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Flights to Budapest

Flights to Budapest

Hungary's capital and one of the most interesting cities of Central Europe, Budapest carries the marks of its old and new system as somewhere that used to be one of the most important fortresses of the communist Europe.

This city, which offers the perfect harmony of East and West, is one of the most worn out European city throughout history. Budapest, which was severely scarred especially in the World War II, had been damaged until recent past. The city, which has started to become more modern after leaving communism, manages to keep the scars of its past along with the new system. Buda side reflects the history and Pest reflects the new order in Budapest, which gets its name from the combination of these two words. Budapest, which is one of the most important historical towns of Central Europe, has a continental climate. In Budapest, where it can be extremely cold in winters, it's also not that hot during summers. Summer months, when it goes up to 30 °C at most, is the most ideal time period to come Budapest with low budget tickets of Pegasus.




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Istanbul - Budapest Flight Tickets

By choosing Pegasus Airlines, you can get the car you've rented on flypgs.com at the end of a 2-hours long flight, leave your baggages in your hotel room and go out to streets. If you haven't rented a car, you can go directly to the city center from the airport by bus or train. You can use the advanced public transportation network for going around in the city. It's possible to go anywhere you want by bus or subway. However, you should also remember that there is a traffic problem there. You can use daily, 3-day and weekly tickets for public transportation.

Food and Drink in Budapest

You have the chance to taste the most delicious foods of Hungary, which is one of the Central Europe countries that have a rich eating culture, in Budapest's beautiful restaurants and cafes. It's a must to taste the foods that have been identified with Hungary after coming all this way to here. However, if you have reservations about going outside of your comfort zone for food, it's possible to find many things that will speak to everyone. We still recommend you to be open to the delicacies of Hungarian cuisine. Especially goulash soup, which is an essential part of Hungarian cuisine, is one of the tastes that need to be tried. For the dessert, we recommend you to try donuts, which is actually a Hungarian food even though it's identified with America, in its hometown.

Zeller Bistro

When you're in Zeller, which is one of the most elegant restaurants where you can taste the amazing Hungarian delicacies, you need to try their home-made wine and champaigne. Zeller Bistro is one of the best alternatives for a delicious and stylish dinner in Budapest. 

Izabella Utca 36-38 | 1077, Budapest 1077

Central Kavehaz

This cafe, which has been in existence in Budapest since 1887, has a perfect atmosphere, which carries traces of history, for you to relax. And not only coffee, but all kinds of food, from breakfast to dinner, are served here. Howeve, we recommend you to try "cafe pesti", which is the owner's own creation.  

Karolyi Mihaly Utca 9, V, Budapest 1053

Gundel Etterem

Gundel, is one of the chic restaurants where you'll enjoy Hungarian delicacies from brakfast to dinner. However, if you have time, we recommend you to have a sunday brunch here. 

Allatkerti Ut 2., Budapest 1146

Taverna Dionysos

If you want to eat fish with Greek mezzes in a warm atmosphere, you have to stop by Taverna Dionysos. Octopus is one of the must-tastes of this place. Don't leave before eating there for a warm welcome and delicious fish and mezzes. 

Belgrad Rakpart 16 | Belvaros-Lipotvaros, Budapest H-1056 

Book Cafe

Book Cafe is one of the best options to eat the amazing desserts and cakes of Budapest. You can eat the dessert or the cake you like and drink a delicious cup of coffee in its great atmosphere accompanied by a light piano sound.

Lotz Terem, Budapest

Shopping in Budapest

You can find both warm and bohemian shops from the past and new luxurious stores and shopping centers in Budapest, which has been bombarded with famous brands of West after it's departure from communism in the 90's. While you can prefer shopping centers called 'Plazas' for shopping, there are also many shops that you can explore by walking around in the streets of Budapest. It's possible to find anything from small boutiques to global brands. However, we recommend the open markets, which can be called local markets of Budapest and tiny boutiques that remain yet to be explored. 

Nagy Vasarcsarnok (Central Market Hall)

Fruits, vegetable and wine are sold on the first floor of Nagy Vasarcsarnok, which is a 2-floored open air market. It's possible to shop for gifts on the second floor. This is one of the best places for you to buy Hungarian wine, paprika, which is a frequently used spice and porcelain souvenirs before leaving Budapest. 

Vamhaz Korut 1-3, Budapest 1093

Artizan Shop

If you're looking for something both unique and traditional in a sense, Artizan will be very helpful to you. It's a pleasure to shop in this tiny store. 

Ráday Utça, Budapest 


If dessert and candies are indispensable for you, don't go back from Budapest before visiting its candy factory named Cukorka. Here, you can both see how those candies are produces and get a package prepared with the candies that have been offered and take it to your home or to your beloved ones.

Múzeum krt 7. Patio, 1053 Budapest 

Falk Milksa Street

It's possible to come across many antique stores in Budapest and they are mostly located in this street. You can find old accessories, jewelleries and paintings by taking a look at the stores on the street.

Falk Milksa Utca, Budapest

Ludovika Shop

Being one of the besy vintage boutiques of Budapest, Ludovika Shop will become the favourite of everyone who likes to go to vintage stores and shop.

