunning architecture and majestic scenery. Known as the City of Seven Hills, this gorgeous place is among the most popular travel destinations in Portugal. Of course, travelers looking for the perfect journey to Lisbon wonder what is the best path for them. Pegasus Airlines provides visitors with the convenient and cheap flights to Lisbon they need.

Flight Information

Pegasus Airlines operates two direct flights between Ankara and Lisbon per week. You can travel to various destinations within Turkey and nearby countries via connecting flights from Ankara.

Similarly, if you plan to visit Lisbon yet do not have direct flights from your departure city, you can travel to Ankara and take a connecting flight to get to Lisbon.


Lisbon's Humberto Delgado Airport, simply known as Lisbon Airport, is the city's only airport. This international airport is only seven kilometers from the city center and serves millions of passengers every year.

Traveling from the Airport to the City

Lisbon Airport offers all the means of transportation you need to access the city's various areas.

You can take the metro from Aeroporto – Saldanha station and travel to downtown Lisbon in around 20 minutes. Also, several buses pass by the airport arrivals terminal. 

If you plan to travel to other parts of the city, the airport is only 20 minutes from the nearby Gare do Oriente train station. Also, there is a shuttle service from Coimbra Airport, which you need to make an online reservation to benefit from.

Getting Around in Lisbon

Getting around Lisbon with public transportation is easier than most European capitals. Since the city has a good public transportation infrastructure, you can visit popular attractions effortlessly.

Lisbon Metro has four main lines: Blue Line, Yellow Line, Green Line, and Red Line. You can see timetables and stations on the metro's website. You can buy Navegante cards to enjoy advantageous fares or use your bank card to take the metro.

Besides the metro, you can take Carris, the local bus. With over 2000 routes, Lisbon's public bus service provides everything you need to get around the city.

If public transportation is not your thing, you can take local taxis, use ride-hailing services, or rent a car.


Lisbon is an ideal travel destination with various accommodation options. Those who visit the city on a budget can find the cheapest Lisbon hotels for a daily price of as little as €10. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a more elegant experience, there are many luxury Lisbon hotels with relatively affordable prices.

You can easily find the perfect hotel for your budget and necessities. Use our hotel booking tool to see various accommodation options and make a reservation.

What to Eat in Lisbon

Travelers to Lisbon will be thrilled to hear that the city has a very rich cuisine with many gastronomical wonders. You should try the delicious local cheese Queijo Serra da Estrela, the iconic pork slice sandwich, Bifana, and a unique type of sausage, Alheira de Mirandela.

You can visit our detailed Lisbon travel guide for more information about local delicacies.

Useful Info

Here is some useful information that you might use during your trip to Lisbon:

  • Lisbon's peak season is between June and August. However, the weather is usually still pleasant, and there are fewer crowds between March and May.
  • Although most people speak Portuguese as their native language, most people in Lisbon's touristic areas can speak fluent English.
  • You can use public transportation to get around, as the city has a very good infrastructure.
  • Purchasing LisboaCard might help you benefit from advantageous prices when discovering the city.
  • You can call 112 for any emergency - calling 911 also redirects to 112.

Places to Visit

Lisbon is a historical city with a rich culture nurtured by an equally rich history. As a result of the city's past as a prominent European center of art and culture, Lisbon is home to many wonders that every visitor should add to their itinerary. Here are some places to visit in Lisbon:

  1. Go to the largest square in Lisbon, Terreiro do Paço,
  2. Take the Santa Justa elevator, designed by Ponsard, a disciple of Gustave Eiffel,
  3. Visit the Tower of Belém and Jéronimos Monastery, two unique monuments that are also UNESCO World Heritage sites,
  4. See the large Oceanarium in the Parque das Nações to explore different oceans on our planet,
  5. Take a trip to Bairro Alto and enjoy Lisbon's nightlife,
  6. Explore the historic Alfama district to have a glimpse of the city's past,
  7. Visit Sé de Lisboa, the oldest cathedral in the city that has become its iconic symbol,
  8. Marvel at the majestic Lisbon scenery from Castelo de São Jorge, a historic Moorish castle,
  9. Go to Carmo Archeological Museum to discover the city's past,
  10. See the famous Tram 28 to complete your journey.

Check our Lisbon city guide for more information about these attractions and more!

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