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Istanbul - Zurich Flight Tickets

After landing on Zurich with affordable Pegasus flights, there are different ways to go to the city center. If you’re to travel between 06:30-23:00, you can transport via Hotelbus. You can also prefer cabs for a more comfortable alternative. As in many parts of the world, the easiest way to go around the city is by train. The train to the city is every 10 minutes and you can buy a ticket from the kiosks at the entrance of the station, which will be valid for 60 minutes. If you’d like to go around in a private vehicle, you can rent one on

Taxi, Please!

If there’s any place in the world where we cannot advise you to use cabs, it’s definitely Zurich. They apply different tariffs during day, night and weekends; also you may have to pay a high amount for a distance less than 2 kilometers.

Between Trams

Almost every inch of Zurich is design to enable easy access to trams. They’re so embedded in life that it doesn’t surprise you to see a dinner party, street orchestra or people working on their laptops in carriages. There are ticket machines on every stop. We suggest you buy six-day travel cards that can be used in every public transportation, museum or boats.


Shopping in Zurich

Shopping in Zurich is done best on streets full of glitzy shops that are home to world-famous designers, brand-new boutiques waiting to be explored and places with different concepts. You won’t return empty-handed from Zurich.


Right across the train station and home to the shops of famous brands such as Cartier, Burberry and Chanel, Bahnhofstrasse is the most luxurious street in Zurich. You can also find many other boutiques on Barengasse, Nüschellerstrasse and Pelikanstrasse that are close-by and parallel to Bahnhofstrasse. Don’t forget – shops are open from 09:30-18:30 on weekdays and until 16:00 on Saturday in Switzerland. They’re generally closed for lunch.

Niederdorf Street

If you’d like to spend a day in shops that sell travel books, handmade artefacts, the loveliest Swiss knifes, kitchen utensils, comic books and shoes, you should head towards Niederdorf and explore its back alleys.

Under train rails: Im Viadukt

Regarded as Zurich’s new design and art area, the 5th district is home to Im Viadukt, the first concept shopping center in the city, located right under the train rails. If you take trains 13, 14 or 17 from Bahnhof, you’ll arrive at this shopping center in 12 minutes.


Located at number 26 in Im Viadukt, BIG offers a unique collection independent of season’s trends, with its motto “This is where fashion happens”.


The shelves inside Sibler are adorned with all kinds of kitchen utensils from teapots to cheese knives des that are reinterpreted by designers.

Viaduktstrasse 39


It’s hard not to fall in love with Goya, where you can buy products made by the award-winning Swiss designer Elena Zenero with the inspiration she’s gotten from movies and songs.

Viaduktstrasse 41

Komplementair Accessories

As the name implies, this is an accessories shop. Here you can also find different pieces such as shoes, watches and scarves as well as leather bags, wallets and day planners.

Viaduktstrasse 43

Kitchener Plus

Comprising two adjoining shops, Kitchener Plus sells men’s and women’s wear as well as accessories, unlike the implication in its name. They also have books, laptop cases and cupcake tins.

Viaduktstrasse 47-49


If you’d like to combine music with natural materials, design and energy, Klangwandel is the place! Selling retro-looing radios and iPhone/iPod devices, this shop has a lot of stuff you’ll want to carry home.

Viadukstrasse 61-Viadukt 13

For home: Markethalle

This is a closed bazaar that’s filled with stalls selling delicatessen, cheese, vegetables and fruit. It also has a chic restaurant where you can have tea or coffee, or a nice dinner in the evening. This is also the right place to buy some Swiss cheese and chocolate.

Limmatstrasse 231

Tel: 044 201 00 60

Freitag Shop Zurich

This is an interesting design shop in Viadukt that is located at the junction of the 4th and 5th district. It’s made from an old truck container. It sells famous Freitag bags, key chains and iPhone cases.

Geroldstrasse 17

Tel: 043 366 95 20


Flea Market

There’s a flea market where you can find antique pieces, accessories and silverware in Bürkliplatz from May-October.

If you visit Rosenhof on Thursday and Saturday from March-November, you can find artists that make various handmade objects and designs.

Accommodation in Zurich

The hometown of luxury, Zurich has luxurious alternatives for accommodation. However, you can also prefer hostels and standard-quality hotels in Zurich, which welcomes tourists from all over the world.


For luxury-seekers

The Dolder Grand

Rebuilt by the British designer Norman Foster, this hotel has everything you’re looking for, such as spa, restaurant, bar and many more.

Tel: +41 44 456 60 00

Widder Hotel

Stay at Widder Hotel to listen to jazz, to explore culinary tastes at its restaurant managed by Alexander Kroll and to have a vacation in luxury.

