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Istanbul - Sanli Urfa Flight Tickets

Sanliurfa GAP Airport, which has been opened to service in 2007, is 35 km away from the city center. After landing on Urfa via Pegasus with the most adventageous prices, the easiest way to reach the city center is by Havas buses. Don't forget that Havas buses are scheduled in accordance with your flights. Also, one can easily find a taxi at the airport but we should mention that taxi prices are very high here. When it comes to car rental services that will allow you to have a comfortable trip, will be the best address.

Shopping in Sanli Urfa

Although shopping is mostly done in bazaars and marketplaces in Sanliurfa, there is also mall where there are chain stores.

Huseyniye Bazaar (Coppers' Bazaar)

This historic place, where you'll move along the voice of hammers, is right in front of you with handmade copper trays, pots and coffee cases. It's time to think about all the present you'll bring home. The twin of this bazaar has been spared for jewelry stores. Accessories made of gold will dazzle you.

Bedesten (Kazzaz Bazaar)

Once you go through one of these doors that open to a colorful world, you'll feel as if you're a part of an Eastern fairy tale. Silk and velvet from Syria pour out of tiny shops throughout the bazaar. Bedesten is the favourite of female visitors and photographers thanks to traditional clothes, scarves and fabrics. We recommend you not to forget to buy Urfa's famous "isot".

ŞURKAV Traditional Handicraft Shop

It was decided upon to show crafts like carpentry, felting and weaving in Taziye Evi, which had been restored by ŞURKAV and started to be used as Traditional Handicraft Museum in 2011. This museum's shop offers you the chance to buy some of these products. It'll help you go home with a wider variety of presents.

Urfacity AVM

Even though it's a bit outside of the historical heart of the city, you can find brands you can see in big cities and entertainment alternatives from cinema to go kart, if you have a lot of time to spend in Urfa.


Accommodation in Sanli Urfa

There are many accommodation alternatives in Sanliurfa, which is an important tourism center in terms of religious and cultural importance. There is a wide variety of alternatives for stylish and luxurious Urfa hotels to simple, clean and affordable ones.


Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn meets all your expectations from a modern and comfortable hotel with its 159 rooms, 3 meeting rooms, indoor pool and gym. It's ideal for both business trips and comfortable holiday. It also has a ballroom with a capacity of 330 people for special events.

Karakoyun Mah. 11 Nisan Fuar Cad. No:54

Tel: 0414 318 50 00


Dedeman Hotel

It's the best equipped hotel for meetings and business trips in Sanliurfa thanks to its 6 meeting rooms with a total capacity of 750 people. Also, its 3 restaurants, indoor pool, gym, sauna and Turkish bath guarantee a comfortable stay.

Atatürk Mah. Hastane sok.

Tel: 0 414 318 25 00 


Hotel El-Ruha

The hotel that has been designed in the style of traditional Urfa architecture is the place for those who can't give up luxury but also looks for an authentic style. It's ideal for touristic visits thanks to its view of Balikligol and central location.

Balıklıgöl Yanı Lekeler Cad.

Tel: 0 414 215 44 11


Hotel Harran

In this hotel, where there is a jacuzzi in each room and an indoor pool, Turkish bath, sauna, massage and gym in the shared areas, there is also a meeting room. It's suitable for touristic visits thanks to its central location.

Atatürk Bulvarı

Tel: 0 414 313 28 60


Hotel Arte

This hotel, which draws attention with its modern and minimal decoration, is the choice of those who look for a not luxurious yet problem free. It's in walking distance to all of the touristic centers.

Atatürk Bulvarı Sinema Sokak, No:7

Tel: 0 414 314 70 60

Food & Drink in Sanli Urfa

You may lose yourself among the food of Sanliurfa which known as the land of "lahmacun" and "cig kofte". We definitely recommend you to try "sillik tatlisi", which is one of the most famous dishes of Urfa where it's a heaven for those who love eating meat with its kebabs and liver sellers on the streets.


For lunch hours...


Durak Kebap Evi

You may not think at first that you'll eat the best kebab of Urfa in this casual kebab place which has been known as "Kebapci Kose". However, you won't regret.

Hasimiye Meydani Kovace Pazari D:10

Tel: 0 414 216 01 91     


Cigerci Aziz Usta

You pre pare your own onions and roasted peppers on the low tables of Aziz Usta, which is the most famous liver restaurant in Urfa, and then wait for the delicious liver served in "lavash", which is similar to tortilla shell. You can also try liver at breakfast like Urfa locals do.

