Istanbul - Adana Flight Tickets

Various ways for you to reach the city center after your arrival to Adana Şakirpaşa Airport, which covers an area of 2.105.510m² and has been opened to flights in 1937, with the low cost flights of Pegasus to Adana have already been thought of.

One of the most economic ways to reach the city center after your arrival to Adana Airport

is going to the city center by using Havaş. If you're going to prefer taxi for your rides in Adana, it'll be nice to remind you that it's a bit expensive here. You can also use private minibus companies to be trasferred to the city center but you need to reserve your place in advance. 

If you want to rent a car to move around the city more comfortably, you can choose and rent your vehicle on and explore each and every corner of the city with your own car.

Shoppig in Adana

When you've come this far to Adana, there are many alternatives for wandering around the best shopping places of the city to collect memories for yourself and local presents to make your loved ones happy. The answer to the question of "What does one buy in Adana?" is hidden in these markets.


Bakırcılar Çarşısı

Bakırcılar Çarşısı is one of the first places that comes to mind when one asks about the places to shop in Adana. What Bakırcılar Çarşısı means for Adana is the same as what Kapalı Çarşı means for Istanbul. Copper plates, pots, trays, tea glasses... While old copper is treated and blanched on one side, souvenir shops can be found on the other side.


Mısır Çarşısı

Spice shops, dried fruit and nut sellers, dress shops, street sellers, take away roll kiosks. It's not much different from Mısır Çarşısı in Istanbul but fresh and interesting spices can be found thanks to its location.



Ziyapaşa Bulvarı

You can find many famous brands, do your shopping and drink a cup of coffee afterwards on this street which is more or less the Adana version of Bağdat Caddesi.


Çakmak Caddesi

You can find second hand musical instruments, record players, vinyls and second hand goods in Fenerli Sokak. 

Accommodation in Adana

There are many alternatives for accommodation in Adana which is the fifth biggest city of Turkey. You can choose the best fit for yourself among chic and clean hotels that are suitable for all kinds of budgets. Whether for business trips or or for vacations, it'll be a piece of cake for you to find the hotel just like you want.


Hilton Sa

We recommend you to stay in Hilton SA especially if you are going to Adana for business trips. It's a 5 star hotel with 8 meeting rooms, 2 restaurants, 1 bar and spacious rooms.

Sinanpaşa Mahallesi, Hacı Sabancı Bulvarı No:1

Tel: 0322 355 50 00


Çetinel Tesisleri

If you want to have an enjoyable stay 5 minutes away from Adana city center, in a garden filled with palm trees, orange and banana trees by a pool, this is the right place.

Girme Bulvarı 144 A

Tel: 0322 321 50 60


Emir Royal Hotel

Orthopedic beds, free internet, meeting rooms and restaurants that serve Mediterranean foods. Emir Royal Hotel has thought about everything for your comfort.

Kuruköprü Mahallesi  01060

Tel: 0 322 359 6969


Otel Le Grand

If you want minimal design, 24-hour wifi and a hotel that is alive for 24 hours, double rooms located the city center is just right for you.

Turhan Cemal Beriker Bulvarı, no: 395

Tel: 0 322 429 24 59


Mavi Sürmeli Otel

The hotel, that offers laundry, dry cleaning and ironing for those on business trips, also has hot tubs in its rooms.

İnonü Cad. No: 109

Tel: 0 322 363 34 37

Food and Drink in Adana

Adana kebab, the fame of which has been spread through Turkey and even through the world, is the first item in the must-taste food list of Adana. As both the locals and people who have been to Adana and have ate it there say: You shouldn't eat Adana kebab anywhere else but Adana. You should also try different tastes like "beyti", "şiş" and "içli köfte" and shouldn't come back without eating "şırdanı", which is one of the most important courses of Adana cuisine, as well as "tulumba" and "bici bici" for dessert.


For lunch hours...


İştah Kebap Salonu

It's closed at 3:00 pm. That's why we recommend you to skip breakfast and get yourself to İştah as soon as possible. First, a plate filled with parsley, turnip and lemon is put on the table and followed by "gavurdağı" salad and "Jet kebab", which is actually another name for 1.5 portion of an Adana kebab, soaked in the grill oil and accompanied by plenty of roasted pepper.

Karasoku sokak

Tel: 0 322 359 32 94



You need to be there at noon or dinner time to enjoy this place's view which looks upon Reservoir of Seyhan River Dam. You should order tahini salad, roasted pepper, "çiğ köfte" followed by some "fındık lahmacun" and end the course with "et tava", "kaburga" or "kazbaşı".

YSE Cd. 82046 Sk. No:3A Çukurova

Tel: 0 322 215 00 00


Hamburgerci Mükerrem

If you crave some snacks after enjoying the most famous meals of Adana, Hamburgerci Mükerrem is the right place with different choices like classic hamburger, cheeseburger, extra-meat burger and cheese & chicken burger.

