Istanbul - Copenhagen Flight Tickets

You've reached Kopenhagen Airport with the most advantageous prices of Pegasus. You have many means to reach the city. If you prefer taking one of the taxis that wait outside of Terminal 1-2-3, you'll have to pay what's written on the taximeter. Be ready, it's mostly expected from you to pay with a credit card, not cash.

The trains that wait for you one floor up from the baggage control point reach the farthest point of Copenhagen in 15 minutes. Subway trains take off in every 4-6 minutes during the day and every 15-20 minutes at night. It takes 15 minutes from Nørreport, which is one of the main train stations, to reacht the airport. You can buy tickets – one-timers, daily or 72-hour tickets if your going to stay long and use public transportation– on You are expected to pay twice between 1am - 5 am for using public transportation late at night.

For rental cars, you can reserve the most suitable car for you on Taxis have 3 different tariffs in Copenhagen and they are quite expensive. That's why it'll be probably more economical to rent a car if you want to go around the city as you like. 

Copenhagen is a city where you can go everywhere by bicycle. You'll see city bikes around like in Paris or Brussels but most of them are broken. That's why we recommend you to rent them from bicycle shops. Here are the addresses:

Københavns Cykelbørs

Gothersgade 157

Tel.: +45 3314 0717



There are speed bikes or mountain bikes for all sizes of budgets.

Ingerslevsgade 80

Turesensgade 10


Copenhagen Card!

If you're one of those who spend a whole day to museums, we recommend you to obtain a Copenhagen Card.

Shopping in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has more alternatives for shopping than other cities of Denmark. However, you shouldn't forget that shopping is very expensive in Denmark like it is in any other Scandinavian country.


Urban Outfitters, Lego, COS, Nørgaard, Agent Provacateur stores are very popular in Stroget which is known as the biggest shopping street of the city. This area, where Illum shopping center is also located, is very lively. The street is filled with designers, boutiques and cafes which are located side by side all along Frederiksberggade, Nygade, Vimmelskaftet, Amagertorv and Østergade. It's another pleasure to sit on any chair you find and watch people come and go.



You'll find many shops for designer products, clothes, home accessories and jewelleries on Istergate Street in Vesterbro. Take a look at Danish design products for your kitchen in Girlie Hurly. If you want melamine dishware, your brand should be Merci; if you like porcelain, you should go for Green Gate. If you like vinyls and coffee, you'll see many options in Sort Kaffe & Vinyl. If you're still here in the evening, a dinner at Dyrehaven in Istergate Street followed by a cold drink can be a nice end to a day.


Henrik Vibskov

He designs clothes or both women and men. He includes many other brands in addition to his designs in his store. Either Uslu Airlines nail polishes or Peter Jensen's book "Muses" can be found on his shelves.[1] 

Krystalgade 6

Tel: +45 3314 6100


Wood Wood

This boutique, which has special and hand-picked products of Adidas, Comme des Garçons, Clarks, Common Projects, Head Porter and many other brands, should be seen even only for the beauty of the shop.

Krystalgade 7

Tel: +45 3393 6264



This is boutique where you feel in good hands when you see the style of its owner. She talks about Bows as "We brought all the brands and collections we've seen and liked while travelling all around the world but couldn't find in Copenhagen brought with us and brought together!". The store's designs is as good as the collections.

Studiestræde 51

Tel: +4533125151

Accommodation in Copenhagen

Although it's possible for students and adventurous people to accommodate for cheap, luxurious alternatives are much more common. However, there are also some accommodation alternatives that will please those who are looking for economical options.


Hotel D’Angleterre

Karen Blisen suit in this 300 year old hotel, which is located near the shopping street Strøget and Royal Palace and Theatre, has been chosen as the most romantic room Denmark. It's famous all around the world with its spa that has marble baths in each room.

Kongens Nytorv 34

Tel: +45 3312 0095


The Phoenix

The harp sound, which welcomes you in the hotel lobby, has spread to the overall atmosphere of the hotel. Almost all of the rooms have special hot tubs.

Bredgade 37

Tel: +45 3395 9500


Skt Petri

In this hotel, which has been designed in a minimal and modern style in line with the Northern life, First Lady rooms with magazines, make-up products and an advanced security system is waiting for you if you are a woman who is travelling alone.

