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Best Flight Deals to Vienna


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Airport of arrival: Vienna International Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Vienna: 2 hours 15 minutes
Flight time from Ankara to Vienna: 2 hours 30 minutes

Vienna is the capital and most populous city of Austria. Vienna, which has been an important city of culture, politics, and art throughout its history, is home to many historical buildings. These include many opera and theater halls, museums, palaces, and cathedrals. Also known as the capital of music, the city is the hometown of the famous classical music composer Mozart. Vienna is one of the most modern cities in Europe in urban planning and is also known as the capital of music. Vienna, a leading tourist city, welcomes tourists from around the world every year. You can easily find flights to Vienna all year round at affordable prices.

The modern city design, which rises amongst the historical buildings of Vienna, fascinates its visitors every time. There are many direct flights to Vienna departing from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport which is connected through various domestic flights to different cities within Turkey and different cities all over the world. You can book your ticket in advance plan a holiday and find cheap flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Vienna International Airport.

You can book your ticket in advance to benefit from seasonal promotions offered by Pegasus Airlines.

About the Airport

Vienna International Airport, the largest airport in Vienna and Austria, is located 18km southeast of the city center.

Vienna International Airport

The airport, which dates back to 1938, has taken its place among the leading airports in Europe with many modern innovations. There are a total of four terminals at the airport, which is the stopping point for many flights over Europe. Each terminal has a shopping center, restaurant, and facilities to meet the needs of passengers. The airport, which hosts approximately 27 million passengers every year, also has offices of the leading airlines in Europe.

Transport from Vienna International Airport to the City Center

You can use the metro, train, bus, taxi or private car to get to the city center from the airport.

The fastest way to get to the city center from the airport is by taking the train called City Airport Train / CAT. The train with free wifi reaches the city center in exactly 16 minutes. The train, which runs between 05:37 am and 23:39 pm every day of the year costs 12 € one way and 20 € return (2019). Did you know that you can get your flight ticket or check-in at the city center station? For this reason, it is a very effective and fast transportation method between the airport and the city center. For detailed information, you can send a link to this link.

The economic transportation method is the train. You can go to the city center for 4 € with this commuter train and then you can visit other trains and neighboring countries and cities at the connection stops (2019). The journey takes approximately 20 minutes. You can buy the necessary tickets for the train from the passenger lounge and ticket machines at the stations. Check out this link for train times and more.

There are 24-hour shuttle services between the terminals and bus stops to the city center. You can get to the city center in about 20 minutes from the terminal. Check this link for detailed schedules and more.

At the airport, you can find a taxi at any time of the day. A taxi takes you to the city center in about 40 € for 20 minutes (2019). There are several taxi companies. If you want to reserve your taxi in advance, you can visit this website.

If you would like to find a more comfortable and faster option, you can book a taxi or consider car rental services offered by Pegasus Airlines.

Public Transport

Vienna is one of the leading cities in public transport in Europe and the world. Thanks to the advanced public transport you can go to every point of the city in a very comfortable way and at reasonable prices. In addition to the S-Bahn and U-Bahn underground lines, buses, taxis, and bicycles are the most popular means of transportation. In spring and summer, when the weather is warm, most of the locals use bicycles.

One type of ticket is used in public transportation and public transportation cards with daily, two-day and three-day validity are also provided for those who prefer. You can get these cards from the machines at the stations and from the information offices, which offer discounts in many museums, restaurants and more.

There are no turnstiles or barriers in Vienna's underground and railway stations. Instead, officials sometimes ask passengers to show them their tickets or cards. If you do not carry your card, you may have a fine.

There are bicycle rental shops in many parts of the city. We recommend exploring the city by bicycle.

Vienna is an easy city to visit thanks to its advanced public transport system. Also, the city offers a wide range of accommodation options for every budget. The city is divided into numbered areas. The Innere Stadt, the # 1 district, is the best place to stay. There are also Ladstrasse, Wieden and Neubau.

