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Istanbul -Tbilisi Flight Tickets

After arriving in Tbilisi with the most advantageous prices of Pegasus, you can use trains to reach the city center. If you come across one of these trains that come very seldom, you can be in Tbilisi Central Station in 20 minutes. Your other alternative to reach the city center, which is 17 km away from the airport, is taking a bus. Among the public buses that take off in front of the arrivals terminal, the ones with the number 37 will take you to the center of Tbilisi. 

Lastly, if you travel as a group or prefer a more comfortable trip, taxis will be waiting for you. For rental cars, which is another easy way to go around in the city, you can prefer 

Tbilisi Metro

Tbilisi Metro, which has been in existence since 1966, is the 4th metro of the Soviet Union. It has the characteristics of Soviet metros, meaning that stations are very deep and ornamented.


Taxi Please!

Taxis in Tbilisi require some effort but they are cheap. They don't have taximeters, that's why you have to negotiate the price with driver before your journey or settle with the price the drivers say at the end of your journeys. Although they generally say a couple of laris higher, the prices don't vary drastically but we still recommend you to negotiate the price beforehand.

Shopping in Tbilisi

The most enjoyable shopping points in Tbilisi are generally the stalls in the streets. It's possible to finditems from the Soviet era, amazing paintings, antiques and many more things on them.



You can find the whole shopping culture of Tbilisi in this flea market that is set up on Saturday. It's a colorful place filled with many things from paintings of independet artists to Georgian antiques, even electronic goods to carpets. Prices are affordable, the atmosphere is vivid.



You can find chains of many foreign brands in the newest and the most luxurios mall of Tbilisi. You should stop by there for many brands from Massimo Dutti to Zara, Bana Republic to Clarks.


Agmashenebeli Street

This street that lays from Digomi Neighbourhood towards outside the city, is the new and improving face of Tbilisi. Luxurious shopping has been moving towards this direction. Even though there are a couple of luxury brands in the old city, Agmashenebeli is the rising star. It's possible to find brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, Corneliani, Brunello Cuccinelli in Monte Napoleone.

Accommodation in Tbilisi

There different accommodation alternatives that you can prefer in Tbilisi. Since there is also a big student population in this region which has been developing in terms of business trips and tourism, all kinds of options from the most luxurious Tbilisi hotels to hostels, can be considered.


Radisson BluIveria Hotel

This 5-star hotel that is rising by the river offers all kinds of comfort and luxury. While giving service with its 249 rooms, it also provides an ideal setting for business trips.

Rose Revolution Square 1

Tel: +995 32 2 402 200


Marriott Hotel

It's ideal for business trips with its multiple meeting areas and luxurious rooms. Also, being in service in a historical building, Marriott offers the chance to experience the city's texture.

Rustaveli Str. 13

Tel: +995 32 277 92 00


British House

The centrally located hotel, which draws attention with its rich and luxurious decoration, answers all your needs for a comfortable holiday.

32 Belinski Str.

Tel: +995 32 298 87 83


Beaumonde Hotel

This boutique hotel which is in service with only 19 rooms, is a family business. You can stay here in a warm atmosphere, in a beautiful building, in the company of delicious foods.

11, Al. Chavchavadze Str. Mtatsminda

Tel: +995 32  298 60 03


Armazi Palace

In this hotel, which we can call a city hotel, all your basic needs from internet to minibar are met. You'll also feel the Georgian hospitality thanks to its genial staff.

Armazi St. 8 Avlabari

Tel: +995 32  2 772 143


Victoria VIP Hotel

Victoria VIP, which has spacious rooms and an interesting decoration, is especially remarkable with its helpful staff.

Shoshitaishvili 3

Tel: +995 32 2 291877


Formula 1 Guest Room

This hostel answers all your expectations from an average hotel. While you have to share the bathroom with others in some rooms, there are also rooms that have private bathrooms.

13a Kote Meskhi Str

Tel: +995 574 456789


Bonney Hostel

If you're looking for a hostel, Bonney should be your first choice. We have to remind you that the bathroom is shared but you can make a choice between rooms for 8 and rooms for 2.

