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Istanbul - Leipzig Flight Tickets

To get to the largest city in Saxony you can book an Istanbul-Leipzig flight ticket. It is a connecting flight and they mostly take off at night, thus giving you the opportunity to arrive in Leipzig in the early morning hours the following day. The airport is 30 kilometers away from the city center. After your Leipzig plane lands, you can choose between taking a train, tram or a taxi to travel to the city center.

Transportation in Leipzig is far from being a challenge for travelers. The city has a well-developed public transportation system; with trains, trams and subway systems connecting to all parts of the city. In addition, the online car share system referred to  as ‘’mitfahren’’ is also very widely used.

The Leipzig train station is one of the biggest in Europe and it even houses a shopping center inside the station.  There are two main tramlines: line ‘’E’’ is used for everyday public transport, whereas line ‘’S’’ is designed to offer tourists a Leipzig city tour.

Shopping in Leipzig

For shopping lovers, shopping in Leipzig promises to be an unforgettable experience. You will be able to find anything you are looking for in this city filled with shopping malls, boutiques and antique shops.

Höfe am Brühl

Höfe am Brühl, a center which houses both branches of world-famous brands and small-scale local shops, is a must-see for shopping in Leipzig.

Address: Brühl 1, Leipzig

Paunsdorf Center

With its relaxing atmosphere, Paunsdorf Center provides an escape from ordinary (crowded, jammed) malls and offers a different shopping experience. If you get tired of walking, make sure to take a break at one of its many ice-cream shops.

Address: Paunsdorfer Allee 1, Leipzig

Bodo Zeidler

This beautiful shop, where you can find unique pieces of fine china is located right in the heart of Leipzig.

Address: Markt 1, Leipzig

Schmuckwerk Hübener

Looking for aesthetically pleasing handmade jewelry? This is the address for you!

Address: Menckestrasse 41, Leipzig

Designer Outlet Center

Here you can find affordable editions of finer brands such as Gant, Etro and Joop! and be in the loop with the latest fashion.

Address: Neumarkt 9 - 19, Leipzig


If art is your thing, then you must absolutely pay a visit to Spinnerei. This center has everything art-related you might want to find, from artwork in galleries to art supply shops as well as restaurants dishing up local fare.

Address: Spinnereistrasse 7, Leipzig

Karstadt Leipzig

Karstadt is a huge shopping complex where you can find everything from furniture to electronics and kitchen equipment to clothes; it opens at ten am and closes at eight pm.

Address: Neumarkt 30, Leipzig

Secret Closet

This stylish boutique shop gives you a chance to follow the newest Scandinavian fashion trends; here you will see the most elegant designs from brands like Day Birger et Mikkelsen and Soulmade and the friendly and helpful staff will help make your shopping experience a pleasant one.

 Address: Waldstraße 21, Leipzig

Accommodation in Leipzig

Leipzig is a popular destination in Germany that travelers love due to its highly developed culture, historical texture and civilized society. It is possible to find reasonable options for accommodation in Leipzig. Ultra luxury Leipzig hotels provide top-notch comfort and convenience, meeting all the expectations of their guests. In short, Leipzig is a university town, which has something to offer for everyone with its pleasant nature and well-preserved architecture. Also, you don’t need to have any concerns in regards to the distance of your hotel to the center thanks to the convenient transportation facilities.

Steigenberger Grandhotel Handelshof

With its soundproofed and air conditioned rooms, central location and friendly personnel, Steingenberger Grandhotel Handelshof is one of the most favored hotels in Leipzig, which caters for every need of its guests; including a fitness center, spa, 24-hour room service and free wi-fi...

Address: Salzgaesschen 6, 04109

Radisson Blu Hotel Leipzig

One of the best quality hotel chains in the world, Raddison Blu also offers accommodation in Leipzig. With its central location, peaceful atmosphere and professional personnel, Radisson Blu is ready to become your home away from home in Leipzig.

Address: Augustusplatz 5-6, 04109

Pentahotel Leipzig

Another option for those who are looking for a comfortable stay during their visit to Leipzig is Pentahotel. With its large and spacious pool facility, sauna and 24 hour wi-fi system, this hotel sets out to ensure their guests have the ultimate relaxing experience. As another bonus, Pentahouse Leipzig is situated in very close proximity to the city center.

Address: Grosser Brockhaus 3, 04103

Days Inn Leipzig Messe

If your choice is a quiet, peaceful and cheap hotel away from the city center but still located on the main transportation lines, Days Inn Leipzig Messe is a good option to meet your expectations.