Krystalgade 22

Tel: +45 33 45 91 00


Kong Arthur

A place that is designed according to the Danish approach of design and has 4 nice resaturants, childcare services, a spa and rental car opportunities in it.

Nørre Søgade 11

Tel: +45 33 11 12 12


Front Hotel

If you manage to get one of the rooms that see the sea of Front Hotel, which is a wonder of modern design, you may not want to leave your room ever.

Sankt Annæ Plads 21

Tel: +45 3313 3400


Imperial Hotel

This hotel that is behind glasses near Copenhagen Train Station is the right alternative for those who want to have a comfortable stay in he city center.

Vester Farimagsgade 9

Tel: +45 33 12 80 00


Generator Hostel

A wonderfully designed hostel that offers a cosmopolitan life in the middle of the city. Germans, Australians, music bands from Montreal and travellers put this place at the top of the lists of places to stay in Copenhagen. 

Adelgade 5-7

Tel: +45 7877 5400



You are invited a drink just at the reception during your check-in process. There are free sheets, internet and laundry, in case you need to wash your clothes.

H.C. Andersens Boulevard 50

+45 3311 8585



This hotel where breakfast is also included in the prices is both cheap and a work of design. They also make discounts for online reservations.

Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 11

Tel: +45 4480 0000


Sleep in Heaven

As the name implies, you're in heaven. White sheets on your bed, a billiard table in the lobby, where young people from all around the world hang out and free wi-fi. You'll feel the unbearable lightness of being waken up by the sun pouring into your room.

Struenseegade 7

Tel: +45 3535 4648


Hotel Jorgensen

This is not a hostel but if you don't want to share your bathroom, bedroom and life, this is one of the most affordable options you'll find in this expensive city.

Rømersgade 11

Tel: +45 33 13 81 86

Food and Drink in Copenhagen

Seafoods, potatoes cooked in countless ways and open sandwiches known as smørrebrød are the most popular foods in Northern countries. We've investigated and wrote what and where to eat in Copenhagen at different times of the day.


The Laundromat Café

In this Norrebro cafe, you'll be enjoying a breakfast plate comprised of saussages, potatoes, yoghurt with honey, pineapples, cheese, watermelon and bread while sharing the space with people who are doing their laundries,

Århusgade 38

Tel: +45 3555 6020

Elmegade 15

Tel: +45 3535 2672



You should order a milkshake the moment you get seated. 50's and 60's blues sound is spreading into the restaurant from the music set. Their breakfast plates prepared with fresh fruits, sweet yoghurt, honey and granola are unequalled.

Værnedamsvej 4

Tel: +45 3325 0080


Bang & Jensen

Here, everything is prepared according to your demands. You mark items like tomatoes, fruits, the kind of cheese you want, bread type or the cooking style of your egg on papers that are handed out to you and your plate comes to your table in 15 minutes.

Istedgade 130

Tel: +45 3325 5318



Whether for brunch or a dinner, you'll be very pleased with their menu. Make sure you eat a plate from the salad bar with endless sorts of ingredients and a pizza that is baked in wood-fired ovens of Mother. This place is also a bit expensive like almost everywhere in Copenhagen.

Høkerboderne 9-15

Tel: +45 2227 5898


Ida Davidsen

This is one of the most sophisticated spots for Nothern Europe's sandwich tradition, which is also known as ingredients put on bread. Either try creme cheese, salmon, onion and dill combination on rye bread, or the one with tomatoes, radish and melted cheese. Tens of kinds of smørrebrød are waiting for you.

Store Kongensgade 70

Tel: +45 33 91 36 55


Harry’s Place

If you are saussage enthusiast, you are at the right address. You shouldn't break the tradition of 150 gr of Børge with chocolate milk. We guarantee that you'll be pleased with its taste. 

Ndr Fasanvej 269



In Ammaann, you can have 4 slices of smørrebrød prepared with the ingredients of your choice put in a box or make reservation in its restaurant, which has a dinner menu mostly comprised of fish, for a more sophisticated meal.

