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Dortmund Travel Guide

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Dortmund, the seventh largest city of Germany, will get your praise with its tremendous culture, lively economy and a huge port fortrading. You will encounter thousands of Borussia fans around, as the city is known to be the home of Borussia Dortmund, a challenging football club in the Premier League. Take the chance of exploring why you should add Dortmund to your top holiday destinations list.

General Information




Bundesland North-Rhine Westphalia


280.71 km2



Average Temperature:

+10.3 degrees C

Climate Zone:

Temperate climate zone having oceanic climate effects

GMT Difference:

UTC +1 (CET)

UTC +2 (CEST) (Summer time)

Phone Code:

(+49) 0231

ISO 3166 Code:




Plug Type:


Driving side:


Postal Code:


Car Plate:




Best time to visit Dortmund

Dortmund, a German city with an elevation of only 86 meters, reflects the smothered features of continental climate. This makes the city available for long walking and sightseeing tours during all seasons. There are a lot of places to visit in Dortmund, so you can plan more than just a short trip.The sub-oceanic climate features will refresh you in mid-July and August while chilly winter will allow you to move without a cold bite. The best time to visit Dortmund will fall between May and September just as in coastal regions. Do not miss the chance to attend one of Dortmunders’ music days. You can book your Dortmund flight to enjoy these festivals:

  • Mayday Electronic Music Festival on 30th April 2024
  • Stone Techno Festival on 12 - 14 July 2024
  • Kitball Day and Night Festival on 17 August 2024.

How to get to Dortmund?

Based on a history dating back to 888 AD, Dortmund still holds the pride of being an ¨Imperial City¨. It is located on the northern banks of the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region in Westphalia. In fact, this commercially and culturally worthy city is accessible via domestic and international flights. You can plan your Germany trip by a direct flight to Dortmund from Istanbul, which will take you there in 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Dortmund is a neighbor to large-scale cities. Bochum is at an 18-km distance, Essen is at 31 km and Oberhausen is at 42 km. It is easy to get to major hubs of Germany from Dortmund. You can get to Düsseldorf in 1 hour and 16 minutes (70 km.), to Köln in 1 hour 26 minutes (94 km.) and Hannover in 2 hours 28 minutes (211 km.). You can search for cheap flights to Dortmund if you plan a trip to the Netherlands and Belgium as the city is very close to the land border. After a flight to Dortmund, you can transfer to Eindhoven with a 2-hour bus ride and to Antwerp by a 2-hour-52-minute drive. Express trains certainly will save your time and budget.

Transportation from Dortmund Airport to City Center

Still growing in capacity, Dortmund Airport becomes the fourth largest air hub in the North-Rhine Westphalia region. When you arrive in the terminal, you can get on either Airport Express or Airport Shuttle to get to downtown. Airport Express bus will lead you to Dortmund Central Station in a non-stop order. If you take the Airport Shuttle, you will change to the S-Bahn at the Holzwickede Station. The bus ride usually takes 25 minutes.

Public Transport in Dortmund

Similar to major cities in Germany, Dortmund has a highly equipped transport system operated by VRR. You can use metro, S-Bahn, tram and bus composition while traveling to urban and suburban locales. In order to get on regional and national railway lines, you should go to Dortmund Hauptbahnhof, which is the main train station in the city center.

Places to visit in Dortmund

You will be astonished to see so many historic and modern places to visit in Dortmund. Be aware that the city is a reflection of well-blended milestones. If you are curious about where to visit in Dortmund, we can give you some hints for the best sightseeing spots.

  • Dortmunder U: Join a tour to explore how a former brewery became the city’s symbol. The letter U reminiscing about the Dortmund Union was constructed in 1968 before it was transformed into a cultural complex. Within the complex, you can visit the Ostwall Museum and learn more about renowned paintings.
  • Reinoldikirche and Marienkirche: Get into these oppositely situated 900-year-old counterparts to embrace the soul of oldest churches in the region. Spend time enjoying Romanesque and Gothic elements of the architecture.
  • Deutsches Fussball Museum: Visit this futuristic building to see why Dortmunders are great fans of football and how the German national team had four World Cups.
  • Altes Stadthaus: Walk into the Historic City Hall to see the elegant facade and the interior design reflecting Neo Renaissance style. You can see the Great Eagle, the symbol of Dortmund, dominating the hall.

Where to stay in Dortmund

Accommodation in Dortmund is relatively cheaper when you go to the outskirts of the city. For short stays, you can consider booking a hostel or a budget hotel near the Stadium. If you are in need of a well-equipped room, you can look for luxury hotels in the center. For more information and reservations, visit Pegasus hotel reservation page.

What to Eat in Dortmund?

Dortmund cuisine is rich for its fruits, Westphalian broth and beef-filled recipes. You can try Stroberger Pflaume, which is a small and watery plum that originated in southern France. The plum variety is called ¨Golden Blue¨ due to its appetizing color. Nieheim cheese should be an appetizer for you if you taste it with local drinks. This sour and a bit spicy cheese has a ripened, and long-remaining flavor. A typical Westphalian course should include Pfefferpotthast. You can try this stewed and fried meat dish with Westphalian crumbled broth. Do not skip Brückstrasse without trying their budget restaurants.

What to Buy in Dortmund?

Shopping in Dortmund will make you satisfied with luxury jewelry, branded watches, designer costumes and local food as souvenirs. You can find small shops for local varieties, food and fruits in Alter Markt. If you prefer global brands, walk away.to Kleppingstasse and Vİktoriastrasse. For artists’ hand-made products, you should wander around Brückstrasse..

Things to Know Before Visiting Dortmund

Dortmund is a perfect combination of rural and industrial culture. Do you know that Dortmund has a history of establishing one of the first coal industries in the country? Being the largest industrial zone in Rhine-Ruhr, Dortmund is famous for steel, automobile and mining production. During your stay, you can drink tap water safely as its quality is certified for its quality. The downtown is secure for singles even at night. Thus, you can have your night walks freely, of course avoiding dark and narrow side avenues.

Nightlife in Dortmund

Dortmund is not a unique city but it deserves attention for its entertainment facilities. Nightlife is energy-bumping in the Stadt Dortmund area where tens of cafes, cocktail bars and jazz pubs are nestled. You can enjoy contemporary dancing trends at dance clubs and discos. Book your seat to enjoy music with the accompaniment of panorama at the top of Dortmunder U Tower.

Essential Phone Numbers

If you need help on medical and security issues, you can dial these numbers:

  • Ambulance: 112
  • Police and Rescue: 110

Flights to Dortmund will be an affordable option if you would like to travel to the northern and western parts of Germany or to Belgium and the Netherlands. Check Pegasus offers for the best time to visit.

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