Address: Seehausener Strasse 29 | 04158

Five Elements Hostel Leipzig

Standing out for its hospitality, Five Elements Hostel is an ideal place for accommodation with its reasonable prices and central location.

Address: Kleine Fleischergasse 8, 04109

Food and Drink in Leipzig

Leipzig dining culture is dominated by Saxony cuisine, however with its diverse dining scene, their truly is nothing that you can’t find in the city.

 Schnitzel and meat pastries constitute a big part of Leipzig cuisine. The first coffee shop in Germany was opened in Leipzig and you can easily get a sense for just how much the people of Leipzig love their coffee from the numerous coffee shops on every corner. Be ready to hear the phrase "Sieße muss der Coffee sein!" often meaning ‘’Make sure the coffee is good.’’ Leipzig food is quite rich in terms of vegetable dishes as well, presenting ample choices for vegetarians.

Gasthaus Barthels Hof

This restaurant, where you can try some of the most delicious dishes in Saxony cuisine, has been operating since 1497. “Leipziger allerlei” (vegetables with crab and mussels) and “fried rabbit leg” are two of the must-try delicacies served here.

Address: Hainstraße 1-3, 04109 Leipzig

Panorama Tower Restaurant

You can enjoy many delicious dishes accompanied with a stunning view of Leipzig in this restaurant situated in Augustus Square and overlooking the Leipzig Opera House.

Address: Augustusplatz 9, 04109 Leipzig

Thüringer Hof zu Leipzig

Thüringer Hof, known as one of Martin Luther’s favorite restaurants, welcomes its guests with distinctive samplings of Saxony, Franconian and Thuringian cuisines.

Ohne Bedenken

Opened in 1899, the name of this restaurant translates to ‘’Don’t Worry’’. While you are enjoying the local drinks and snacks served up here, you may just get the chance to listen to poets reciting their works or hear some famous German folk songs.

Address: Menckestraße 5/Poetenweg 6, 04155 Leipzig

Auerbachs Keller

If you have a curiosity for German cuisine, Auerbachs Keller awaits with a rich and diverse menu.  A standout for its quick service, you should keep in mind that this restaurant is usually quite full in the evening hours.

Address: Mädler Passage, Grimmaische Str. 2-4, 04109 Leipzig


For those who want to try the city’s most delicious vegetable dishes, you will love Zest, which also offers a number of vegan dishes on their menu.

Address: Bornaische Straße 54, Leipzig

Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum

If you’re in the mood for a coffee, you can get a satisfying fix at the Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum, which is located very close to the city center.

Address: Kleine Fleischergasse 4, 04109 Leipzig

Country Code:  +49

Ambulance: 116117

Fire Department: 112

Police: 110

Airport: 341 224-1155

Places to Visit in Leipzig

Having been a major trade center in Saxony for a long time standing, Leipzig displays its modern face with its shopping centers and art galleries. Therefore, the city is a pleasure for those seeking a spirit of the old with its buildings dating back to the classical era. These dual personalities mean there are so many places to visit in Leipzig that you need to make a solid plan for your visit in advance. The must-see tourist attractions in Leipzig are:


Saint Thomas Church, whose construction was completed in the 12th Century, is one of the most successful examples of gothic architecture , while also accommodates the tomb of the famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach was the conductor in the church between the years of 1723-1750 and you can also see a statue built in his honor in the front side of the building. This is also a site where  Martin Luther delivered sermons and geniuses such as Mozart and Wagner were baptized here.

Address: Thomaskirchhof 18, 04109

Bach Museum

This building, where Bach once lived, has been turned into a museum by the Bach Foundation. You can see Bach’s manuscripts here while also enjoy listening to his music.

Address: Thomaskirchhof 15/16, 04109 

Leipzig Zoo

Leipzig zoo is one the most modern zoos in Europe, which is home to a great variety of animal species receiving good quality, care from highly specialized personnel. The animals are more like guests of a good hotel than being kept in caged in.

Address: Pfaffendorfer Str. 29, 04105


Leipzig has a predominantly young population, which makes for an ever bustling, always lively nightlife in the city for those in the mood. Two particular venues stand out in this city of nightclubs which for the most part play techno music.

Institut fuer Zukunft

A nightclub great for socializing and dancing, Institut fuer Zukunft is an up-and-coming venue with energetic DJs spinning mixes of the best cuts of contemporary techno music.

Address: An den Tierkliniken 38-40, 04103


Elipamanoke is a favorite amongst the younger crowd and has a weekly schedule of special events.

Address: Markranstädter Str. 4, 04229 Leipzig-Plagwitz

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