Rennweg 7

Tel: 044 224 25 26

Hotel Opera

It’s less like a hotel and more like a center for art and culture.

Dufourstrasse 5

Tel: 044 258 99 99


Modern architecture enthusiasts prefer Greulich where white and pastel colors are on the forefront. If you can’t stay at the hotel, you should definitely visit its restaurant that serves tiny gourmet plates.

Herman-Greulich-Strasse 56

Tel: +41 43 243 42 43

Baur Au Lac

Managed by the same family for 160 years, the hotel is preferred by those who enjoy a classical and chic design. It’s a true Mediterranean with its wide, mirrored and marbled bathrooms, rooms with views of the lake and the adjacent park.

Talstrasse 1 

Tel. +41 (0)44 220 50 20

Staying cheap in Zurich

Here are a few suggestions for those who’d like to stay for more affordable prices in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

City Backpacker

The hostel is very close to the main street, Bahnhofstrasse.

Niederdorfstrasse 5

Tel: 044 251 90 15


Free Wi-Fi for backpackers from all over the world!

Langstrasse 120

Tel: 043 317 96 55

Youth Hostel

The kitchen can be used for collective cooking.

Mutschellenstrasse 114

Tel: 043 399 78 00

Hotel du Theatre

During after-work hours, the locals meet at its lounge named La Suite for aperitifs. The rooms are modern and simple.

Seilergraben 69

Zic-Zac Rock Hotel

Located at the center of Niederdorf – the city’s entertainment district – and colorfully decorated in line with the district’s spirit, Zic-Zac Hotel keeps the various rock legends’ spirit alive.

Marktgasse 17

Tel: 044 261 21 81

Hotel Otter

Located among boutiques and bookshops, the hotel is mostly preferred by models, artists and, especially, the young.

Oberdorfstrasse 7

Food and Drink in Zurich

Unlike many European city, Zurich is not a city of gastronomy. Among food you should definitely try in Zurich are fondue (breadcrumbs dipped in melted cheese), sausage, roşti (a type of potato dish), chocolate and raclette (table-grill).



Café des Amis

Opened by a group of seven friends in March 2011, Café des Amis mostly serves ordinary Swiss menus. They wait to dazzle you with breads in fondue, all-you-can-eat brunch on Saturday and Sunday, and smell of coffee. They’re open between 08:00am-01:00am on weekdays, and from 09:00 on weekends, including Sunday.

Nordstrasse 88

Tel: 043 536 93 81

Z am Park

Eggs, salad, bread and coffee… Architects, advertisers, bankers, artists as well as academics… Z am Park is a very cosmopolitan place, resembling local coffee houses with gardens. It opens at 07:30 on weekdays and at 10:00 at weekends.

Zurlindenstrasse 275

Tel. 043 931 73 74

Bei Babette

French-style galettes and crepes – whether with cheese, mushroom, ham, parsley, or strawberry, chocolate, cream and marmalade! At weekends, you may need to wait to find a seat since it’s the locals’ favorite – don’t give up!

Bertastrasse 16

Tel: 043 366 85 02



Café Zähringer

At this central and popular coffee shop, every employee – from doorman to waiter, lazy cashier to the man carrying the potato sack – has a share of the place. Designed with the motto “For better, for worse”, the coffee shop also has live music. They have a daily, vegetarian and organic menu that includes very few meat dishes.

Zähringerplatz 11

Tel: 044 252 05 00

Hotel Limmathof Weinstube

This hotel-owned restaurant in Central is a place where you can eat homemade dishes. Celery soup, salad with mustard sauce, chicken with fruit and boiled rice – the price for this menu is very affordable considering Zurich’s standards.

Limmatquai 142

Tel: 044 267 60 40

Café Henrici

Besides having the best coffee in Zurich, this is also a place where you can sit for hours and watch the people on the square. If you make it to the lunch hour, we suggest you try tomato soup and toasted bagel.

Niederdorfstrasse 1

Tel:+41 44 251 5454

Café Schober

Defining itself as a boutique café, Schober is also a shop where you can buy the things you eat. It’s highly likely that you’ll feel as if you’re in 1700s Europe while sitting on red velvet chairs and eating your cake.

Napfgasse 4

Tel: 044 251 51 50


This tiny coffee shop is mostly frequented by young people between ages 20-30. They make great espresso, served with various small cakes. We suggest you try all of them!

Torgasse 3

Tel: 044 252 22 11

Café Odeon

With delicious meals on plates, you’re accompanied by Zurich’s intellectuals. Turning into a bar after 22:00, the place makes you feel as if you visited a movie set, with its art nouveau atmosphere.

