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Istanbul - Kayseri Flight Tickets

The most practical way to reach the city after your landing with Pegasus on Kayseri Airport, which gives service of domestic flights and was renewed in 2010, is municipality busses. The lines numbered 101 and 270, which take off from the airport, pass by the city center. If you would like to have a comfortable trip, a taxi also would be a very good transportation alternative.

You can also consider rent a car options on so as to travel around the city easily.

Shopping in Kayseri

There are many options to shop in Kayseri. You can find many options such as from big shopping malls that exist in every province to historical covered bazaars and luxurious streets.

Grand Bazaar

The historical construction expands over a very broad area and bazaar still keeps its position in the trade life of Kayseri even if the products that are sold there have changed. You can find pastrami and sausage sellers at the bazaar exit. The most famous one among them is Fikret.



In Bedesten that is in the Grand Bazaar, they sell carpets and rugs nowadays. Bunyan and Yahyali carpets of Kayseri are very famous. It is really fun to choose among the colorful rugs and carpets in this historical structure.


Hunat Souvenirs Bazaar

It is possible to find small souvenirs in the bazaar which is in Hunat Hatun Medresesi. You can find things that you will want to keep as a souvenir from Kayseri, even if it is not a creative idea.


Sivas Street

It is the biggest and most luxurious Street in Kayseri. It makes the silent and calm nights of Kayseri a lit bit vibrant with the crowd that the shops and cafes bring. Kayseri Park on the Street where you can find whatever you need is a modern shopping mall. It is a famous place for the young people in Kayseri with 130 shops and cinema of 9 halls.

Accommodation in Kayseri

There are many alternatives in Kayseri in terms of accommodation with its hotels that are famous on all over the world and that have been integrated with Kayseri. The only thing that you need to do is to choose the best on efor you and your budget.



It has the quality to meet all of your expectations with its new and modern style even if it is not so luxurious. Its location between the airport and city center is one of the reasons of its preferance. Everything has been considered for business trips, also.

Yeni Pervane Mah. Kocasinan Bul. No: 163, 38110 Kocasinan

Tel: 0352 207 30 00     


Hilton Kayseri

It is one of the biggest hotels of Kayseri with its unique location, view and high level quality.

Cumhuriyet Meydani 38010

Tel: 0352 207 50 00     


La Casa Boutique Hotel

The hotel that draws attention with its central location and especially the comfort of bathroom is very ideal for a joyous accommodation.

Haci Saki Mahallesi Atatürk Bulvari No: 5 Duvenonu

Tel: 0352 320 01 84


Selcuk Hotel

It is an ideal business hotel even if it is a little bit far away from the touristic center of the city. Everything has been considered for your meetings. It is not luxurious, but it offers a comfortable accommodation.

Osman Kavuncu Mah. Gazibey Caddesi, No:6

Tel: 0352 320 20 10


Bent Hotel

This hotel that is located on the city square corresponds to the standards of a 3 stars hotel. It is a very good option for those who want a cheaper accommodation.

Gevher Nesibe Mahallesi Ataturk Bulvari No:40

Tel: 0352 221 24 00     


Mirado Del Lago Hotel

There are many reasons to choose this hotel that is on Erciyes ski center for your ski holidays. Family room, hamam-sauna, sports center, swimming pool and massage are some of them.

Melikgazi Ilcesi Tekir Yaylasi Erciyes Kayak Merkezi – Erciyes


Food and Drinks in Kayseri

As to mention Kayseri cuisine, Turkish ravioli, pastrami and yaglama (a kind of pastry with minced meat) come to minds. Whereas these tastes are best to eat at home in Kayseri, there are addresses that bring them to the restaurants. You can take a look at our list if you want to know where and what to eat.



Kasik-la, which has branches in many places from Istanbul to Erzurum, represents Kayseri cuisine all around Turkey but it is quiet delicious in its main branch. You can find every special taste of Kayseri cuisine; but in our opinion, you should not skip "manti" that is prepared by housewives.

Anbar Mah. Zafer Caddesi No: 4

Tel: 0352 326 30 75   


Elmacioglu Iskender

In this big place where you can find special dishes of Kayseri cuisine, meats are at the forefront. Do not skip tasting meat and rice wrapped in vine leaves of Kayseri before moving on to delicious meats.

Mustafa Kemal Pasha Bulvari No:56, Melikgazi

Tel: 0352 223 64 39



This bistro is known for its joyous breakfast as much as it’s various dishes. It is a place that we would recommend with its dishes from Italian cuisine to Mexican cuisine, if you want to eat in a cafe.

Kosk Mah. Kisla Cad. Obalar Sok. Yoruk 7 Sitesi No:2

Tel: 0352 233 66 99


Meshur Kebapci Sakir

It is the oldest and best address of diced lamb fried on iron plate which is called sac kebab by people in Kayseri. Do not leave Kayseri without tasting the fried sheep meat that is prepared very specially.

