Istanbul - Amasya Flight Tickets

Pegasus has direct flights to Amasya that take an hour and a half. Istanbul - Amasya flight tickets are quite affordable due to their proximity. The Amasya-Merzifon Airport is also used as a military airport and is thus closed to international flights. After your Amasya plane lands at the airport, which is a striking building with its simple design, do not be surprised to see soldiers around.

The airport is 6 kilometers away from the town of Merzifon, and service buses are available to take you there or to any other district you would like to visit.

Public transport is not very advanced in Amasya. Transportation in Amasya relies mostly on minibuses and buses and you can find taxis on busy streets. After you buy your ticket from, you can make a reservation for the rent a car service.

Shopping in Amasya

Amasya is known mostly for its natural attractions and shopping culture in Amasya is dominated by local retailers. Locals purchase their needs from neighborhood shops, so there are few shopping centers and no shopping district. If you are looking for souvenirs from Amasya, you can find small figurines and objects that represent various features of the city in small souvenir shops. If you catch them in season, Amasya apples make a nice gift.

If you are only interested in Amasya for shopping purposes you may be disappointed.

Amasya Park AVM

The first and only shopping complex in the city, Amasya Park, contains famous international brands, restaurants and game arcades.

Address: Mustafa Kemal Paşa Caddesi, 154

Okyanus Plaza Shapping Center

This shopping center is a collection of small local businesses selling food, clothing and electronics.

Address: Yenimahalle 

Accommodation in Amasya

The serenity of Yeşilırmak pervades the city, and Amasya hotels are very quiet and peaceful. Since visitors are rare, choices are limited for accommodation in Amasya. Anyway, it would be a shame to overcrowd this city of apples famous for its serenity and nature.

You do not need to worry about the location of your hotel in Amasya because almost everything is in walking distance in downtown Amasya. Just decide what kind of view and price range you would like.

There are many bed and breakfasts and guesthouses in Amasya, which should be considered for a more affordable vacation.

Taşhan Hotel

Taşhan Hotel is a restored historical inn. The staff is polite, the food is good, and the rooms are clean. Prices are above average, but worth it.

Address: Özkan Yıldız Caddesi, 11

The Apple Palace

Mesmerizing its guests with a spectacular view, the Apple Palace offers comfortable accommodation with its clean rooms and friendly staff. The hotel has a pool and a spa.

Address: Vermiş Sokak, 7

Gözlek Thermal

Clean rooms, affordable prices and friendly staff at Gözlek Thermal offers a therapeutic stay. There are apartments for families, and all rooms have jacuzzis, TVs and fast Wi-Fi connections.

Address: Amasya-Çorum motorway

Food & Drink in Amasya

The wealth of the thousands of years of human culture can be recognized in Amasya’s cuisine. Enriched by a mixture of Ottoman flavors and tastes from even older times, Amasya’s dining culture has something for everyone.

Amasya’s economy relies mainly on agriculture, so fresh vegetables, fruits and cereals are always available for affordable prices.

Make sure to try the local special, keşkek, during your visit to Amasya.

Bedesten Ottoman Kitchen

Bedesten (a covered bazaar) entertains its guests with delicious food and is considered one of the best restaurants in Merzifon. Its decor will let you appreciate the magnificence of the Ottoman period.

Address: Merzifon, Gazimahbup Mahallesi, Tashan Sokak

Görsen Family Table

Friendly managers offer delicious and nutritious homemade dishes as well as grilled meats. Try the unforgettable spit-roasted lamb.

Address: Merzifon, Akit Gülle Bulvarı, 1

Amaseia Kitchen

Amaseia welcomes guests with a view of the Yeşilırmak river. They specialize in local dishes such as rolled bakla dolması (grape leaves with fava bean stuffing), keşkek (wheat and meat porridge) and yağlı çörek (hot buns), which you should try.

Address: Hazeranlar Sokak, 3

Keyf Restaurant

With an amazing view and live music, Keyf Restaurant promises a pleasant evening. The restaurant serves seafood and a generous selection of Turkish cuisine.

Address: Çakallar Caddesi, 86

Ali Kaya Restaurant

The best view in Amasya is to be found here at Ali Kaya’s commanding location over the city. Ali Kaya offers guests Turkish and Asian dishes at strikingly affordable prices.

Address: Çakallar Mevki

Country Code: +90

Ambulance: 112

Fire Department: 110

Police: 155

Airport: (0358) 535 1016

Places to Visit in Amasya

Leaning on the skirts of the Haşema Mountain, washed by the waters of Yeşilırmak, there are so many places to visit in Amasya that it is easy to understand why it is called the city of sultans. Elegant old buildings are still standing, reflecting the glory of the old times. Amasya’s tourist attractions cannot all be visited in a single day, so if your time is limited, definitely see these buildings:

The Amasya Fortress

Rising on the top of Haşema Mountain, the fortress has been the city’s shelter from the Hellenistic period to the middle of the Ottoman times. The fortress was once very important strategically, but today people visit it for the wonderful view.

King Rock Tombs

Only a portion of these monuments built for the legendary kings of antiquity remain intact. Visit them on the Haşema Mountain before the rest of them are lost to time’s abrasion.

The Amasya Museum

The museum is full of artifacts, some of which date back to 5,000 BCE, and interesting objects from recent history. Do not miss it.

Address: Aatatürk Caddesi

Burmalı Minare Mosque

This mosque was built by the Seljuk ruler, Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev, in the thirteenth century. It was initially built from wood and later restored using stone after being damaged by an earthquake. That is also when the spiral pattern that distinguishes its minaret was designed.

Address: Dere, 05100

Kapı Ağa Madrasa

Ordered to be built by Hüseyin Ağa in 1488, the madrasa stands to this day in its original condition. The madrasa is unique because the octagonal architecture of the Seljuk tombs was first tested here. You can almost smell the wisdom in the madrasa that taught scientists, artists and Islamic scholars for many centuries.

Address: Bahçeleriçi


Nightlife isn’t exactly bustling in Amasya. Locals usually spend their evenings quietly, and a few downtown night clubs are usually filled with students.

Binbir Gece Club

You can sip your drinks along with contemporary tunes in the bright atmosphere of this club, which is especially crowded on Friday nights.

Address: Doğantepe/Merkez Mahallesi

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