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Flights to Mus

Flights to Mus

Being one of the important cities of the East Anatolia Region, Mus is a city that has been home to different cultures and civilizations for centuries.

Mus, which belonged to Urartus in the 13th century BC and whose name was found in Assyrian sources, became a settlement area of important civilizations and countries of Scythians, Persians, Romans, Arsaces and Byzantines. Mus, which is also the land of natural beauty apart from its historical importance, is a suitable spot for winter sports. The chance to breathe in the atmosphere of Mus, which is filled with the winds of history, is a convincing reason enough to check cheap flights to Mus. In Mus, which became a Turkish land after Malazgirt War in the 11th century, the Ottoman rule took over in the 16th century. This period when most of the population was comprised of Armenians is also a proof of that Mus is a meeting point of many cultures. Mus, which is a city that is famous for its tulips and vines, will fascinate you with its hospitality.


You can see the city location on the map.

Istanbul - Mus Flight Ticket

The easiest way to transport to Mus is by air. You can reach Mus Airport after a 2-hour flight with a round ticket you'll buy from Pegasus. It's possible to reach the city center from the airport that is located 18 km away from the center on 15 minutes by paid shuttle services you can find right outside of the airport.

Food and Drink in Mus

Located in the East Anatolia Region, Mus a rich food culture like many other cities in the same region and in the neighbouring Southeast Anatolia Region. You can be sure that you'll have enjoyable meals in Mus, which serves delicious meat dishes.


Some of the tastes you need to try in Mus include:

-Mus Meatballs



-Stuffed cabbages with tomatoes



Here are the Mus restaurants that will bring traditional tastes to your table:


Sark Kebap Salonu

Sark Kebap Salonu, which is one of the most preferred and the oldest restaurants of Mus, will serve delicious meat dishes with a high quality service. The must taste delicacies of the restaurant are "buryan" and jug kebab (testi kebabi).

Belediye Cad., Mus


Park Lokantasi

You can go to this restraunt, which serves traditional delicacies of Mus with the meticulous service of a home, at every meal of the day. Although it's very hard to choose among the tastes on the wide stall, it's guaranteed to to get satisfied no matter what you eat.

Ataturk Bulvari, 1, Mus



Eywan is one of the must-visit restaurant in Mus thanks to its affordabe prices, garden and genial staff. You can taste most of the traditional delicacies in this place.

75. Yil Cad., 1, Mus


Dogan Balik Tesisi

This restaurant that has been founded on a green area serves seafoods in a delicious way with an attractive decoration.

Inonu Mah., Varto Merkez, Mus


Kog Cafe

You can sit in the cafe, which will make you enjoy the view of Mus, with your friends and have some pleasant time. You also have the chance to eat in this cafe.

Yukari Carsi, Varto, Mus

Shopping in Mus

There are tiny and cosy stores to shop in Mus. Carpet weaving, matting and jewellery making are among the handicrafts that have reached our days from the past. It's possible to buy handmade rugs, laces, traditional jewellery and matte items from the shops in the city.

Accommodation in Mus

You don't need to spare a big budget to accommodate in Mus, which is one of the important cities of the East Anatolia Region with its historical and natural beauties, Nice low-cost hotel options are waiting to serve you.


Mus Mir Saray Hotel

You'll have the chance to accommodate with your pet in Mus Mir Saray Hotel, which is one of the most preferred hotels of Mus with its mountain view and clean air.

Ataturk Bulvari, Istasyon Cad., 146 A-1, Mus


Mus Grand Hotel

The fact that this hotel has its private skiing area makes it peerless especially during winter.

Istasyon Cad., Dort Yol Kavsagi Alti, 12, Mus


Yucesoy Otel

This hotel, which has written its name among the respectable hotels of Mus, will fascinate you with its nice decoration and central location.

Ataturk Bulvari, 16, Mus


Zümrüt Otel

It's almost impossible to leave Zumrut Hotel, which is famous for its spacious rooms and genial service, unhappy. Also, there is a conference room in the hotel.

İstasyon Cad., On the opposite of the hospital, Mus


Hotel Özcanlar

You'll feel at home in this hotel that offers a cosy atmosphere. The delicious food served in the restaurant of the hotel is one of the important details.

Erzurum Cad., Zafer Mah., 98, Mus

Places to Visit in Mus

Mus, which was an important settlement area even before Christ, is filled with many historical works to prove it. The places you need to see in Mus, which serves historical and cultural beauties along with nature, will take you to a small historical journey.


Arak Monastery

Arak Monastery, which is named after the village of Arak, is located in a settlement area where used to be a vine warehouse in the old times. This building, which has come to date in a highly damaged state, is still worth seeing.

Karacavus Mountains Plains, Mus


Mus Castle

This mysterious castle, which is one of the oldest constructions of the city and of which date or founder is unknown, got under the rule of Arabs during the time of Umar. You can have a picnic around the castle, which is located in a park at the moment, and make this historical ambience unforgettable.

Mus Merkez, Mus


Murat Bridge

This bridge, which is an important construction from the Seljukian times, will make you meet history  in a calm atmosphere.

Varto Road 10th Km, Mus


Alaaddin Bey Turkish Bath

This Turkish bath that is one of the works of the latest period of Ottoman Empire is still in use today. The bath, which will amaze you with its architectural features, is one of the important buildings that represent Turkish culture in the city.

Merkez, Mus


Grand Mosque

This rectangular shaped mosque, which has been made of rubbles in a rectangular plan, allegedly in the 14th century, will impress you with its architecture and historical texture both.

Kale Mah., Mus



Nightlife in Mus offers you evenings filled with local songs. It's possible to spend enjoyable hours in cafes with live music and explore these songs you haven't heard before in these places.

Country Code: +90

Ambulance: 112

Fire: 110

Police: 115

Mus Airport: 0436 250 00 04




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