Güzelyalı Mah. Turgut Özal Bulv. No:76/A

Tel: 0 322 233 55 15


Seç Baklavacısı

There are plenty of "bülbül yuvası", "şöbiyet tatlısı", "havuç dilim (carrot slice) baklava" and pistachio roll varieties in one of the Adana branches of this peerless baklava store which has its headquarter in Gaziantep. This is the place to buy things to bring home.

Kurtuluş Caddesi No.117 Seyhan

Tel: 0 322 435 24 04


Yıldızoğlu Künefe

It's a must to go into one of the branches that has been bought from neighbours, who are from Antakya, and order some "künefe" with cream and pistachio.

Turgut Özal Bulvarı 78181. Sokak

Tel: 0 322 232 62 52



For dinner tables...



"Kuşbaşı", liver and chopsteak come first; "Beyti", that comes in a portion for 8 people with red cabbage, onions with "sumak" and parsley, comes right after them.

Karataş Yolu üzeri 6. Km, Havutlu girişi

Tel: 0322 336 4400  


Kebapçı Onur

The specialty of this place is incik. However, in order to be able to have it, you need to call and reserve some in advance. When you take your place in the table, it'll be filled with yoghurt, salad, parsley, peppermint, arugula and tomatoes. After that "külbastı" is recommended for those who don't like "incik".

Cevat Yurdakul Caddesi

Tel: (322) 454 66 30


Menekşe Kardeşler

Meat that is grinded in Menekşe, which has been founded on the shore of Seyhan Reservoir, is kneaded with "karaisali pepper", which makes a delicious paste.

Menderes Bulvarı 5

Tel: (322) 234 35 50


Kebap 52

Kebap 52, which has flaked filet, spicy skewer varieties, wing kebab, aubergine and liver kebabs in its menu, is also a favourite of Fatih Terim, the famous football coach.

Ramazanoğlu Caddesi Köşem Apartmanı, no:16

Tel: (0322) 459 97 87


Gazi Paşa Kebap

It's one of the new and chic restaurants of Adana. Chicken cooked in clay tiles, sausage, "külbastı" and sarma beyti are delicious.

Ethem Ekin Sokak, 01120

Tel: 0322 453 3550


Dost Balık

Even though Adana is known as a kebab heaven, its fish restaurants are also fabulous. Menus that start reading roasted aubergine with shrimps, marinated branzino, "barbunya pilaki" and "kaya koruğu" reach to their ends with Mediterranean Sea fishes like red mullets, groupers, corals or white groupers.

Ramazanoğlu Caddesi, Köşem Apartmanı altı No:16/B

Tel: 0322 453 71 79



In this restaurant that has been opened in Adana Hilton Otel, which actually offers examples from Chinese cuisine, sushi is also ravishing.

Atatürk Cad. 64020 Sokak No: 10/B  Seyhan

Tel: 0322 459 59 45


Güney Marina

Fish restaurant, grill restaurant or café-bar - whicever you like. Fish are cooked in oil, baked in stoves, treated with skewers, grilled, cooked in salt, steamed and cooked in foil; liver is a must for grills; all kinds of whiskey can be found in the bar.

Karslı Göl Kenarı Mah, Mahfesığmaz, Çukurova

Tel: 0 322 234 93 72



Kazancılar, which has branches in Kalamış and Levent, is actually from Adana. Taste their "acılı ezme" before moving on to specialties like "fırın beyti" and "usta kebabı".

Sarıyakup Mah. 6 Sok. No:53 Seyhan

Tel: 0322 351 35 12


Kebapçı İbo

The menu in Ibo, which is the meeting point of those who get hungry after a night-out, is "Adana dürüm", "çiğ köfte" and turnip juice.

Baraj Yolu Güvenevler Cad. No:4

Tel: 0 322 234 12 43

City code: 0 322

Culture and Tourism Directorate: 0 322 363 15 87

Police: 0 322 432 27 77


Gendarm : 156

Pharmacy on Duty: 118

Health Emergency:112

Food and Drink in Adana

There are countless places to see in Adana, which has a rich culture that roots back to 3000 years ago. You can lose yourself among historical castles, museums, bridges, old Adana houses and streets; you can collect memories by taking lots and lots photos in this historical city.


Anavarda Castle

The antic city in Dilekkaya village is believed to have been founded by Assyrians who captured Cilicia in 9 BC or to have been built on an archaic settlement.


Yılan Castle

Yılan kale was built along Ceyhan River during the Crusader invasions of Çukurova in order to control both the plain and the historical Silk Road.


