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Visa Information

Visa Information


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Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan has many bilateral or multilateral visa agreements with different countries all over the world that abolish visa processes. Citizens of listed countries below are allowed to stay in Kyrgyzstan for varying periods of time without a visa or can apply for an e-visa, given that they do not take up employment.

  •        Andorra****
  •        Armenia*
  •        Australia****
  •        Austria****
  •        Azerbaijan*
  •        Bahrain****
  •        Belarus*
  •        Belgium****
  •        Bosnia and Herzegovina****
  •        Brazil****
  •        Brunei Darussalam****
  •        Canada****
  •        Chile****
  •        Croatia****
  •        Cuba*
  •        Czech Republic****
  •        Denmark****
  •        Estonia****
  •        Finland****
  •        France****
  •        Georgia*
  •        Germany****
  •        Greece****
  •        Hungary****
  •        Iceland****
  •        Ireland****
  •        Italy****
  •        Japan****
  •        Kazakhstan*
  •        Kuwait****
  •        Laos*
  •        Latvia****
  •        Liechtenstein****
  •        Lithuania****
  •        Luxembourg****
  •        Malaysia***
  •        Malta****
  •        Moldova*
  •        Monaco****
  •        Mongolia**
  •        Montenegro****
  •        Netherlands****
  •        New Zealand****
  •        North Korea*
  •        Norway****
  •        Oman****
  •        Poland****
  •        Portugal****
  •        Qatar****
  •        Russia*
  •        San Marino****
  •        Saudi Arabia****
  •        Singapore****
  •        Slovakia****
  •        Slovenia****
  •        South Korea****
  •        Spain****
  •        Sweden****
  •        Switzerland****
  •        Tajikistan*
  •        The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland****
  •        The Vatican****
  •        Türkiye****
  •        Ukraine**
  •        United Arab Emirates****
  •        United States of America****
  •        Uzbekistan****
  •        Vietnam*

*Allowed to stay in Kyrgyzstan indefinitely, applies to Kyrgyzstan citizens as well.

**Visa-free stay for up to 90 days in 180 days period.

***Visa-free stay for up to 30 days in 180 days period.

**** Visa-free stay for up to 60 days in 180 days period.

Countries that are not listed above have to apply for a visa beforehand to visit Kyrgyzstan through its consulates or authorized travel agencies.

Kyrgyzstan Visa Types

We covered Kyrgyzstan visa types that vary depending on the duration and purpose of the stay.

C Type (Short-Term) Visas

Depending on your purpose of visit that is limited to 90 days or less in a 180 days period to Kyrgyzstan; it is possible for you to obtain one of the following visa types.

Kyrgyzstan Touristic Visa

A Kyrgyzstan touristic visa issued for individuals or groups who wish to visit Kyrgyzstan for sightseeing purposes. It is possible to obtain a Kyrgyzstan tourist visa through consulates, online visa system, authorized visa companies, or travel agencies.

Kyrgyzstan Business or Fair Participation Visa

A Kyrgyzstan business or fair participation visa is granted for individuals who are planning to visit the country for business-related purposes such as meetings, events, business fairs, or unpaid trainings without labor or gainful employment. Invitation documents from professional chambers and organizations are must be included in the application.

Kyrgyzstan Family, Relative or Friend Visit Visa

A Kyrgyzstan family, relative, or friend visit visa is issued for individuals who wish to visit a family member or a friend residing in the country. In order to get the visa, it is required for applicants to include an invitation letter from the person whom you are visiting in addition to other necessary documents

Kyrgyzstan Cultural, Sports or Conference Visit Visa

A Kyrgyzstan cultural, sports, or conference visit visa is granted for individuals or groups that are going to attend a cultural event or activity held in Kyrgyzstan. An invitation from the receiving association and confirmation documents from the sending association must be included in the application.

Kyrgyzstan Short-Term Education or Internship Visa

A Kyrgyzstan short-term education or internship visa is issued for students who intended to study in the country for educational purposes. The applicant has to include documents of sufficient means of subsistence, proof of adequate accommodation as well as an admission letter from the receiving institution.

D Type (Long-Term) Visa

Kyrgyzstan category D visas are required for stays that exceed a three month period with varying purposes in Kyrgyzstan even if the applicant’s nationality is on the visa-free list. It is possible for you to apply for a long-term visa to Kyrgyzstan if you are one of the following:

  • A student planning to study at a higher education institution, have a language course, or long-term internship
  • An employee going to work for a Kyrgyzstan-located business or for seasonal employment
  • An academic, researcher, or scientist to work in a certified Kyrgyzstan research center
  • An individual whose family member is a Kyrgyzstan citizen
  • A patient going to receive a long-term medical treatment in a Kyrgyzstan-located medical institution
  • An investor who is a founder of a legal or physical entity that will provide great economic benefit to Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa

A Kyrgyzstan transit visa is asked from individuals whose nationality is not eligible to transit another destination from Kyrgyzstan. A Kyrgyzstan transit visa authorizes the individual to travel a third country from the territory of Kyrgyzstan for up to five days and can be issued for only one transit.

General Requirements to Apply for Kyrgyzstan Visa

In order to successfully obtain a Kyrgyzstan visa, it is important to be prepared and gather all the necessary information regarding your nationality and purpose of the visit beforehand. There are certain stages to obtain a Kyrgyzstan visa:

Apply Online

Certain nationalities mentioned above can apply for a Kyrgyzstan touristic visa through its online visa system. Fill out the required information including details of your passport and upload necessary documents. Wait for your application to be processed.

