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Istanbul - Paris Flight Tickets

You'll land at Orly Airport if you come to Paris by Pegasus. This airport, which is comprised of two terminals, is 19 km away from the city center and there are many alternatives to reach the city center. If your landing time is within that period, you can reach the city center approximately in half an hour by the train that works 6 am - 11 pm  and takes off in every 5 minutes. Another alternative is buses that take off from the airport called Orly Bus. Buses that take off every 15 minutes cost 7 €. They work between 5.35 am - 11 pm. If you prefer taxi for transportation, it may cost something between 30-45 €.

If your plane lands at the other airport of Paris, Charles de Gaulle, you can use trains called RER B to reach the city center. If you have landed at the 3rd terminal, you need to take the shuttles that takes off regularly. The price of 9.10 € includes the metro you'll take after RER B, as well. It takes off every 5 minutes and reaches the city center in 35 minutes. The last train is at 12 pm. If you prefer buses, the buses that take off from terminals 1 and 2 in evgery 15 minutes reach the city in 45 minutes. It costs 10 €. Although they take off every half an hour after the midnight, you can use the bus option for 24 hours. It takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the city center by a taxi. Although its price depends on how many people take the taxi and how many luggages you have, it costs approximately 40 €. You can use the option of going directly to Disneyland. There are Disneyland buses from all three terminals.

Paris Metro Map

Paris metro is like a spider web. You can reach everywhere but it's quite complicated. You can listen to many bands playing music from all around the world like Chansons that are known as French songs or Reggea in the stations you get off or in the vagons you get on. It's possible to reach every corner of the city without seeing any daylight by the old metro line, of which first stop was opened in 1900. It's a must to obtain one of the maps that are given for free at metro information desks to learn faster about the metro, which is in services between 5 am - 1 am. However, it's a good idea to stay away from the metro line during the hours of commute. Lines numbered 1, 2, 4, 11, 12 and 13 are the destinations the Parisians most frequently use.

After you put you ticket to the machine in metro, it'll come out from the other side of it. Don't you ever throw it away. You have to show your ticket if the ticket controller asks for it. Otherwise, you'll have to pay a fine.

Another thing is that Partis metro is famous for the style of its stations. Varenne and Louvre Rivoli stations where you can see copies of works exhibited in Louvre Museum; Abbesses, Porte Dauphine and Saint Michel stations with an art nouveau style; Concorde Station of which walls are a huge puzzle; and Arts et Metiers, which has been designed like the interior of a submarine, must be seen as a part of your art and cultures tour.

If you want to take a taxi in the city, let us remind you that you need to pay extra after 7 pm, on sundays and official holidays, for the 4th passenger and every single luggage. You can find the numbers of taxi companies that are nearby on the following link: Don't be surprised if you see that the taximeter already shows a price when you get in the taxi. That's what it costs for the taxi to come to where you are. The following link will help you to write the street names of your destination, the hours of your journey and see how much it'll cost and make sure that you won't be decieved:

If you want to hail a taxi on the street, you need to check the lights on top of them. If the light is on, it means that the taxi is empty.

In addition to the traffic density, the fact that it's really hard to find a parking space around touristic areas and the streets were built long before the invention of cars, it's not a good idea to rent a car. Still, if you want go around the city by car or visit the shores of Normandy, that is close by, you can rent a car on

Favorite Walking Routes

Marais Neighbourhood: Especially around Place de Vosges or Rue de Turenne.

Riverside of Seine: If you get off at St. Michel station oif the metro, you'll be at a beautiful walking spot. If the weather is good, you may also consider having a picnic. Let's say you got bored of walking. Boat tours will be waiting for you onthe River Seine.

Montmartre: Don't forget that you're in the area that inspired the 19th century poetry, in an artsy route.

Latin Neighbourhood: It's filled with antique shops, bookstores and old cafes.

St Martin Canal: It's an ideal South Paris route. We recommend Butte Aux Cailles for those who want to go souther.

Paris on Bike...

Riding a bike in Paris is a different pleasure, especially in summer. They have created a system that is open to public and works with a card:

An Easy Way...

There is an online system that shows how to go the fastest and easiest from one point to the other in Paris. Note it on an easily seen place in your phone or computer:

Shopping in Paris

When it comes to shopping, there is no need to praise Paris. You are in a city that will satisfy your desire to shop with its huge companies and local productions both. If your trip coincides with Paris Fashion Week, you can see stylish people in the streets and special designs in the stores.