Cumhuriyet Mah. Tennuri Sok. No:7/B

Tel: 0352 231 58 63



The sandwiches that were prepared in Sanayi are both economic and delicious. Diced lambs that are fried on iron plate that you will see in the entrance of the restaurant are served as sandwiches in bread. Meat fries really very well. There are shredded wheat in syrup (a kind of desert called kadayif locally) both with or without tahini as desert.

Yeni Sanayi, Gazali Caddesi No:50

Tel: 0352 331 29 93   


Ananin Yeri(Mother’s Place)

Turkish ravioli is really great in this restaurant that is known for both its interesting name and its dishes. It is also a very good address to taste yaglama.

Alpaslan Mah. Esref Bitlis Bulvari No:13/A Kayseri

Tel: 0352 223 31 83     


Sukru Usta’nın Yeri(Sukru Usta’s Place)

It is a very small and ordinary place where you can taste kebab cooked in a sealed clay pot which is one of the special dishes of Central Anatolia.

Vatan Caddesi, Kicikapi

Tel: 0352 222 55 94     


Adem Baba Restaurant

This restaurant of the tradesmen that has been giving service since 1928 is famous for its sac kebab (diced lamb fried on iron plate). The meat that is prepared specially is fried in copper plate. Do not forget to taste.

Vatan Caddesi, No:32, Kicikapi

Tel: 0352 222 85 64     


Altinsaray Kelle Tava Paca Salonu

Here is another ordinary place. It is a wonderful address for those who love fagot. We suggest you not to skip such an interesting and delicious food as Poc. You should also try kelle (sheep head soup9 and stuffed sheep sausages. This small places that opens early in the morning closes towards evening. We suggest it for lunch, but it is also important to mention that the food in here is a bit strong.

Bankalar Caddesi, Tuzcular Cikmazi Across YKM

Tel: 0352 222 92 91     


Shakespeare Bistro

This place with its branch in Kayseri offers delicious examples from World cuisine. It is the preference of those who want an alternative to the local dishes.

Kayseri Park AVM

Tel: 0352 235 35 97


Kayadibi Restaurant

The place that was built by excavating the rocks draws attention with its authentic structure and architecture. It is a very good option to host your guests and for your business meals with an interesting ambiance.  You can try various tastes of Kayseri cuisine and you should especially taste pide with tahini.

Ataturk Bulvari No: 95 Talas

Tel: 0352 437 11 11

City code: 0 352

Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism: 0352 222 03 63

Police: 0352 338 14 02

Gendarmy Emergency: 156

Pharma: 118

Police Emergency: 155

Health Emergency: 112

Places to Visit in Kayseri

There are many alternatives to be visited such as mosques and medreses

(Islamic-Ottoman social complexes) in Kayseri, which is one of the oldest cities that have been home to ancient ages


Archeology Museum

Kayseri Archeology Museum holds examples from the richness of all of the Anatolian civilizations with its collection that extends from Bronze Age to Byzantium period.

Gultepe Mahallesi, Kisla Caddesi No:2

Tel: (0352) 222 21 49


Hunat Hatun Kulliye

This Islamic-ottoman social complex that is comprised of a mosque, medrese, shrine and a hamam is one of the most important examples of Anatolian Seljuk artifacts. It was built by Mahperi Hunat (Huand) Hatun who is the mother of Kaykhusraw II and the wife of Kaykubad I.


Kayseri Castle

The construction, which is comprised of a citadel and a bailey with city walls, dates back to the 3rd and the 4th centuries. This defense construction still draws attention to the city center with its glory.


Grand Mosque

It was built by Melik Mehmet Gazi in the early 12th century when Danishmends chose Kayseri as a capital. It kept being used after being repaired in the Seljukian time.


Cifte Medrese (Double Medrese)

Upon the testament of Gevher Nesibe Sultan, the sister of Kaykhusraw I, a hospital called “Sifahiye” and a medical school named “Giyasiye” were established. Because Giyasiye and Sifahiye are next to each other and they are two constructions with an open yard, they are called Cifte(Double) Medrese.


Kursunlu (Lead) Cami

His mosque of which plans were drawn by Sinan the Architect takes its name from its lead covered dome.


Doner Kumbet (Cupola)

This cupola that is also known as Sah Cihan Cupola dates back to the 13th century. The decorations of the structure, which is in a cylindrical shape with a cone, are really impressive.


Sahabiye Medresesi

The rooms of this medrese which was built by Sahip Ata Fahruddin Ali, one of the Seljuk viziers, in 1267 are used as workplaces nowadays.


House of Ataturk

The house that was built by Rasit Aga as a dwelling in the 19th century hosted Ataturk during the Turkish War of Independence. Some part of the house turned into a museum for that reason and it's a great example of civil architecture of its period.


Kayseri High School

The structure of the building that was built by face stone and founded with the name “Derece-i Ula Mekteb-i Kulliyesi Idadisi” in 1893 is really impressive. The high school is also known for the celebrities that were educated there such as Turgut Ozal, Abdullah Gul and Emel Sayin.