Check Your Application Online

You can trace your Kyrgyzstan visa application with the provided reference number from here. If your application is approved, you will be notified via email. You should print the confirmation document and bring it with you when you travel to Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan Visa Applications

You are required to present the following documents to a relevant consulate if your nationality is not eligible for an e-visa or visa-free entry to Kyrgyzstan:

  • A duly completed application form
  • A recent white background 5x5 cm photograph
  • A valid original passport and its copy
  • Proof of sufficient financial means
  • Visa support letter
  • Visa fee payment receipts

There are additionally required or supporting documents from certain applicants:


  • A copy of the last income tax or relevant bank statements or documents
  • Proof of business such as bank statements, invoices or receipts


  • Employment contract
  • A letter from the company that states your absence, duration of the stay, and confirms returning to current job
  • Bank statement of the last six months


  • Proof of enrollment and no objection certificate from the registered school
  • Sponsorship documents if the applicant cannot support himself/herself financially during the period of the stay

You can click here to learn more about Kyrgyzstan visa applications regarding your nationality.

What is Visa Sponsorship for Kyrgyzstan?

Visa sponsorship is required in Kyrgyzstan if the applicant cannot cover his/her expenses for educational or touristic purposes by own in the duration of the stay. A sponsor could be a parent, sibling, other relatives, or a friend. However, it would increase chances to obtain a visa if the sponsor is a first-degree relative or has a permanent residence permit or citizenship in Kyrgyzstan. The required documents from the sponsor are:

  • A signed sponsorship letter that clearly states the relationship with the applicant, information on how and what expenses going to be covered, personal and contact info of both the applicant and the sponsor, and accommodation details of the applicant
  • A scanned copy of the ID
  • Proof of sufficient funds such as bank statements or payroll
  • Proof of estate or business ownership if applicable
  • Signatory circulars

Visa sponsorship for Kyrgyzstan can also be granted for long-term or short-term stays regarding business, legal, or cultural purposes by legal entities, businesses, or individuals. Keep in mind that there might be additionally asked supporting documents while applying for a visa with a sponsorship. You can check our website for more details about visa sponsorships.

Kyrgyzstan Visa Rules

There are many countries across the globe can enter Kyrgyzstan without a visa. If your country is not eligible for visa-free entry to Kyrgyzstan, you need to obtain a Kyrgyzstan visa and take consideration of the following visa rules:

  • The passport should be valid for more than six months from the expected day of arrival to Kyrgyzstan and should contain at least one blank page.
  • It is important to apply for an e-visa to Kyrgyzstan at least fifteen days prior to the intended date of arrival.

Kyrgyzstan Visa Requirements

Kyrgyzstan Visa Requirements for Schengen Countries

Citizens of Schengen countries should not have any problems while entering Kyrgyzstan since they are eligible for an e-visa to the country.

Kyrgyzstan Visa Requirements for US, UK, and Canada

US, UK, and Canada can apply for an e-visa to Kyrgyzstan and can enter the country with their passports that are valid for more than six months from the expected time of arrival to Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan Visa Requirements for Commonwealth of Independent States

Commonwealth of Independent States (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Moldova, Russia,  Tajikistan, and  Uzbekistan) are eligible for a visa-free stay in Kyrgyzstan for an indefinite period of time without employment.

Kyrgyzstan Visa Fees

Kyrgyzstan short-stay visa types listed below exclusively include the visa. Keep in mind that there might be additional payments expected from the applicant such as consular fees, service fees of the outsourced visa companies, or application form fees.

The current Kyrgyzstan visa fees valid as of March 2020 are as follows:

Transit Visa 25,75 USD
Single Entry - 30 Days 41,20 USD
Single Entry  - 60 Days 51,50 USD

It is important to consult Kyrgyzstan visa fees with responsible embassies since they are subject to change.

NOTE: This article was prepared in March 2020. Please check up-to-date information published by official sources.


Frequently Asked Questions

WARNING: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, visa applications for your destination country may not have started yet. Please consult the relevant official authorities for up-to-date information.


Kyrgyzstan is a unique destination to explore with its spectacular mountainous natural sceneries and remarkable historical landmarks that are accompanied by a fascinating cultural atmosphere all around. The country is located in the central part of Asia, bordering Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan with a population of more than six million.

Kyrgyzstan Visa

Through our Kyrgyzstan Visa Guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the visa policy of Kyrgyzstan regarding various nationalities across the globe, different types of visas, specific requirements, visa sponsorships, visa fees, and many more. Before your visa application to Kyrgyzstan, it is essential to have a scheduled flight ticket at hand. You can visit our Kyrgyzstan Flight Ticket page to buy one and enjoy our amazing prices.


How to get cheap tickets for Kyrgyzstan?

You should follow up with the seasonal campaigns offered by Pegasus Airlines in order to benefit from flight tickets with special prices. 

Why should I visit the Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyz culture has its own unique features with patterns of nomadic lifestyle still represented by their national identity. It is interesting enough to discover the intriguing traditional patterns of this Central Asian country where nature is an integral part of the local way of living. 

When is the ideal period to visit the Kyrgyzstan?

As a landlocked country surrounded by mountain ranges, Kyrgyzstan has the typical characteristics of continental climate. Therefore, the climatic conditions tend to vary depending on the altitude or different regions.

You can visit Kyrgyzstan throughout the year but early spring to late summer period is the best time to cherish more time at the nature, go on trekking or explore the folklore festivals.

Which countries are requested a visa in order to visit Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan applies different visa regulations to a number of countries, which are granted visa waivers. There are different categories with the possibility of travelling without a visa or obtaining one upon arrival at the airport. For more information, you should double check with the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to your country. Turkey is among the visa-exempted countries, therefore Turkish citizens can travel to Kyrgyzstan without having to apply for an entry visa for visits up to 30 days.

What is the local currency of Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstani Som is used as the local currency in Kyrgyzstan.

What is the time zone of Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan is listed in the time zone of GMT+6.

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