Pinarbasi Mah. Isotcu Pazari No: 2

Tel. 0 414 316 68 86     


Sevgi Ciger Salonu

Definitely taste the soft liver which has been cooked without getting dry served with a plate full of mint, onions and parsley and ice-cold ayran served in copper glasses. Be careful about the chili pepper!

Sehitlik Mah. Ipekyol Uzeri Trafo Yani Gayberi Apt. Alti

Tel: 0 414 314 03 29   


Kahraman Urfa Kebap Salonu

We recommend you not to miss elaborately cooked chops served in two layers of lavash on a tray. You can also find a variety of kebabs in this 80-year-old restaurant.

Koroglu Carsisi

Tel: 0 414 215 21 30


Baklavaci Badilli Dedeoglu

You should definitely try its "kadayif" and "katmer" with cheese. "Billuriye" is very delicious as well. It's great for a dessert break after the lunch.

Sarayonu Cad. Oruc Is Hani No:57/A

Tel: 0 414 215 37 37     


For dinner…


Cevahir Konuk Evi

In the yard of an amazing renovated Urfa mansion, you'll find the chance to taste kebabs as well as traditional dishes. You can also join traditional song nights on wednesday, friday and saturday nights if you'd like.

Yeni Mah.1281 Sok.No:3/1

Tel: 0 414 215 93 77 


Gülhan Restoran

A clean and modern restaurant. In addition to kebabs, there are also some pot dishes. It'll be a good alternative when you decide to take a break from kebab. You should definitely try "lahmacun" here.

Next to Akbank No:32

Tel: 0 414 312 22 73


Urfa Sofrasi

A nice place to try the traditional dishes and desserts of the Urfa cuisine. We especially recommend "cig kofte" here. We also recommend you to try Sillik, Urfa's famous and interestingly named dessert, here.

Karakoyun Is Merkezi Kat: 1 No: 226, Koprubasi

Tel: 0 414 216 90 51


Cift Magara

You can try different kinds of kebabs of Urfa in a stylish and mystical atmosphere. You can also enjoy the peerless view with "mırra" (some kind of bitter coffee) or shisha.

Behind Dergah Mosque, Balikligol

Tel: 0 414 215 97 57     


Urfa Acem Sofrasi

In the restaurant which serves kebab varieties and many pot dishes, you may also have some dessert. Don't leave before tasting "lahmacun" there.

On the opposite of Yenisehir Turk Telekom

Tel: 0 414 313 60 60/ 0 414 314 60 60

City code: 0 414

City Toruism Directorate:   0 414 312 53 32     

Police: 0 414 313 00 00

Gendarmy: 156

Pharmcy in call: 118

Police Emergency:155

Health Emergency:112

Places to Visit in Sanli Urfa

Şanlıurfa offers a great amount of alternatives to see with its historical heritages like castles, mosques and churches as well as natural riches like Balikligol and Harran Plain.


Balikligol (Halil-ür Rahman Gölü)

The lake, which has a formation story in which Prophet Abraham is thrown into fire and the fire turns into water while woods turn into fish, is the symbol of the city. Fishing is forbidden since they are cosidered holy by the locals.


Sanliurfa Castle

The castle, which is thought to have been built on a mound from Neolithic age, offers a peerless city view with two 17 meters long Corinthian columns. It’s known that the castle was restored in 814 by the Abbasids.


Sanliurfa Museum

Although the exhibition pieces started to be collected in a primary school in 1948, the museum has been opened to visitors in 1969. In addition to prehistoric remnants, works from many Mesopotamien and Anatolian civilizations are also exhibited in the museum, where archeological findings of the city are shown.


Firfirli Mosque

The building, which was built as The Church of 12 Apostles, has been turned into a mosque in 1956. It was called Firfirli (Frilled) Church because of its elaborate stone ornaments.


Harran Plain

The area, which starts from the southeast of the city and stretches till the Syrian border, is 44 km away from Sanliurfa. It’s told to be one of the most fertile plains.


Halepli Bahce

This the area where Urfa’s, or Edessa’s if we use its Ancient Greek name, most important remnants come to light. Tens of floor mosaics where many Greek myths from Amazon queens to Trojan War wra subjects wait for their visitors right in the middle of the city.


