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Pamukkale is not only the most touristic place but also the most crowded district of Denizli. Moreover, it is one of the most touristic destinations in the entire country. Just because of its touristic potential, there is an airplane traffic flow around the city.
 Pamukkale Tour

Cotton Castle, or Hierapolis in ancient times, is one of the most fascinating structures of the entire Aegean Region of Turkey. It is located in Pamukkale, Denizli, which has borders with Izmir, Muğla, Manisa, Aydın, Burdur, Uşak, and Aydın. Despite relatively being a small city, Pamukkale attracts a lot of tourists due to its Cotton Castle.

Also, Pamukkale has been the health and healing center for more than two thousand years. And today, it also is one of the most historical places in the region with its amazing historical background.

Pamukkale Tour

Despite the fact that people mostly think that Pamukkale is visited only for the Cotton Castle, every year thousands of tourists visit the place in order to have a healthy vacation due to its thermal water resources. Plus, it is a remarkable destination for those who are passionate about Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman history as it provides magnificent ancient ruins for the history lovers.

Dance on the Clouds at the Cotton Castle Pamukkale tour

The Cotton Castle is famous for its fairy travertine, where people can have a fabulous time there. You can enjoy the epic view from the top of the city while walking into the thermal waters.  Also, the historical ruins from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome at the Hierapolis Ancient City and the Ancient Pool will maintain you dance with the ancient history itself.

By purchasing only a plane ticket, you can start this remarkable journey within seconds.

Getting to Pamukkale

Pamukkale is a small district of Denizli. It is located 18 km away from the city centre. Today, there are several bus terminals, a train station, and an airport in Denizli.

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How to go to Pamukkale?

And from Denizli, minibuses go to Pamukkale every 20 minutes. Moreover, if you want to go to Pamukkale by plane, the closest airport is Denizli Çardak Airport, which is 70 km away from Pamukkale. From the airport, you can go to Pamukkale by bus, cab, or renting a car.



Best Time to Visit Pamukkale

Denizli is usually hot in summer and quite cold in winter. The temperature is around 5-6 C in winters, and 27-28 in summers. Therefore, considering to visit Pamukkale in spring or summer can be a good idea. However, it can welcome its guests each season of the year due to its thermal water resources.

Pamukkale Sightseeing

Pamukkale is an important stop on an Aegean tour, located within the boundaries of Denizli, and offering many accommodation options.

A Pamukkale tour begins with the famous white travertines and continues with the museum, an ancient pool and a theatre. Pamukkale has an otherworldly quality, especially when viewing the travertines. Visitors can also enjoy paragliding and balloon tours, as well as fascinating views from an ancient hilltop theatre.

The Cotton Castle

Cotton Castle is the most popular place in the entire Denizli. Most consider it as the symbol of the city. And today, it is nominated as a world heritage by UNESCO. This place has been formed by several earthquakes throughout ancient history and has taken its current shape. When you go there, you will be amazed by the epic view of the fairy white rocks washed with thermal waters and the stunning view of the city from the top. Furthermore, at the Cotton Castle, you will have a chance to get into 17 thermal pools.

cotton castle

Activities to do at Pamukkale

Despite the fact that Pamukkale is famous for its epic Cotton Castle, it actually offers its visitors more to do. For instance, you can visit the Ancient Pool, or as known as Cleopatra’s Pool, and Hierapolis Ancient City after you visit the Cotton Castle. Or if you have a place to rest and feel refreshed, you can have a little trip at the Pamukkale National Park.

Hierapolis Ancient City

hierapolis ancient city

Hierapolis Ancient City is one of the oldest settlements of the entire region. It was built at the beginning of the 2nd century BC by the king of Pergamon Eumenes the second. Due to the fact that it contains a lot of religious building, lots of archeologists call it the Holy City. Besides the religious ruins, you can find an ancient theatre, a fortification wall, the Sanctuary of Apollo, and more in the ancient city. Moreover, this unique place is in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ancient Pool

ancient pool pamukkale

The story of the Ancient Pool dates back to the 7th century BC. It occurred because of a destructive earthquake. It is said that the earthquake destroyed the columns and the thermal water flooded into the pit. Since then, the Ancient Pool has been a popular place for those who seek healing. Furthermore, it is believed that even Cleopatra visited this pool in order to refresh her beauty. Swimming in such a pool that is full of historical ruins will be a unique memory for your lifetime.

Kaklik Cave

Kaklik cave

Kaklik Cave is considered to be the underground version of the cotton castles. This beautiful sight is a natural marvel and a must see while you’re in the area. 

Where to stay in Pamukkale?

where to stay in Pamukkale

There are many budget options for accommodation in Pamukkale. You can choose to stay in a mid range hotel in this area as the accommodation does not affect the touristic activities in this area, nor do they have a special feature specific to the area.


Things you should know about Pamukkale

        The story of the Cotton Castle’s ancient name Hierapolis, when the king of Pergamon built the city, he dedicated it to his wife Hiera. Hierapolis basically means “the city of Hiera”.

        Pamukkale has a rich cuisine that offers numerous dishes to its guests. When you visit Pamukkale, you can try delicious meals indigenous to the Aegean Region. These healthy dishes mostly consist of vegetables cooked with healthy olive oil.

        Despite being a small and calm city, Pamukkale has a dynamic nightlife. Moreover, it is possible to enjoy and dance until the first lights of the day. On the weekends, we recommend you to have a night out at the streets full of bars and pubs.

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