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Pegasus BolBol & Airbnb Partnership

Pegasus BolBol members can now earn 500 BolPoints for every stay booked through Airbnb. Choose from over 6 million accommodation options Airbnb offers around the world to start earning BolPoints. Save your BolPoints to spend on your next trip with Pegasus.

Campaign Features

    10 April / 31 December 2019
Pegasus BolBol & Airbnb Partnership

How do I earn BolPoints?

  • You must be a Pegasus BolBol member. If you’re not a member, it’s free to sign up.
  • Choose your stay with Airbnb on the Pegasus website or Mobile app
  • Log in to Pegasus BolBol when making your reservation.
  • Only one guest per reservation can earn BolPoints. The guest using their BolBol membership number will earn the BolPoints.
  • Airbnb’s general conditions apply. Pegasus and Airbnb reserve the right to make any changes under the terms of the campaign.
  • Please contact Airbnb for general inquiries or feedback.
  • If you have any questions about Pegasus BolBol, please call 0 (850) 3991701

When can I spend my BolPoints?

You can spend your BolPoints once they’ve been added to your Pegasus BolBol account.

How can I spend the BolPoints I earn?

  • Your BolPoints will be credited to your account within 30 days of your stay. You can use these BolPoints and any other BolPoints that you have earned to book flights or additional services with Pegasus.
  • BolPoints are valid for two years.



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