Limmatquai 2

Tel: 044 251 16 50

For Dinner

Anthony’s Kitchen

Philippine Anthony’s restaurant in a garden is especially ideal for the most special taste from Asian cuisine and Dim Sum. The menu is usually fixed.

Quellenstrasse 49

Tel: 043 539 76 79

Casa Aurelio

If you’re a fan of the Mediterranean cuisine with great meat, we suggest you reserve a seat at Casa Aurelio. Cooked by a Spanish chef, the chicken is especially delicious.

Langstrasse 209

Tel: 044 272 77 44

La Salle

Among their specials are finely sliced and herby calf liver, fillet steak, beef and tartar.

Schiffbaustrasse 4

Tel: 044 258 70 71

Le Dézaley

This is the best place to try fondue (pieces of bread dipped in melted cheese). Keep in mind that they’re open between 11:30-14:30 and 18:00-24:00, and you should make a reservation.

Römergasse 7+9

Tel: 044 251 61 29


If you’d like to try unique French classics such as Rumpsteak Robespiere, beef steak with green pepper sauce and Boeuf Bourguignon, you should book a seat at this part clubby part romantic restaurant.

Widdergasse 5

Tel: 044 211 56 65


Famous for its duck a l’Orange and lamb with mustard, the place is especially frequented by the locals.

Schifflände 4

Tel: 044 252 14 53


Great soup, delicious ravioli.

Neumarkt 2

Tel: 044 252 27 27

Haus Hiltl

One of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Europe, Haus Hiltl also has an impressive array of cocktails and music.

Sihlstrasse 28

Tel: 044 227 70 00


Shrimp cocktail for starters is followed by rösti with beef steak. They also serve soup between courses to ease the stomach.

Rämistrasse 4

Tel: 044 262 99 00


The dinner is good but what’s better in Terrasse is to watch the people around you – some rushing for a play, some just out of the office.

Limmatquai 3

Tel. 044 251 10 74

The Food of the Gods – Chocolate

You’re in one of the best countries to try a dozen different kinds of chocolate, which means “the food of the gods” in Latin. Daniel Peter is the inventor of the milk chocolate. Together with Henri Nestlé, they laid the foundations of Nestlé in 1879. We suggest you try it no matter what. Here are a few other chocolatiers you should stop by.


Truffle sells all kinds of bitter chocolates made by cocoa beans which are imported from various countries and handpicked by the owner of the shop, Elisabetta.

Schlüsselgasse 12

Tel: +41 43 539 1885

Cupcake Affair

These cupcakes have all kinds of interesting names: Romeo & Juliet, Vivienne Westwood, Marilyn Monroe, Affair of the Day, etc.

Spitalgasse 12

Tel: 076 461 04 64


The moment you step inside Péclard, one of the oldest and nicest patisseries in Zurich, you’ll surrender to the smell of fresh-baked cupcakes, handmade cakes and cookies. You won’t be able to stop yourself from trying a few.

Münsterhof 8

Tel: 044 251 51 50


And of course the most popular chocolatier. The Swiss macaron Luxemburgerli, lines and lines of pralines, tortes, and truffles… They’re mouth-watering even from the shop window.

Bahnhofstrasse 21

Tel: 044 224 47 40

Country Code: +41

Police: 117

Fire Department: 118

Ambulance: 114

Rega Helicopter Rescue: 1414

Car trouble: 140

SOS Doctors: 044 260 44 44

Places to Vİsit in Zurich

We suggest you buy ZurichCARD sold at train stations and tourists kiosks before setting off to explore the city. It will give you more than 40 times to visit museums and zoos, to use public transportation or ferries free of charge. Moreover, you’ll be treated with a “welcome drink” at some of the restaurants.


Botanischer Garten

Established in association with the University of Zurich in 1976, the botanical garden is home to dozens of endangered plant species.

Zollikerstrasse 107

Tel: (044) 634 8461



The stained-glass windows of this 19th-century church was made by Marc Chagall in the 20th century to impress tourists. You can visit the church until 18:00 every day (including Sunday).

Am Münsterhofplatz



The stained-glass windows of this cathedral, whose two towers are both city symbols, were design by the avant-garde artist Sigmar Pole. You can have an overhead view of the city if you can climb all 187 steps of the Karlsturm.



Kunsthaus Zürich

The museum displays two important paintings by Monet, works by Edvard Munch as well as by some expressionists such as Kokoschka, Beckmann and Corinth, and most of the collections of Alberto Giacometti. For the convenience of late-visitors, the museum is open until 20:00 from Wednesday to Friday.

Heimplatz 1


Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst

You should definitely follow the program of this museum which is known as Zurich’s modern art museum. It displays various collective exhibitions.


Museum Rietberg

Displaying non-European collections, this museum is home to collections brought from India, China, Africa and Japan. You can also attend World Music concerts.

