Istanbul - Beirut Flight Tickets

You've reached Beirut - once called "Paris of the East" - with the cheapest prices by using Pegasus. You are at the coast of East. Unfortunately, you won't find a bus waiting for your nor will you see a fast train on Rafic Hariri Airport. That's why, the only way to reach the city center is negotiating with taxi drivers that wait at the door like "I can't pay 50$, let's make it 20$". If you're looking for a more advantageous way of transportation in Beirut, you can rent cars on


Taxi Please!

You can choose taxi for anywhere you want to go in Beirut. You can reach anywhere you like for around 5$. However, we recommend you to talk about the price beforehand because the cars don't have taximeters. Beirut taxis mostly work like minibuses. You can just raise your hand at any spot and go wherever you want for around 1$ if that place is on the same way with the taxi's destination. So don't be surprised if the driver gets someone else in the car while you're on your way.

Shopping in Beirut

Concept stores, famous brands' shop windows that resemble museums side by side in Downtown and handcrafted products you won't see anywhere else in the world are all waiting for you in Beirut.


Beirut Souks

A shopping complex in Downtown. In addition to brands we are used to seeing everwhere else, there are also monogram stores of brands like Chloe, YSL, Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney ve Christian Louboutin.


IF Boutique

The fact that it includes brands like Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons, Maison Martin Margiela and Rick Owens clearly shows how cool this store is.

Abdel Aziz St. Hamra.



This is one of the most conceptual and the cooest boutiques of Beirut. It's a 700 m2 wide fashion heaven. There are Charlotte Olympia, Alexander Wang, Acne, Hakaan, Altuzarra, The Row, Proenza Schouler and many more among its brands.

Berytus Bldg, Park Ave, Downtown.


Boutique 1

Clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, books, candles, notebooks and everything you can ever want are in this store. Brands include Chloe, Alexander Wang, Carven, Erickson Beamon, Equipment, Halston Heritage, Jason Wu, Maison Michel, Rag & Bone and many more. The windows of Lanvin, Balmain ve Isabel Marant located side by side at the opposite of this store actually point to that this is a fashion heaven.

2 Park Ave, Downtown.


ABC Department Store

This is the department store of ABC Mall, which is located in Achrafieh and is the first shopping mall of the Middle East. In addition to contemporary fashion brands for men and women it has a bookstore and a cosmetic section.



Accessories in this store will attract you more than the clothes. You can buy bracelets with "Fatima's hand" designed by Henry on them as a Beirut souvenir for yourself or the ones you love.

Saifi Village



In the boutique where you'll find street style brands for men and women, there is also a big jean section.

Saifi Village


Johnny Farah

You' ll fall in love with the shoes and elastic purses of this store which sells handmade leather shoes, bags, belts and purses.

Saifi Village



Sarah’s Bag

You may want to buy yourself a portfolio bag as a Beirut gift from this boutique named Sarah's Bag where Sarah Beydoun and Sarah Nakhouli sell bags made by female convicts and adorned with photos of Ümmü Gülsüm, scenes from old Arabian movies and images of Beirut streets.



The grandchild of the owner of Antoine, which is the most famous bookstore chain of the city, has opened the ultimate boutique bookshop of Beirut. You can find books and magazines in English, French and Arabian in Papercup located in Gemmayzé. You'll want to hang out in Papercup where there is a small cafe inside.

Agopian Building, Pharaoh Str. Mar Mikhael



You can find gifts in this store which creates both contemporary and ethnic furnitures by using antique and second hand textile which reflects the history of the East.

Saifi Village


Souk el Ahad

You won't be able to find amazing antiques or second hand pieces in this flea market that is set up on Sundays. However, if you like taking photos and walking around with other people you should definitely visit there.


Al Rifai

You should visit one of the 27 selling points of Al Rifai to buy dried nuts and fruits, coffee, marzipan and chocolate. If you can't any time to do it in the city, there is also a branch in the ariport.