Ninoshvili Str. 19A

Tel: +995 577 188 733


Why Not? Hostel

This breakfast-included hostel offers the chance to socialize with its warm atmosphere and common area with a fireplace. You can have an economical and comfortable holiday with a common kitchen and even common books they have.

15/4 Tabukashvili Str.

Tel: +995 599 007 030

Food and Drink in Tbilisi

Georgian kitchen is one of the best examples of the Southern Caucasian cuisine. Pastries like "hankali" or "hacapuri" have an important place in their kitchen. It's also very rich with meat and vegetable dishes. Georgian foods also have a reputation among the former Soviet countries. It's also possible to find many dishes from the world cuisine thanks to Tbilisi's cosmopolitan nature. You can take a look at our recommendations if you're curious about what and where to eat in Tbilisi.


In The Shadow of Metekhi

This restaurant, which has a folkloric and restro decoration, offers you seasonal and amazing Georgian dishes. Restaurant's name comes from a famous theatre play. Moreover, since it mostly appeals to tourists, local dance shows also take place. If you don't want to watch them, you can get a table on the balcony by the river.

29 a K.Tsamebuli Str.

Tel: (+995 32)230 30 30



A true Georgian feast with a rustic decoration and rich tables is waiting for you. Grills, "saslik" and everything else are all delicious. On some nights, local music and dances are also exhibited there.

Right side of the Mtkvari River

Tel: (+995 32)253 07 97



In this French cafe, slices of farm breads are served with several ingredients on them. Also, there is live music and their desserts are delicious. This place mostly appeals to younger people.

Abashidze Str. 22, Vake

Tel: +995 32 22 66 69



It's possible to eat delicious foods in the company of a pleasant piano or a violin in its garden or interior space. Hinkal and saslik kebab are some of the dishes that can be tasted. It has the atmosphere of a tavern with a piano and a violin.

7 BambisRigi

Tel: +995 32 30 30 30


Cafe Gabriadze

In this popular cafe that is located at the foot of the clock tower which draws attention with its interesting design, you can have a break with a cold glass of lemonade in summer months, or with delicious varities of tea in winter months.

13 Shavteli Str.

Tel: +995 3298 65 94


Bread House

Bread House is oneo of the best restaurant of Tbilisi. Foods are really very tasty and breads that are baked in authentic tandoors are delicious. After mezzes, your grilled food will be served on wood plates with home-made potatoes.

7, Gorgasali Str.

Tel: +995 32 30 30 30



You can taste a real borsch soup in this Russian restaurant. A rich table and an elegant atmosphere are also served with these interesting tastes. Live music is also in the menu.

Gmirta Square

Tel: + 995 32 2995778


Konka Station

A place which has a real style. Moreover, waiters can speak English. It's for sure that you'll be comfortable in this cafe that is ideal for a break. An if good music is playing in the backgroud, there'll be no one enjoying the moment more than you do.

8 Sioni Str.

Tel: + 995 32 218 28 06


Vera Steakhouse

If you want to stray from the Eastern cuisine, we have a good address for you. This place, where you can fill yourself with American style beefs, turns into a disco on weekends.

37A Kostava Str.

Tel: + 995 32 298 37 67


Asian Town

This restaurant which serves Uzbek foods is quite popular in Tbilisi. We definitely recommend you to try it for different tastes. They also serve lunch between 12 pm - 4 pm.

28 Janashia Str.

Tel: + 995 514 00 00 42


JazzCafé Aroma

This place that is in the style of a chic cafe-restaurant hosts you with examples of the world cuisine. It's an ideal choice for a calm and pleasant evening. Its salads that are served in big portions also look delicious.

14 Chardin Str.

Tel:  +995 599 47 47 99


Picasso Chineese

If you want some Chinese food, you first address in Tbilisi is Picasso. You can enjoy delicious hot sauces and sweet-sour tastes around big rounded tables in the restaurant, which has been decorated like a typical Chinese restaurant

4 Miminoshvili Str.

Tel: +995 32 298 90 86


Shemoikhede Genacvale

There is a calm atmosphere in this restaurant that serves the best dishes of the Georgian cuisine.

