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After reserving your seats for one of the cheap flights to Hamburg you can solve the issue of transportation in the city before even going there by using the car rental service on If you don't prefer renting a car, you can use Hamburg's subway line, which is a wide network, or busses.

Like in all over Europe, train is the best way to transport in Hamburg, too. Transportation to many spots in the city is done by trains. Bus lines are also active in the city. However, train is the most frequently used means of transportation in the city.

Shopping in Flight Tickets

In Hamburg, shopping is mostly done at shops that are lined on both sides of streets and the number of these streets is quite high. It's possible to come across luxury brands or boutiques of famous designers on some of them. There is not much income gap between people in Germany but we can say that Hamburg is a bit richer than other cities. That's why, it's more probable to see luxury brands here. Of course this doesn't mean that you can only shop in luxury stores in Hamburg. Being a cosmopolitan city, Hamburg has different shopping alternatives for all kids of budgets. One of the best things you can bring from Hamburg as a gift can be a cookbook for cakes. Because it has a very rich variety of publications for that. Of course, one shouldn't forget delicious German chocolates that will be used in those recipes.



There are many different stores in both sides of Möckeberg, which is the first street that comes to mind for shopping in Hamburg. You can do shopping here and sit in a cafe for a drink to recharge yourself when you get tired.

Möckebergstraße, 20095 Hamburg


Neuer Wall

You can find boutiques of famous designers in Neuer Wall, which is one of the luxurious shopping street of Hamburg. There are many alternatives from clothing to accessories here.

Neuer Wall, 20354 Hamburg


Marktzeit in der Fabrik

One of the most pleasant places to shop in Hamburg is Marktzeit in der Fabrik, which is a street market. While shopping here, you can eat amazing German muffins and scones and drink your coffee.

Barnerstraße 36, 22765 Hamburg


Fish Auction Hall and Market

Here's an advice: Don't come back before going to Hamburg's famous fish market. You'll not believe how crowded it gets in the mornings in the fish market, which is open between 5 am - 9.30 am. Apart from fish, it's also possible to find clothing products here. You'll see a historical building once you're finished with going around the market. A rock bar, which has live music at that hour, welcomes you there. You can have your breakfast with beer and rock music here. You should definitely see that place even if you won't have a breakfast.

137 Grosse Elbstrasse, 22767 Hamburg (Altonaer Fischmarkt)



Bonscheladen is one of the cutest places you'll stop by in Hamburg to buy some presents for yourself and your loved ones. You'll lose yourself in this sweet and candies shop.

Friedensallee 12, 22765 Hamburg

Accommodation in Hamburg

There are many accommodation alternatives in Hamburg, which is a coastal city. Take a look at our recommendations among many alternatives from rental apartments to hostels, luxurious hotels to low budget guest houses. 

The Madison Hamburg

A comfortable and cozy option in the area between the city center and the port. You can choose it for its location that is in walking distance to many places to see.

Schaarsteinweg 4, 20459 Hamburg (Neustadt)


Eden by Centro Basic 

Being a 3 star hotel located right across Hamburg train station, Eden by Centro Basic is an economical accommodation alternative with its affordable prices.

Ellmenreichstr. 20, Hamburg Mitte, 20099 Hamburg


Novum Hotel Alster Hamburg St. Georg

Novum Hotel, which is one of the most ideal accommodation alternatives due to its location that is close to everywhere, has warm and cozy atmosphere.

St.-Georg-Straße 10, Hamburg Mitte, 20099 Hamburg


Ferienwohnung Hamburg

Ferienwohnung Hamburg, is a rental apartment with a capacity of 4 adults. It can be an economical and comfortable option for a long accommodation or for groups holidays.

Denksteinweg 59, Wandsbek, 22043 Hamburg


Night Lodge

This hostel in the university area provides clean and affordable accommodation for students.

It's very easy to reach the city center with its location that is close to a train station.

Bundesstr. 8, Eimsbüttel, 20146 Hamburg

Food and Drink in Hamburg

Germany has a rich culture of gastronomy. It especially stands out with different servings and tastes of the foods we eat all the time. Don't ever think that you'll only eat schnitzel and potatoes in Germany. Try out the best examples of the world cuisine here for once. Hamburg is also very lucky in this sense. Moreover, there are also different concepts in some restaurants. This way you can eat delicious food and enjoy the place you're in at the same time. Since Hamburg is a coastal town, the number of fish restaurants are quite high here. If Hamburg cuisine is not a good fit for you, the most practical solution is going into a fish restaurant. 