This is a small, stylish boutique in Gemmayzé. This boutique located in a stone mansion from the early 20th century in one of the side streets leading to Gouraud also has a cafe in it. Apart form men and women clothing and shoes, there are also books and accessories.

Accommodation in Beirut

There are many accommodation alternatives in Beirut which is one of the most popular tourist destinations. You can take a look at our list for the best places from comfortable hostels for students to the most stylish hotel chains.


Phoenicia Beirut Hotel

This hotel, which offers many features like gym, hot tub, spa and pool, amazes people with the bay view visible from its spacious rooms.


Le Commodore

There is even a golf course in the hotel where every activity you may need for a comfortable trip has already been thought about.


Four Seasons

The tradition continues in the Beirut branch of the chain that makes its visitors happy with the luxurious and peaceful service it provides all over the world.


Le Bristol

You can find yourself in this stylish hotel which is right in the middle of the city, in a walking distance from everywhere,


35 Rooms

Rooms for 2 or suites where 4 people can stay... Everyone speaks English and can solve any probleminj this hotel which makes you feel like you're at home.


Saifi Gardens

This hostel, which is mostly frequented by young people, has been designed for those who want to work, meet new people from all around the world and read in the yard.



This hotel, which is near American University of Beirut, is in your service for 24 hours with 3 different restaurants in it.

Food and Drink in Beirut

You are in the homeland of the worldwide famous Lebanese food. You can try delicacies like "tabbouleh" with lots of parsley and tomatoes in it; "hummus" served warm with pine nuts; "baba ganoush" which is a form of aubergine salad and "kibbeh". You can take a look at our list for the best Beirut restaurants. 


In The Morning Session...



In some cases, it's a must to reserve your seats months ago. You can order your omlette in Casablanca and enjoy your food with a delicious drink.

Rue Dar el-Mreisseh, Ain el-Mreisseh

Tel: 01 369 334


Le Bar à Thym

From British or Scandinavian style breakfasts to pancakes... This is a heaven for those who like breakfasts. Their "Nutella specials" are especially mind blowing.

Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh.

Tel: 01 572205


Secteur 75 2028

Being a restaurant which is also frequented for dinners, Secteur 75's brunch menu includes options like sorbet, Eggs Benedict with spinach or salmon and smoked turkey pancakes.

Ibrahim Pacha Str, Mar Mikhael

Tel: 01 575675


Bread Republic

If you want to be seated, they have a couple of tables but if you want to eat some patisserie delicacies while you're walking around, you should definitely try their pastries and cookies. They open the store at 7:30 am for those who start their days early.

At the corner of Nehme Yafet Street and Hamra Street

Tel: 01 739040


In The Lunch Break...



You can play backgammon and smoke apple-cinnamon flavoured shisha in Leila's cafe in the afternoon but we recommend you to get your table filled with food for lunch. Spicey potatoes, muhammara, baba ganoush and hummus with meat are amazing. The rose flavoured delights that come to your table at the end of the meal are also a must-taste.

ABC Mall, Achrafiyeh202c202c

Tel: 01 216890


Café Hamra

You need to sit on this coffee house at the heart of the Muslim region and prepare yourself a plate at the salad bar. If you ask those smoking shisha around you, they'll say the sour cherry or the coffee flavoured ones are delicious.

Hamra Main Road

Tel: +9611348999


Falafel M.

’in de uğrak yeri olan Falafel M., which is also one of the favourite spots of Anthony Bourdain, is known as the best falafel place in the city. This tiny place has been preparing extra spicey falafels according to their family recipe since 1950s.

Damascus, Bechara el Khoury


Falafel Freiha

Another amazing place for falafel is Falafel Freiha in Achrafieh region. You'll take delight in eating the falafel sandwich enriched with tahini, parsley and fine cut vegetables in a pita bread.

Hayek Building Nazlet Salam Caddesi


Le Chef

There is always a new menu in this local restaurant where even Anthony Bourdain fell in love with the taste. Choose whichever you want from that day's menu but don't pass by their creme caramel.

