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Istanbul - Marseille Flight Tickets

The easiest way to reach the city center after your arrival at the airport with Pegasus is taking the buses that take off every 15 minutes and reach the Marseille Coach Station in 25 minutes. If you prefer trains, it's possible to reach many cities in France like Nimes, Avignon, Montpellier, Nice and Cannes from Marseille Airport. You can easily take a journey by choosing your departure and arrival points on


If you stay in a hotel located in Marseille, taxi can also be an option for transportation. In order to get a taxi ready when you need them, you can call 04 42 88 11 44 or visit


It's also possible to reach other coasts like Corsica, Sardinia and Tunisia, thanks to its location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Société Nationale Maritime Corse-Méadditerranée functions like a tourism agency that will give you all kinds of neccessary information about this. Tel: 08 36 67 95 00; Web:


You can also rent a car on to have the comfort of a private car during your trip.

Shopping in Marseille

Shopping in Marseille is in the parallels between Rue Paradis and  Cours Lieutaud, where city's best stores, cafes and bars are lined side by side. You can get lost if you'd like since its center is not that big. But since you're here, we'd love to give some recommendations for places that we think you shouldn't leave the city without visiting them.

Au Savon de Marseille

Marseille is the heaven for lavendar and soaps. In this store where you can find soaps in countless types and shapes from lime to grapes, grapefruits to vanilla essence, there are also themed gift packages. 

106 Quai du Port

Tel: 04 91 90 12 73 

Quai des Belges

In Quai des Belges, which is the departure point of boats that go to islands, there is an open-air market that sells fish, vegetables and cheese every day until noon. It turns into a second hand flea market on sunday. If one is not enough, you can olsa check the other market area that is set in La Plaine on tuesdays, fridays and saturdays.

Cours Julien

This square, where they sell flowers on wednesdays and saturdays, books on saturdays and antiques on sundays, is vibrant every day of the week.

La Chocolatière du Panier

If you're having a hard time choosing a gift to bring home, what about handmade lavendar chocolates?

4 Place des 13 Cantons

Tel. 04 91 91 67 66

Galeries La Fayette

If you want to see all French brands in the same place and do shopping without losing much time, we recommend you to visit Marseille branch of La Fayette from Paris.

40 Rue Saint-Ferréol

Tel: 04 96 11 35 00

Accommodation in Marseille

There are also many alternatives for accommodation in Marseille from the most luxurious Marseille hotels to boutique alternatives. Just pick the one that is most suitable to your budget and taste and start enjoying your holiday.


Those who seek comfort... 

Grand Hotel Beaveau

It's in service in the most central area of Marseille, with spacious rooms with a view of Quai des Belges and the port with a Victorian style. Even the warm croissants that are served in the breakfast are enough reason to go there.

4 Rue Beauvau 

Tel: 04 91 54 91 00


Hotel le Corbusier

The reason to want a room here is obvious: You're a fan of Corbusier. All of the rooms and common spaces look like parts of a museum that has been filled with his works. Moreover, Le Ventre de L’Architect, its restaurant, is a true gastronomical heaven.

280, Boulevard Michelet

Tel: 04 91 16 78 00


Villa Massalia Concorde

This villa that is located on the skirts of Borely Park, which is the only green area in Marseille, is preferred for being close to the beach by those who want to have a seaside holiday. Spa, pool and golf facilities are also great to relax.

17 Place Louis Bonnefon

Tel: 04 91 72 90 00


Sofitel Marseille

This chain, which has branches in everywhere in the world, is the choice of those who don't like glamour with its minimal style. You should relax in its spa at the times you're not eating while watching the view at the tables of Les Trois Forts.

36, Boulevard Charles Livon

Tel: 04 91 15 59 00


Residence du Vieux Port

There are balconies that see the port in almost all the rooms of this hotel which has a decoration suitable for those who like the retro style of 1950s. We recommend you not to leave before trying its restaurant, Le Relais 50 which offers unique tastes for a great dinner.


Economical options...

Music Hotel

Le Gainsbar, which is located in this hotel that is filled with music since it's close to a conservatory and especially preferred by musicians, is frequented by students and young professionals.

12 Boulevard Louis Salvator

Tel: 04 91 02 10 21


Mama Shelter

This is a heaven imagined for those work on social media and can't let go of their internet connection. Free internet in rooms, white beds and iMac screens may remind you of your own house.

64 Rue de la Loubiere

Tel:04 84 35 20 00


Grand Tonic Hotel

Another hotel that sees the old port known as Vieux Port.

43 Quai des Belges

New Hotel

It's close to historucal buildings like Vieille Charité, Saint Victor and Notre Dame de la Garde; 5 minutes away from the shopping street and it turns Marseille into a coastal town for you with its sea view.