Gablerstrasse 15


Schweizerisches Landesmuseum

Comprising three different buildings, this complex is home to many works on Swiss culture and history. If you’re interested in guns, flags, watches, pre-historic artefacts and toys, we suggest you visit this museum.

Zürichbergstrasse 221



Zürcher Spielzeugmuseum

Games, dolls, cars, train rails... You can find all kinds of materials related to toys here in a chronological context.

Fortunagasse 15


Gestaltung Museum

Home to different exhibitions throughout the year, this young and dynamic museum is experienced in design, posters and books.

Ausstellungstrasse 60


Opera House

You should do with seeing this opera building that is built towards the end of the 19th century only from the outside. Make a reservation and go to a concert with a perfect acoustics.

Falkenstrasse 1


Zurich Zoo

Home to more than 2,000 animals from 250 species, this zoo is especially exhilarating for kids. The rain forests inside is good for one’s soul. Don’t forget to see Madagascar Manison and the elephants.

Zürichbergstrasse 221

Friedhof Fluntern

Nobel Prize-winner Elias Canetti, famous author James Joyce, Heidi’s author Johanna Spiri – they all rest in this cemetery.

Zürichbergstrasse 189


Belvoir Park

Whenever you’d like to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can find a bench in the biggest park in Zurich.



Known as “people’s house” in Zurich, this place hosts various plays, music events, concerts and performing arts. The coffee house is frequented by artists as well. 



One of the most important metropolises in the world, Zurich offers various choices for nightlife too. Dancing to lounge, live music or a DJ performance in a cool pub until late in the night. Zurich’s nightlife appeals to all in some way.


Jules Verne Panorama Bar

As the name implies, the view of Jules Verne is amazing. Serving delicious food, this bar on the 11th floor of Brasserie Lipp is frequented by young and single people between ages 30-40.



Inside Sorrell Hotel Zurichberg, a mountainous pleasure awaits you. At weekends, the local DJs perform here. You can stop by the R21 restaurant for an aperitif or spend the whole evening there.

Orellistrasse 21



Bohemia offers a different kind of fun every night – one day you listen to wonderful jazz musicians, and on another, you may surrender yourself to the rhythm of salsa melodies. Mostly visited by young professionals, the place also serves Cuban cigars.


Tel: 044 383 70 60


El Local

El Local is an after-work meeting place for athletes to advertisers, architects to bus drivers, bankers to hairdressers. It’s not only a bar; it serves great food as well but the real attractive aspect is neither of these – its walls covered with more than a thousand posters collected from all over the world, a skeleton above your head, Monday concerts for only 25 Francs, cheering sounds emanating from inside on football nights... In short, it’s a place for locals by the canal.

Gessnerallee 11

Tel: 043 344 87 50


Hard One

Decorated with chic and comfortable couches this scenic bar turns into a one big dance floor with DJ sets at weekends until four in the morning

Hardstrasse 260

Tel: 044 444 10 00


Stall 6

Converted from a theater’s foyer area and decorated with wide sofas and tables-for-all, this place livens up after 10pm.

Gessnerallee 8 

Tel: 044 225 81 11



Hosting concerts, this youth center by the canal has walls covered with artworks. If you stop by in the late afternoon, you’ll see people sipping their cocktails.

Wasserwerkstrasse 21

Tel: 044 365 34 44



For those looking for nightclubs



If you’d like to go to Zurich’s oldest nightclub, take the tram and get off at Bellevue to find Loca. It’s almost impossible to find a seat without a reservation.



From hip-hop to old-school, from karaoke nights to live music performances by bands such as Get Well Soon – Mascotte has something to offer to everyone on every night.

Theaterstrasse 10

Tel: +41 44 260 1580




An old ballroom is converted into a nightclub with very little change made to the decoration. If you want, you can surrender yourself to DJ sets at Pelikan Bar which overlooks the city.

Pelikanstrasse 18

Tel: +41 44 225 3322


Saint Germain

This is especially the right place for those who enjoy new-age electronic French DJs.

Bahnhofstrasse 66

Tel: +41 44 215 9000



Zukunft lives up to its motto on its sign – “House of good music”. It has everything to start the groove from unique Scandinavian sounds to rock followers, from minimal DJ sets to electro-bass tunes.

Dienerstrasse 33



0815 is a chic place where you can enjoy your coffee and bagel in the morning, taste their daily lunches and have fun dancing to the DJ’s turntables in the evening. It’s open between 08:30-24:00 on weekdays and between 19:00-02:00 at weekends. And it’s only 3 minutes away from the Zurich Train Station. They also throw parties a few times a year – try to make it to one of them!

Kreuzstrasse 26

Tel: +41 44 242 08 15

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