Gouraud Str

Tel: 01 445373


Lord of the Wings

If you like chicken wings, this is your place. They are prepared with 15 different sauces and you wonder what you're missing even you don't taste only one of them. Those who don't like chicken can taste their burgers as well.

Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh

Tel: 01 567666




This is the meeting point of the Beirut youth. Their luch menu starts with ginger coffee and ends with duck salad with lentils and salami quiche. The background music is the sound of Amy Winehouse.

Ghalghoul Str

Tel: 01 985295


Dinner Time...


Abdel Vahab

Like everywhere in Beirut, shisha with many flavours from spices to fruits will be brought to your table at the beginning of the dinner. After that tabbouleh with plenty of parsley in it, hummus with meat and baba ganoush which you can't find in any other place in the world and will ask for a second serving even though the waiters warn you not to get full before the main course. If you order a mixed lamb plate following them, this will be a happy night.

Abdel Wahab El Inglizi

Tel: 009611200550



The meal starts with a sauce which no one really knows what exactly is but it's rich with garlic and consumed by spreading on a bread; continues with muhammara and reaches to its final with a meat plate with arugula, radish, tomatoes and spring onions on the side.

Souk El Bazerkan

Tel: 04 339 9789


Corleone Trattoria

Especially pizzas and calzones baked in brick ovens are popular in this Italian restaurant where you'll find Marlon Brando's photos from the "The Godfather" movie.

Gouraud Street, Gemayzeh

Tel: +961 1 576 057



This is a bistro you need to go for a romantic dinner. Its meat menu is under the French influence like Art Nouveau buildings of the city.

Abd Al Wahab Al Inglizi street, Achrafieh

Tel: +9611219539



If you want to eat good food no matter what the price is, you can enjoy your in Cocteau where there is a waiter for each customer and quotations from French writers are hanging on the walls.

Palladium Building, Downtown



365 Restaurant

This restaurant, which serves 365 recipes throughout a year with their "a food a day" concept, prepares rich cocktails with fresh fruits.

ABC Mall, Dbayeh

Tel: 04 444365

Ambulance: (01) 865 561

Fire: 175  / (01) 310 105

Police for Tourists: 112/160 veya (01) 350 901

Ministry of Tourism: (01) 340940

Airport: (01) 628 000

Canada Hospital: (01)511 487

Al Sahel Hospital: (01) 858 333

Places to Visit in Beirut

Beirut, which can be visited throughout the year, gets a lot of attention especially during summers for its beaches. There are many different places to see in Beirut with all the famous brands to shop, art centers, museums and natural resources.


National Museum of Beirut

Beirut is not a city of museums. National Museum of Beirut, which has been officially opened in 1942, exhibits the country's archeological heritage covering its history dating back to Phoenicians until today and it's built on an area of 6.000 m2. The museum is open until 5 pm everyday except Mondays. It's possible to find nice souvenirs from the museum shop inside.



In Byblos, which is a fisherman's town, you can eat the best fish in the world in Pepe's, find souvenirs or take a walk that is filled with history. During summer months, people swim in the sea all day and dance in the places that turn into clubs at nights in Bay 183.



Beirut is especially famous for people laying under the sun in front of hotels and on beaches built on the road to Byblos during summer. Some of these, like Riviera and Lebbeach, are very popular and require an entrance fee.


Beirut City Center

The egg-shaped theater which is called Beirut City Center and took its share from Joseph Phillippe Karam’s bombs in 1960s is a must-see in your art tour.


Place d’Etoile

You'll see a Rolex watch in this square, which is right in the middle of the city and has been rebuilt after the bombardments.



You may feel like you are in a coastal town while walking along the shoreline which is where the Beirut locals come to jog, walk, swim, sail, ride their bicyles or play beach volleyball on weekends. dov


Pigeons' Rock

These are two pieces of rock which are naturally seperated from the mainland. It offers an amazing view at the sunset. If you want to, you can go nearby with boats.



