Istanbul - Bishkek Flight Tickets

The flight distance from Istanbul to the capital city of Bishkek is approximately 3,735 kilometers. The flight to this trade and financial center of the Kyrgyz Republic takes just 5 hours and you can easily book a Pegasus Airlines Istanbul-Bishkek flight ticket. There is just a three-hour time difference, with Kyrgyzstan ahead of Turkey.  

Transportation in Bishkek mostly relies on taxis and personal vehicles. The distance from Manas International Airport to the city center is approximately 25 kilometers. You can take a taxi for a comfortable journey to the city center when your Bishkek plane lands here.

Transportation in Bishkek is generally provided by minibuses referred to as “Marshrutka”. Trolleybuses and buses, which run regularly, are other alternatives for public transportation; however, the reasonable prices make taxis the smartest option.

There is also a well-organized car rental system in Bishkek. For those who would like to hire a car the only thing they need to do is to pick out their choice car rental company.

Shopping in Bishkek

Bishkek souvenir shopping is a real Treasure Island experience, as you will find several bazaars selling exotic products throughout the city. The Bishkek shopping culture has preserved its traditional character and maintained its rich variety. In colorful bazaars, decked out with traditional Kyrgyz outfits, fur caps and stunningly designed handmade rugs, you can easily find everything you are looking for including items such as electronics or second hand books. When you’re making your list of places to visit in Bishkek don’t forget to make the bazaars a priority as the spirit of the city is almost tangible there.

Osh Bazaar

Fresh foods, special Kyrgyz drinks and souvenirs dominate the Osh Bazaar but you can also find nearly everything you are looking for here. You may even get dizzy from the wonderful aromatics of stands filled with Chinese spices but don’t get stuck in one spot for too long. That’s because this bazaar can get so crowded that even standing still in one place may lead to chaos.

Bishkek Park

Bishkek Park is a fully equipped shopping center with its restaurants, world famous stores and ice skating rink. If you’d like to see the modern face of Bishkek shopping culture, this is the place you should visit.

Address: Kiyevskaya Street, 148

Dordoi Bazaar

Are you interested in a real bazaar experience? Pay a visit to Dordoi Bazaar. There is literally nothing you can’t find here. Whatever it is you purchase, make sure to negotiate the price. You may even find that you can sometimes bargain down to half the starting price.

Tsum Center

Housed in a former Soviet building, these days Tsum Center is home to the best silk rug and antique shops. If you have never had the experience of touching a silk rug, you should include this spot on your list.

Address: Chuy Avenue, 155

Rariret Bookstore

In Riairet Bookstore, which also houses a special area designated to displaying Kyrgyz antiques, you can also find all sorts of books and maps relating to  Kyrgyzstan. They also have an English-speaking guide so you can enjoy your visit without having any language-related difficulties.

Address: Pushin, 78

Accommodation in Bishkek

Since transportation in the city is not yet sufficiently developed, most hotels offering accommodation in Bishkek are located in or around the city center. The quality of Bishkek hotels range from 2 stars to 5 stars, and thus there are various options suitable to all budgets. You can also find private apartments to rent but prices tend to get higher the closer you are to the Bishkek city center.

Futuro Hotel

Futuro is situated 5 kilometers away from the city center but the services provided make it stand out amongst other hotels. They have free shuttles from the airport and the hotel taxis offer reasonable prices for travelling in town. Rooms are air-conditioned, there’s a mini bar and breakfast is included.

Address: Udmurtskaya Street, 13

The Silk Road Lodge

Bringing together the atmosphere of old inns and modern life comfort The Silk Road Lodge has a central location. The hotel has a pool and free wi-fi, there’s a small kitchen in the room.

Address: Abdumomunova Street, 229

Discovery Hotel

If you want to combine a comfortable stay with low accommodation costs, then this is the right choice for you.

Address: Orienburgsky Pereluok, 31

Hyatt Regency Bishkek

The worldwide 5 star hotel chain Hyatt Regency is the best alternative for those looking for luxurious accommodation. This hotel also offers its guests a spa center and a swimming pool.

Address: Abdrahmanov Street, 191

Golden Tulip Bishkek Hotel

If you are seeking out the best hotel breakfast in Bishkek, then Golden Tulip will offer you full comfort.  Although the rooms are a bit small, almost all have a balcony. The personnel is also very kind and friendly.

