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Istanbul - Sharm El Sheikh Flight Tickets

After you book the cheapest Sharm El Sheikh flight ticket from Pegasus Airlines, the best thing you can do to get downtown comfortably is to take advantage of the car rental service offers. There is also transportation to the city is usually by taxi. However, you should keep in mind that taxis are famous for their fickleness. We suggest that you should tell the driver your destination beforehand and firmly negotiate a price. Another alternative in Sharm El Sheikh is to get around by minibus. They are the locals’ most frequently used mode of transportation.

Shopping  in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is Egypt’s hottest city for shopping. It is a star among the world’s scuba tourism centers with its underwater treasures, and there are many alternatives in the city when looking for shopping opportunities. So, in addition to those who want to dive, Sharm El Sheikh flights are good for shoppers too. Particularly in Naama Bay, where the shopping heart of the city beats, you can find the luxurious shops of famous designers.a 

Another important shopping venue in the city is the Old Bazaar, which resembles the Grand Bazaar in İstanbul. Hand-made jewelry, Egyptian pharaoh and pyramid statuettes, spices, local clothing… You should pay a visit to see the traditional fabric of the city and get souvenirs for your loved ones.

Accommodation in Sharm El Sheikh 

Sharm El Sheikh is a fast-growing tourism center, and it has attracted the interest of big hotel chains, too. The city has especially high tourist arrivals from Europe and the US, and there are many hotels and resorts that will make you feel special. Naama Bay in particular is densely packed with luxurious hotels and beaches. However, accommodation options in Sharm El Sheikh are not limited to just high-end hotels. There are alternatives for every type of budget. Cheap Sharm El Sheikh flight tickets from Pegasus will give you a larger budget for accommodation.


Rixos Sharm El Sheikh

One of the largest hotel chains in the world, Rixos is pushing the limits of service industry with its hotel in Nabq. In addition to its 11 pools, 7 à la carte restaurants, its own private beach and 5 bars, the hotel also offers a personal service attendant for a fee. With its authentic Egyptian feel, this hotel has above average rates.

Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh


Radisson Blu Resort, Sharm El Sheikh

Radisson Blu Resort is not only a delightful accommodation option, but it also offers high-quality service at economical rates. The hotel's restaurant has a menu that includes local dishes from the Egyptian cuisine, seafood and selections from Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. Thanks to its quality service at affordable prices, you will find comfort at Radisson Blu. 

The Main Road, Sharm El Sheikh


Hilton Sharks Bay Resort

One of the most important hotel chains in the world, the Hilton is located in one of Sharm El Sheiks’ most beautiful places: Shark Bay. The hotel has a diving club, where you can experience the Red Sea in the company of professional divers. The Hilton offers quality service at affordable rates.

Ras Nusrani, Sharks Bay, Sharm El Sheik


Carlton Luxury Villa

What would you say if we told you that you can have a private pool all to yourself in this Egyptian city? Carlton Luxury Villa sets out to satisfy every conceivable need you might have for a luxurious stay. Rooms with a sea view, spa tubs and saunas are just a few of the services you can get there at slightly higher than average rates.

1 Ritz-Carlton Avenue, 19664 Sharm El Sheikh


Sunny Lakes Resort 

It is well known that one of the most pleasant and affordable ways to spend time in a foreign country is to rent an apartment. Sunny Lakes Resort provides you the comfort of home with its one bedroom apartments. In apartments overlooking either the garden or the sea, everything you might need during your stay is provided. Sunny Lakes Resort is a more affordable option than hotels for extended stays. 

El Salam Road, 99999 Sharm El Sheikh

Food and Drink in Sharm El Sheikh

When most of us visit a country for the first time, we want to experience the food and beverage culture of that country. Although this does not always end perfectly, getting to know new cuisines is always fun. Sharm El Sheikh will satisfy you gastronomically. You will not be able to get enough of the local Egyptian cuisine. It is heavily influenced by Lebanese and Indian cuisines but, since Sharm El Sheikh is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world, you can find Italian restaurants and delicacies from Far Eastern countries like China and Thailand. You should not return from Sharm El Sheikh without trying the seafood.


El Masrien Grill Restaurant

Located in the Old Market, one of the traditional districts of Sharm El Sheikh, you can sample the tastiest dishes of Egyptian cuisine at El Masrien Grill Restaurant. This restaurant, where you will taste one great traditional dish after another, is one of the best options for getting to know Egyptian cuisine. 

Old Market, Sharm El Sheikh


Fish Market 

You won’t be able to forget the taste of the fish and the seafood you can eat at the Fish Market in the Sultan Gardens Resort. You must try the specials of this restaurant on the Red Sea, which is famous for its marine species. 

Sultan Gardens Resort | Shark's Bay, Sharm El Sheikh



Rangoli is an Indian restaurant on the terrace of the Moevenpick Resort on the Naama Bay, where the most famous hotels in Sharm El Sheikh are found. You should go there in the evening and watch the sunset in the company of a nice bottle of wine. When it gets completely dark outside, a luminescent city and seascape will greet your eyes. This most elegant restaurant is a great place to try Indian cuisine. 

