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Best Flight Deals to Baghdad


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Airport of arrival: Baghdad International Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Baghdad: 3 hours
Flight time from Ankara to Baghdad: 2 hours 30 minutes

The Republic of Iraq is famous for being the heart of many civilizations rooted in Mesopotamia. Baghdad is the capital and the largest city in Iraq. It became the commercial, cultural, and intellectual center of the Arab world. The city was called “The City of Peace” back in time. Because of its multicultural and multireligious environment, it was also named " Learning Center".  

You can find cheap and affordable tickets to Baghdad via Pegasus.

There are direct flights to Istanbul from Baghdad. Also, there are national and international connection flights via Istanbul.  

About the Airport

Baghdad International Airport is 16 km away from the city center.  

Baghdad International Airport

Baghdad International Airport was opened in 1982 under the name of Saddam International Airport. In 2003, the name has changed to Baghdad International Airport. The airport is used for military and civil purposes. There are two main terminals: Military terminal and Civil terminal. The civil terminal includes three terminals called Nineveh (A), Babylon(B), and Samara (C). It has a capacity of 7,5 million passengers annually. Besides the coffee shops, there are ATMs, banks, an airport hotel, prayer rooms, and a medical center.  

Transport from Baghdad International Airport to the City Center

There is a bus that connects the airport and the city. However, there is a lack of information about the details. There are shuttles provided by hotels, as well. The most comfortable, and secure way of transportation in Baghdad is a taxi or renting a car. Pegasus allows you to rent a car in advance by filling the blanks on the web site. Making your reservation in advance is the most convenient and secure way to reach Baghdad.  

Public Transport

Bus and metro are the main public transportation. However, pre-arranged transportation is common among visitors of Iraq, such as helicopters or armored buses or taxis.

In terms of accommodation in Baghdad, the international safe zone, which is called Green Zone is suggested. In this area, you can find varied hotel alternatives according to your budget. You can make your hotel reservation in advance via Pegasus. Hence, you can save money and time.  

The cuisine of Iraq presents a wide range of delicious food, such as kebaps, Masgouf – an Iraqi fish dish, Quzi – stuffed grilled lamb–, stuffed cabbage, and stuffed chicken breast.  

You can learn more about the gastronomy of city on the Baghdad Cuisine Guide.

In this section, you will find useful information about visiting Baghdad.  

About Visa

  • You have to apply Iraq Consulates or Embassies, to obtain your visa.
  • Fill the visa application form, and submit with two recent identical 5x5 cm front-view color photographs.
  • Your passport must be valid for six months.
  • You need to make your purpose of travel clear with a statement letter. Include your purpose, duration, host company or organizers.
  • Provide a phone number.
  • Once your application is approved (approximately in 15 business days) you are contacted by the authorities. Then you are required to send your passport via registered pre-paid mail with your visa fee. Visa fees change depending on your visa type.


Neighboring Cities

  • Felluce (56,4 km)
  • Karbala (88 km)
  • Kut (161 km)
  • Erbil (353 km)
  • Kermanshah – Iran (378 km)



Baghdad has a hot desert climate. Therefore, summers are hot and dry, and winters are mild. In the summer average, the maximum temperature is 44°C. In summer average temperatures are above 40°C. In winter average the maximum temperature is 18,7°C, while the minimum temperature is 4,2°C. In winter the coldest temperature can drop below 0°C. The highest temperature ever recorded is 52 °C. As a result, autumn and winters are the best seasons to visit Baghdad.  

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +964
  • Baghdad Area Code: 1
  • Airport Contact: + 964 0790 140 3537
  • Emergency Line: 104 (Police), 122 (Emergency)

You can visit varied touristic places in Baghdad, such as Hatra remainings, monuments (Iraqi culture monument, Al-Shaheed Monument), and museums (National Museum of Iraq, Baghdadi Museum). Also, there is an international film festival held in September.  

You can check Baghdad Travel Guide to learn more.


How to find cheap Baghdad flight ticket?

There are many ways to catch good deals to buy tickets. Unfavored seasons and weekday flight tickets are cheaper than the rest. Also, Pegasus provides discounted tickets frequently.

Moreover, Pegasus presents several campaigns via its BolBol program. If you are a member of BolBol, you start earning points. Using your membership with the collaborated companies help you to gain more points. Pegasus BolBol Touristica is another campaign that allows you to get points, while you spend money. The more you spend, the more you earn. Besides, if you are using the mobile site of Pegasus, you multiply your points. If you keep following Pegasus announcements, you can buy cheap tickets easily.

Why should I visit Baghdad?

It is the capital of Iraq and also hosted many civilizations during history. These can be the main reasons to visit Baghdad.

Can I take photos in Baghdad?

Yes, you can take photos of most of the things as soon as you respect local traditions. Moreover, you have to regard the military and security checkpoints. Asking permissions eases this process.

What is the ideal season to visit Baghdad?

Autumn and winter periods are the ideal seasons to visit Baghdad.

How long should I stay in Baghdad?

Depending on your activities, a minimum of two days will be enough.

Is there a travel card for tourists in the city?

No, there is no travel card for tourists.

Is Baghdad a safe city?

Traveling in the Green Zone is relatively safe. Security concerns are still high due to wartime instability and uncertainty.

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