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We do not have Nevsehir flights for a while. If you want you can use flights to Kayseri then transfer to Nevsehir by land.


Cappadocia is famous for its fairy chimneys that draw the attention of both local and international tourists. If you haven't visited this amazing city before, we recommend you to go on right now and buy your ticket for one of the cheap flights to Cappadocia.

Pegasus' flights that take off from Sabiha Gokcen Airport land in Kayseri Erkilet Airport. We recommend you to rent a car the moment you step on the land since it's impossible to transport by walking or by bus here. You can visit the following link to rent the car that is most suitable for you:

If you want to go around in ATVs or go from one town to the other on a bicycle, you can rent alternative transportation means for a day from many local businesses.

Shopping in Nevsehir

When it comes to shopping in Cappadocia, you should know that you'll see portable stores in every touristic area you go. It's posiible to buy books or souvenirs about the region. However, if you're looking for special pieces, we recommend you to visit pottery studios in Avanos.

Gallery Cappadocia

You can see all stages of carpet production from coloration to weaving and buy whichever you want from thousands of carpets shown in 8 different halls in Gallery Cappadocia in Goreme.

Accommodation in Nevsehir

Accommodation alternatives in Cappadocia are suitable for many different tastes and budgets. However, we recommend authentic places that you can't find in anywhere else once you're already there.


Kayakapi, Urgup

Kayakapi is a Greek village which has a churhc and bath inside. The construction of this village, that is a UNESCO heritage, reveals a unique hotel at first sight. All of the rooms in the hotel are named after artisans that have lived there. Some of the rooms have saunas, Turkish baths and even pools. It's restaurant is open for breakfast and dinners.

Kayakapi Neighbourhood, Kuscular Street No.43

Tel: +90 (0384) 341 8877


Serinn House, Urgup

This minimally and modern designed hotel located in Cappadocia has 5 rooms created by Rifat Ergor.

Esbelli Street

Tel: +90 (0384) 341 6076


Aravan Evi, Urgup

The motto of Aravan, which has been managed as a boutique hotel by Yazgan family since 2002, is making you feel at home even when you're away from home. Foods of its restaurant, which faces the town named Ayvali, are delicious.

Afetevleri Neighbourhood, Ayvali Street

Tel: +90 0384 354 5838


Argos, Uchisar

Argos, constructed under the consultation of Turgut Cansever, sees Pigeon Valley from above. This authentic hotel is in service with 53 rooms in 6 different mansions in total.

Tel: +90  (0384) 219 31 30


Museum Otel, Uchisar

As the name implies, this museum is filled with the soul of a museum. Here, old cave houses have been decorated with rugs and antiques after being restored. You can take a walk in its ecological garden that is founded in walking distance to the hotel or get cooking lessons from Mustafa Buyukhan.

Goreme Street No.1

Tel: +90 (0384) 219 2220


Les Maisons de Cappadoce, Uchisar

Buildings that have been bought and restored by the French architect Jacques Avizou are designed in a way that is loyal to their originals. One of the houses, which have rooms for 2, 3 or 4 people, has a garden in front of it while some other surprise you with a vault. They have home delivery from the restaurants in the area, if you ask for it. 

Belediye Square No.6


Sira Otel, Uchisar

Ozkiran family, which is comprised of Levent, Doga and Ulku, who has worked as a guide and translator for more than 20 years, comes together with Yanki family, which is comprised of Filiz and Murat and they found Sira Otel. Would you like to have a breakfast with the view of Pigeon Valley after shopping from the bazaar in the morning? Then, you should reserve your room in Sira.

Tekelli Neighbourhood. Goreme Street. No.87

Tel: +90 384 219 30 37


Perimasali Cave Hotel, Mustafapasa

The building that dates back to the 19th century has been restored according to it original and put into use as a hotel. It's undoubtedly an interesting experience to stay in Mustafapasa where once Greek houses were located and bourgeoisie lived.

Sehit Aslan Yakar Str. No: 6

Tel: +90 384 3535090 


Gul Konaklari, Mustafapasa

This is a hotel whose yard will make you feel in 1900s, in Mustafapasa. Even if you don't stay in the hotel, you should make a dinner reservation for stuffed vine leaves and jug kebab.

Sumer Street

Tel: +90 (0384) 353 5486


Cappadocia Estates, Mustafapasa

This oasis created by Lale Aran is comprised of two mansions facing one another: Villa Sinasos and Villa Tulip. Its breakfasts are adored by not only hotel's customers but also Cappadocia visitors.

Vezir Street No.12

Tel: +90 (0216) 386 7623

Food and Drink in Nevsehir

Cappadocia is a tourism city that is famous for its delicious foods that must be tasted as much as its places to see. Here are the ones we've picked for you:


Muti, Urgup

Whoever you ask in Urgup, they'll point out to Muti as the best restaurant. Its owner Muhittin Bey, serves specialties like pastrami ravioli, sorrel salad, dried aubergines with plum sauce, vegetable patty with green beans and stuffed apple in the restaurant he has opened in a 250-year-old kervansarai. It serves as a bar after 11 pm.