Surp Kirkor Losovoric Church

Surp Kirkor Losovoric Church that is one of the biggest Armenian churches in Anatolia was built in 1901. The church that had been closed to the worship in 1977 not having any worshippers, was repaired and opened to worship in 1997.


Gupgupoglu Palace (Ethnography Museum)

Although the palace started to be built in 15th century, it could only be completed in the 18th century because of the interruptions during the construction. Museum is comprised of two parts. One part is Kayseri Ethnography Museum, and the other one is a museum where the Ottoman house organization is exhibited.


Cifte Kumbet (Double Cupola)

Do not let the name "double" mislead you, the only thing that is left from the second cupola is its name. The cupola that still stands is the shrine of Adile Hatun who is the daughter of Melik Adil, the Ayyubids emperor, and one of the wives of Alaeddin Kayqubat I. Its simple style is striking.


Ahi Evran Zawiye Merchants and Craftsmen Museum

Zawiya (a small Islamic monastery) that was founded in the 13th century when Ahi Evran, who is the founder of Ahi order, lived in Kayseri is used as a museum where materials that are used in traditional crafts of Kayseri are exhibited.


Mount Erciyes

Erciyes Mountain can be seen from almost every point of Kayseri with its whole solemnity. If you have the chance to go away from Kayseri, we suggest you to make use of the opportunities of this big mountain. If it is winter time, a wonderful ski resort will be waiting for you.



This hill town that is 2 km away towards the northern side on the Kayseri-Sivas road takes the history of this region back to the first ages. It came out that the trade colonies of many civilizations such as Hittite and Assyrians were found there. Also in Karum, which is near Kultepe, cuneiform scripts tablets that have the details of the merchant life that has been existing in Anatolia since Assyrians.



Soganli village, which is 80 km away from the city center, is a part of Cappadocia region. The village is like an outdoor museum with its caves. It is worth visiting with more than 50 caves and its church. Do not forget to buy the Soganli baby dolls that the women of the village make.


Gereme Ruins

The settlement that was established on the southern mountain foots of Erciyes hosted many civilizations from Hittites to Byzantium. The ruins that belong to Byzantium times give information about the importance of the settlement and the time. It is among the most important ruins of Kayseri.


Neighbourhoods of Kayseri



Talas is both a beautiful and a vibrant region on the skirts of the Mount Erciyes. The district, where people of high income group live and places for students exist because of its closeness to the main campus, is known for its density of Armenian population in history.



Melikgazi is both historical and current center of the city. Trade life continues there. People in Kayseri spend most of their time there. Shopping malls as well as Sivas Street and Grand Bazaar are also located there.


Nightlife in Kayseri

There are bistro style places and bars where you can listen to music at nights in Kayseri.


Mest-i Mekan

Mest-i Mekan appeals to an exclusive group of people. It gives service both as a bistro and a restaurant.

Mevlana Mah. Aksemsettin Cad. 51/11

Tel: 506 415 33 92


Kale Roof Bar

You can enjoy the night in this bar which is a part of Hilton with a view of Kayseri and live music.

Cumhuriyet Meydani 38010

Tel: 0352 207 50 00     



It is a very surprising address in Kayseri. We suggest you to prefer this address both for its service quality, the taste of foods and beverages but especially for its concept. In this place with a cinema concept, you can watch movies in VIP rooms.

Alparslan Mah.  Mustafa Simsek Bul. Gokce Fidan Sok. No: 5/B Melikgazi Kayseri

Tel: 0352 234 5 234     


Kafferengi Bistro

It is a place located in the center of Kayseri with delicious meals and a beautiful decoration. It appeals to the young people of high income.

Alpaslan Mah. Kizilirmak Cad. No:5/A Melikgazi

Tel: 0352 235 29 29     


Fashion Cafe

It is one of the popular places of the city with its decent and comfortable environment. It is very suitable to drink something cold or a cup of coffee.

Alpaslan Mah. Kizilirmak Cad. Melikgazi


Nesve Tea and Coffe House

Nesve, which has started to open new branches in different cities, is one of the favorites of young people with its really delicious coffees and wonderful deserts.

Alparslan Mah,. Kizilirmak Cad., Sagiroglu Sit. A Blok No: 85/B Melikgazi

Tel: 0352 223 80 10


Seyir Cafe Restaurant

The most important feature of this modern place that is on the way up to Talas is its view. You can eat meals with a wonderful Kayseri view accompanied by live music on Wednesdays and Fridays and you can drink tea/coffee and try juice cocktails and smoke shisha there.

Tablakaya Mahallesi, Ataturk Bulvari 214/1-2 Talas

Tel: 0352 438 08 80


Cafe Mills

The place that is a cosy and warm entertainment venue where you can listen to live pop music every night especially appeals to the youth of Kayseri.

Cumhuriyet Meydani, Vilayet Karsisi

Tel: 0352 221 06 05 



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