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Best Flight Deals to Budapest


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Airport of arrival: Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Budapest: 2 hours 5 minutes

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and the art and cultural capital of Central Europe. It was named Budapest with the merger of the cities of Budin and Pesti on both banks of the Danube on November 17, 1873. The city has managed to preserve its historical structure dating back to the times of the Roman Empire. It has one of the most important spa cultures in Europe. Europe's leading music and cultural events and festivals take place annually in historic UNESCO-protected historical opera and theater halls in Budapest. Combining art, history and magnificent architecture, Budapest welcomes tourists from many parts of Europe and the World every year and you can easily find flight tickets to Budapest at affordable prices throughout the year.

Budapest is a city that welcomes tourists throughout the year and there are many direct flights to Budapest departing from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport which is connected through various domestic flights to different cities within Turkey and different cities all over the world. You can book your ticket in advance plan a holiday and find cheap flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport.

About the Airport

Pegasus Airlines offers frequent flights to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport which is known to be only commercial airport in Budapest and the largest airport in the country. It is located is 16 km away from the city center.

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport

Ferenc Liszt International Airport is named after the famous Hungarian pianist and composer Franz Liszt. The construction of the airport was completed in 1944 and since then it became one of the most important airports in Eastern Europe. The airport, has a capacity of 14.8 million passengers, consists of two terminals and stores and cafes for passengers.

Transport from Ferenc Liszt Airport to the City Center

You can use public transportation, train, minibus or taxi to get to the city center from the airport.

Public transport is the best way to get to the city center. The bus stops are located at the exit of the arrivals hall in the middle of the two terminals.

Buses 100E run day and night and go directly to the city center. During weekday traffic, you can take the bus 200E to the nearest metro station Nagyvárad tér and take the M3 metro line to the city center. On weekends you can use the bus lines 914, 914A, 950 and 950A.

You can go to the post office at the airport and get tickets for public transport. Another option is the ticket machines at the bus stops. The ticket price of bus 100E is 900 HUF and you can get it from the driver. It takes about half an hour to get the city center with public transportation.

Check out this link for more information on the bus lines and the metro line between the airport and the city center.

To get to the city center, you can use the MiniBUD shuttle services at the airport. You can find minibuses at reasonable prices, especially for those who go in groups, around the clock. Click for detailed information.

Taxis are available 24 hours a day and are the fastest way to get to the city center. With an average price of 300 HUF / Km (0.95 EUR / Km), it costs an average of 7200 HUF (26 EUR) from the airport to the city center and you can reach the desired location in less than half an hour depending on the traffic situation.

If you would like to find a more comfortable and faster option, you can book a taxi or consider car rental services offered by Pegasus Airlines.

Public Transport

With 200 buses, 32 trams, 15 trolleys and 4 metro lines, Budapest has a highly developed public transport.

There are 200 public buses, 32 trams, 15 trolleys and 4 metro lines in Budapest. Metro line M1 into public transport lines is one of the oldest subways in Europe. Tram line 2 is a very touristic line that runs along the Danube and leads to the city's main historical and cultural sites. 200 bus lines run to every point in the city and also provide access to the surrounding districts.

You can reach detailed information about public transport lines by visiting the website of Budapest Municipality.

With Budapest Cards you can use all means of transportation and lines at affordable prices. The cards, which are prepared for tourists at affordable prices, offer different packages including 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours. With these cards, you can enter many museums for free, take part in city tours, enjoy discounted dining options and more. You can buy these cards online or obtain them from machines and offices in public transport areas. For more information about the Budapest Card, please click here.

The city, which is divided into two parts by the Danube as Buda and Pest, offers accommodation for many budgets. Belvaros-Lipotvaros, Teresvaros, Ersebetvaros and Frencvaros regions around Kale Square on the Buda side are the most ideal ones. The most elegant and romantic accommodation options that tourists can find in the city are located in this area.

Although there are not many options in Pest, you can find a hostel at cheap prices. With Pegasus Airlines you can browse the available accommodation options and book your hotel in Budapest at affordable prices months in advance.

Among the famous soups and meat dishes of Hungarian cuisine, you should definitely try when you go to Budapest: Jokai bean soup, fish soup, Pörkölts (meat dish), Fözeleks (vegetable dish).

You can have a look at What to Eat in Budapest page for more suggestions about all the local delicacies.