La Fayette

It's located on Haussman Street. The most famous mall of the city.


Le Bon Marche

Even though you won't shop, it's a place worth seeing for its architecture. The ceiling of the building has been constructed by Gustave Eiffel. In its next building, the first floor is spared compeletly for food. It opens at 8.30 am; its book and stationary floor is impressive. You may want to take a coffee break here in Le Cafe. In the section where kitchen items are sold, there is a Mariage Freres corner where you can by tea by grams. And The Conran Shop right behind it. You need to get off at Serves Babylon station to reach there.



It's a French brand that was founded in 1990. It draws attention with its minimalistic designs. Their signature is a single line on clothes.

76 bis rue Vieille du Temple


Boutique Repetto

A boutique shop where ballet flats, wallets and bags in endless colors and styles are sold.

22 rue de la Paix


Anna Rivka

There are handmade jewelleries with a style that winks at the time before 1950s.

104 rue Vieille du Temple



There shirts, dresses and t-shirts in the shop that offers an all-time Paris classic. It's a good idea to check its website.



Burberry, Dior, Chanel, special design clothes and second hand items. They are all in Merci. It's possible to buy well-known brands' products for a 30-40% cheaper price in this place opened by two designers. Also, the shopping you do here goes to a fund in Madagascar to help children.

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais


Chez Maman

A watch shop with many alternatives.

7 rue Tiquetonne


Pretty Box

A cool second hand clothing shop.

46 rue de Saintonge


Violette & Leonie

A high quality second hand clothing shop. Marc Jacobs bags and Kenzo outerwear can be bought for surprisingly low prices.

27 Rue de Poitou


Matieres & Reflexion

A heaven for those who want new and young brands.

19 Rue Poitou


L’Artisan Parfumeur

A perfume house that was found in 1976 in Paris. Its most iconic and the most sold perfume is Mure et Musc with musk and blackberry. 50ml cost 70 €, 100 ml cost 95 €.

34, rue des Francs Bourgeois



The decoration and the concept belongs to the Belgian artist Arne Quinze. It has an amazing brand portfolio from Rick Owens to Balmain, Céline, Lanvin, Dries Van Noten and Maison Martin Margiela. Once the shop is this different, you feel as if you're visiting a museum.

10 Rue Boissy d'Anglas



On the first floor there are books, ruby helmets, accessories, t-shirts, cameras; on the top floor there are mannequeens lined side by side in the manner of a museum dressed in pre-fall collections and cosmetics section.

213 rue Saint-Honoré



It's a must to walk through this street where there are Galleries La Fayette, cafes and fancy stores of worldwide famous designers.

Don't forgert flea markets...

There are two very famous second hand markets in the city. There markets are called "puce" here. All of them are open between 7 am - 7 pm on saturday, sunday and monday in every season of the year.


Puces de Montreuil

They call this market, which has been open since 1860, Ali Baba cave of Paris. It's a good idea to not count every single thing you can come across and cut it short by saying "Anything may come out". It's in service on Saturday, Sunday and Monday between 7.30 am - 7 pm. In order to reach there, one needs to take the metro and get off at the Montreuil station.


Aux Puces de Saint-Quen

There are more than 2000 shops in this market that has been founded in 1885. It's open betweeb 9 am - 6 pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, every season of the year. It's a marketplace where you can find clothes, vinyls, books, old or antique furnitures and many second hand items you can even imagine. You reaach there by getting off the metro at the Porte de Clignancourt station and follow the flow of people.

Accommodation in Paris

There are many accommodation alternatives from boutique hotels, every corner of which is a wonder of design, to hostels in Paris, which is one of the most important metropols in the world. While making a choice between Paris hotels, it's a good idea to evaluate hotels' distances from the city center. You can make your choice by taking a look at the list we've prepared for you. Moreover, if you want to stay at heart of Paris, it's possible to find countless hotels near Opera.

Woodstock Hostel

It's in the Montmare area and in walking distance to Louvre Museum and Moulin Rouge. It doesn't have normal rooms. There is only a dormitory option.

48 Rue Rodier 

01 48 78 87 76


Young&Happy Hostel

This hostel located in Latin Quarter has a stylish cafe. Even though you don't stay there, we recommend you to stop by for a drink at the evening hours. It's in walking distance to Notre Dame de Paris.