Cumhuriyet Square No.26

Tel: +90 384 341 58 08


Ziggy’s, Urgup

Nuray and Selim Yuksel, who are actually from Istanbul, moved in to Cappadocia a long time ago.

While Nuray Hanim was designing jewelleries and clothes, she decided to buy a stone house and turn it into a shop. And with the insistence of her friends, Ziggy's was started to serve as a restaurant. You can see some live music performances in the evenings here. Don't miss it.

Tevfik Fikret Street No.24

Tel: +90 (384) 341 7107


Zeytin Cafe, Urgup

This is a place where you can exactly eat "mom" food. They may offer "manti" one day and meatballs with tomato sauce on a tray on the other. Definitely visit this place, especially if you get hungry during lunch hours.

Kayseri Street, No.31

Tel: +90 384 341 73 99


Cafe Safak, Goreme

This is the place where you should visit for breakfast or a cup of coffee in Goreme. "Gozleme", lentil soup and meatballs are among their specialties.

Muze Street, No.28

Tel: +90 0384 271 2597


Topdeck Cave Restaurant, Goreme

Topdeck Cave is a total family restaurant. Mustafa Bey has turned the part of his house which used to function as a barn into a restaurant. They prepare food using whatever is fresh that day. If you go there on a day of quince dessert or rice pudding, we recommend you to try them. It's open between 6 pm - 11 pm every day.

Hafiz Abdullah Efendi Street No.15

Tel: (0384) 271 2474


A’laturca, Goreme

A’laturca is one of the most reliable places in Goreme for lunch and dinners. Its menu includes classic mezzes and meat dishes.

Tel: +90 384 271 28 82


Lil’a, Uchisar

Lil’a’s dishes are prepared by an award-winning chef. This, of course, reflects on prices. They don't only think about the ones who love to eat and offer package programs for those who love cooking as well. You feel like a part of history in the restaurant that has a quite elegant atmosphere.

Tekelli Neighbourhood, No.1

Tel+ (90) 384 219 2220



Elai, Uchisar

Elai, that is managed by Kubilay Bozunogullari, who came to Cappadocia in 1996 after having worked in North and Middle Africa, Caribbeans and Europe for Club Med for 10 years, will be one of the restaurants you'll prefer for dinners in Uchisar.

Tel: + 90 384 219 31 81


Old Greek House Restaurant, Mustafapasa

Mustafapasa’s former name is "Sinasos", which means "the city of sun". This is what you feel when you step inside the yard of Old Greek House. In the restaurant, which is also a hotel, you should taste "karniyarik" (aurbegine with minced meat inside), kidney beans, stuffed peppers, oven baked meeatballs and green beans with olive oil cooked by Emine Hanim.

Tel: +90 384 353 53 06


Tandir, Ortahisar

The sunset view is amazing in Tandır. That's why we recommend you to go there around that times. They are aso very successful at meat dishes. Their home-made pasta is also a must-taste.

Manzara ve Kultur Parki 202c

Tel: +90 384 343 20 21


Sur Balik, Avanos

The fish restaurant, that has brances in Sarayburnu, Arnavutkoy, Halic and Cihangir in Istanbul, has a branch on the Kizilirmak in Avanos. If you want to eat some seafood for lunch or in the evening, this should be you first choice.

Next to Tahta Kopru No.1202C

Tel: +90 384 511 66 95


Kapadokya Sofrasi, Avanos

Don't get full with delicacies that are served first like hummus with pastrami, "ezme" and "haydari". Order stuffed mushrooms cooked on bricks with cheese soft like creme for warm entrees. The main dish is obvious: The jug kebab. It's prepared by putting tomatoes and meat in a jug and cooking them for hours. And then, the jug is broken in front of everyone. Actually, most of the time you're expected to break it as a part of the show.

Bahceli Evler Neighbourhood, Cavusin Road

Tel: +90 384 511 50 60


Bizim Ev, Avanos

If you look for an affordable and delicious restaurant in Avanos, you should try Bizim Ev. Haricot beans with pastrami, stuffed mutton balls, Albanian style liver and Avanos "manti" are the specialties of this place.

Baklaci Street, No 1202c

Tel: +90 384 511 5525

Emergency Numbers

City code: 0 384

Nevsehir Public Hospital: +90 384 213 12 00

Nevsehir Goreme Municipality: +90 384 271 20 01

Nevsehir Culture Directorate of City: +90 384 213 42 60

Nevsehir Urgup Municipality: +90 384 341 40 79



Uchisar: +90 384 219 22 24

Park (Urgüp, Goreme): (0539) 323 66 58

Avanos Taxi: +90 0384 511 4187

Terminal Taxi: +90 0384 511 5353

Places To Visit in Nevsehir

Don't forget that you're going to a region that is very rich with places to see. You'll enjoy the nature, sunsets and the touch of history in Cappadocia. 