We have compiled some information you need to know to make your trip to Budapest more enjoyable and comfortable:

About Visa

The Hungarian visa is located in the region included in the Shengen Agreement. You can enter and exit the European countries within the borders of the Shengen Agreement with a Hungarian visa. In order to obtain a visa to Hungary, you must first show your return ticket to your country of residence, your reservation for your accommodation and your sufficient economic funds and health insurance. You can find detailed information about Hungary visa and document examples on this page.

Neighboring Cities

There are many beautiful places located within a short distance from Budapest.

  • Bratislava, Slovakia (164 km)
  • Debrecen, Hungary (192 km)
  • Kosice, Slovakia (212 km)
  • Vienna, Austria (218 km)



Budapest has a humid weather. The city is rainy in autumn and is very cold in winter with temperatures falling below zero degrees. In the spring and summer temperatures rise and in summer the average temperature reaches 25 degrees. Summer is the peak of tourism and ideal times for energetic touristic trips. From March to May is better for those who are looking for a calmer holiday in Budapest.

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +36
  • Budapest Area Code: 1
  • Airport Contact: + +36 1 296 7000
  • English Language Emergency Line: 112
  • Airport Shuttle Service: +36 1 550 0000

Budapest is among the most vivid European capitals where you can enjoy many activities irrespective of the time of your visit. The city offers a delightful time to its visitors with its art museums, charming architecture and scenery marked by numerous canals and parks.

Budapest has been home to many empires throughout its history and is one of the historically important cities of Eastern Europe. The magnificent castles and squares along the Danube are a must-see. You can see the magnificent buildings of the city from the most beautiful angles with the Danube river terraces. We also recommend you to visit the thermal facilities of Budapest, which is famous for its temral pools.

Budapest is famous for its historical buildings. Castle Square is the place where Buda's history begins. Additional area attractions include Mathias Church, Buda Castle, Hungarian Military History Museum, and Musical Museum. We recommend you to see the Szecheny bath, which includes Ottoman baths and thermal pools such as Kiraly and Rudas.

To learn more about Budapest, you can have a look at Budapest Travel Guide page that Pegasus Airlines prepared for you.


Can I get a direct flight to Budapest?

Yes, you can get a direct flight to Budapest; the city has direct flights from most major cities and capitals in Europe. However, the availability of direct flies highly varies depending on where you depart. So, check Pegasus Airlines' Online Booking page to see flight options to Budapest.

Which Budapest airport is closer to the city?

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD) is the only airport in Budapest and is the closest to the city. Commonly called Ferihegy, the airport is about 16 kilometers (10 miles) from the city center and serves travelers all around the region. The other nearby airports are in Bratislava, Debrecen, and Balaton.

How to get from the airport to the Budapest city center?

You can use various means of transportation to get to the Budapest city center from the airport. The most convenient is to get a taxi or public transport. On the other hand, if you prefer to get around by car, you can find a rental car service near the airport.

Are there cheap last-minute flights to Budapest?

Although finding cheap last-minute flights to Budapest might be challenging, it's never impossible. Thanks to Pegasus Airlines' cheap last-minute flight discounts, you can enjoy traveling to your destination without paying or waiting extra. Of course, since last-minute flights are in high demand, you should book the flight as soon as you get the deal. Otherwise, someone else might get it.

How to find cheap Budapest flight ticket?

In order to find flights at affordable prices, it is enough to plan for your holiday to Budapest months before and follow the various discount campaigns organized by Pegasus Airlines during the year.

Why should I visit Budapest?

Budapest is the most important center of art, culture and history in Eastern Europe. It is one of the leading tourist cities in Europe with its historical buildings, art and cultural activities and natural beauties.

Do I need a visa to travel to Budapest?

Hungary is located in the area covered by the Schengen Agreement and those wishing to visit the country are required to obtain a Shengen visa for a maximum of 90 days of tourist visit.

When is the ideal time to visit Budapest?

The time from June to the end of August is when the temperature is most ideal. In these months, tourism in the city makes the peak. Those who wish to have a quieter holiday can use the period from March to the end of May.

How long should I stay in Budapest?

A three-day holiday in the city will be enough for you to visit the main attractions of Budapest.

Is there a travel card for tourists in the city?

With its 24, 48, and 72-hour packages, the Budapest Card offers free access to major museums and historical sites in the city, as well as free use of many city tours and public transport lines.

Is Budapest a safe city?

Budapest is a touristic city and therefore very safe. Simple measures, such as keeping your passport safe, will be enough for you to travel comfortably.

Is Budapest an expensive city?

Budapest is a relatively cheap city compared to other major cities in Europe. The city offers a choice of dining, residence and shopping options for all budgets.

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