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Istanbul - Milan Flight Tickets

There are three airports in Milan. Bergamo Airport, which is located 45 km away from the city center and Pegasus Airport lands at,  is a good choice among them.


Your journey to Milan with Pegasus Airlines takes approximately 2 hours. There are bus and train options to reach the city center from the airport. Even though bus is a better option in terms of time management since train requires transfer, it still takes around an hour to reach the city center. If you're on a trip with family or a group of friends, renting a car on will be a more economical and comfortable option.


When it comes to transportation within the city, you can easily reach almost everywhere by metro or tramway thanks to its 3 main metro lines. Metro and tramway guides you can obtain from tourist offices are enough to help you with that.

Shopping in Milan

Shopping is a must in the capital of fashion. It may not be possible to hold yourself in the face of countless options and great designs anyway. Fashion lovers won't want to leave Via della Spiga, Via Manzoni and Monte Napoleone streets, which are home to big brands like Prada and Armani.


In addition to very famous and highly expensive brands, there are many boutiques and vintages stores which are much more affordable but never short on quality. Although Milan's fashion goes hard on budgets, even walking through these streets, watching windows and breathing this air are enough.



Armani has a multi-floored complex on Via Montenapoleone, which is a street with fancy stores. There are different sections from a night club to a restaurant, a boutique to a bookstore in it.

Via Crocerossa 2


10 Corso Como

It's one of the most popular boutiques in Milan, even in the world. It's not "only a boutique", it's comprised of clothing, book, home sections, a restaurant and a boutique hotel. Not being very expensive but also not giving up on its uniqueness in desing, 10 Corso Como is one of Milan's most liked places.

10 Corso Como


Corso Como Street

This street is a charming place which is home to bohemian boutiques and a pioneer of conceptual stores. All the stores have windows and products created by successful designers. Don't feel like you have to do shopping in great amounts, watching windows also turns into a great pleasure.



In Milano, which is home to the biggest brands, you can also find stylish but not too expensive options apart from luxury stores. This is a region where there are many boutiques and antique stores lined side by side along the river. It feels good to leave luxurious and dazzling atmosphere of Milan and get into the natural, sincere and warm atmosphere of Navigli.

Accommodation in Milan

There are many accommodation alternatives in Milan, which is one of the most frequently visited cities of Europe. There are options for all kinds of budgets and needs like hotels, boutique hotels, hostels and apartment hotels. Milan is a visually fascinating city. Make sure that you choose a place that will not ruin this fascination and help you live Milan in every sense.


Hotel Bernina

The hotel, that is 5 minutes away from the city center, pleases its guests with its hygiene and quality. It's one of the best places you can stay in Milan. Even though it's not really an economical option, its quality deserves its price.

Via Napo Torriani, 18


The Gray

A luxurious boutique hotel that is in the city center, close to shopping places and nice restaurants and has clean and comfortable rooms and bathrooms.

Via San Raffaele, 6


Hotel Dateo

It's an average centrally located 2 star hotel that will make you fell comfortable. It's great location and affordable prices are reasons to choose it. It has a warm and comfy atmosphere.

Viale Piceno, 33, 20129



This is a hostel which is not far from the center but allows you to enjoy quietness in a crowded city. It's a good option for those who seek a wamr atmosphere.

Via Ozieri, 20129


Zebra Hostel

If you need a simple and comfortable place as a backpacker, this is the right place. Easy access to the city center is an advantage of this hostel.

Viale Regina Margherita, 9

Food and Drink in Milan

Milano welcomes you with the best style of Italian cuisine and many alternatives. There are many alternatives like Italian classics like crunchy pizzas with thin crusts and pastas with various kinds of sauces, traditional Milanese foods, snacks and fish products. Just decide where you want to start.


In Milan, lunches are eaten at places called trattoria, which are mostly managed by families and servetraditional Italian foods. You should definitely taste traditional delicacies like risotto or osso buco. Aperitivo, when starter drinks are consumed with canapés after work and before dinner at around 6 pm in a trattoria or bar, is an indispensable ritual for Milanese. It's possible to find many eating out options suitable to all kinds of budgets and tastes in Milan, which is homke to gourmet restaurants.


Alla Cucina delle Langhe

One of the most famous restaurants in the city center where you can find local tastes like pasta or pizza. Although its foods are delicious and service is high quality, it's not that expensive.

Corso Como, 6


Antica Trattoria della Pesa

This place, where you can find traditional Milanese foods, is a chic, attentive and a bit expensive choice.