Halil-ur Rahman Mosque

The mosque, which was built by El Melik’ül Eşref Muzafferüddin Musa, who is the nephew of  Selahattin Eyyub between the years 1211-1212, has lost most of its Eyyubi architectural traits due to an extensive renovation conducted in 1810. It’s still a must-see with its location by Balikligol.


Sanliurfa Independence Museum

Mahmud Nedim Mansion, which was built in 1903, is a building that combines European mansion style with traditional Urfa architecture. The mansion that draws attention with bullet and artillery marks still visible on its walls, has been in use as Sanliurfa Independence Museum since 2009.


Rıdvaniye Mosque

It was built in 1717 by Rakka governor Rıdvan Ahmet Paşa. Ornaments on its impressive entrance is one of the best examples of the Ottoman art of “kündekari”. This mosque also has an amazing location by Balikligol.


Lake Aynzeliha

The story of this lake that is located near Balikligol is related to the same story. When Prophet Abraham was thrown into fire, Nemrut’s daughter Zeliha, who is in love with him, also throws herself in fire and this lake comes out where she falls. Fish of this lake are also considered holy.


Reji Church (Saint Petrus and Saint Paulus Church)

It was built in 1861, on the remnants of an older church. It was used by Assyrians until 1924. The building which was handed over to Board of Regie, started to be known as Regie (Reji) Church by the locals. Today, it is used as Vali Kemalettin Gazezoglu Culture Center.


Grand Mosque

The mosque, which has been built in the place of a church that is known as Kizil (Red) Church, is thought to belong the times of Nureddin Mahmud Zengi, who was the ruler of Aleppo. Moreover, some parts of the church were used in the construction of the mosque. The most prominent indicators of this is the bell tower that has been turned into a minaret. During the foundation of Turkish Republic, a clock was added to this minaret and it was repurposed as a clock tower. Also, since the well in its yard is related to several myths, its told to have been health-giving.


Haci Hafiz Ahmet Efendi House (Fine Arts Gallery of The State)

This building, which is understood to have been built in 1888 thanks to its inscriptions, is a beautiful example of traditional Urfa houses. It has been restored and started to be used as Fine Arts Gallery of The State in 1998, after being expropriated.


Neighbourhoods of Urfa


Old Urfa

The southern part of the city generally bears the traces of traditional Urfa architecture. Old Urfa, where you go through narrow streets and the color yellow is dominant, is the area where historical buildings, touristic businesses, marketplaces, and symbols like Urfa Castle and Balikligol are located. However, markets and shops are still located on the main streets of Old Urfa.


New Urfa

Urfa has a modern face which has been enriched with high buildings, modern education buildings and green areas. This settlements, which are mostly focused on the northern part of the city, generally make up the housing area. You can still find big malls, which have started to be built recently, in this area.


Nightlife in Sanli Urfa

The traditional nightlife of Urfa is generally comprised of bars where folk songs are played and “sira” nights where kebabs of Urfa are consumed. However, if you look for somewhere calm after a “sira” night, you can prefer bars of hotels.


Çardakli Köşk

A 200-year-old mansion, an amazing atmosphere with the view of Balikligol and Urfa Castle… We recomend you to add a “sira”night to the joy of Urfa cuisine in the atmosphere. The view is much more enjoyable when accompanied by traditional Urfa songs.

Balıklıgöl karşısı

Tel: 0 414 217 10 80


Harran Konuk Evi

You’ll meet many delicacies from “icli kofte” to “bostana” thanks to the rich “sira” night menu which includes all the special tastes of Urfa cuisine.

Bedendibi Cad. A. Bahçıvan Parkı Karşısı 956. Sok No:1

Tel: 0 414 216 83 83 - 216 81 82 (Pbx)


Pınarbasi Konagi

Fun is guaranteed in the number 1 place of “sira” night entertainments. While lively folk songs are played for those who like dancing, you’ll also have a chance to watch traditional dances.

Demokrasi Caddesi (Eski 12 Eylül Caddesi), Ulu Camii Arkası, No: 82

Tel: 0 414 215 73 33


Dedeman Roof Restaurant Bar

The restaurant and bar, where delicacies from the Turkish and world cuisines are offered, is suitable for those who want a different atmosphere.

Atatürk Mah. Hastane Sok.

Tel: 0 414 318 25 00     

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