80 Rue Mouffetard

01 47 07 47 07


Vintage Hostel

There are no single rooms in the hostel that is located in Gare du Nord.

73 Rue Dunkerque

Tel: 01 40 16 16 40


Port-Royal Hotel

It's in walking distance to Notre Dame de Paris and many touristic spots. Its drawback is that there is no wi-fi in the hotel.

8 Boulevard Port Royal

Tel: 01 43 31 70 06


Ermitage Hotel Sacre-Coeur

It's a hotel that is  frequently listed as one of the 10 best boutique hotels of Paris. Its rooms are a bit small. Ideal for couples.

24 Rue Lamarck

Tel: 01 42 64 79 22


FIAP Jean Monnet

The hotel that is located in the 14th Arrondissement is 20 minutes away from Louvre Museum and Eiffel Tower by walk.

30 Rue Cabanis 

Tel: 01 43 13 17 00


Grand Hotel de Turin

A central, stylish and beautifully decorated hotel.

6, Rue Victor Massé

Tel: 01 48 78 45 26



It's in the middle of Place de la Bastille and Pere Lachaise Cemetery. It has a pleasant desing.

71, Rue de Charonne

Kuba Hotel

It's a specially designed hotel in the neighbourhood of Sacre Coeur. The rooms are bigger than a standard room. Its bar is especially good.

1 Passage Ruelle

01 42 05 20 00


Hotel Mayet

A colorful hotel that is in walking distance to Saint German Boulevard. It is pleasing to the eye with its stylish decoration. It's also famous for its delicious breakfasts. 

3 Rue Mayet

Tel: 01 47 83 21 35


Hotel Sezz

This hotel which is the owner of 2012 Travellers Choice Prize is an ideal place to experience luxury in Paris.

6, Avenue Fremiet

Food and Drink in Paris

French foods are known for being rich in butter, mostly made of meat, served with potatoes and completed with a cheese plate. Eating this heavy, the question of how they manage to stay thin is the topic of another article. We'll say genes and a lot of walking.

Les Cocottes

The placa that has come out of the hand of Chef Christian Consntant reminds the American diners in Paris. A woman walking around a checkered shirt refills coffee cups. Main courses mostly served in pans.

35 Rue Saint-Dominique

Tel: 01 45 50 10 31


La Tête Dans les Olives

It actually serves as some kind of a grocery store and most of the products, especially olive oils, are brought from Sicily. If you want to have a tasting session at the table in the middle of the place, let us remind you that the wait list takes up to 2 months.

2 Rue Sainte-Marthe

Tel: 08 51 31 33 34


Le Comptoir

Once you combine the old bistro concept with the eating habits of the modern times and add raviolis that disperse in plates what comes out is a taste bombardment. There is Avant – Comptoir for those who come early. For getting some aperitives and eating some sausages.

9 Carrefour de Odeon

Tel: 01 44 27 07 97


Le Chateaubriand

Chef Iñaki Aizpitarte thought about the simplest way of everything and designed the place in the style of a canteen. A must visit.

125 Rue de Tacqueville

Tel: 01 47 63 96 90


La Quincave

It'll be very pleasant to eat some snacks and sip some drink on its terrace.

17 Rue Brea

Tel: 01 43 29 38 24


Le Verre Diable

A fresh place that is opened in Passage des Panaromas, which is located on Grands Boulevards and filled with many historical restaurants. Its menu is always comprised of seasonal products. The menu, which changes on a daily basis, can be seen on its website.

38 Passage des Panoramas

Tel: 01 44 82 93 57


Au Saint Benoit

It's not okay to come to Paris and go back without eating profiteroles. It's served with vanilla ice-cream in Au Saint Benoit.

26 Rue Saint-Benoit

Tel: 01 45 48 29 66


La Société

A famous luxurious space in Paris. You may have to wait if you go there without a reservation. It's a restaurant that is preferred by rich businessmen, Paris aristocrats and movie stars. Fish are especially recommended here.

4 rue Place Saint German

Tel: +33 01 53 63 60 60


Point Ephémère

Meaning "the epehemeral point"... This multi-purpose space, which is by the canal, on the intersection of the 10th and the 19th districts, serves as an exhibition room, a restaurant and a concert area. If you want to see an exhibiton after a lazy walk by the Canal Saint Martin or watch the open-air trainings that Paris firefighters complete twice a day, you should go to Point Ephémère.