Daniel Wischer

One of the most well-known seafood restaurants in Hamburg is Daniel Wischer. Owing to the fact that this is a coastal city, fish and other sea products are very fresh and delicious. If you like seafood, it's a good idea to stop by here.

Spitalerstr. 12, Hamburg (Hamburg-Altstadt)


Alster Lake

One of the best snacks to eat on the streets of Hamburg is a hotdog. There are hotdog booths on the streets, almost eveywhere. If you get hungry during your trip around the Alster Lake, you can suppress your hunger by buying a hotdog and beer from the hotdog booths.

Brucke 1, Hamburg (Neustadt)


Von der Motte

You can visit Von der Motte to start the day with a fresh breakfast. You can either have your breakfast with sandwiches or muffins. You can prefer this place not only for breakfasts but also for eating something light during the day.

Mottenburger Twiete 14, 22765 Hamburg



You can choose this place when you want to have a fancy dinner in Hamburg which is rich with seafood. Fischereihafen Restaurant will be one of your favorites with its beautiful servings and delicious menu.

Grosse Elbstrasse 143, Hamburg (Altonaer Fischmarkt)


Black Delight

If you want to eat some desserts with a delicious cup of coffee to release the stress of the day in Hamburg, Black Delight is exactly your type of cafe. You can also watch the city while sitting at one of the tables in front of this small and cozy cafe and drinking your coffee.

Eppendorferweg 67, 20259 Hamburg

Country Code: +49

Ambulance: 112

Fire: 112

Police: 110

Hamburg Airport: +49 (40) 50 75-0

Places to Visit in Hamburg

There are many places to see in Hamburg from museums to natural parks, historical buildings or ports. It may not be possible to see all of the places that needs to be seen in Hamburg during your stay but it's a good idea to stop by some of the touristic spots we've picked for you. Don't forget that you'll feel like in an open-air museum thanks to the gothic architecture that can be seen in all parts of the city. 

Town Hall

Rathaus, in other words the town hall, which is one of the most important buildings that must be seen in Hamburg, will fascinate you. Rathaus is at the top of the list of must-see places with its Neo-Renaissance architecture.

Rathausmarkt, Hamburg


Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland, which is one of the most important museums of the city, is colorful and lively museum of scale models. You should definitely see this museum where everything has been recreated by taking the slightest details into consideration.

Kehrwieder 2, | Block D, 20457 Hamburg (Hamburg-Altstadt)


Alster Lake

Alster Lake, that is at the end of Alster River, is one of the must-see places. You can sunbathe on the side of the lake or watch the swans. You can also have an enjoyable time by walking around.

Brucke 1, Hamburg (Neustadt)



Jungfernstieg is the point of departure for the boats by which you can have a tour on Alster Lake. You can take some photos of the beauties you'll come across while floating on the lake with one of the boats you take here. In Jungfernstieg, there are also some stores where you can shop.

Hamburg (Neustadt)


Church of St. Michael

You can see a panoramic view of the city from the top of Church of St. Michel, which is one of the important historical buildings of Hamburg. The building is also worth seeing for its history and architecture. 

Englische Planke 1a, 20459 Hamburg (Neustadt)


  • Nightlife

The fact that Hamburg is a seaport city brings a lively nightlife with it. Hamburg's nightlife, of which fame has spread through the world, is scattered around the area near the port. You can find many places from bar and night clubs to striptease clubs in this area.


Red Light District

There is also a famous example of Europe's notorious neighbourhoods, where there are striptease clubs and erotic stores, in Hamburg.

Reeperbahn Strasse Hamburger Berg 1, 20359 Hamburg (St. Pauli)


Cotton Club

Cotton Club jazz bar can be the right choice for you if you want to go out at nights and drink while listening to something that will not wear you out. 

Alter Steinweg 10 | Großneumarkt, 20459 Hamburg (Neustadt)


The Rock Cafe St.Pauli

If you like rock music, we recommend you to go to The Rock Cafe St. Pauli, which is one of the places where you can listen to live music in Hamburg, and have a fun night while drinking German beer at the same time.

Silbersackstrasse 27, Hamburg


Bar Le Lion, Hamburg

If you want to have a calm night with some drinks after a tiring day, you can visit Bar Le Lion coctail  bar. You can try very delicious cocktails and enjoy the night in the company of a light music.

Rathausstrasse 3, 20095 Hamburg


Tower Bar

If you want to watch Hamburg from above while drinking something, Tower Bar is a place that is exactly for you. You can have chic night in Hamburg by sipping your drink facing this peerless view. 

Seewartenstr. 3, Hamburg (St. Pauli)

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