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Istanbul - Nuremberg Flight Tickets

You can reach Nuremberg Airport after a 2 hours and 30 minutes long flight with the round trip tickets you'll buy from Pegasus. It's possible to reach the city center in 12 minutes by train from this airport which has been located very close to the city center and received the prize of "Best Airport of Germany" in 2009.


Shopping in Nuremberg

Nürnberg is a city that is famous for its shopping streets. There is a street suitable for any budget in the city. It's possible to find anything you're looking for in the shops on these streets. Breite Gasse is filled with shops where you'll have the most economical shopping in the city, Karolinenstrasse is filled with spots where you can buy things with an average budget and Kaisserstrasse is filled with luxury stores. You'll also come across many shops where you can buy gifts on these streets.



Accommodation in Nuremberg

It's enough to have an average budget to accommodate in Nürnberg. These comfortable hotels with a good service will make your holiday a much better experience.


Hotel Five

Hotel Five, which will make you feel as if you're in a dream land thanks to its extraordinary interior design, is located in a historical building which will make you like it more.

Obstmarkt, 5, Nürnberg


Novotel Nürnberg Center Ville

This centrally located hotel has facilities like a sunbathe terrace and indoor swimming pool, which are details that make it more attractive.

Bahnhofstrasse, 12, Nürnberg


Hampton by Hilton Nürnberg City Center

This hotel, where you can see the most important places even from its windows, is one of the most preferred hotels of Nürnberg.

Bahnhofstrasse, 16, Nürnberg


Ramada Landhotel Nürnberg

This hotel, which has a lovely yard where you can sit and rest under trees, will provide you with the comfort of your own home.

Oelser Strasse, 2, Südoststadt, Nürnberg


Steichele Hotel

Steichele Hotel, which is located in a building that has been built in 1892, will offer you the traces of the recent history with style and affordable prices.

Knorrstrasse, 2-8, Nürnberg


Food and Drink in Nuremberg

Being an important city of the Bavaria Region, which is famous for its delicacies, is a good fit to the state with the tastes it offers. In addition to the most special tastes of the German cuisine, you can also find tastes of the world cuisine in the city.

Here are the Nürnberg restaurants which will serve you delicious tastes:


Albrecht Durer Stube

In addition to the delicacies served by this cute restaurant where you can experience the German cuisine, its friendly staff will also make it a favourite of yours.

Albrecht Durer Strasse, 6, Nürnberg


Restauration Fischer

It's not that hard for this restaurant to become one of your favourites in Nürnberg thanks to its small tables on the street and peerless tastes. Prices are a bit high but it's definitely worth trying.

Schottengasse, 1, Nürnberg


Padelle d’Italia

It's possible to feel as if you're in Italy while sitting in this elegant Italian restaurant. The best Italian tastes you can't get enough of will be waiting for you in this place.

Theatergasse, 17, Nürnberg



Those who want to taste the foods of Far East in Bavarian style should definitely visit this restaurant.

Farberstrasse, 43, Nürnberg


La Violetta

The best address on Nürnberg for amazing desserts and cakes to eat as a whole is La Violetta.

Hintere Legergasse, 11, Nürnberg


Country Code: +49

Ambulance: 112

Fire: 112

Police: 110

Nürnberg Airport: +49 911 93700

Places to Visit in Nuremberg

There are many spots to visit in Nürnberg. You won't get enough of this city, which even wars haven't been able to destroy. The main places that must be seen in Nürnberg are:


Dokumentationszentrum Reichparteitagsgelaende

This museum, where you can learn many things about the Nazi period, can also make you offer a piece of the experience of those days with its design. Also the lake behind the museum and its garden are also fascinating; you should definitely see them.

Bayernstrasse, 110, Nürnberg


Nürnberg Castle

This castle that will allow you to see the city from above and the historical museum located in it will definitely help you feel the past.

Burg, 13, Nürnberg


St. Lorenz Church

It's impossible to not be fascinated in the face of the majesty of this church which will take you to journey to the Middle Ages. You may feel like you're with an elder who has witnessed the history when you see the church.

Lorenzer Platz, 10, Nürnberg


Nürnberg Palace of Justice

This place, which used to be the court where war criminals were judged, is one of the most important buildings which has written its name to the recent history.

Fürtherstrasse, 110, Nürnberg


St. Sebaldus Church

Inside of this church, which is a fascinating building in the city center, is as glamourous as the outside of it. The street musicians around St. Sebaldus Church, which is one of the most embellished buildings of Nürnberg, add a different atmosphere to the place.

Sebalderplatz, Nürnberg


Albrecht Durer House

It's possible to meet many paintings in this place which used to be the home of famous German painter Albrecht Durer.

Albrecht Durer Strasse, 39, Nürnberg



Nightlife in Nürnberg, just like in most of Germany, is quite lively. Bars with different spirits, fun night clubs and places which will help you have a nice evening all guarantee you to have fun in Nürnberg.


Vintage Bar

The main reason for Vintage Bar, where popular songs are played, is the cocktails they serve. You should definitely taste cocktails you haven't tried before here.

Irrerstrasse, 5, Nürnberg


Gluh Alm

Have no doubts about having fun in Gluh Alm, which is the indispensable location for fun parties.

Plobenhofstrasse, 1, Nürnberg


HeyHey Bar

It's not hard to feel as if in a movie in this bar which is lit with candles. You can have a romantic time in this bar where you can go with your significant other.

Klaragasse, 24, Nürnberg



Hallertor, which provides Nürnberg with endless fun, is a karaoke bar. If you like singing, you should definitely stop by there.

Weissgerbergasse, 25



Ludwigs, which looks very lovely with its tables outside, is an ideal option for those who don't want to leave the streets of Nürnberg. You can sit here with your friends and have an enjoyable time.

Innere Laufer Gasse, 35, Nürnberg


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