200 Quai de Valmy 

Tel: 01 40 34 02 48



A small restaurant that is hidden in a narrow street on the skirts of Pantheon. Youlin is actually an "izakaya". Its menu has been prepared in a more refined taste than the typical izakaya principles. You'll be hosted in the hall of Youlin with a 5 course Franco-Japanese tasting menu that changes every week or whenever the chef wants. If you want to have an affordable gastronomical adventure, make sure you reserve yourself a place.

3 rue Valette, 75005

Tel: 01 43 26 05 32


Café de Flore

When one says "French cafe", one of the places that come to our minds is Café de Flore, where philosohpy and art are everywhere. A breakfast of croissants and coffee at tables, where names like Jean Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Milan Kundera and more have spent time back at the day, is recommended. There is also a movie with the same name.

172 Boulevard Saint German

Tel: 01 45 48 55 26


Le Relais de l’Entrecote

This place, which is the inventor of the Paris-style chili sauce that is poured on meat, never accepts reservations. Most of the time, waiting at the door may take up to 30 minutes but it's worth for the taste of the beef you'll eat and potato mountains that are impossible to finish. Luckily, it has many branches.

101, Boulevard du Montparnasse

Tel: 01 46 33 82 82

La Mascotte

Do you like sea products? Would you like to try 10 different versions of mussels? Then, you're at the right place. You're invited to a feast with seafood from crabs to shrimps, octopus to calamaris, snails to ink fish served in a 3-level tray.

270 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Tel: 01 42 27 75 26


Chez Flo

One of the places that makes the best choucroutte, which is a French classic that is made of sausage, meat, cabbage and carrots and takes hours to cook.

7 Cour des Petites Écuries

Tel: 01 47 70 13 59



The only chef Gregory Marchand, will blow your mind with his 3-course meal concept that changes every day.

5-6 Rue du Nil

Tel: 01 40 39 96 19


Atelier Joel Rebuchon

Joel Rebuchon is a worldwide renown chef who teaches students who have been to culinary schools by cooking and decorating plates in front of guests. You should stop by even only to see this atmosphere.

5 Rue de Montalembert

Tel: 01 42 22 56 56



It's a must to eat entrecote or chopsteaks after cucumbers with vinegar in the restaurant that is the oldest and the most touristic one in Paris but hasn't lost anything from its taste. There is a tradition here, if waiters or you break a glass, the whole restaurant will clap.

7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre

Tel: 01 47 70 86 29

Country code: 0033

Ambulance: 15

Police: 17

Fire: 18

American Hospital: 63 Boulevard Victor Hugo: 01 46 41 25 25

SOS Medicine: 01 47 07 77 77

Cityrama Bus Tour: 01 44 55 61 00


Places to Visit in Paris

Paris is a special city that you can't get enough of with its museums, cafes, green areas and peerless streets. You should especially prefer wednesdays if you want to spend long times in museums. Museums, which are generally closed at 6 pm, are open till 9 pm on wednesdays.

Musée du Louvre

It has been founded in 1793 and it's the amost visited museum in the world with 8.5 million visitors every year. Sitting by the pool in its yard that is home to a glass pyramide is an enjoyable activity after the museum trip.

It's open between 9 am – 6 pm.


Centre Pompidou

Avrupa’nın en büyük modern sanat galerisi ve kütüphanesi olarak işlev gören Centre Pompidou, which functions as the biggest modern art gallery and library of Europe, has been home to the works of many artists who came to Paris since its foundation in 1977... Dali, Pollock, Kandinsky, Andy Warhol, Picasso and many more...


The museum that is open between 10.30 am – 6 pm and home to exhibitions of comics, photography and contemporary art, is located in Place de Madeliene. 

Palais de Tokyo

Another pleasant modern art museum thast is home to biennials and video installation artists.

13 avenue du Président-Wilson


Maison Européenne de la Photographie

Located in one of the oldest settlement areas of Paris, in Marais, the museum has been dedicated to photography only and it organizes contemporary photography exhibitions.

5 Rue de Fourcy



It's a must to spare a day or a whole weekend to Disneyland, which is the heaven not only for kids but for kids of all ages.


La Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower)

The 324 meters-high Paris tower has been the symbol of Paris since its completion in 1889.


The Galleries of Saint Germain...

If you say "Paris is not Louvre or Notre Dame for me”, unusual St.Germain where existentialism was born and alternative art's heart beats is waiting for you. The galleries are lined side by side on every street around Rue Dauphine till Musee d’Orsay.