Address: Isanova Street, 37

Food and Drink in Bishkek

Even though the Turks and Kyrgyz share a common heritage, there is diversity in the cuisine due to the variation in geographical locations. The Bishkek food and drink culture mainly consists of meat dishes, pastries and a variety of soups. The most well-known Bishkek specialty is a meat pastry dish they refer to as ‘’five fingers’’ which you must make sure to try. The Kyrgyz do not actually consume as much horsemeat as they are believed to… The only dish in which horsemeat is used is called “cilki” and it is only prepared on special ceremonial days. Due to it being the most developed city in the country, Bishkek cuisine is actually quite diverse.   

Sierra Manas

The worldwide New Zealand coffee chain Sierra also serves up delectable coffee drinks to the people of Bishkek from their branch located in the city center. Especially recommended for their breakfast, Sierra Manas is mostly frequented by students and travelers. .

Address: Manas Street 57/1

Cafe Faiza

Cafe Faiza, where you can try a sampling of different dishes from Kyrgyz cuisine is very popular and thus always busy. You may have to wait for a table at this locale. But be patient, it’s definitely worth the wait.

Address: Jibek Jolu


Speaking of Kyrgyz cuisine, it takes the right kind of atmosphere and setting to be able to truly enjoy the delicacies from nomadic times. Supara offers its guests the true Central Asian nomadic culture with dishes served up in authentic kitchenware in its yurt-style structure.

Address: Karagul Akmata Street, 1A


If the traditional Kyrgyz cuisine is a bit too heavy for your taste, then don’t fret as there are many high quality restaurants in Bishkek specializing in international cuisine. For those who enjoy Japanese food, we recommend Furusato: a restaurant you can easily spend your entire trip eating at. It is here they serve the best sushi in town and at a reasonable price.

Address: Bokonbayeva Street, 132

Bella Italia

The service is quick and the staff is friendly, and every now and again, the chefs make table rounds and chat with guests as is customary in Italian restaurants. Furthermore, the prices are quite reasonable considering the high quality of service.

Don’t forget to order fries with your main dish at Bella Italia, which specializes in Mediterranean cuisine.

Address: Kievskaya Street, 195

Country Code: +996

Ambulance: 103

Rescue Service: 110

Police: 102

Airport: +996 (0) 312 693011

Turkish Embassy: +996 312 90 59 00

Places to Visit in Bishkek

Examples of Soviet architecture are visible all around the city. The multiple bazaars located throughout the city, are certainly the liveliest places to visit in Bishkek, however your choices are certainly not limited to bazaars and buildings. The farther you get from the city center, the more you will find peaceful recluses of nature where you can enjoy a quiet respite.

Ala Archa National Park

The national park situated on the higher elevated areas of the Tien Shan mountains is home to many mammals and bird species. It is a major tourist attraction for nature lovers with its amazing vistas and flora consisting of over 600 different kinds of plants.

Address: Alamudun

Kashka-Suu Ski Center

Mesmerizing visitors with its stunning views, Kaska-Suu Ski Center is a one-hour drive away from the city center. If skiing is your thing, you will fall in love with this place.

Address: Alamudun

Museum of History

Located in the heart of Bishkek, the museum is guarded by two Kyrgyz soldiers at all times. In this building, which all of the nation’s citizens boast pride for, you can see documents, artifacts and art pieces related to Kyrgyzstan’s history. Also on display are objects spanning from the Soviet period.

Address: Ala-Too Meydanı

Museum of Applied Arts

This museum, which first opened in 1935, contains 18,000 artifacts from traditional and modern Kyrgyz eras as well as from the Soviet period

Address: Sovietskaya, 196

Ala-Too Square

Ala-Too Square could easily be considered the heart of Bishkek. All festivals in the city are held here and the famous Independence monument is also housed in this square.


Bishkek nightlife is quite lively thanks to the significant young population in the city. There are live shows held in bars and clubs and the famous Kyrgyz drink ‘’Kimiz’’ is consumed all night long.

Coco Cabana

Coco Cabana is one of those entertainment venues that you will never see empty, but you will watch talented dancers and enjoy their excellent  sound system.

Address: East-5

Golden Bull

Golden Bull, which challenges the notion that entertainment venues are only crowded on the weekends, has, as the song goes, “something going on every night”.

Address: Chuy, 209

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