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Istanbul - Sarajevo Flight Tickets

A taxi ride costs approximately 30-40 BAM between Sarajevo Airport – Baščaršija and takes 20  minutes. It's the easiest and direct way of transportation.

If you want to use cheaper alternatives for transportation in Sarajevo, Trolleybus 103 takes off near the airport. After stopping in several places, it leaves you in a suitable stop in the city center. Tickets can be purchased on the bus. You can use to follow its schedule.

There is no need for a vehicle while going around in the city, in Sarajevo. Everywhere is in walking distance. If you still want to get on the tramway and take tour in the city, you can buy tickets from kiosks or on the train. Tickets are cheaper in kiosks compared to trains. You can use buses for spots that tramways don't go. Buses work from 6 am to 12 am in Sarajevo. can be preferred to rent cars.

Walking Routes

If you want to listen to Sarajevo from its locals and want to watch its history closer, you can choose one of the free or paid parcours that are suitable for you on

Shopping in Sarajevo

Baščaršija is the center of shopping in Sarajevo. Here, you'll come across all kinds of stores once you start going around in side streets. You can check jewelleries, gold and carpets in Bedesten.

Apart from those, the newest shopping center opened in the city is Alta. There are chain stores like Mango, Birkenstock, and Nine West as well as a food section.

Accommodation in Sarajevo

You won't have any problems about accommodation in Sarajevo. Most of the hotels in this small city are close to the city center. What you need to do is deciding which one is best for you.

Holiday Inn

This is a historical hotel where journalists accommodated during the war and which has been bombarded many times. It's a bit outside of the city center, in a walking distance of 10 minutes. Its rooms see Sarajevo from above.

Zmaja od Bosne 4

Hostel City Center

It has a reception that is in service 7/24, common areas that will make you feel like you're at home and free wi-fi.

Saliha Hadzi Huseinovica

Tel: +387 33 203 213

Central Hotel

It's one of the most elegant hotels in the center of Sarajevo. It has a swimming pool, a gym and a spa.

Ćumurija 8

Tel: +387 33 561-800

Hotel Europe

If you want to stay in the city center, you're in the right address.

Vladislava Skarica 5

Food and Drink in Sarajevo

Sarajevo's foods are very similar to Turkish foods. Dishes prepared with meat are especially favourable for every meal of the day here. Although they are called "cevapi" instead of "kebab", "cufte" instead of "kofte", "burek" instead of "borek", sarma, tarhana, dolma, pilav, baklava, helva… All of them are delicacies that also exist in Turkish cuisine.

Inat Kuca

This traditional restaurant, which used to be on the other side of the city, has moved to the opposide side of the river after the government bought it.

Velika Alifakovac 1

Tel: +387 33 447 867


This is a tiny shop with an entrance where only one person can go through, in one of the side street near Sebil in Bascarsija. There are wooden tables in the middle of greens and flowers, antiques and a light music playing in the background. You order mixed delicatessen plate comprised of cheese and meat varities served with home made bread right after getting seated and complete the joy with goulash of beef.

Prote Bakovica 12

Tel: +387 33 537 020

The Four Rooms of Mrs. Safija

It was built in 1910 in the memory of the love between Safiya from Sarajevo and Johan, the count of Austria. It's romantic, modern and genuine.

Cekalusa 61

Tel: +387 33 202 745

To Be Or Not To Be

This is a tiny store in Baščaršija. Jazz music plays inside and the owner, the cook and the waiter of this place are all the same person. While cooking in the open kitchen as if he's in his own house, he also chats with you. Mixed grills, spaghetti, salad, chicken or whatever he's wanted that day, makes it to the menu of the day.

Čizmedžiluk 5 Baščaršija

Tel: 033 233 265


There are some grandparents' old clocks that don't tell the time on the walls. That's why, when you get inside, you simply forget the time and the place. Potato mash with Camambert cheese is on the list of the things that must be eaten on the side of fillet steak. It turns into a club after the midnight.