Open address for comic book lovers: Following the riverside, side streets of St.Germain Boulevard including Quai des Grands Augustins.

For those who like art books: We recommend Taschen in Rue de Buci or Assouline in Rue Bonaparte 

Galleries of Marais...

Place de Vosges, Galerie 88, Galerie Particuliere and Galerie Brugier Rigail are our favorites. It's a good idea to open your eyes for hidden boutiques and designer shops.

Bibliotheque Nationale de la France

The library where there are 12 million books and around 50 thousand voice records is also striking with its arhictecture.


Sacré Coeur

It was built after France won the war between France and Prussia and its construction was completed in 1914. It must be seen even only for the mosaic of Jesus inside.


Notre Dame

The cathedral that is seen as one of the peerless examples of Gothic architecture is 130 meters wide and 69 meters high. There is the famous bell of the cathedral in its south tower.


The University: La Sorbonne

It was built in 1253 by Louis IX to give theology education. It became the first printing house of France. After that, with all the buildings that were added by Napoleon, it became one of the best universities in the world in the field of science.


The Celebrity Cemetary: Pere Lachaise

The cemetary, where almost every single famous person that has died in France lays, is more like a tombstone exhibition than a cemetary. Oscar Wilde, Balzac, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison and hundreds of more are there. It's also possible to have an online tour on its website.


Nouveau Casino

Nouveau Casino, is a concert hall with a good visual and sound facilities. You can check their websites for its program.


A Bookstore: Shakespeare Co.

The famous historical bookstore of Paris. It was opened in 1922. It's where writers like Joyce and Hemingway used to hang out. Before Sunset and Midnight In Paris are two movies where you can see the bookstore.


Les Frigos

A center which was built 90 years ago and has been managed by artists who occupied a former fridge factory whcih had been empty for 25 years. There are galleries and workshops. You can reach there by taking the metro and getting off at Bibliotheque Francois Mitterand.


Lomography Gallery Store

A photography store which is proud of taking everything back to analog technology with its Signature Lomography products, accessories, films and The music that is played there. It's cloesd at 7.30 pm on weekdays and 8 pm on saturdays. It's closed on sundays.

6, Place Franz Liszt



Paris has been split into 20 different districts that are named "arrondissement". Each district has its unique characteristics...

Ile de la Cite: The center of Paris is a small island on the River Seine. Palaca Duphine is famous for its espressos that are consumed at the terraces of its cafes.

Marais: What used to be the settlement area of the royalty was opened to public in the 17th century. Today, Jewish community, boutiques, Asian restaurants, Le Marché des Enfants Rouge, nightlife and galleries are here.

Beaubourg: Cente Pompidou, which is the meeting point for the youth, Chez Michel which is the delicious Steak Tartare restaurant and the shopping mall Les Halles are located here.

Quartier Opéra: Bankers, financers, journalists, the building of Le Monde, which is a French newspaper, Fauchon and Hédiard restaurants in Passage de Princesse are here.

Saint-Germain-des-Pres / Saint Michel: You'll see people who say literature is a lifestyle, who miss the cafe culture of the past and who like political debates on streets. And of course, students.

Quartier Latin: Movie theaters, jazz clubs, streets that have witnessed the rebellion in 1968; academicians and students have made Quartier Latin their own.

Belleville:  Belleville has left its ghetto style in the last couple of years and become the placa of those who build themselves a life in their 30s. It's especially famous for street arts and artists.

Montmartre/ Pigalle: Revues, cabarets, Moulin Rouge, tortuous roads that lead to small squares, the smell of baguettes and people making art in the streets.

Montparnasse: This region has turned into a magnet ever since many architects, advertisers and sculptors have moved their studios there.

Its Parks...

Paris parks can be a peace zone, picnic area, reading space or a workplace from time to time for those who want to breathe in the city.

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

After getting off at Buttes-Chaumont metro station you'll walk a 2,5 km long parcour and you'll even be able to join the party atmosphere at cafes in the park if it's sunday.

Bois de Boulogne

There are ducks, colorful flowers and ponds in this artifical park that was created on the western tip of the city with the order of Napoleon.

Parc de la Vilette

There are pop concerts, conservatories, libraries, a naval museum but more important than all La Cité des Sciences, which is a heaven for children and science lovers in this area which has been transformed into a park from the former slaughterhouses of Paris.


