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Best Flight Deals to Chișinău


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Airport of arrival: Chișinău International Airport
Flight time from Antalya to Chișinău: 1 hour 55 minutes

Chișinău, the capital and one of the most developed cities of Moldova, is also an important commercial and industrial center. This city that has hosted different civilizations in its centuries-old history stands out with its historical structures, lush nature, open park areas, cathedrals and museums.

Offering a peaceful atmosphere to its visitors with its architecture with white stone walls and natural parks all over the city, Chișinău is described as the "white city washed by the green sea" in many sources. The city, which is one of the greenest regions of Europe, is among the ideal routes for those looking for a different and enjoyable cultural tour with its culture and architecture, famous festivals, colorful nightlife and delicious food.

If you want to see the historical and natural beauties of Chișinău on site and have a peaceful holiday in the quiet streets of the city, you can take advantage of Pegasus cheap flight ticket deals. Also, you can immediately buy your affordable flight ticket by following the campaigns and promotions organized by Pegasus Airlines in certain periods.

Flight Information

Pegasus Airlines lands at Chișinău International Airport for flights in Chișinău.

Pegasus Airlines has direct flights from Antalya International Airport to Chișinău. The flight from Antalya to Chișinău takes 1 hour 55 minutes. Besides, you can visit Chișinău with Pegasus Airlines, Turkey from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport as well as Ankara, Trabzon, Kayseri and Adana lines, while abroad, Amsterdam, Berlin, Beirut, Stockholm, Dusseldorf, Cyprus-Ercan, Geneva, London-Stansted, Stuttgart and Tel Aviv lines, with connecting flights via Antalya International Airport. Those who will travel from Chișinău can reach 15 different destinations with connecting flights.

You can follow the campaigns and promotions organized by Pegasus Airlines to buy cheap flight tickets at affordable prices. If your travel dates are flexible, you can get your affordable flight ticket right away with early booking deals.


You can get to Chișinău by direct flights of Pegasus Airlines from Antalya International Airport. You can also visit Chișinău, the capital city of Moldova, from different destinations with connecting flights via Antalya. You can buy cheap flight tickets by following the campaigns and promotions organized by Pegasus Airlines.

Transportation from Chișinău International Airport to City Center

The distance between Chișinău International Airport, which is the only airport of the country and the city, and the city center is 13 km. If you are thinking about how to get from the airport to the city center, you can use express shuttle buses and minibuses. Express buses offer a transfer service every 40 minutes between 07:00 - 19:00 on the Dimitrie Cantemir Square - Airport route. On the other hand, Minibus No 165 runs every 10 minutes on the Ismail Rd - Airport route between 05:30 - 21.55. You can also get to the city center by taxi. You can get to the city center from the airport in 25 minutes by car or 35-45 minutes by bus.

If you are looking for a more comfortable and faster transport option, you can get your car delivered at the airport by making a reservation in advance with the car rental service.

Public Transportation

Public transportation vehicles used in urban transportation are trolleybuses, buses, minibuses and taxis. There are a total of 22 trolleybus lines in the city. In addition, buses have a large transportation network. In addition to public transportation, we can say that you will enjoy walking the streets of this city, which is famous for its natural beauties for those who love to walk.


Chișinău is the most popular city of Moldova as it hosts many tourists every year. Therefore, there are 5-star luxury hotels, boutique hotels and pensions according to different budgets and needs in Chișinău, which offers different accommodation alternatives to its visitors. The most preferred area in terms of accommodation is Stefano Cel Mare, which is called the center of the city. In addition, regions close to the natural park areas of the city are among the popular accommodation destinations.

With Pegasus Airlines advantages and early booking opportunities, you can browse the hotels that suit your budget and your needs and book your hotel at affordable prices in Chișinău.

What to Eat in Chișinău?

