Istanbul - Edremit Flight Tickets

One can reach Edremit through land, air and sea. You can go to Edremit with Pegasus Airlines and rent a car on to use it during your vacation. Having a car is the best transportation option in Edremit to go to different inlets and beaches whenever you want. You can use special transfer services and taxis to go to the city from the airport. Municipal public transportation is another option you can use in the city.

Shopping in Edremit

Being small vacation town, Edremit doesn't have that many shopping alternatives. However you can find anything you need during your stay in Olivecity Outlet Shopping and Life Center in the town of Akcay. Other than that, you can buy gifts from the boutiques located in the market place of the town you are staying. Don't forget to buy extra virgin olive oil from Edremit for yourself and people you love as a gift. This way, you'll have a chance to remember Edremit in every meal for a year.

Accommodation in Edremit

There are no ultra-luxurious hotels in Edremit. This is a small genuine and humble vacation town. Naturally, hostels and apartment hotels get the most attention. You can have a stay that fits well with Edremit's soul by choosing one of the alternatives that are as clean and comfortable as your own home. Make sure that you make your reservations a couple of months in advance. It may be hard to find a room when the season starts.

Sevinc Apart Otel

You can stay with your friends or family in this apartment hotel that is in walking distance to the sea and very close to the center. You can sit in its garden and have chats with other guests or the hotel's owners.

Dokuz Eylul Cad. 1. Sok. No:4 Altinoluk / Edremit

Ozdemir Apart Pansiyon

You can stay in peace in the clean rooms of the hostel which is located by the sea in Altınoluk. You can stay in this hostel for reasonable prices with its 1+1 and 2+1 apartment options and get in the sea using the pier in front of the hostel.

Altinoluk Beldesi İskele mah. İsmet pasa cad. Ozdemir 1 sitesi Z Blok D:1 Altinoluk / Edremit

Club Afrodit Holiday Village

If you want more than a hostel or apart hotel for your vacation, Club Afrodit may be an ideal accommodation alternative for you. Especially families with kids will have a comfortable stay in Club Afrodit Holiday Village.

Altinoluk 10870 Edremit

Adrina Hotel De Luxe Health & Spa

In this hotel located by the sea in Edremit Gure, you can not only enjoy the sun and the sea but also use its spa and massage services.

Iskele Mah. Orman Kampi Cad. No:2 Edremit, 10395 Gure

Melodi Motel

You can stay in this seaside hotel in Akçay, which is one of the most beautiful plaaces of Edremit, and enjoy the summer and the sea in its private beach.

Turgutreis Cad. Akcay, 10300 Akcay

Edremit means Aegean, Aegean means delicacies with olive oil! Imagine a dining table facing the sea with fish and delicious mezzes made of the best herbs of Aegean on it. Artichoke with olive oil, stuffed vine leaves, black eyed peas, pilaki, tarama (some kind of mezze made with fish eggs) and salads... The best answer to the question of "What does one eat in Edremit?" must be that all kinds of beauties offered by nature are turned into a dish and eaten with pleasure.

If you're looking for a warm place where you can have a breakfast or dinner in the greens of the Mountain Ida, Zeytinbagi Restaurant of Hotel Zeytinbagi in Camlibel Village. Even if you don't accommodate here, you can eat a pleasing dinner comprised of peerless Aegean delicacies with great herbs and olive oil.


If you want to have a feast of fish for dinner, there are many option waiting for you in the shore area of Edremit. Hasanaki Restaurant located on the seaside in Altinoluk Narlialti Mevkii is one of those. This is a lovely and warm fish restaurant where you need to drop by to eat the fish and other sea food of the Aegean Sea with your friends.


One of the things you can eat when you suddenly get hungry after swimming is "gozleme". We recommend you to drop by Hanimeli Gozleme in Edremit Kizilkecili Village for a cold and foamy glass of "ayran" and homemade gozleme. You can also taste "cigborek" which is another specialty of the restaurant.

Country Code: +90

General Emergency: 112

Police: 155

Fire: 110

Ambulance: 112

Balıkesir Edremit Airport: +90 266 373 1070

Places to Visit in Edremit

Located in between The Mount Ida and The Aegean Sea, Edremit has many places to see. Everywhere you'll see in this area, that is rich with thermal springs, beaches and picnic areas, will renew your soul and body and fill you with the joy of living. Your Edremit trip, which is going to make you think harder about nature's heritage and all the beauties it provides, will be one of the unforgettable memories in your life. 


There are many beaches to get in the sea all along the shores of Akcay and Altinoluk in Edremit. Our firsr recommendation is Akcay Beach with its pebbly beach and clear water. In Akcay, which is rich with spring waters, spring water gushes out into the sea. That's why it's sea is relatively colder. It's known as the second oxygen-rich area after The Mountain Ida and many coves in Altinoluk Beaches are blue-flagged.


Thermal Springs


In Gure Therma Spring that is near Akcay town of Edremit, the water is 64°C. Gure Thermal Spring is visited as an alternative medication for many problems like gynaecological illnesses, guatr and dermathological problems. You can also accommodate here.


Another famous thermal spring of Edremit is Derman Thermal Spring with its water healing rheumatism, kidney stones and gynaecological problems. You can bathe in thermal water in bathtubs by staying here.


Another well known thermal spring is Bostanci-Entur Thermal Spring located in the outer parts of Burhaniye-Edremit. It's known that its 51°C water is good for many problems ranging from rheumatism to sciatica and even gynaecological problems.


Green Areas


There are picnic areas in many parts that see the woods in Edremit. You can have a picnic in these areas or eat in the restaurants that are located in the middle of trees. Pinarbasi Picnic Area located in Gure Village is one of those. In this picnic area in Pinarbasi, which has a small spring, there is also a trout farm. Sahin River, located in the skirts of The Mount Ida in Altinoluk is also a picnic area in the middle of the greens. There are also the options of accommodating here or eating in the restaurant. Another picnic area is Caglayan Picnic Area in Kizilkecili Village. If you enjoy nature as much as the sea, Edremit will fascinate you with its green areas.


Rivers and Waterfalls


There are many rivers and waterfalls in Edremit which is one of the regions that are rich with fresh water sources. Mihli Stream, which is a small river in the woods on the Altinoluk-Canakkale route, is one of them.


Subasi Waterfall, that is located near Altinoluk Doyran Village road, is one of the sources that meets the city's water demands. You can sit in the tea houses located right next to Subasi Waterfall and enjoy its fresh water.


If you get a little bit away from Edremit, we recommend you to see the Sutucem Waterfall that is located on Izmir-Canakkale road, 20 km away from Edremit. You can enjoy the view in this area, which is on top of a hill and have picnic in the picnic area.


One of the other waterfalls of Edremit, Hasanboguldu Waterfall is a bit away from Sutuven Picnic Area. There is a waterfall and a small lake in Hasanboguldu where you'll reach by getting to the other side of of the river in Sutuven Waterfall and following the pathway for 1 km.




Edremit’s nightlife is generally experienced in restaurants where one can eat while listening to live music, small bars and discos. It's a calm town; it's not that possible to talk about a wild nightlife in Edremit.Taverns, where people chat with their friends for hours, and discos where young people dance to upbeat music are details that make Edremit nights more fun for people in different age groups.

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