Jardin du Luxembourg

It's possible to see students, men in suits at commute hours, festivals, people sweating at tennis courts, people who are playing petang, which is very popular among the adults of Paris in this favourite green area of Paris.

Jardin des Plantes

Rue Mouffetard, which is one of the oldest street markets of Paris, St. Médard Church and wonders of the Roman period are here in this green area.

5 popular Fransız musicians of our day... 

Daft Punk: On their journey from Paris suburbs to the central clubs, block parties to huge festivals, Daft Punk symbolizes both how far electronic music has come since 90s and the alternative culture of Paris.

Justice: Justice, who is the new Daft Punk for some, is a DJ and producer duo that has reached the world from Paris in the dance scene.

Phoenix: When you say art rock or indie, they come to mind. This French team has spread their names on the other side of the ocean thanks to a collaboration with Sofia Coppola. Listen to their latest album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix from time to time...

Air: Ambient, trip hop, chill out. A combination of many genres. Their albums make great background music for Paris streets.

Sebastian Tellier: Songs to listen after midnight before the sunrise. It may not be a rounded definition of Tellier's music but take his album ‘Sexuality’, start listening from the very first song and step inside the elegant Paris atmosphere...


3 great French directors...

Luc Besson: You'll remember Besson, who was born in 1959, from the movies of Leon, Nikita and The Fifth Element.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet: Jeunet, who was performing theater plays with the puppets he made when he was just 9, is the director of cult movies like Amelie, Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles and La Cité des Enfants Perdus .

Jean-Luc Godard: Godard, who was a child of the World War II, got into Sorbonne in 1949 to study anthropology but then, his love for cinema weighs more. Le Mepris, King Lear and Tout va Bien are some of his hundreds of short and long films.


Famous Parisiens...

The actress Catherine Deneuve, the painter Claude Monet, the determined lover Jean Paul Belmondo, the surrealist Salvador Dali, Marcel Proust who is the writer of "In Search of Lost Time", Edith Piaf who is the diva of Paris cabarets and streets, Yves Montand who has amazed the world with his voice, Pierre-Marie Curie who have found radium, the Dadaist writer Albert Camus, the opera musician Richard Wagner and the chemist Louis Pasteur are some of the famous names who have called Paris home.


Nightlife in Paris

Paris’ nightlife is generally lived in stylish bars. There aren't many clubs that are open till the morning in the city where there are also night clubs Where you can dance. However, good music and delicious drinks are guaranteed.

La Fusée

The place is always full even if you go there on a Sunday night. We recommend Coffee & Calvados.

168 Rue St Martin

Tel: 01 42 76 93 99 

Chez Jeanette

This bar that is located in the Turkish neighourhood is the latest after-work spot for bobos (bohemian bourgeoise). There are many English speaking people inside.

47 Rue du Fbg-St Denis

Tel: 01 47 70 30 89


La Perle

This place that is always full is famous for its crowd pouring into the pavement. It has also earned itself a plca in the modern history as "the place that has put an end to Jean Paul Gaultier's career." Be careful! If you step on the road, you'll be warned by the staff.

78, Rue Vieille du Temple, Le Marais

Tel: +33 142 72 69 93


Le Fanfaron

A rock’n’roll bar from the 60s. Paris' heart of rock music still beats there. It's open between 7 pm - 2 am.

6 rue de la Main d’Or

Tel: 01 49 23 41 14


Panic Room

An ideal place to dance. Cocktails are also delicious.

101 rue Amelot

Tel: 01 58 30 93 43


Prescription Cocktail Club

A high profile Paris stop that offers their own inventions in addition to classic cocktails.

23 Rue Mazarine 

Tel: 01 46 34 67 73 

L’Orange Mecanique

You can run away from the snob Paris in this bar that has chosen the name of A Clockwork Orange and drink something for affordable prices between 6 pm - 8 pm.

72 bis, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud

Tel: +33 954 43 55 02


Le Kitch

The bar that deserves its name with its design is generally crowded. A local DJ performs on mondays. The place is open between 5.30 pm - 2 am.

10 rue Oberkampf

Tel: +33 140 21 94 14

Pop In

There is live music on the first floor and a DJ on the second floor of the bar that offers a variety of music from folk to punk. It's open till 1.30 am.

105 Rue 6

Tel: 01 48 05 56 11

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