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WARNING: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, visa applications for your destination country may not have started yet. Please consult the relevant official authorities for up-to-date information.


Armenia asks for a visa from visitors who arrive in the country for different purposes. Generally, short stays need a tourist visa provided through a few routes. An electronic visa and visa on arrival are the two most straightforward ways to get it. For some countries, a consular application is needed. In that scenario, you will need to gather specific paperwork and follow the rules at a visa center or an embassy. To check whether your stay needs a visa, you can read the following titles on our page.

Armenia Visa

People usually ask, do I need a visa to travel to Armenia? The answer is Armenian visa requirements vary regarding the nationalities and passport types.

EU citizens and UK and USA passport holders can stay in Armenia without a visa for 180 days per year.

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Sweden?

Turkish individuals with any passport must have a valid Armenian visa to enter Armenia. Our Armenia Visa Guide has all the information you need.

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Armenia Visa Types

Short-term and long-term visiting visas are available in Armenia. A short-term visitor visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 21 days within 90 days. A long-term visitor visa will enable you to stay up to 120 days within 180 days.

Armenian visitor visa is described under eight specific categories. Although each category has its specifications about proof documents on purpose, the visa procedures are the same for all. Armenian visitor visa categories are as follows.

  • V-1: Touristic journeys and visits to family and friends
  • V-2: Family reunification, which means spouse, parents, and/or children get united
  • V-3: Medical treatment
  • V-4: Secondary and higher education, as well as language classes, are examples of studies.
  • V-5: Attendance in cultural, athletic, scientific, or other events such as participation in internationally accepted tournaments, games, granted projects, scientific conferences, and world congresses of a specific academic field
  • V-6: Participation in humanitarian, charitable, and technical help initiatives, as well as other comparable activities. These are also related to international humanitarian organizations' temporary aid work.
  • V-7: Business, investment, or work
  • V-8. Crew members on airlines, ports, etc.

It would be best to remember that the validity of a visitor visa changes between 21 days to 120 days. Upon your request and approval, you can get a single entry or multiple entry visa. In both cases, the validity does not exceed 120 days in total. If you are a transit passenger, your access is limited to 72 hours.

Long-Stay in Armenia

You should apply for a residency permit if you need to stay longer. Temporary, permanent and special residence applications are processed on a circumstance-basis.

Less than 1-year stay is described as a temporary residence, whereas a stay up to five years is processed as a permanent residence. In such cases, you should submit all the required documents to prove why, where, and how you will stay in the country.

Higher education, business, and investment or being a family member of an Armenian citizen are some of these cases. You should also know that a residence permit needs an application in Armenia, not at the consular office.

General Requirements for Armenia Visa Applications

During an e-visa application, you need to submit these documents:

  • A scanned color copy of the first and last page of your passport
  • A scanned passport-size color photo with a white background was taken within six months.
  • Return flight ticket
  • Hotel reservation or an invitation letter with the host's address and contact number
  • Visa application form

There may be some other documents required for different categories of visitor visas, especially for the applications to embassies. Tax retırns and bank account statements may be required from investors and visitors for business purposes.

Students need to submit a document to show their enrollment at school. Unemployed people need to submit their bank accounts or an invitation letter indicating the funding of their stay.

Armenia Visa Requirements per Country

Armenia visa requirements may vary from country to country. EU citizens, UK, US passport holders, and visitors from some Asian and American countries do not need a visa to enter Armenia. They are allowed to stay in Armenia for 180 days per year without a visa per international agreements. Visitors with diplomatic or special passports from restricted countries should apply for a visa at an embassy or consular services. A large group of countries can get Armenian e-visa through an online platform. Another limited group can apply for the visa on arrival at the airport or some border gates.

Armenian Visa for Turkish Citizens

For Turkish citizens, there are different procedures to get an easy visa to visit Armenia. The most direct way for the general passport holders to be eligible for online visa applications.

Turkish nationals with special, service, and diplomatic passports are neither suitable for e-visa or visa on arrival. However, they still have two different chances. The first one is to get a general passport and apply for a visitor visa through e-visa routines. If they insist on applying with their passports, as mentioned above, they should proceed with the regulations of an embassy visa. In that case, they will apply at the closest Armenian Embassy, located in Tbilisi, Georgia.

If you choose the second option, you can also consult a visa center in Türkiye. In any case, Turkish passport holders are strongly recommended to read our Armenia Travel Guide about the recent updates.

Types of Application for Armenian Visa

Armenian visa procedures include three different groups: e-visa, consular visa, and visa on arrival. You can check which visa application procedure is available for your passport.

1- Visa Exemption

Citizens of the below-listed countries are allowed to enter Armenia free of visa if they stay less than 180 days. Visa exemption is applied to 70 nationalities from the European Union, Swiss Federation, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Qatar.

2- Electronic Visa

The easiest way of visa application is the electronic visa. It is also called the e-visa or online visa. If your passport is valid for Armenia e-Visa, you can apply online by filling in a form and making the payment by your credit card. E-visa application proceeds via the official website of the Armenian government.

There are 70 nationalities eligible for e-visa. Electronic applications are accepted from South and Central America, West and South Asia, and several Balkan countries. Canada, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Turkmenistan, and Oman are a few of these examples.

3- Visa on Arrival

Travelers, who are ineligible for e-visa or not able to proceed online before arrival, may apply for an Armenian visitor visa. The border gates which allow visa on arrival procedures are as follows:

  • Bagratashen in Tavush, Bavra in Shirak, and Gogavan in Lori provinces are border gates with Georgia for land transportation.
  • Meghri in Syunik is the border gate with Iran.
  • Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan and Gyumri International Airport are border gates for international flights.

Although getting a visitor's visa on arrival is possible, you should keep in mind that the queues at border gates may be very tiresome and time-consuming. The risk of being rejected due to missing documents is higher than e-visa applications.

4- Consular or Embassy Visa

A consular visa is correct for long-term visa applications, and passport holders are ineligible for the types listed above. This type is also known as a sticker visa or embassy visa. A consular visa is allowed for the largest group of nationalities, including 122 different passports from various parts of the world.

Some nationalities may also be eligible for e-visa procedures with varying types of passports. Examples are Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Senegal, and Serbia.

Armenia Visa Sponsorship

You will be required to submit an invitation letter if you do not qualify for visa-free travel or an e-visa / visa on arrival. It's preferable to be invited to speak with the consular officer or the embassy. It should be signed either by a sponsoring institution (e.g., an organizing committee, a university, a business partner, etc.) or an Armenian citizen residing in the country (e.g., a family member, a relative).

The visa invitation letter should clearly utter the name, surname, personal information, address, the contact information of both the host and the invited person while declaring the exact date of entry and duration. In some cases, it is also required that the invitation letter shows how the visitor will finance their stay in the country (e.g., the visit is funded by a project, the host organization, or a business partner).

Armenia Visa Application Centers

Armenia e-visa application is processed in two to three days. E-visa payments are made by credit card using the platform menu. Visa on arrival can be paid by credit card or cash, but visa fees may be much higher than e-visa fees. Currently, the short-term visa fee amounts to 6 US dollars, whereas the long-term visitor visa amounts to 30 US dollars.* You should remember that applications through visa centers may vary in amount. You are recommended to consult the closest Armenian visa center in Türkiye for visa fees and procedures before booking a Yerevan ticket.

*The article was written in 2022 February. Please check the current prices.

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