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Flights to Sulaymaniyah

Flights to Sulaymaniyah

Sulaymaniyah was founded by Ottoman governor Ibrahim Pasha in 1784 and it is one of the safest cities in Iraq with a rich cosmopolitan culture.

Settled on a flat plain between mountains, the city welcomes guests with its traditional urban fabric made up of two-storey houses, while high-rise buildings and crowded streets towards the center show the modern face of the city of Sulaymaniyah. The city has a continental climate that is cold and snowy in winter, hot and dry in summer. Sulaymaniyah’s weather is around 20-30 degrees in summer and temperatures can sometimes rise to uncomfortable levels. The best time to visit Sulaymaniyah, the most charming city in Northern Iraq, is between April and October.



Pegasus has regular flights to Sulaymaniyah Airport. İstanbul-Sulaymaniyah flight tickets are very affordable with early reservations and the flight takes two and a half hours. Visit flypgs.com for cheap Sulaymaniyah flight tickets.

Transportation in Sulaymaniyah relies mostly on taxis and charter buses, which are very cheap. Sulaymaniyah Airport is 15 kilometers to the city center and the taxi fare will be about 15 dollars.

When you purchase a Sulaymaniyah flight ticket with an ordinary Turkish Passport you can apply for a 10 day visa. Iraqi visas are given by consulates while residence permits for trips longer than 10 days are issued by relevant authorities.

Sulaymaniyah’s cuisine is a rich blend of local Iraqi food and Turkish and Lebanese cuisines. You can also find kebabs all around the city. There are a lot of Ottoman influenced restaurants as well as a variety of street food. If you wish to try something authentic, try the halva like dessert “gezo”.

Chalak’s Place

Considered among the best in Sulaymaniyah, Chalak’s Place is a perfect venue for Mediterranean and European cuisines. It has a rich drinks menu as well. Chalak’s Place is usually crowded and making a reservation in advance is a good idea.

Address: Salem Street, 15

Baba Doner

The best doner in Sulaymaniyah is made right here.

Address: Old Baxtyari Street, Jaday Pozaka

3al Khebze Zaytuni

3al Khebze Zaytuni offers the most distinguished examples of Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisines with outstanding service and an elegant decor. It is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Sulaymaniyah.

Address: Handarin 109 Street, Facing Cultural Hall


Falafelo offers the best sandwiches in town, and is an ideal place for a pleasant meal with its cleanliness and friendly staff.

Address: Baxtyar Opposite Sulaimani Institute


Pronto turns dishes into recitals with stylish presentations. It is one of the most professional places for a classy dinner reception.

Address: Salim Street, Rand Gallery

The Iraqi currency is dinar and dinar and dollar are the most commonly used currencies in Sulaymaniyah, while Turkish tradesmen accept Turkish Liras just as gladly. 100 Iraqi dinars are equal to approximately 25 Turkish kuruş. The official language spoken in Iraq and in Sulaymaniyah is Arabic while Kurdish and English are very common too.

Modern shopping centers are as interesting as the exotic bazaars of Sulaymaniyah. Agriculture is very advanced in Sulaymaniyah, due to which tobacco products and fresh groceries are very affordable.

City Star Mall

City Star Mall contains famous brands, restaurants and game salons such as bowling.

Address: Salim Street

Rand Gallery

Rand Gallery is the address for a nice souvenir from Sulaymaniyah. The shopping complex that is located very centrally also has electronics shops and restaurants.

Address: Salim Street

Grand Bazaar

From spices to fresh groceries, fish and local delicacies, you can find everything in Sulaymaniyah Grand Bazaar, one of the biggest bazaars in the region. Do not miss this chance to experience shopping in a traditional Middle Eastern marketplace.

Address: Malawi Street

Carpet Jehan Show

You can find affordable traditional hand made carpets and rugs at Carpet Jehan Show, right next to the Sulaymaniyah Palace Hotel.

Address: Mamostayan Street

Sulaymaniyah hotels have something for every budget and need. Central hotels are naturally more pricy than other areas for accommodation in Sulaymaniyah.

Grand Millennium Sulaimani Hotel

The five-star Grand Millennium is ideal for travelers that want comfort and pleasure together in their Sulaymaniyah accommodation.

Address: 444 Bakhtiary

Corpthorne Hotel Baranan

The centrally located Corpthorne stands out with its affordable prices. The guests of the four-star hotel are quite satisfied with its hospitality and services.

Address: Sarchinar Main Street

Titanic Hotel & Spa

Sulaymaniyah branch of the world famous hotel chain, Titanic Hotel & Spa, appeals to travelers that have high standards in accommodation with its hygienic pool, Turkish breakfast service and professional staff.

Address: Malik Mahmood Circle, next to Chavy Land, Goizha Area

Traces of many Middle Eastern cultures can be found in many places to see in Sulaymaniyah. The heart of the city beats on Mevlevi Street, where you can find everything from this region, from spices to jewelry, traditional foods and clothing in various small shops.

Amna Suraka

The building was used as the intelligence agency during Saddam Hussein’s regime and later transformed into a museum. Visitors are informed about the horrible treatments conducted here. The museum displays Kurdish and Arabic artifacts and is a must see for discovering the history of the region.

Address: 21st Street

Chavi Land

The shining star of the entertainment venues in Sulaymaniyah, Chavi Land has a water park, a cable car and restaurants as well as many game centers. Chavi Land is very crowded on weekends.

Address: 60 Meter Road

Azadi Park

Azadi Park is very popular among locals for taking walks. The park has a very colorful and vibrant atmosphere especially on Friday evenings.

Slemani Museum

The museum contains historical artifacts from Mesopotamia and satisfies travelers that want to get immersed in the history of the region. The artifacts that are displayed here date back to 15,000 BC.

Address: Salim Street

Goyje Mountain

You can enjoy nature and take wonderful photos on the Goyje Mountain, where locals like to have picnics.

The center of night life in Iraq is Sulaymaniyah and entertainment happens mostly in hotel bars. Sulaymaniyah’s night life also extends to the bars and night clubs in the city center.

Engineers Club

One of the most famous night clubs in Sulaymaniyah is the Engineers Club, which swarms especially on weekends.

Address: Qadam Kher Street

Country Code: +964

Ambulance:  122

Fire Station: 115

Police: 104

Airport: +964 53 317 3322

T.C. Erbil Embassy: +964 66 224 6233 (During working hours)

+964 750 921 5677 or +90 312 292 292 (Outside working hours)



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