Via Fantoni 26,


Trattoria Al Matarel

Being a typical trattoria, Al Matarel is a place where you can eat Osso Buco, which is a traditional delicacy, as it should be. Even though this place, where whoever visits leaves satisfied, has a high quality service it won't go hard on your budget.

Corso Garibaldi 75



This snack place, which has been in service for 150 years on Duomo Square, is a cute place which never strays from the high quality and tastes. Don't miss out on its delicious Panzerottis with tomatoes and mozarella cheese.

Via Santa Radegonda, 16

+39 02 8646 1917


Pasticieria Marchesi

In this city that is famous for its patisseries, the best one you'll find is Pasticieria Marchesi. It's the right address especially for warm and fresh breakfasts.

Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 11

+39 02 876730

Police and Emergency: 113

Carabinieri (Police): 112

Ambulance: 118

Fire: 115

Car Breakdown Service:116

Places to Visit in Milan

This city, where those who are interested in Italian culture and art will walk around in awe, will make its guests experience emotional moments. When amazing architecture meets the works of Renaissance artists, it becomes impossible to get bored while walking around the streets of Milan. Apart from important must-see places, there are many design wonders hidden in details in Milan, which is home to worldwide renown designers. Art galleries, boutique cafes and shops hidden in side roads are way too many to visit them all and they make you think that you have to come back to Milan for more.


Duomo Cathedral

It's Europe's 4th biggest cathedral, of which construction was started in 1386 and took 500 years. One needs to watch this visual feast both from inside and outside for a long time. It's in the top of the list of places to see in Milan. Starting your tour here will be a good welcome gift from Milan to you and it'll make it easier for you to feel closer to the city. It can be counted as the city center and it's very easy to reach everywhere from there.

Piazza del Duomo


La Scala Opera

Being one of the most famous operas of the world, La Scala is one of the most famous buildings of Milan and it's in walking distance to Duomo. You can't go to Milan and come back without watching an opera.

Via Filodrammatici, 2


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

It's a great gallery of which construction has been completed in 1877. It's claimed to be the oldest shopping center of the world. It draws attention with its glamourous style. There are stores of worldwide famous designers and luxurious stores like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton. This historical place, is one of the spots you need to see but the prices in stores will make you think twice before doing any shopping. 

Piazza del Duomo, 20123


The Last Supper

One of the most beautiful historical buildings in Milan is The Church of Santa Maria della Grazie and what makes it attractive is one if the most important artworks of the world, The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. You need to make an appointment to visit this artwork that attracts a lot of attention.

Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie, 2


Sforzesco Castle

The building that was commissioned by Sforzesco, an important family of Renaissance period, is the second most important symbol of Milan after Duomo. It's possible to visit this castle for free at certain days and hours to walk around in its yard, take a closer look at its architecture, see Pieta, which is Michelangelo's unfinished sculpture that has been protected by this family and watch its ceilings covered with Leonardo's drawings.

Piazza Castello, 3



Milan's nightlife is quite lively when you don't take the transportation problem into account. Nightlife of Milan is mostly concentrated in Corso Como. Even though it has an uncomfortable and shabby nightlife, places get too crowded and it sometimes becomes impossible to get in without a reservation.


Armani Bamboo Bar

It's a modern bar where you watch the amazing Duomo view of the city and night lights. Drawing attention with the elegance of its decoration, this is a high profile place where you can taste Milan's best cocktails and delicious snacks.

Via Manzoni 31 | 7th Floor of the Armani Hotel Milano


Blue Note

This place, which is one of the besy places to listen to jazz performances in Milan, is highly appreciated for its atmosphere and attentive staff. Blue Note, where you can also eat if you'd like, pleases its guests with the size of its stage and perfect sound system. It's a unique place where you can watch the world's best jazz musicians' live performances and have a pleasant time. 

Via Borsieri, 37


Ginger Cocktail Lab

This interesting place in Naviglu is an ideal place for delicious appetizers with different cocktails. Foods are also very delicious and high quality in this place which serves interesting spicey coctails and exotic tastes.

Via Ascanio Sforza, 21



Known as the club that reflects its creativity best to its guests, Plastic is said to be the best bar of Europe.

Via Gargano, 15



Gattopardo is one of Milan's night clubs. You don't need to pay entrance fee for this place, which has much more afforable prices, but you need to make reservations before you go. This club, that is located in an old building similar to a church, combines entertainment with a visual feast.

Via Piero della Francesca, 47

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