Øster Farimagsgade 10

Tel: +45 3555 3344



This is the hometowm of the traditional dessert called Snegl, which is prepared by being twisted up like a snake and has butter and cinnamon in it. And of many other delicacies...

Amerikavej 21

Tel: T: +45 72 14 47 00



In this restaurant, which has been listed as the best restaurant of the world for many times and has been representing the Northern Europe's cuisine in the simplest way, the waiting lists are prepared months earlier. Although the restaurant is very expensive, it's worth living this experience.

Strandgade 93

Tel: +45 3296 3297



In this modern fish restaurant,you should order oysters for the starters and then taste the fish hunted from the Northern seas. Don't go there for lunch because they start serving at 5.30 pm.

Flæsketorvet 100

Tel: +45 32155656



Beefs, burgers that have 200 gr of meat, delicatessen plates for those who don't want to stray from classics and many more are waiting for you in this restaurant. If you don't have a chance to eat a dinner in Sult, at least make it to their brunch sessions.

Vognmagergade 8

Tel: +45  33 74 34 17


Paté Paté

You should definitely stop by here for slowly cooked and slowly eaten farm foods.

Slagterboderne 1

Tel. +45 39 69 55 57


Bio Mio

In this kitchen, where food are prepared with organic products, you are asked to get a number first and then sit at the table you're shown after giving your order. Especially vegetarian foods, noodles made of tofu and salads are delicious.

Halmtorvet 19

Tel: +45 33 31 20 00



They have three different locations. Tivilo is traditional; Bistro-de-luxe cooks modern Danish foods; and Madklubben Steak functions as a meat restaurant. No matter which one you choose, it's guaranteed that you'll be very pleased. However, we recommend Bistro-de-luxe for a more sophisticated Copenhagen experience. You can eat modernized versions of more traditional and old recipes in Frankie's Kokken, which belongs to the same group, or eat handmade pastas of which taste you won't be able to forget, in Tony's.


Rex Republic

We can call it the best meat restaurant of Copenhagen or even Denmark. Order a nice chopsteak or veal without losing any time with entrees. Potatoes, vegetables and sauces that are served on the side will double the taste of the meal.

Blegdamsvej 106

Tel: +45 35 55 66 14

Country code: +45

Police, ambulance, fire: 112

Doctor emergency: 70130041

Dentist emergency: 35380251

Places to Visit in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the cities that have tourists from everywhere in the world. The most suitable seasons to visit this city are spring and summer. If you're going to travel to Copenhagen in the months of fall or winter, we recommend you to take your thick clothes with you.


Tivoli Gardens

The entrance to Tivoli Gardens, which is the carnival area at the heart of the city, is free for kids younger than 7 years old. There is not only a huge amusement park but also good restaurants, more than 160.000 flowers, ice-cream sellers, gift shops, theatres and lakes inside.


Den Lille Havfrue

This mermaid figure no higher than 20 cm, is Copenhagen's symbol and a tragic heroine of one of Christian Andersen's fairy tales. Once you've come all this way to Copenhagen, you need to see it.


Rosenborg Slot

This castle, that has been built as the summer house of Christian IV and looks like a part of the fairy lands, now exhibits kings' crowns. You should also visit its marble hall which has all the glory of the Baroque period.

Øster Voldgade 4A



If you want to lay in beaches, listen to music and get your share from the sun that shows itself from time to time, you'll be in Amager for the 3 week long summer. 


Amalienborg Slotsplads

These 4 Rococo palaces, that had been built around an octagonal area by the architect Nicolai Eigtved in 1750s, used to be the houses of princes. Nowadays, it's open to public as Amalienborg Museum.


This is Europe's oldest and still used observation tower that has been constructed in 1642. When you climb up the spirally designed building and reach the top, you'll see an amazing view.

Købmagergade 52A


Christiansborg Palace

If you want to learn more about the history of Denmark, we recommend you to take part in the vocal or guided tours in Christiansborg Palace, which is open only between 11 am - 3 pm.

