Istanbul - Baghdad Flight Tickets

It's possible to reach Baghdad, whichs is the capital of Iraq, after a 2 hour and 20 minutes long flight. Moreover, you can start living that excitement by purchasing economical flight tickets to Baghdad from Pegasus.

Baghdad International Airport, which is biggest airport of the country, is located on the west of the city. You can reach the city center after a short journey of 16 km. We should mention that you generally need to use taxi while going to the city center from the airport or going around the city. Baghdad, where public transportation hasn't been developed, taxis compensate this lack. It won't be hard to find a taxi right when you leave the terminal. Since Baghdad taxis don't have taximeters, we recommend you to ask for a price beforehand and let us mention that they are open to bargains. Also, don't be surprised if someone who goes to the same direction with you offers to use the taxi you have, it's very common to share a taxi in Baghdad.

Another transportation alternative in Baghdad is renting a car. You can take help from the offices that are in service in Baghdad International Airport or complere the process of rentin a car on right after your ticket purchace.

Shopping in Baghdad

Gifts, spices, copper kitchen items, rugs... It won't be hard at all to find a shopping place in Baghdad. In addition to shopping centers like Al Mansur Mall and Maximall, tiny shops you'll frequently see on side streets are alsi great spots to shop. Let us count all the places which will help you get to know Baghdad better and have a plenty of shopping.


Muntaner Street

Every single woman who comes to Baghdad sets foot on Muntaner Street because this place offers really rich alternatives in terms of clothing and cosmetics.


Rashid Street

Once you've come all the way to Baghdad, you can't go back without buying spices that will add flavour to your foods and make you feel as if you're in Baghdad when you're at home. The best place for spice shopping is Rashid Street.


Folklore Centre

If you want to surprise your friends or family, we definitely recommend you to stop by Folklore Centre for very beautiful handmade items.


Coppersmiths’ Market

In this place, where you can buy handmade copper items, you can also get information about this art.


Clothiers Souq

If you want to have a handmade rug which is the first thing that comes to mind when one says Baghdad, Clothiers Souq is the right address.

Although you don't need to spare a big budget for accommodation in Baghdad, what determines the amount is basically where you stay. You can accommodate in a hotel, pension or daily rented rooms. Meet the places you can stay in the city and don't forget to make reservations before you go.


Shanashel Palace Hotel

Shanashel Palace Hotel, which is pointed out as one of the best hotels of Baghdad and offers many services from dry cleaning to laundry, will also steal your heart with its foods and affordable prices.

Alnidhal St., 10069, Baghdad


Rukn Kahramana Baghdad

It's possible to reach many historical spots easily from this hotel which offers a fresh atmosphere with its stylish lightning and brightly colored decoration.

Kahramana Courtyard, 10068, Baghdad


Cristal Grand Ishtar Hotel

If you want to accommodate in an place which will create an envy in kings and queens in Baghdad which is the cradle of civilizations, Cristal Grand Ishtar Hotel will provide you that. Moreover, it's guaranteed that you'll enjoy the city to the fullest with a view of the Tigris River.

Al Sa’adoun St., 00964, Baghdad


Royal Tulip Alrasheed Hotel

This hotel that is located in Green Zone, which is known as the safest area of Baghdad, can make you have a fresh and peaceful holiday that is filled with activities.

Green Zone, 08070, Baghdad


Babylon Warwick Hotel

The hotel which will win your heart with its magnificent looks will add up to your love with its green open areas, delicious restaurants, amazing view and facilities and carve its name into your memory to become your home in Baghdad.

Al Jaderiya, 99999, Baghdad

Food and Drink in Baghdad

The Middle Eastern cuisine will be on your table with all its deliciousness in Baghdad. You'll frequently see the traces of the Lebanese cuisine in the city. The most delicious versions of meat, vegetable and pastry are waiting for you in Baghdad.


The delicacies you should definitely try in Baghdad are:


-Biryani Kebab



In addition to Iraq cuisine, you can also find restaurants that serve world cuisine in the city. Here are the Baghdad restaurants which serves tastes you'll love: 

Saj Al-Reef Restaurant

Saj Al-Reef Restaurant, which serves impressive tastes of the Middle Eastern cuisine, also amke pizzas that are no less than Italian pizzas. It's a cosy and sweet spot to eat.

62th St., 62, Baghdad


Beston Sammad

You can try the most special tastes of Iraq in this restaurant that will draw your attention with its blue door and beautiful outer lightning. We especially recommend their meat dishes.

14 Rammadan St., Baghdad



Fast-food restoranı olarak size tanımlayabileceğimiz Dojo’s, which we can describe as a fast-food restaurant, will make you forget all the fast-food restaurants you've ever been and write its name at the top of the list.

14th of July St., 228, Baghdad


Mazaya Restaurant

The atmosphere and high quality service of this restaurant, which is famous for delicious Middle Eastern dishes as well as amazing sandwiches, will amaze you.

Al Mansour, Baghdad



If you need a light dessert after a decent meal in Baghdad, head to Alfaqma without any second thoughts. The best ice-cream of Baghdad is made here.

14 Rammadan St., Baghdad

Country Code: +964

Ambulance: 122

Fire: 112115

Police: 112104

Baghdad International Airport: +964 1 813 2467

Places to Visit in Baghdad

In Baghdad, which is one of the historically important cities, places that needs to be seen will make you have a satisfying time. Islamic works, buildings that haven't lost their value after hundreds of years and palaces... Spots that doesn't submit to wars that come and go and witness the history will tell you about Baghdad.


Iraq National Museum

Iraq National Museum where you can have information about the rich history of Mesopotamia and there are more than 170.000 works inside will amaze you.

Corner of Nasir and Qahira St., Baghdad


Umm al-Quara Mosque

Umm al-Quara Mosque, which is one of the most striking religious buildings of Baghdad with its blue mosaics and 4 domes, will once again prove the uniqeness of Baghdad.

Al-Adel Area, Baghdad


Kazimeyn Mosque

Kazimeyn Mosque, which brings color to Baghdad and draws many tourists with its golden domes and interesting architecture, will be in front of you as a product of Baghdad's rich architectural understanding.

Kadhumyia, Baghdad


Martyr's Monument

This monument which has been dedicated to soldiers became martyrs in Iraq-Iran War, carries the characteristics of the Abbasid architecture and is constructed on an artificial lake is one of the places that will make your Baghdad trip much more pleasant with its museum, library and cafes where you can relax.

Rasafa, Baghdad


El-Mustansıriyya University (The Abbasid Palace)

This building which is a gift from the period of Abbasids, has managed to stand even after the Mongolian incursion. You'll have a quick journey to the most glamourous years of Baghdad in the Abbasid Palace, which was built in the 13th century and is used as a university building at the moment.

Safi Al Din Al Hilli St., Baghdad


Zawra Park

Zawra Park, is one of the spots that will make you have a nice time with the zoo, entertainment park and green areas in it.

July 14th Boulevard, Baghdad



It's not that possible to say that Baghdad has a nightlife. Places that were closed due to war haven't been opened yet for safety reasons. That's why we can say that calm nights are waiting for you in the city.

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