3bis rue Reine-Elisabeth

Tel: 4 91 99 23 23

Food and Drink in Marseille

Now that you're in Marseille, let's not forget to give some recommendations for restaurants where you can eat the best food of Marseille. If you want to learn what and where to eat in Marseille, take a look at our list. 

La Bouillabaisse: A kind of fish soup that is made by cooking potatoes and several types of fish and served with bread and hot sauce.

Aïoli: This sauce made of garlic, lemon, olive oil and eggs is generally served on the side of oven-cooked fish. 

Fougasse: Typical South French bread with thick crust. 

Tapenade: A kind of tapas, that is made of capris, mushed olives and olive oil and served with bread before meals.

Navette: Orange flavoured biscuits in the shape of a boat.

Anchoïade: A kind of sauce, of which main ingredients are anchovy, black olives and garlic, served with raw vegetables like celery, cauliflower and carrot. 

Marseille restaurants... 


Miramar is one of the best restaurants especially for bouillabaisse, which is known as fish soup, in Marseille. Don't forget to order pesto calamari which is served in bronze pots before and macarons as dessert after your meal.

12 Quai du Port

Tel: 04 91 91 10 40 

Chez Fonfon

You can taste traditional fish soup named "bouillabaisse", fish cooked in clay, inkfish cooked with parsley and olive oil and of course oysters in Chez Fonfon, which is a true Mediterranean restaurant. As you can tell from its menu, this is a heaven of seafoods.

140 Rue du Vallon des Auffes

Tel: 04 91 52 14 38

Four des Navettes 

Another trademark of Southern France is navettes, which are known as orange flavoured slim and long biscuits. If you want to buy a couple of boxes as gifts, the only address is Four des Navettes.

136 Rue Sainte

Tel: 04 91 33 32 12



Péron, where you can find refined tastes like caviar with lime, red tuna sashimi, mussle risotto, carpaccio with Saint-Jacques, goose liver with kumquat marmelade, creates the impression that you're in heaven thanks to its location that sees the Mediterranean Sea from above.

56 Corniche du Président John F Kennedy

Tel: 04 91 52 15 22


Pizzaria Étienne

In additiona to its peerless pizza, chopsteaks and inkfish cooked with parsley and garlic are also very delicious in Étienne, which is counted as one of the oldest restaurants of Marseille.

43 rue de Lorette 

La Passarelle

This is a restaurant that is famous for cooking with organic products. Especially in summer months, we recommend you to sit at one of their tables in the garden and taste delicatessens likes fresh goat cheese, chorizo and gambas as well as freshly caught calamaris.

52 Rue Plan Fourmiguier

Tel: 04 91 33 03 27

Au Vieux Clocher

Many local people names this Italian classic during our research for where to eat our lunch. Baked camamber cheese salad and pizza baked in wood-fire oven with tomatoes and Parmesan cheese are among its specialties.

12 Places des Augustines

Tel: 04 91 90 84 39


There are specialties like goose liver flavoured with mushrooms and asparagus, tuna tartare served with mustard, shrimps with tahini and rabbit decorated with carrots in the menu of the kitchen managed by Guillaume Sourrieu.

Vallon des Auffes

Tel: 04 91 52 17 82


Le Petit Nice Passedat

This is a true fish restaurant for families. The reason crabs flavoured with white and black pepper, Aunt Nia style seabream and octopus served after being cooked on fire for a long time are all very delicious is that every plate is prepared elaborately. They also sell vinegars, herbs and olive oils, which are all their own production, on their website.

Anse de Maldormé - Corniche J.F. Kennedy

Tel: 04 91 59 25 92


Une Table, Au Sud

The secret to the success of chef Lionel Lévy is his endless curiosity and creativity. Here, dishes are not ordered one by one but as menus.

1 Quai du Port

Tel: 04 91 90 63 53 

La Ferme

Chef Raymond Borso is famous for creating miracles out of ingredients you can't think of eating together. Crabs and branzino, goose liver and pumpkin, sea urchins and eggs turn into delicious couples in his dishes.

23, Rue Sainte

Tel: 04 91 33 21 12


After these recommendations, if you still want to make some further explorations, we advise you to visit right after purchasing your flight ticket. You can see menus of restaurants and how many people visit them, read comments and have reservations at discount prices. This online service will be as helpful as asking advices from friends who have visited earlier.

Emergency: 15

Police: 7

Fire: 18

Marseille Central Hospital: 04 91 38 60 00

Dentist: 0892 56 67 66

24 Hour Pharmacy: 3237

Tourism Office: 0826 500 500

Places to Visit in Marseille

There are many addresses to visit in Marseille with its architecture, modern art galleries, historical and glamourous buildings and peerless beaches. 

Cité Radieuse

Seen as a cheap common living area designed by Le Corbusier in 1952, Cité Radieuse is a place that needs to be visited as if it's a museum by those who are interested in architecture.