With Pegasus Airlines you can browse the available accommodation options and book your hotel in Vienna at affordable prices months in advance.

Inspired by Italian and French cuisines, Austrian cuisine offers a wide range of delicious dishes and desserts. You can find the best tastes of the famous Austrian cuisine in Vienna with its dishes prepared with different aromas. The Viennese schnitzel, tafelspitz, semmelknödel, Zwiebelrostbraten are among the famous national dishes and Sacher Torte is a must-have dessert during your Vienna holiday.

You can have a look at What to Eat in Vienna page for more suggestions about all the local delicacies.

We have compiled some information you need to know to make your trip to Vienna more enjoyable and comfortable:

About Visa

Austria is a country within the Schengen Agreement region and you will need a Schengen visa to enter the country. If you are going to get your Schengen visa through Austria, you must first go to Austria. The main documents required to obtain a Schengen visa are hotel bookings, round-trip flight tickets, travel insurance, and documents showing your finance. You can find all the detailed information about the Austria visa in this link.

Neighboring Cities

There are many beautiful places located within a short distance from Vienna.

  • Bratislava, Slovakia (56 km)
  • Brno, Czech Republic (113 km)
  • Graz, Austria (143 km)
  • Budapest, Hungary (216 km)



Vienna has a continental climate. The summer months are hot and dry with a temperature average of 24 degrees, and the winter months are cold and rainy with temperatures averaging up to -1 degrees. In Spring, the climate is warm and temperate.

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +43
  • Vienna Area Code: 1
  • Airport Contact: +43 1 70070
  • Ambulance: 144
  • Police: 133
  • Fire Brigade: 122
  • Airport Shuttle Service: +43 1 70070

Vienna is a popular tourism city that has become a model in tourism. It is a city that can fascinate everyone with its museums, historical buildings and cosmopolitan city structures with artistic and cultural heritage brought by its deep history. You can start your city tour with Vienna Ring Boulevard. You will see many beautiful buildings as you walk through this street that surrounds the city center. Afterward, you can stop by the Giant Ferris Wheel Prater, which has become a symbol of the city and appears from all over the city. St. Stephen's Cathedral and Hofburg Palace are Vienna's historically important buildings that dazzle with their architecture. The Vienna Museum Quarter is a must-see where the city's major museums are located.

To learn more about Vienna, you can have a look at Vienna Travel Guide page that Pegasus Airlines prepared for you.


How to find cheap Vienna flight ticket?

To find flights at affordable prices, it is enough to plan for your holiday to Vienna months before and follow the various discount campaigns organized by Pegasus Airlines during the year.

Why should I visit Vienna?

There are dozens of reasons for you to visit Vienna, which was chosen as the most livable city in 2018. It is both easy and enjoyable to go around the city with its developed public transportation network. As one of the most important tourism capital Vienna will fascinate you with its city planning and design, large green areas, cultural, artistic and historical heritage.

Do I need a visa to travel to Vienna?

You will need a Schengen visa to go to Vienna. The documents required to obtain a Schengen visa vary depending on the purpose of your visit.

When is the ideal time to visit Vienna?

The ideal time to visit Vienna is from May to September. During these times, there is not much rainfall in the city and festivals are held especially in spring and summer.

How long should I stay in Vienna?

A three-day holiday in the city will be enough for you to visit the main attractions of Vienna.

Is there a travel card for tourists in the city?

There are two different public transport cards, The Vienna Card and The Vienna Pass with Travel. With the cards you can get from the stations and the surrounding markets, you have the chance to earn discounts at places such as restaurants and museums.

Is Vienna a safe city?

Vienna is a tourism city where important political meetings and cultural and artistic events are held throughout the history of the city and it is very safe.

Is Vienna an expensive city?

Vienna is a city with reasonable accommodation, food and transportation options compared to many European cities.

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