Offering the opportunity to experience many different flavors of Eastern European and Russian culture, Chișinău cuisine is among the attractive travel routes for gastronomy enthusiasts. Some of the delicacies that you should definitely taste în Chișinău are Mamaliga, which we can liken to Kuymak, shepherd's salad that is definitely served at every meal, stuffed grape leaves, called Dolmades in Chișinău, and fruit compote. Apart from these, soups made with sheep meat, which we can see as a result of the small cattle breeding in the region, and the hot dishes called Manca, also made with mutton and eggplant, are among the tastes you should try in the Kishinev cuisine.

Useful Information

Useful information you will need and need to know while planning your trip to Chișinău can be listed as follows.

About Visa

Moldova does not require a visa from citizens of the Republic of Turkey, U.S., European countries and many other country citizens for travels up to 90 days within 6 months. Therefore, a visa is not required for visits to Chișinău for Moldova visa-free entry eligible country citizens. In addition, with the new regulation, Turkish citizens with a new chip ID card can enter Chișinău with only their ID cards without a passport.


In Chișinău, which has a continental climate due to its geographical location, the winter months are very cold and heavy snow. In summer, average temperatures hover around 20 ° C - 25 ° C. Accordingly, the best time for a pleasant trip to Chișinău is autumn or summer when temperatures are much more pleasant and welcoming.

Neighboring Cities

  • Nisporeni (78 km)
  • Straseni (46 km)
  • Laloveni (15 km)
  • Anenii Loi (36 km)
  • Criuleni (45 km)

Important Phones

  • Country Code: +373
  • City Code: +22
  • Police: 902
  • Ambulance: 903
  • Fire Service: 901
  • Chișinău International Airport: +373 22 525 111
  • Embassy of Chișinău: +373-22 509 100

Places to Visit in Chișinău

Chișinău, the most developed city in Moldova, also promises its visitors a great sightseeing experience with its natural beauties, historical accumulation and different architecture. Museums, cathedrals, parks and many other areas in the city make your travel more enjoyable.

Stefan Cel Mare Boulevard, one of the most popular places of the city, is a place where you can both smell the city's culture and have a good time with its numerous food and beverage facilities, government building and bazaar. Stefan Cel Mare Central Park, located in the boulevard, offers an environment where you can walk with the sounds of water accompanying its lush nature.

One of the must-see museums in Chișinău is the National Museum Of Ethnography and Natural History. This museum, where you can find both cultural and natural beauties together, also has a botanical garden for botanical enthusiasts. Standing out with its elegant architecture, Nativity Cathedral is one of the most important places of worship in the city. Besides, the Pushkin museum will allow you to witness the impressive history of Russian literature. In addition, you can witness the history of the city and watch it in a panoramic view with the Water Tower, which has artifacts symbolizing the history of the city on each floor.

Other places to visit in the city are Valea Morilor Square, Holly Gates monument, Orheiul Vechi and Moldova Național History Museum. The city's wine cellars and hanging gardens are also worth seeing.

To discover all the beauties of the city, you can create your travel route by reviewing the detailed Chișinău Travel Guide, where you can find more information about Chișinău.


How to find a cheap Chișinău flight ticket?

It is possible to take advantage of early booking opportunities to find cheap flight tickets to Chișinău, which is mostly visited in spring and summer due to weather conditions. In addition, you can follow the campaigns and promotions organized by Pegasus Airlines in certain periods and purchase affordable flight tickets.

Why should I visit Chișinău?

Chișinău is literally a city of culture and entertainment with its unique nature, historical structures, festivals and colorful nightlife. The city, which stands out with its museums, cathedrals and architectural structures, is among the ideal travel routes, especially for those looking for a trip full of culture and art.

What is the ideal time to visit Chișinău?

The ideal time to visit Chișinău, where the winter months are quite cold, is the spring and summer months. Also, the city's famous festivals take place during these periods.

How long is the flight time from Antalya to Chișinău?

The flight from Antalya to Chișinău takes about 1 hour 55 minutes.

How long should I stay in Chișinău?

Although it is located in a fairly small area, Chișinău has many historical and touristic areas to visit. Accordingly, you need to make a 3 to 4 days travel plan to fully explore Chișinău.

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