Zelenih Beretki 14

Tel: +387 33 650-312

Tarik Hodžić

It's a must to eat cevabici, a Bosnian classic that resembles Inegol kofte, for lunch in the place of former football player Tarik Hodžić and take photos in the place.

Gazi Husrev Begova 44

For Breakfast: Borek

"Kolboregi" filled with minced meat, potatoes, spinach or cheese are served with yoghurt at breakfast in Sarajevo. You can find it in many places in Baščaršija and all of them are delicious.

Country code: +387

Police: 122

Ambulance: 124

Hospital: 285 100

24 Hour Pharmacy Service: 272 300

Sarajevo Taxi: 1515 | 660 970 | 660 666

Crveni Taxi: 760 600 | 760 601 | 760 602

Places to Visit in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is a sweet city that is small but has a cosy atmosphere thanks to its streets, boulevards, parks and market. Although there are limited number of places to see here, even sitting in one of its cafes or parks and watching locals is a different pleasure.


Bascarşija  is the center and market area of Sarajevo, which has been founded by Isa-Beg Isaković in the 15th century by Isa-Beg Isaković. Because of a fire that broke out in the 19th century, its current size is the half of its size then. You'll see Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque in this area that is on the North of Miljacka River, the madrasah right next to it; the very first public toilet and clock tower.

 Park Princeva

Park Princeva is the meeting point of those who travel a lot, poets and bohemians because it sees Sarajevo from above. Its frequenters include names like Bill Clinton, the former president of USA; Bono, U2's vocal; David Copperfield' the illusionist; and the actor Richard Gere.

Iza Hrida br. 7

 The Museum

800 meters of the tunnel, which was dug to carry food from the airport and carry injured people during the war, has been collapsed but the rest of it is open for visits as a museum. It carries the marks of the bombardment in 1995.

 Latin Bridge

Latin Bridge is the most important one among all bridges, that are no longer than 100 meters, on the River Miljacka. Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia were killed here in 1914. The World War I started right after that.


In Sarajevo, all roads lead to Sebil, meaning this fountain at the beginning of Bascarşija. It was funded by Mehmed Pasa Kukavica in 1753 and then got renovated by Czech architect Alexander Vitek in 1891.

 Ferhadiye Street

This street that is located in the middle of Sebil and the always burning peace fire, is the Istiklal Street of Sarajevo. There are carpet shops, the kebab place of Tarik Hodzic who is a former football player of Galatasaray, an ice-cream shop and Bedesten on it.

Gallery 11/07/95

This gallery which tells the story of what happened in July 1995 is the witness of a big war that has resulted in the death of 8372 people. Very impressive... 


You can go to Ilica, the residential area of Turkish people, by taking the tramway numbered 3. IF you as us what to do in Ilica, we recommend you to 1. Ride a coach 2. Take a walk in Vrelo Bosna.



Although there are a few night clubs in Sarajevo, the night life active until the morning. Nights start in bars on Zelenih Beretki Street. 

City Lounge ve City Pub

These are two of the best places to warm up for the night. In City Pub, fun bands also take the stage from time to time. 

Cheers Pub

At late hours of the night, things start to become more vivid in Cheers Pub, that is located in Muvekita. 

Zlatna Ribica

This is one of the peerless places. Its owner has filled the place with items he has collected from all around the world. Jazz music is played mostly. If you seek a place where you can disconnect from time and place in the peace of night, you should definitely go there.

Kaptol 5, Bascarsija

Tel: +387 33 215 369 


Going through a tiny door, you arrive a huge area, which used to be a movie theatre. This is a club which is frequented by everyone at nights. Live music never stops.

Mehmeda Spahe 20

Tel: +387 33 218-811



Baščaršijske Noći

There is a festival atmosphere in the streets of Baščaršija throughout July. 

Sarajevo Jazz Fest

Sarajevo Jazz Fest, which has been annually organized since 1996, is held in November this year. 


It has been the classical international theatre festival of Sarajevo since 1996. 

Sarajevo Film Festival

This festival that takes place in August looks for the young talents of Balkans at the same time.

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