280 Boulevard Michelet


Le Musée Cantini

Artworks of Othon-Friesz, Derain, Matisse, Camoin, Dufy, Matta, Ernst, Masson, Picasso, Giacometti, Baadcon, Dubuffet, who are representatives of cubist, fauvist and surrealist times, can be seen in this museum.

19 Rue Grignan 

Le Musée d’Art Contemporain

If you're also fans of 1960's idols like Absalon, Chris Burden, Daniel Buren, William S.Burroughs, Jimmie Durham, Carsten Höller, Jenny Holzer, Annette Messager and Gabriel Orozco, you should at least spend half a day for the contemporary art museum.

69, Avenue d'Haifa

Le Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Marseille

If you want to have a trip that tells about the South of France in terms of zoology, paleontology and botanics, Museum of Natural history will please you.

1 Boulevard Philippon



People who live in Marseille mostly go to summer places by boats to swim. If you don't have time for that, you can lay your towels on the sand in Prado beaches near 8ème arrondissement (8th District); join groups in beaches even take surf lessons and learn water sports.

Château d’If

Château d’If, which is the castle mentioned in the novel The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas, where convicts used to be sent to serve their prison sentences, is now a tourist attraction.


One can only reach Calanques in the 9th District of Marseille by boats. You should spare a couple of hours for this rocky formations which are called wonders of wild nature. 

Plongee Phoceenne Formation

This is the address for diving enthusiastsn Marseille. It gets filled with swimmers who come from many parts of the Meditarrenean especially in summer months.


Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde

The main church of the city, which was constructed in 1864, will both allow you to see Marseille's ports with a bird's view and inform you about how a city is protected.

Rue Fort du Sanctuaire


From Marseille to shores of Côte D’Azur by train...

If you're walking on Promenade des Anglais, that is the main street of Nice which is known as an expensive summer city, towards the old town, it's possible to feel like you have Antalya's beaches on one side and Izmir's Kordon on the other. After going through big and small shops in Vielle Ville, which is known as the old city, it's a must to have a meal at La Petite Maison (11 Rue Saint-François de Paule) and order from the menu which has tapas like tomatoes and mozzarella, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers with olive oil and aubergines with lemon sauce. 

There is a reason that you know Cannes only for its film festival: It doesn't have much to offer except luxurious hotels, women sitting on docks with jewelled bikinis, endless heel sounds and men who go everywhere with a sound of Porche in he backgrou Best thing to to do is laying on the beach 3.14 (Boulevard de la Croisette) and going to dance at late hours in Le Baoli (50 Boulevard del la Croisette).

Antibes has a Southern France town with a lot of characteristics. Flowers come out everywhere and you find yourself in a place where time has stopped 50 years ago while walking on its cobblestoned narrow streets. In the houses where once Picasso and Max Ernst have lived, there are jewelleries, antiques and artisan works now.

What makes


That makes La Colombe D’Or (Place du General de Gaulle) located in the town of St. Paul de Vence, where many famous names like the painter Marc Chacal, actor and musician Yves Montand lived and took inspiration from, interesting is that artists like Picasso, Dufy, Chagall have exchanged artworks, sketches and canvas for food here.



Marseille is not a city that is famous for its nightlife. If you're looking for a club atmosphere, you'll find beach parties and electronic music that echoes in hotel bars in Cannes that is 2 hours away. However, this doesn't mean that you can't socialize with the cosmopolitan people of the South.


La Fabrique

There is a New York atmosphere in this bar of which name is inspired by Andy Warhol’s Factory. There are couches, leather sofas and post-modern furnitures inside. Even though they are very ambitious about their foods, it's mostly known as the meeting point of house music lovers after 11 pm.

3, Place Jules Verne

Tel: 04 91 91 40 48


Hotel bars, which are very popular in Europe, also exist in Marseille. Either at sunset or at later hours of the day, you can take your place on leather couches and enjoy your time watching the port.

36, Boulevard Charles Livon

Tel: 04 91 16 19 00 

Le Café de la Plage

In this bar, which is located near the beach area and mostly preferred in summer, cocktails made of fresh fruits are delicious.

Escale Borély Avenue Pierre Mendés

Tel: 04 91 71 21 76

Le Manureva

This place, where people on bathing suits walk around during day and stylish and attractive crowds with expensive clothing dance at night, is open in summer months.

1 Avenue de la Pointe-Rouge

Tel: 04 91 72 33 22

Le Crystal

This is a place where even waiters dance. Unfortunately, people who wait at the door are free to say things like you can't get in without a date or they don't accept anymore guests for that night.

148 Quai du Port

Tel: 04 91 91 57 96 


This is a Napoli restaurant at earlier hours and a mini street club where you'll hear DJ sets once foods are cleared from tables and leave their places to cocktails.

134 Quai du Port

Tel: 04 91 31 93 89



This place is known as one of the few night clubs that are open till the first lights of the day on Marseille.

24 Quai Rive Neuve

Tel: 04 91 54 30 45

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