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Best Flight Deals to Merzifon - Amasya


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Airport of arrival: Amasya Merzifon Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Amasya: 1 hour 30 minutes

Türkiye is a charming country with varied touristic attractions. Amasya is a beautiful small city located in northern Türkiye. The city is surrounded by mountains and the Black Sea. Amasya has an impressive history through Pontus, Roman, and Ottoman Emperors. Thus, you can see the effects of history in its rich culture.

If you plan to visit Amasya, you can find affordable tickets to Amasya by using Pegasus Airlines.

The direct flights between Istanbul and Amasya are very popular. Besides, via Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport, there are 122 national and international connection flights. You can travel to Dubai and London by using these indirect flights. In order to find cheap tickets, follow Pegasus campaigns, and promotions.  

About the Airport

Amasya Merzifon Airport (IATA: MZH, ICAO: LTAP) is 5 km away from Merzifon, 28 km away from Havra, 47 km away from Amasya and 66 km away from Corum.

Amasya Merzifon Airport

Amasya Merzifon Airport was built in 2008. The airport is used for military and civil purposes. It has a capacity of 110.669 people annually, according to 2018 data. There is open-air parking with a capacity of 132 cars.

Transport from Amasya Merzifon Airport to the City Center

Buses are operated by a private company (DDM) for the city transfer. The bus leaves in front of AVM PARK from DEDEMTUR, follows ANIT square, Ticaret crossroad, old terminal, police department, and finally near SULUOVA terminal stops.   Taxi and car rental options provide a faster and more convenient trip to the city center. Pegasus allows you to make a car rental reservation in advance. You can submit your travel data in advance and make your reservation online.  

Public Transport

Amasya is a small city, so there is no complicated transportation network. Buses and mini-buses are used for public transportation. “Elma kart” is the common public transportation card. Taxi is a more comfortable option for transportation.

In Amasya, accommodation alternatives are divided into two. The hotels with thermal bath and without thermal bath.Thermal hotels are located near the mount "Harsena". Other hotels are in the city center. You can make your hotel reservation online via Pegasus support.

Amasya is famous for its special type of apple. If you are in Amasya do not miss to taste it. Moreover, there are so many traditional food that must be tasted. "Bakla dolmasi", "mumbar" and "keskek" are just some of them. If you would like to learn more about Amasya cuisine, then visit Amasya Cuisine Guide.

The below-given information will be helpful for your trip to Amasya.  

About Visa

Türkiye uses an electronic visa (e-visa) system. If you are visiting the country for touristic or business purposes, you can use e-visa. If you have an internet connection, you can obtain your visa 24 hours of any day in several minutes.   You need to access the system, fill the required personal, trip-related data, and pay the required amount of money. If your visit purpose is not tourism or business, then you have to apply directly to the Embassies or Consulates.  

Neighboring Cities

  • Corum (93 km)
  • Tokat (114 km)
  • Samsun (124 km)
  • Yozgat (200 km)



In summer, Amasya is under the effect of hot continental climate however, in winter it is warmer due to the Black Sea effect. The average annual temperature of the city is around 13oC, as a result, it is possible to visit the city at any time.   There are no harsh winter conditions. During spring it is cooler and rainy. In the summertime, the maximum temperature is around 22.5oC. Considering summer weather conditions, between June and September is the best season to visit Amasra. September and November are relatively cooler, but depending on your preferences that can be good option, as well.  

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +90
  • Amasya Area Code: 358
  • Airport Contact: +90 358 535 10 16
  • Emergency Line: 155 (Police), 112 (Ambulance)
  • Airport Shuttle Service: +90 0 553 177 8505 / +90 536 8816094

Amasya history goes back to 7000 years. Therefore, it is possible to see the influences of varied civilizations in the city culture. Museums, tombs, hamams, mosques, the castle, and the natural beauties of the city are the main city attractions.  

You can visit Amasya Travel Guide for more information.  


How to find a cheap Amasya flight ticket?

There are many opportunities to buy cheap tickets. Generally, weekday tickets are cheaper than weekend tickets. At the beginning and end of the seasons, the tickets are cheaper too. If you are a Pegasus frequent passenger, you can catch good deals for cheap tickets. Pegasus campaigns provide low-cost tickets frequently, as well.

Pegasus Bolbol membership allows you to gain several advantages, including cheap tickets.

Why should I visit Amasya?

The city’s rich history and natural beauties are enough to visit this cute city. There are many places to see and learn about history. 

What is the best season to visit Amasya?

Although you can visit the city any time of the year, if you prefer warmer days, then the best time of the year is between June and September to visit Amasra.

How long should I stay in Amasya?

On average, 2 days will be enough to visit this small city. 

Is there a travel card for tourists in the city?

No there is not. 

Is Amasya a safe city?

Amasya is a considerably safe city. It has the 23rd lowest crime rate amongst Turkey`s 81 cities. 

Is Amasya an expensive city?

No, Amasya is not an expensive city. It is a cheap small city in Turkey. 

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