Goreme Open-Air Museum 

Patriarchs, who had come to this region to spread Christianity since the end of the 4th century, chose the caves that are located in fairy chimneys to live. Naturally, this place turned into a town with a monastery, a refectory and many churches. Once one of these towns were spotted by the enemies and became dangerous, they moved into another one. Goreme Open Air Museum is one of the best examples of this. This museum has been on the list of UNESCO World Heritages since 1985. Seccos in Maidens' and Men's Monastery, Snake (Yilanli) Church, Chapel of St. Basil, Carikli (Sandals) Church, Apple (Elmali) Church, St. Barbara Church, Dark (Karanlik) Church tell the history of Christianity, we known very well thanks to the Chora Church in Istanbul. Dark Church, which requires an extra fee for entrance, is a must-see place that has been warn out by time. Buckle Church that is located at the exit of it is adorned with great seccos which represent Jesus in the arms of the Virgin Mary. Entrance is paid and museum cards can be used.


Pasabag Valley

One of the best examples of fairy chimneys that have been created by winds and rain in time is Pasabag Valley. Like Goreme Open Air Museum, it was used as a monastery of monks and ascetics in the past.


Three Beauties

Three Beauties ,which is imagined as mother-father-kid, is told to not have any historical importance by guides. It's only became popular due to its location with a view of Mountain Erciyes and red rocks in the background.



Isn't what you've seen in fairy chimneys enough? Then you can choose walking routes between different parcours by paying a small entrance fee or using your museum card.



This is a river town where you can take a ride on Venecian style gondolas among geese and ducks in summer. This town is known for its pottery studios that has tradition dating back to Hitties.



You can see Greek houses and visit the mansion that is famous for being the set of a tv series named "Asmali Konak" in Mustafapasa, which used to be a town but has turned into a village due to migration.



This little town by Pigeon Valley, where you can hear the sound of pigeons, have little neighbourhoods which are under restoration. You can climb up its castle and feel Cappadocia right beneath your feet.



This is also a clasical Cappadocia town at first sight. It's great to sit on the hill at the opposite of it and watch the sun go away behind rocks. We recommend you to drop by if you happen to be around in the afternoon.



All touristic books say that Kizilcukur is the best hill to watch the sunset. You can take amazing photos on this hill, which offers a different view 365 days of a year.


Devrent Valley

Red is the most prominent color in the rocks of this valley which is famous for its fairy chimney that is shaped like a camel. Going around in this valley is a unique experience.



Cavusin is thought to be one of the oldest settlements of Cappadocia. Church of John the Baptiste, which was built in the 5th century, is the oldest church in the region. Gulludere, that is right next to it, has 5 more chuches to see. This is one of the towns that have been inhabited by Christian monks and communities.


Underground Cities

Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı being the biggest ones, there are many underground cities in Cappadocia like Ozkonak, Mazi and Tatlarin. These were constructed to be safe from enemy invasions. They are very safe since their entrances are well-hidden and in the size that only one person can go through at a time. It's believed that 20.000 people lived in Derinkuyu. 


Ihlara Valley

It's a bit far from Cappadocia. That's why it should be on the list of places to visit only if you have time. This formation, that has been created by lava expelled from Hasan Mountain causing erosion in the river, is 14 km long. If you walk along the valley, you'll see many shelters, tombs and churches carved in rocks. 


Urgup Museum

Archeological and ethnographic pieces from different times between prehistorical ages to Ottoman times are exhibited in the museum, which has been opened in 1971.

Kayseri Street, No.39

Tel: +90 0384 341 4082 


Air-Balloon Tours

We recommend you to take a baloon tour to put an end to all kinds of hesitations about whether or not to take one. You start your tour in the baloon at 4:30 am and you are in the air right after the sunrise. It's amazing to see the world from above, inside a balloon. 

Royal Balloon

They welcome you in a breakfast hall that will make you feel like in Austria Alps in the morning. At the end of the tour, they have different surprises and a medal ceremony.

Kapadokya Balloons

The company that has been in service since 1991 is the oldest one in Türkiye.


This company offers 4 different package programs as Standart, Exclusive, Comfort and Deluxe.

Sky Way

The company that has been in service for 11 years takes online applications.

Rainbow Balloon

Would you like to propose to your beloved one in the air? Rainbow's package programs include that one as well.


Nightlife in Nevsehir

It's not possible to talk about a lively nightlife in Cappadocia. There are mostly Turkish nights for international guests. Nights that start with "sema" session with dinner, continue with folk dances, oriental shows and live music. You can come across examples of this in Uchisar or Avanos. If you happen to want some bar atmosphere Muti in Urgup, Fatboys in Goreme, Indigo in Uchisar and Labirent in Avanos are some of your alternatives. 


Cappadocia Events

According to the activity calendar annual events are: Commemoration of Mimar Sinan, Architecture, Culture and Art Week in Kayseri in April; Goreme Javelin Games and Cappadocia Culture and Tourism Festival in June; Turkish-Greek Friendship and Culture Festival in Aksaray and Darbogaz Cherry Festival in Nigde in July; Kaymak Festival and Commemoration Ceremonies for Haci Bektas-i Veli in August; Commemoration Days for Yunus Emre in Aksaray and Forgotten Goreme Tastes Cooking Competition in September ; art, culture experience based Cappadox Festival in May.

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