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Flights to Hurghada

Flights to Hurghada

An Egyptian city located on the Red Sea coast, Hurghada is becoming a rising star among tourist destinations of the world.

This is also true for its popularity in Turkey, considering the recent increase in the number of Hughada flight tickets purchased in Turkey. In addition to its perfect condition for diving and water sports, Hurghada has historical significance that allows for cultural tourism activities as well. It is a warm city with temperatures of about 30 degrees or higher all year, reaching 40 degrees in summer. The best time to visit Hurghada is in autumn months, when you can avoid the scorching heat of Hurghada and take a short break from Turkey’s autumn weather. Hughada is one of the best diving centers in the world. Add the windsurfing opportunities and you get an even more attractive destination. Hurghada is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world for water sports, which must have also attracted big hotels to the area. There is no shortage of accommodation options in Hurghada, from five star hotels to more modest establishments.



Istanbul - Hurghada Flight Tickets

You will be hit by the hot weather as soon as you arrive at the Hurghada International Airport so you will be eager to drop your luggage off in your room and throw yourself in the blue waters. The quickest way to get to your hotel is renting a car through flypgs.com, the smartest thing to do, right after you purchase your cheap flight ticket to Hurghada from Pegasus! If you do not wish to rent a car, you can take a taxi from the airport. Taxis are the most preferred means of transportation in the city as well.

Food and Drinks in Hurghada

Hurghada offers many alternatives to guests, including authentic flavors of Egypt and many choices from international cuisine. We recommend that you keep an open mind towards these new flavors that range from European to Chinese. Middle Eastern and Far East cuisines are especially worth trying if you are a first timer. There is also a wide variety of seafood choices since it is a sea side city.


El Halaka

El Halaka is one of the best spots to taste the most delicious and fresh seafood in Hurghada. Seafood salads, pastas, soups and many others are offered with interesting presentations and twists. It is a must try for seafood lovers.

Sakalla Square, Hurghada



If you wish to try new things in Hurghada, you might enjoy offerings from Indian cuisine. Masala will help you with the introductions. You will not regret trying the delicious and spicy Indian specialties. 

E.G., New Marina, Block B, Hurghada


Granada Restaurant & Pub 

Granada is one of the restaurants in Hurghada that will lure you with an amazing view. The seaside restaurant serves mostly Italian dishes. They serve breakfast and brunch as well as dinner, and it is also nice for an early evening drink while enjoying the view. 

Old Sheraton Road, Hurghada


Caribbean Bar

A great beach that offers delicious cocktails in the daytime, and a fancy restaurant that serves delightful Caribbean food in the evening... You will enjoy yourself here, no matter what time of day it is. You can even spend the whole day here, but make sure you stay for dinner and try the Caribbean cuisine.

Sheraton Road, Bella Vista Building, Hurghada


Mandarin Lebanese Restaurant

 Lebanese cuisine is without question one of the best Middle Eastern cuisines, and Mandarin Lebanese Restaurant is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Hurghada. The authentic Middle Eastern atmosphere permeates both the food and the decor of this elegant restaurant.

Siva Mall Siva Grand Beach Corniche Road, Hurghada

Shopping in Hurghada

You can choose one of the big shopping centers that contain the world’s leading brands and designer shops, or take a look at the shopping options offered in the touristic downtown area. Hurghada is a rapidly developing Egyptian city that offers shopping options for everyone. Our recommendation is the old bazaar in the old city square, where you can discover the city itself. İstanbul-Hurghada flights bring many people to Hurghada, not only for diving, but also for shopping.


El Dahar

El Dahar represents the traditional fabric of the city and souvenirs such as spices, handmade jewelry and papyrus can be found in the old shops. It is a pleasant shopping area that will remind you of İstanbul’s Grand Bazaar. 

Old City of Hurghada


Sahl Hasheesh 

The touristic district of Sahl Hasheesh is a buzzing shopping area. You can find anything you might be looking for, for yourself or a loved one, in one of the many shopping centers and shops. 

Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada


Sekalla High Street 

Another important shopping venue is Sekalla High Street. It attracts a lot of tourists and is very similar to El Dahar, but with more affordable prices. Hookahs, silverware and hand woven rugs will catch your eye.

Sekalla High Street, Hurghada


New Marina (Sheraton Road) 

If you wish to shop at fancy retailers of world famous brands and designer boutiques, Sheraton Road, also known as the New Marina, is perfect!