If the weather is good on a Sunday, you should go and visit Harissa which takes half an hour from the city. You can go up to the hill, where the statue of Virgin Mary welcomes you, by taking the cableway which goes through buildings that are so close that you can almost touch them.



Being one of the biggest limestone caves of the world, Jetta is 18 km away from Beirut. You can visit galleries both on the upstairs and downstairs by paying 11.550 LL. The only way to come here is to pay 40 dollars to a taxi driver for a round trip.


Art Lounge Bookstore

Even if your visit doesn't concide with any of its exhibitons, movie screenings or disco sessions at nights, you need go there to see its books, magazine and the international Beirut people.

Karantina, River Bridge


Marc Hachem Gallery

If you have only one gallery to see in Beirut, this needs to be Marc Hachem. The gallery exhibits artworks of George Merheb and Daisy Abi Jaber in addition to many contemporary artists all over the world.


Beirut Neighbourhoods

You need to know the names of its neighbourhoods if you want to see everything in Beirut from one side to the other. American University is located in between Hamra, where the muslim community lives, and the shoreline known as Cornishe. Downtown (DT) is the address for the most famous brands from Louis Vuitton to Marc Jacobs, Lanvin to Loubotin and Chanel to Dior. Gemmayzeh and Mar Mikael are the place for the cosmopolitan community, bars and bookstores. There are a couple of shops and Balima Cafe in Saifi Village. The most beautiful neighbourhood of Beirut is Achrafieh where there are fancy restaurants, ABC Mall and tiny stores.


Night Life in Beirut

Beirut's night life promises an ongoing fun in the streets and rooftops until the sunrise - just like it's written in many publications. The fact that it's a small scene actually makes things easier.



Before dinner, after dinner, actually you can forget dinner and go out to stroll through Gouraud  Street. This is the most crowded street of Beirut at nights. You can choose Torrino Express if your mood bright; Dragonfly at a night you want to listen to jazz music; Spinout for lounge music and Alcazar, which turns into a bar after dinner time, for dance.



Being a former theater, Minimusichall is a cabaret where musicians who come from all around the world take the stage for two songs. Entertainment is guaranteed but you have to make reservations first. It's possible to listen to Indian sounds right after The Beatles covers. So, get ready!

Starco Center, Downtown

Tel: +9613807555



This wonderfully designed club, which used to be an old shelter, has a roof that opens up and turns it into a terrace during summer. It's guaranteed to see people who know how to have fun and hear dance rhythms until the morning.

Charles Malek Ave



You can dance as much as you like on this rooftop where you can see the amazing Beirut view and listen to techno and house music until the sunrise.

Harbour Street


Abbey Road

This bar, where you'll see the photos of famous rock stars on the walls all around you, plays the best rock songs on both floors as if it is a record studio.

Armenia Street


Coop D’Etat

This terrace, which reminds Hawaii beaches, is where musicians, artists and young people above 25 years old hang out and it's especially filled with people who come for barbecue at early hours during summer. 

Saifi Urban Gardens, Pasteur Str



We recommend you to take the lift, which is more of a cableway, to the bar of this place, which will be recommended to you in various occasions for dinner. It turns into a bar where cosmopolitan Beirut people come to hang out after 11 pm.

Mar Maroun Street, Saifi

Tel: +961 3 915 925



Chill out music. If you don't want to come across with DJ's who play popular songs at the later hours of the night, you need to come early and enjoy yourself.

Damascus Rd, Monot



This is a small bar in Hamra region. You are enjoying the moment sitting in retro couches, eating hamburgers with blackberry sauce listening to indie music coming from the speakers all around.

Mahatma Gandhi Str


Oscar Wilde

This bar, which is a popular spot in the muslim Hamra region, is famous for that it plays popular rock songs from the 90's. When its crowd comes together with that of Da Prague located at the opposite of the street, the atmosphere turns into a real street party.

166 Makdissi Street

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