Tepebağ Mound (Arhaic Adana Houses)

Tepebağ Mound, which is one of the oldest settlements of Çukurova, dates back to Antiquity. The city center in the mound, that is surrounded by walls, sheds light on the city life of the Neolithic period. 


Archeology Museum

The museum, which was founded in 1924 and moved to its building in Reşatbey in 1972, is the home to stone products like sculptures, inscriptions, tombs, stelas and architectural pieces as well as archeological finds like terracota pots and pans, various containers, cylinder and magma seals and coins dating back to prehistoric ages of Hittite, Assyria, Phoenicia, Phrygia, Rome, Byzantium and Hellenistic period. The most precious piece of the museum is comprised of 3843 different pieces of inscriptions found in Adana and its vicinity.


Atatürk Museum

On 15 March 1923, when Atatürk came to Adana with his wife, he was a guest in this building which belonged to Suphi Pasha of Ramazanoğulları family at the time and the building has been converted into a museum afterwards. Many local newspapers that were published during and later The Turkish War of Independence like "Yeni Adana", "Türk Sözü", "Çukurova" and Dirlik; more than 2000 books in Ottoman and Turkish as well as rifles, pistols and pasha apaulettes can be seen here.

Kayalıbağ Mah. Seyhan Cad. No: 59

Tel: 0 322 359 78 66


The Great Clock Tower

The Great Clock Tower of Adana, of which construction was started in 1881 during the governership period of Ziya Pasha and completed by Governer Vali Abidin Pasha in 1882, is 32 meters high and located on Hükümet Meydanı Ali Müfit Street.



The 310 meters long bridge that connects Adana (Seyhan) and Karşıyaka (Yüreğir) coasts is one of the works that dates back to Roman Period. It's said to be the oldest bridge in use in the world. 


Varda Viaduct

A James Bond movie has been filmed in the viaduct that was built by Germans to complete the Istanbul-Baghdad-Hijaz railway line.


Ethnography Museum

Goods belonging to Yürüks who lived in Çukurova villages and the Taurus Mountains. 



It's a must to start a raki and fish session in "Feyzi'nin Yeri" after a walk by the seashore of Karataş, which is 48 km away from Adana.


Atatürk Park

You can find joggers, cyclists, picnic goers and dog walkers in this green area which is nothing less than The Central Park in New York.


Merkez Park (Central Park)

The city park that was built on an area of 33 hectares in both sides of Seyhan River is located in between Sabanci Mosque in South and Galleria shopping center in North. There are more than 400.000 plants, 40 kinds of trees, 12 pools, a playground built on an area of 2,2 hectares, a roller-blade park, an amphitheater, circular patios and 3 km long jogging and cycling parcours in Merkez Park.


Ulu Camii (Grand Mosque)

The walls of the 16th century mosque are adorned with black and white marble.


Neighbourhoods of Adana


Old Adana: You'll find local eating and shopping spots like small restaurants, Mısır Çarşısı and Bakırcılar Çarşısı all along these streets that encircle The Great Clock Tower and vicinity.


City Center: There is a much more modern and young atmosphere of Adana Ziyapaşa vicinity. Atatürk Park, shops for shopping and cafes are all side by side in this neighbourhood.


New Adana: This place mostly consists of Barajyolu and places around it. There are alternatives of water sports, jogging parcours and picnic areas in Seyhan Reservoir.


Night Life


You've come all this way to Adana, tried different tastes and done with your shopping. Now, if you're curious about what to do and where to go for the night life of Adana, we've already prepared some alternatives for you. People in Adana really likes to go out. You can easily find different places for your taste or places where you can experience the entertainment habits of local people.



There is a stage for live performances on the first floor of the venue of which second floor is spared for electronic music. Sometimes jazz and sometimes rock performances take the stage. Its audience is mostly young people. 

Güzelyalı Mh. Süleyman Demirel Bulvarı

Tel: 0532 540 34 90



The restaurant, which has a cosmopolitan menu with courses like cream cheese tortellini, schnitzel and chicken tikka, turns into a bar after 10 pm and one starts to see people dancing around. If you are going to Adana, check the schedule of this place where soccer games are also shown from time to time.

Şinasi Efendi Caddesi, Kurtuluş Apartmanı 25B

Tel: 0322 456 09 14



If you're not there to eat oven roasted branzino with vine leaves, you should be seated in the bar or the garden for the amazing atmosphere after 10 pm.

Uğur Mumcu Bulvarı 30/A, Bayram Apartmanı altı

Tel: 0 322 232 52 12


Tobacco Shop

This place, where you can hang out in open air sitting on comfortable couches in the garden, also offers great music.

Ziyapaşa Bulvarı. Şinasi Efendi Caddesi



North Shield

The Adana branch of the well-known English pub is very popular especially at the rush hours. Ziyapaşa Bulvarı Seyhan

Tel: 0 322 458 62 62

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