Sheraton Road, Hurghada


Senzo Mall 

If you like a calm shopping experience, Senzo Mall is distant from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can spend hours. You can find everything you might be looking for. 

Safaga Road, Hurghada

Accommodation in Hurghada 

Accommodation options in Hurghada range from world famous luxury hotels to affordable and high quality boutiques. You can enjoy the sun and the sea in a secluded bay or experience the city life in a centrally located room. Buying your Hurghada flight ticket from Pegasus will increase your budget for accommodation.


Hilton Hurghada Resort 

If your expectations from your Hurghada accommodation are higher than just accommodation, Hilton Hurghada Resort will help you. The money you spend at Hilton Hurghada Resort will be definitely worth it.

Hurghada Bay- Safaga Road, Hurghada


Moevenpick Resort Hurghada

If luxury and comfort is your top priority for accommodation, Moevenpick Resort Hurghada will be more than satisfactory. The resort offers luxurious rooms and a diving center.

El Fareek Youssef Affifi Street, Village Road, Hurghada


Steigenberger Golf Resort El Gouna

The resort is home to the golf course that hosted the US PGA golf championship. Authentic Egyptian motifs meet modern architecture in this hotel. The activities offered are not limited to golf though. You can go diving in the sea or pamper yourself at the spa. 

Golf Area, El Gouna, El Gouna, Hurghada


Hurghada Marriott Red Sea Beach Resort 

Hurghada Marriott Red Sea Beach Resort offers a wonderful experience with rooms that have large balconies and a view of the sea. The resort will provide more comfort than you expect in terms of food, drinks, and accommodation as well as leisure activities.

El Corniche Road, P.O.Box 38, Hurghada


Three-Bedroom Villa at White Villas, El Gouna - Unit 107935 

Rental apartments are the most pleasant and affordable accommodation options for large groups in Hurghada. The three bedroom villas can accommodate up to 6 people, and they have private pools. This is the ideal arrangement for a perfect vacation with your extended family or a group of friends. 

El Gouna, El Gouna, 99999 Hurghada


Places to Visit in Hurghada

Hurghada is a city full of treasures to be discovered, ranging from aquarium-like coves, high mountains and historical sites. It achieved its fame with its underwater world and is a popular destination for tourists that seek to enjoy sea, sand and sun. It also appeals to visitors who are looking for natural beauty, serenity and tranquility, as well as people who enjoy different leisure activities. Hurghada has many shops, museums and historical sites that are worth visiting. Start making a to-do-list as soon as you purchase your İstanbul-Hurghada flight ticket.


Giftun Islands

Also called Paradise Islands, these are two islands, one small and one big. The Mahmya Beach located on the big island is especially worth visiting. You can enjoy the sea and the sun, or go snorkeling. The beach is inside the Giftun Island National Park conservation area.

Giftun Islands, Hurghada


Makadi Water World 

If you have children and want them to enjoy your vacation in Hurghada, your best choice would be to visit Makadi Water World. The giant waterslides will be fun for you as well as for the children. 

Makadi Bay, Madinat Makadi, Hurghada


Bike Egypt - Extreme Desert Adventure 

If you are interested in motor sports, do not miss this extreme desert bike tour. This might be a once in a life time experience that you will not forget.

Desert Road, Hurghada 84151


Eastern (Arabian) Desert

Another enjoyable way to see the desert is on quad bikes (ATVs). A desert tour is a must if you visit Hurghada. The best time of day for these tours is around sunset. 

In front of Mobarak2 Ekhnaton Building. Flat No. 6-3rd Floor, Hurghada


Scuba Hurghada Diving Center

You can trust yourself in the hands of the professional team at the Scuba Hurghada Diving Center to experience scuba diving at one of the most important diving locations in the world. First timers enjoy it as much as experienced divers.

In front of the Empire Three Corners Hotel, Hurghada 135


Nightlife in Hurghada 

The nightlife of Hurghada is focused around the marina, and it is possible to find bars that serve alcohol. Nightlife venues are mostly restaurants and bars located inside the hotels along the marina. Most bars are designed with the sea sand sun concept, but some might surprise you, such as South Beach Bar located in the Moon Valley hotel. This is one of the most important nightclubs in the city, and it offers different entertainment themes every night.



 Country Code: +20 65 

Police: 160 

Ambulance: 123 

Fire Department: 180

Embassy of Turkey in Cairo, Egypt: +20-2 279 784 10 / +20-2 279 784 26 / +20-2 279 784 28

Hurghada International Airport: +20 65 443 976



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