H. C. Anderesens Boulvard

Tel: +45 33 95 42 00


Louisiana Museum

Go to København V. Take the Louisiana Museum train which passes in every 20 minutes and costs 103 kronos. 35 minutes later, you'll be in Louisiana Museum of Modern Art which will steal your heart with its temporary exhibitions if not with its collection and where you can drink something facing the Northern seas. If you wish, you can reach Malmö, in other words Sweden, after a 30 minute long journey to the opposite side, as long as you buy your tickets beforehand.


V1 Gallery

If you're looking for a modern art area, this is a gallery you need to explore. Located in the Kodbyen area, where former slaughterhouses have turned into living spaces, this gallery, where even OBEY, who has made campaign posters of Obama, has an exhibition, is a popular location in indie culture.

Flæsketorvet 69


Neighourhoods of Copenhagen

Christiania: Taking photos and having arguments are not allowed in Christiania, which is also known as the autonomous hippi republic. Its real locals support themselves by selling durable handmade bicycles to the world.


Dragør: Dragør, which is in the South of the city, is a city of Middle Ages dating back to the 16th century. If you want to see something historical, we recommend you to walk through its roads with cobblestone pavements.


Nyhavn: There is also Royal Theatre in Nyhanv, which is the neighbourhood of the city's good restaurants, rich houses and stylish people.


Slotsholmen: This are is the center of the parliament, The Royal Library and Thorvaldsen Museum.


Vesterbro: There are many stores to explore all along Istedgade Street in Vesterbro, which has been recently developing due to investors buying old buildings and turning into a neighbourhood of hip cafes, artists and musicians.


Kodbyen: This area, which used to belong to slaughterhouses, is known as the area of galleries, restaurants and night clubs.



It's possible to say that Copenhagen's nightlife is quite lively. Parties that start at Thursday evenings get faster and wilder on weekends. Also, there are many alternatives for those who want to have a calm evening by getting seated at a fancy place and sipping their drinks.


Bar 7

This place, which creates the impression that you're in a sophisticated home part every night with dark hardwood floors, invite you to bury yourself in their comfortable couches.

Studiestræde 7,

Tel: +45 32 111 7712028



In this bar, which needs to be seen especially by those who like Nothern design, furnitures are chosen in line with their motto, which is eclectic, modern and minimal. The place, which is very good at cocktails, is one of the spots locals visit before they hit the clubs.

Nørre Farimagsgade 41

Tel: +45 33 32 00 61



Bar, restaurant, gallery... This is one of latest places that are opened by Jeppe Hein. If you go there on a saturday or sunday, you'll find yourself among sophisticated and dancing people.

Flæsketorvet 57

Tel: +45 33 21 55 09


Kung Fu İzaka

The only thing that distracts you from the idea that you are in a bar located in Japan is the modern Copenhagen design. 

Sundevedsgade 5

Tel: +45 3331 8409



Rumor has it that this cocktail bar, which is located in a garden and opens at 4 pm, is the best in Copenhagen.

Gammel Strand 42



There is no age, race, sex or religion distinction in this club where you can find DJ sets mostly comprised of minimal sounds of North or you can explore new bands on the stage.

Enghavevej 40

Tel: +45 3326 0940/54


Culture Box

In this place where DJ's create wonders with their turntables, it's guaranteed to have fun.

Kronprinsessegade 54

Tel: +45 3332 5050



The only destination of Copenhagen locals' in summer. There is an electronic music sound inside and a lounge music atmosphere outside, by the water.

Refshalevej 325

Tel: +45 7027 0296



Global is the meeting point of dancers.

Nørre Allé 7

Tel: +45 50 58 08 41


The Lot

This is a restaurant at early hours and after that, a night club that plays house and electro. It's closed at 3 am on weekends.

Pilestræde 12A

Tel:+45 3312 8012


Kodborne 18

Minumal techno, house and electro sounds come from this place, which is a former butcher's shop.

Kødboderne 18

Tel: +45 33313933


Celebrities of Copenhagen

The most famous celebrities whose names are mentioned with Copenhagen are top model Helena Christensen, director Lars von Trier, writer Dan Turèll, philospoher Søren Kierkegaard; the chef of the world's number one Nome restaurant René Redzepi, indie rock band Efterklang; DJ Trentemøller and Hans Christian Andersen who is known for his book Andersen's Fairy Tales.

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