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Istanbul - Kahramanmaras Flight Tickets

The easiest means to arrive at Kahramanmaras is airway. You can start enjoying this historical city right at this moment by buying one of Pegasus' cheap tickets to Kahramanmaras.

Kahramanmaras Airport, which has been opened to use in 1996, is 5 km away from the city center. You can easily reach the center by bus or taxi. You can aslo use free shuttles of some hotels.

Shopping in Kahramanmaras

The main place to shop in Kahramanmaras is Historical Bazaar. Shoes peculiar to the city, ornaments made of carved wood, copper items and silver threads are some of the souvenirs you can get in Kahramanmaras. Apart from Historical Bazaar, you can also find interesting souvenirs in tiny shops you'll come across in the city center.


Accommodation in Kahramanmaras

The importance of accommodation in a beautiful holiday is undeniable. You can choose one of the good hotels of Kahramanmaras for a nice holiday in the city. Here are some spots you can stay:


Hotel Germanicia

Spacious rooms of this hotel, which is located in the city center and will allow you to reach the city center easily, will open the doors of an comfortable holiday for you.

Menderes Mah., Trabzon Cad., 137, Kahramanmaras


Ramada Kahramanmaras Hotel

This hotel, which will please you with its facilities and luxurious service, will also amaze you with its modern architecture. Also, you can taste distinguished delicacies of the world cuisine in the restaurant of this hotel.

Ungut Mah., Hanefi Mahcicek Bulvari, 286, Kahramanmaras


Arsan Hotel

The most distinguishing feature of Arsan Hotel, which offers facilities like Turkish bath, swimming pool and a gym, is its location right in the middle of a grove. If you want to be one with nature, this hotel will make your wish come true.

Guney Cevre Yolu, Arsan Center, 61, Kahramanmaras


Hotel Laville

Spacious rooms of the hotel, which has a indoor pool, offer a peaceful accommodation. Also, the hotel offers private service to the airport.

Menderes Mah., Trabzon Cad., 82, Kahramanmaras


Kentpark Exclusive Butique Hotel

The most striking thing about this hotel, which offers accommodation in rooms with mountain and garden views, is that it allows you to stay with your pet. Also, you can reach many spots in the city by using the free shuttles offered by the hotel.

Egemenlik Mah., 21007. Sok., Dulkadiroglu, Kahramanmaras


Food and Drink in Kahramanmaras

Kahramanmaras, which is located in the inner part of the Mediterranean Region and a neighbour of Southeastern Anatolia, has rich cuisine. You won't be able to forget the delicacies of Kahramanmaras, where soups are extra important.


Here are some must-have tastes of Kahramanmaras :

-Simit Koftesi (Meatballs)

-Maras Pilavi (Rice)

-Kesk Asi

-Maras Ice-cream


Here are some Kahramanmaras restaurants where you can find special tastes in the city:


Saray Kasabi

You can find traditional Kahramanmaras delicacies in Saray Kasabi, which is one of the must-visit spots for meat dishes. Especially “elibogrunde” needs to be tasted.

Sarayalti Cad., 4, Kahramanmaras


Kucuk Ev Et Lokantasi

You'll have the chance to try many delicious dishes in this restaurant which serves the city's unique delicacies with the taste and hygiene of a home.

Ismet Pasa Mah., Borsa Cad., 11, Kahramanmaras


Maras Kultur Evi

The ambience of this restaurant, which is located in a small mansion, will impress you. You can have a traditional breakfast in Maras Kultur Evi.

Kayabasi Mah., Cicekli Cad., 9, Kahramanmaras


Emte Alabalik

Emte Alabalik, which is located by the lake, will add more to the taste of your meal with its great view and music.

Kilavuzlu Santrali, Kahramanmaras


Yasar Pastanesi

If you want to try the best Maras Ice-cream, which is the worldwide famous taste of Kahramanmaras, you should definitely stop by Yasar Pastanesi.

Trabzon Bulvari, 2, Kahramanmaras

Country code: +90

Ambulance: 112

Fire: 110

Police: 115

Kahramanmaras Airport: 0344 236 53 52

Places to Visit in Kahramanmaras

Kahramanmaras, which is a city made up of history and natural beauties, will offer you a vivacious and fun holiday. This city, which has a natural beauty with its caves, springs and plains will also amaze you with its history. You want have to look for new places to visit in Kahramanmaras, a new one will come up with every step you take.


Kahramanmaras Castle

This castle, which is thought to have been built in the 1st or the 2nd century, is located right at the city center. You will be impressed by the view of the castle which has been one of the witnesses of Kahramanmaras' history.

Fevzi Cakmak Mah., Kahramanmaras


Kahramanmaras Museum

This museum, where you'll come across relics of different species as well as works of the civilizations that have lived in Kahramanmaras, is quite loaded even though it's a small one.

Azerbaycan Bulvari, Yenisehir Sok., 43, Kahramanmaras


Kahramanmaras Ethnography Museum

This museum where you can witness the cultural development of the city is located in a mansion. Ethnography Museum will help you really know Kahramanmaras.

Camlİk Istikameti, Mahmut Arif Pasa Konagi, Kahramanmaras


Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque, which was built by the Beylik of Dulkadir, is one the spots where you can distinctly smell history in the city.

Kibris Meydani, Kahramanmaras


Kurtulus City Museum

The heroic story of Kahramanmaras is waiting for you in this museum where you can watch short films about the city's history.

Eski Uzunoluk Hamami, Kahramanmaras


Hurman Castle

It's thought that this castle, which is built on rocks on the North of Hurman Stream, belongs to the Roman Era but it's not known when it was built. Hurman Castle will steal your heart with its beautiful scenery.

Marabiz Koyu, Afsin Kasabasi, Kahramanmaras


Direkli Cave

This cave, which has been discovered in 1959 and thought to have been used as a settlement area for the first time during Paleolithic Age, offers a peerless journey through history all by itself.

Direkli Koyu, Merkez, Kahramanmaras


Cokran Fall

You'll find peace while watching the natural pool of Cokran Fall, which is 15 meters high and a true heaven for those who love natural beauties.

Cokran Koyu, Merkez, Kahramanmaras


Nightlife in Kahramanmaras

It can be said that nightlife in Kahramanmaras is a bit weak compared to other Mediterranean cities. You can listen to live music and chat with your friends in the cafes and bars in the city center at nights.

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