5 Marjanishvili St.

Tel: +995 32 291 00 05

Country code: 995

Ambulance, Fire, Police: 113

Tiflis Airport: +995 32 310 265

Places to Visit in Tbilisi

Tbilisi, offers a completely different world especially on the side streets of the Old Town area.  We recommend you to walk through these old streets for a look at the city's historical texture and especially examine examples of civil architecture. Rustaveli Street is also one of the areas that must be seen for its architecture.



Ethnography Museum

Being the only open-air museum of the whole Caucasia, this museum tries reflect the whole Georgian life. More than 70 houses and buildings and more than 8000 ethnographic objects are exhibited in this 50 hectare area.


Numismatics Museum

Coins that have been in Georgia since 4th century BC are exhibited in this museum. It's possible to watch money's historical importance and change through numismatics.


Art Museum

Sh. Amiranashvili Art Museum, is home to the important works of Georgian Art created between Medieval Ages and the 20th century. It's also possible to see works dating back to the Ancient times in the museum.


Janashia Museum

The museum is home to thousands of archeological and ethnographic pieces about the history of Caucasia and Georgians. We especially recommend you to see the jewellery collections and artworks from the Middle Ages.


Puppet Museum

The museum where works of the puppet theatre, which was founded in 1937, are exhibited, lost its important pieces in 1990 due to a burglary. It was closed until 2008. The museum which was opened again later on, still has an impressive collection.


Galaktion Tabidze

This museum-house, where the famous poet lived from birth till death, is one of the important centers of the literature of Tbilisi. In addition to introducing the life and art of the famous poet, it's also a place where important literature meetings and activites are organized.


Rustaveli Theatre

Being constructed in the last years of the 19th centruy, this building brings different architectural elements together. It's especially striking with the rich rococo ornaments on its façade and impressice spaciousness. The building still functions as a theatre.


Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

The building, which had been designed by the architect Svimon Kldiashvili, was completed at the beginning of 1900s. With the foundation of the state university, the building was handed down to them. The building which has been the center of the education life ever since, is one of the important monuments of Tbilisi.


Supreme Court Building

The building, which was constructed as a regional court house in 1894, is currently used as the Supreme Court building. The Polish architect Mishkevich used baroque and Renaissance elements while creating his work.


Metehki Church

Tbilisi's famous church was constructed in the 13th century and has been repaired many times ever since. Teven though the Soviet ruler Beria wanted to demolish the building which lost its function as a church during the Soviet era, his desire was met with a great resistence and the building was protected. In 1961, the statue of King Vakhtang I Gorgaslan by the sculptor E. Amashukeli was put in front of the church.


Sameba Cathedral

The building which was completed in 2003, has become one of the important buildings of the Ortohodox world. Sacred objects are exhibited in the cathedral, which reaches the height of 101 meters.


Sioni Cathedral

This building which has been demolished and reconstructed again and again for many times was originally constructed in the 5th century. Even though most of the current construction is from the 19th century, it reflects the typical Georgian church architecture of the Middle Ages with its main lines.


Anchiskhati Basilica

The church is named after an icon that was smuggled in the 17th century from a church that is located in the lands of current Turkey.  Fresco remnants from the 17th century were found under the ones that were from the 19th century in the church which has been ruined and repaired many times.



This neighbourhood is famous for Tbilisi's historical sulphur baths. According to the foundation myth of the city, King Vahtang Gorgasal hunts with a hawk in Tbilisi when it is just an area filled with trees. The hawk that is after the an animal never comes back and the king investigating the situation sees both the hunt and the hawk have fallen in hot water and decides to build his city there. It's still possible to have baths in these historical baths.


Botanical Garden

If you want to get some information about the fauna of Tbilisi and have a nice walk in the open air, the botanical garden is waiting for you. Even though it's been a bit neglected, you may come across ome small surprises. And if you climb up the road in front of the botanical garden's door, after 1,5 km, you'll reach Narikala Castle and a breathtaking view of Tbilisi.