Moevenpick Resort Naama Bay | El Salam Rd., Sharm El Sheikh


Farsha Cafe 

Another thing you should definitely try in Sharm El Sheikh is the hookah. At Farsha Café, you can order a hookah in many flavors—each one tastier then the next. It has a great view and a decor reminiscent of a traditional sheik’s tent. You can visit here during the day and taste a hookah or opt for cocktails in the evening. 

Umm El Sid Hill, Sharm El Sheikh


El Kahwa Egyptian Coffee House

You can sit at this Soho Square cafe and watch the city crowds swarm by while enjoying your coffee and something sweet. If you would like to take a short break after dinner or during your tour of the city, El Kahwa is the place.

Soho Square | Sharks Bay, Sharm El Sheikh

Country Code: +20 69 

Police: 160

Ambulance: 123

Fire Department: 180 

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport: +20 69 360 1140

Places to See in Sharm El Sheikh

With its sea, nature and luxury hotels, Sharm El Sheikh is a fast-rising tourism center. Promoting itself to the world for its fame as a paradise for scuba divers, scuba tours are must try activities during your stay here. Take a look at our suggestions for activities in Sharm El Sheikh, one of the most vibrant cities in Egypt:


Tiran Island 

If you are not planning on diving during your stay in Sharm El Sheikh, it would be safe to say that you will miss out on a lot. Among all the places in the region that are great for diving, Tiran Island is especially suitable for beginners. Although it is possible to scuba dive in a lot of places in the city, the tours here are different. You will arrive at the diving site by glass-floored boat, and you will be able to discover many different marine species.


Sharm El Sheikh


Kite Junkies

If you are interested in alternative sports, you should definitely try kite boarding in Sharm El Sheikh, which has become an important location for water sports. Kite Junkies at the Regency Plaza Resort serve those with experience in this sport, but can also teach first timers. 

Regency Plaza Resort, Nabq, Sharm El Sheikh


Ras Mohamed National Park 

At Ras Mohammed National Park, you can take a tour of the bays and go scuba diving or snorkeling. If you have an underwater camera with you, you should definitely take pictures of the beautiful creatures you will see. Eating at the Bedouin tents here is also enjoyable. 

Sinai, Sharm El Sheikh


Star Gazer Night 

One of the most beautiful experiences you will have during your vacation in Sharm El Sheikh will happen on this tour. The camel riding desert tour starts during the day bringing you to a Bedouin tent. The only thing that will light your surroundings after the sunset will be the stars and the moon in the sky. If you are looking for a place to just lie down and count the stars and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Sharm El Sheikh might be the place.

Wadi Mandar, Sharm El Sheikh


Musical Fountain Sharm El Sheikh 

Soho Square is one of the most enjoyable locations in Sharm El Sheikh. You can watch parades on the square with its musical water fountain or sit in one of the cafés and bars around the square and have something to drink. The ever-so-busy Soho Square is a popular destination for tourists. 

Soho Square | Sharks Bay, Sharm El Sheikh


Nightlife in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh offers myriad activities during the day, such as tours, water sports and diving, and its nightlife offers the same level of variety. With its night clubs, discos, bars and casinos, Sharm El Sheikh has a very busy nightlife.


Sinai Grand Casino 

Sinai Grand Casino will be a favorite of casino aficionados with its poker clubs, slot machines and shows that are as delightful as those in Las Vegas. If you like card games and slot machines, this is a must see. If you would rather not gamble, you can always sit at its Sports Bar and watch sports while having a drink. Good luck!

Peace Road, Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh


Dolce Vita Sharm El Sheikh 

Dolce Vita is a night club right in the middle of the desert. You will fall in love with this place, where world-famous DJ’s occasionally perform. You should visit this great alternative to stuffy indoor night clubs.

Desert Road, Sharm el-Sheikh


Taj Mahal Night Club Sharm el Sheikh 

One of the first places that come to mind when talking about night clubs in Sharm El Sheikh is definitely the Taj Mahal Night Club. You can spend a great night here with its indoor pool, giant elephant decorations and live DJ sets. 

Peace Road, El Hadaba, Sharm El Sheikh 14441


Caesar’s Night Club 

Decorated in the style of Ancient Greece, a civilization as old as Egypt’s, Ceasar’s Night Club manages to recreate that atmosphere. Guests are welcomed by gladiators at the entrance, and the club attracts as much interest with its music as it does with its ambiance.

El Hayat Sharm Resort, Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh


Ice Bar Sharm el Sheikh

Like an oasis in the hot deserts of Egypt, this ice bar is like jumping from hot sands into cool waters. If you are looking for a family experience a really, really cold drink, you should stop by here. 

Soho Square | Sharks Bay, Sharm El Sheikh


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