Rumbach Sebestyén Utca 15. Budapest

Accommodation in Budapest

Orta Avrupa’nın en güzel şehirlerinden biri olan  Being one of the most beautiful cities of Central Europe, Budapest is a city filled with contrast; it's a city that connects the old and the new with bridges. It offers you accommodation alternatives in a similar way. Stay near the old city center and smell the history of Budapest or stay in a place on one of the luxuries streets of the new city center; it's up to you! 

Corinthia Hotel Budapest 

This luxurious Budapest hotel of Corinthia hotel chain's prices are above the average. However, you'll get your money's worth with their flawless service and its central location. Corinthia is one of the best hotels in Budapest for those who seek luxurious places for accommodation.

1073 Budapest, Erzsébet Körút 43-49

Sun Resort Apartments

When you go outside from these buildings, which are comprised of apartments near the old city center and offer accommodation alternatives for 2-4 people, you'll find yourself between restaurants and bars. This may be a good option for going out for drinks at nights. 

1082 Budapest, Corvin Setany 04.

Centrooms House 

You can accommodate for a reasonable price in this hotel located near Vaci Utca, which is the most active shopping streets of the city. This is a good option for both its closeness to the city center and its clean rooms.

1072 Budapest, Rákóczi út 44

CAFF Apartments Budapest Downtown

One of the best accommodation alternatives is renting an apartment. This system has been developed very well, in Budapest. CAFF Apartments is one of the best alternatives for apartment rental. It's possible for groups of 2 to 14 to stay in these apartments, which are especially suitable for big groups of friends.

1051 Budapest, Kristóf Tér 6.

Mercure Budapest Buda 

Mercure Budapest, which is one of the chic options for accommodation in Budapest, stands out with its location that is in walking distance to Castle District and Chain Bridge, both of which are must-see places. You can choose it for a clean and comfortable stay. 

1013 Budapest, Krisztina Krt. 41-43

Places to Visit in Budapest

There are many places to see in Budapest, which is located on the coast of Danube River. Although Budapest's two sides come together with, these two sides are very different from each other. One side is the calm and quiet Buda area, the other is the lively Pest... Being one of Central Europe's most desired cities throughout history, Budapest is a city that needs to be seen with its bridges, castles, yards and buildings that carry history within.

Chain Bridge

We recommend you to walk through this bridge, which connects both sides of Budapest, and take photos. Chain Bridge, which offers different kinds of beauty in daylight and in evenings, is one of the most important symbols of the city with its view and architecture. 

Széchenyi Lánchíd, Budapest

Várhegy (Castle Hill)

You can have a trip with the tram numbered 2, which is one of the oldest public transportation options of the city, and climb up the Castle Hill with the historical funicular. You can come to this hill, where you can see the parliament building and Chain Bridge, both of which are some of the most beautiful places of the city, both in day time and in the evening to enjoy different versions of the same view.

Szent Gyorgy Ter, Budapest 1014


You can take a boat tour or have long walks along the Danube River, which is one of the most important symbols of Budapest. There are multiple language options in guided boat trours. We recommend you to take this tour at night and enjoy the magical city view while having a drink.

Boat Station Pier 7 , 5th district, Vigado ter., Budapest

The Parliament

The parliament building, which is familiar to people who know Budapest from postcards, is one of the must-see historical spots because of its architecture. Also, we also recommend you to walk towards the shore of Danube River and see the monument made of shoes in memory of Jewish people who have been killed in the past.

1055 Budapest Kossuth Lajos Ter 1-3, Magyarorszag, Budapest 1055

Fisherman's Bastion

This magnificent building, that has been located in one of the highest hills of the city, draws attention with its architecture as well as its view. You can watch Pest from this hill, which is in Buda. Moreover, you can come here in the evening, right before the sunset and shoot many photos and watch the light-filled city when it gets dark.

Tarnork Utca 28, Budapest

Night Life 

We can say that Budapest has a night life that speaks everyone. If you want, you can have a calm night and taste Hungarian wines or dance all night. Budapest, where everyone can find something about themselves, is one of those cities with a lively night life.

Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert, which is one of the most striking bars of Budapest, is built on a big yard, in the area known as Jewish Quarter. The must have tastes of this interesting bar, which has sculptures made of antique and litter, are beer with honey and warm wine. 

Kazinczy Utca 14, Budapest 1075

MixArt Bar & Mexican Kitchen!

MixArt is one of the must-visit bars with its different and colorful design and its uniquely delicious drinks. You need to taste the sour cherry aroma beer which is served in a wine glass. 

1075 Budapest 7 th District Sip Str . 4., Budapest 1075 

Lampas Bar

Lampas Bar, which is one of the underground places of Budapest, has a warm atmosphere with high quality jazz performances. You can have some drinks in this interesting atmosphere created with bookshelves and table football and enjoy the music. 

Dob utca 15., Budapest 1074

Trapez Pub

Trapez Pub is a warm place where you can drink Palinka, which can be counted as Budapest's local drink. Trapez, where you can eat for reasonable prices, is next to city's famous market place Nagy Vasarcsarnok. 

Imre u.2., Budapest 1093

360 Bar

Being one of the highest quality bars, 360 Bar is a very stylish place where you can have a drink with a calm music and enjoy the city at the terrace. 

Andrassy Ut 39, Budapest 1061

Country code: +36 1

Ambulance: 104

Fire: 105

Police: 107

Budapest Airport: +36 1 296 7000



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