Mamadaviti Church and Mtatsminda Pantheon

On the route, that can be seen as a part of the Narikala road but after the castle, we are climbing up the Mount Mtatsminda. With this climb, you can reach the Mamadaviti Church and find yourself facing yet another amazing city view after a great walk in nature.


Kartlis Deda Statue

This huge statue, which has been built in 1958 on Solaki Hill, can be seen from everywhere in the city. This Georgian mother, which holds a glass on one hand and a sword on the other, is waiting for offering one of these to her friends. Her enemies, on the other hand, has to settle with the other.



You are in one of the spots where Caucasians artisanship meets with Russian art. Of course, Tbilisi functions as a pioneer. Especially painting is in every part of the city and contemporary art has been trying to open up some space for itself. In such an atmosphere, galleries and artist initiatives provide a completely new façade to the city. We're listing a couple of the most important ones for you:


Vanda Art Gallery

Aiming to highlight the characteristics of the Georgian visual arts, this gallery is one of the most prominent ones in the city with its music and poetry themed nights and exhibitions of painting, sculpture and applied arts.

14, D. Chonqadze Str.

Tel: +99532 934 286


Tiflis Avenue

The center, which aims to help contemporary Georgian art develop and share this development with the world, also has an online store.

8/10 Erekle II Str.

Tel: +99532 982 014


Chardin Gallery

The gallery, which is in service for the development of both classical and modern art, opens its doors not only for Georgian artist but also for foreign artists. It's one of the important galleries of the city with its regular and constant exhibitons.

13 Rustaveli Str.

Tel: +995322 99 09 25


Neighbourhoods of Tbilisi


Old Tbilisi

Old Tbilisi makes up most of the current city area. The historical city covers many interesting places. Chardin Street is the most interesting one among them and it's one of the first places to see with its different shops, cafes and galleries.



This neighbourhood located at the Southwest of the Old Tbilisi is the elite area of the city. In the region where mostly foreign people hang out, there are luxury stores, restaurants and cafes. The university is also located here.



Due to its high population of young people, the nightlife of Tbilisi is quite vivid. You can take part in all kinds of fun from bars that are ideal for live music to clubs where you can dance till the morning.


Canudos Ethnic Bar

A bar that is comfy like your home... Young people fill the tables and listen to music until late hours. This place, where you can also play games if you like, is especially preferred by Tbilis expats.

Elbakidze St. SamaiaSquare

Tel: +995598161771



We believe that PurPur is the cutest place in Tbilisi. It's a place worth your attention with its bohemian style and colorful decoration in addition to its genuine atmosphere. Whether in day or at night, if you want to have some drinks in a nice and calm lounge atmosphere, don't miss PurPur.

1 A. Tbileli

Tel: +995 32 247 77 76



This place which has been decorated with small items and documents of the Soviet period is one of the alternative choices. It's a real heaven with its posters and objects for those who have missed the Soviets. It's quite lively at nights.

8/10 King Erekle Str.

Tel: +995 599 67 44 88



You can listen to live music at some nights in Dublin which is a typical Irish pub.

8 Akhvlediani Str.

Tel: +995 32 298 44 67


Moulin Electrique

Either sit on pouffes or at tables in an extremely comfortable setting. We recommend you not to come back without breathing the air of the place where intellectual Georgians hang out.

28 Leselidze Str.

Tel: +995 551 72 23 23


Bamba Rooms Lounge

This is one of the newest and best clubs of Tbilisi. From R&B parties to special events, the heart of entertainments beats here.

12 Bamba St.

Tel: +995 32 43 99 77


Buddha Bar

Tbilisi address of the famous lounge chain. Like every other place in the world, Buddha Bar is a special place with its delicious foods and music that continues until late hours at night. You should make reservation before you go.

Rikhe, Around Peace Bridge, Left shore of the River Mtkvari

Tel: +995 225 52 22

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