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Best Flight Deals to Yerevan


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Yerevan is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Armenia. Traces of Persian, Ottoman, and Soviet eras make the city a colorful mosaic of cultures. Tamanyan's beautiful and exemplary city planning gives the impression of traveling in a typical European old town. You can easily find low-cost flights to Yerevan every season.

Airport of arrival: Zvartnots International Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Yerevan: 2 hours
  • Airport of arrival: Zvartnots International Airport (EVN) / Yerevan
  • Airport of departure: Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW) / Istanbul
  • Flight time from Istanbul to Yerevan: 2 hours
  • Flight time from Yerevan to Istanbul: 2 hours 25 minutes

Turkey's neighboring country provides affordable tickets to Yerevan by direct and transit flights in Istanbul. You can directly fly to Istanbul from Yerevan by Pegasus Airlines and find connected flights to many domestic and international destinations. You can find economic Pegasus Airlines flights from Yerevan to various European, Asian and American destinations by transferring to Istanbul. To find out how to book cheap flights to London, Vienna, Berlin, and Budapest, click the cities in our list. Popular sun-sand-sea destinations like Izmir, Sharm el Sheikh, Sharjah, and Antalya are also available by connecting flights from Yerevan.


Transportation in Yerevan is provided by bus, marshrutka, metro, and trolley. Car rentals and taxis have also been popular in recent years.

Airport Transfer

Zvartnots International Airport is 15 km away from Yerevan city center. If you drive on M-5, you can easily reach the city in 19-22 minutes. However, buses take more time as they have several stops on the way. The most straightforward transport from the airport to the city center is facilitated by Airport Express buses, which depart half an hour in front of the terminal building. They have regular schedules between 07:00-22:00. If you hurry or land in Yerevan out of these schedules, you can take a taxi to Yerevan Republic Square. You can easily find a taxi at the airport. You may prefer to upload a Yandex Taxi for arrival from the city center, frequently used by locals and foreigners in Armenia. The application will help you check the route, calculate the charge and find the closest taxi driving in your direction.

Public Transportation

Yerevan is a small city having regularly planned avenues and streets. If you go sightseeing, you can walk around the squares and easily find museums and churches to visit. If you want to save time or travel to other towns, you can use one of those public transport types. Yerevan Metro, built at the beginning of the 20th century, will remind you of the Moscow Metro. However, the route is relatively short, with just ten stops. Buses and trolleys are also available in the city. Marshrutkas, a popular transport type, will lead you to remote villages and towns around the capital. They start their journey when passengers reserve all seats. If you prefer driving on your route, car hire is also available in Yerevan. It would be best to remember that a valid driving license in Armenia is needed for rental services. You can find Pegasus Airlines' most suitable car rental offers before flying to Yerevan.

Yerevan hosts tourists and travelers both in low-budget and luxury hotels. It is possible to find well-equipped and comfortable hotels in the Kentron district, keeping the pulse of the capital. If you are eager to see the night rhythm of the city, you can book a hotel around the Armenian Opera and Ballet Theatre. There are also bed & breakfast facilities in different parts of Yerevan. You can search for cheap hotels in Yerevan via Pegasus Airlines offers.

Armenian food culture is a splendid combination of Anatolian, Caucasus, and local tastes. Beef, lamb, and chicken are the main ingredients in various soups and barbecue recipes. Khoravats, a satisfying lamb dish cooked on barbecue and kebab, will become two perfect dinner meals. Harisa, the Armenian style ¨keşkek¨, dolmama, the local name of famous ¨dolma¨rolls will become supper snacks. You can overcome your thirst by ¨tan¨, a salty and sourish yoghurt drink on hot and humid summer days. Do not miss trying organic pomegranates during your visit to the local bazaar in Yerevan. Many cheap barbecues, tavern restaurants, and local cafes on Tumanyan Street, Teryan Street, and around the Opera House.

Important Travel Tips

In Armenia, trips and meetings get safer via COVID-19 regulations. You are obliged to wear face masks in public spaces and on public transport, including bus, train, and tram. International flights require a negative PCR test result, taken in a maximum of 72 hours before your departure. The health pass with proof of vaccination certificate is another travel document needed. Do not forget to take a photocopy of your passport and health pass with you. If you need any emergency during your Yerevan trip, you can dial these numbers; they are valid all over the country:

General emergency 112 or 911

Fire brigade 101

Police 102

Ambulance 103

Gas services 104

Visa Guide for All Nationalities

Visa requirements may depend on your nationality and passport type. The Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces four different lists. Visa exemption, e-visa eligibility, visa on arrival eligibility, and Embassy Visa required countries. Armenia nationals and those with residence permits are allowed to enter the country in a visa-free situation. Turkish passport holders are strongly recommended to read our Armenia Visa Guide before booking their Yerevan tickets.

Walking in the Kentron district will help you enjoy various historic buildings and artistic performances. There are different alternatives you can enjoy by sightseeing.

  • Walk around Opera Square, where you can see Freedom Square, National Opera and Ballet Theater, and Swan Park.
  • Visit the Katoghike Tsiranavor Church of Avan, representing the oldest history of Christianity in Armenia.
  • Visit Howhannes Tumanyan Museum, which tells the whole story of the national poet's works and life.
  • Visit the Yerevan History Museum to see archeological findings from ancient times while witnessing the transformation to modern civilization.
  • For further recommendations, please take a look at our Yerevan Travel Guide.


How can I buy flight tickets?

There are many options for direct and transfer flights from Turkey; check our Cheap Yerevan Flights Guide for return tickets.

Do I need a visa?

Visa exemption is applied to a list of countries, including the UK and EU zone. E-visa and visa on arrival are applied to 70 different countries. You can check your visa requirement through our Armenia Visa Guide.

When is the best time to visit Yerevan?

If you book a flight to Yerevan between November and March, you will have more affordable price options. At other times, you can follow Pegasus Airlines early-booking campaigns. To find the cheapest flight, check our Cheap Armenia Flights page.

How long does the flight take from Istanbul to Yerevan?

Direct flights from Istanbul to Yerevan take 2 hours. Flights from Yerevan to Istanbul may take 2 hours and 25 minutes, half an hour longer than arrival.

In which time zone does Armenia exist?

Armenia stands four hours ahead of London, 3 hours ahead of Paris, Brussels, two hours ahead of Bucharest, Sofia and 1 hour ahead of Istanbul and Moscow. It is in the same time zone as Baku and Dubai.

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