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Best Flight Deals to Amman


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Airport of arrival: Amman Queen Alia International Airport
Flight time from Antalya to Amman: 1 hour 30 minutes
Flight time from Ankara to Amman: 1 hour 55 minutes

Amman is the capital city of Jordan and located in north-central Jordan. It is famous for being one of the most modernized Arab city. It presents many historic remains, and thus the city is a well-known tourist attraction center. Amman is the most crowded city in Jordan with a population of 4,007,526.  

If you would like to visit Amman, you can obtain affordable or cheap tickets from Pegasus.

There are direct flights between Amman - Antalya, and also Amman - Ankara. Moreover, there are 21 connection flights via Ankara and Antalya. You can fly to Kyiv, Stockholm and 8 more cities through these flights.    

About the Airport

Amman Queen Alia International Airport is located at 30 km south of Amman.  

Queen Alia International Airport

Amman Airport was built in 1983, and it is the largest airport in Jordan. There are two terminals; Terminal 2 is opened in 2013 and expanded in 2016. It has a capacity of 12 million. There are several restaurants, cafès, playgrounds for children, free WiFi connection, and prayer rooms at the airport. Amman airport is used nearly by 40 airlines all around the World.  

Transport from Amman Queen Alia International Airport to the City Center


Transportation is provided through buses and services. Airport Express Bus called "Sariyah Airport Express" runs between North Bus Station and the Airport. The route includes; Housing Bank Complex, Fourth Circle, Fifth Circle, Six Circle, and Seventh Circle bus stations. It leaves from the bus stop in front of the North Terminal 2. The Express bus runs every 30 – 60 minutes for 24 hours. Besides, local buses leaves from Abdali, JEET, Tabarbour stations in the city.   Taxi and car rental services can provide you faster and more comfortable transportation. You can make your reservation by using the Pegasus online car rental web page. Filling in asked information about your identity, and the trip will allow you to make your reservation.  

Public Transport

In Amman, city transportation includes public (white) / private (yellow) taxis, mini-busses, and buses. Although it is not so common, there is a bus fare cash card that can be reloaded, and used as a ticket in buses.  

Amman presents a wide range of accommodation options. From budget hotels to 5-star hotels. Budget hotels are around downtown. The 5th Circle area presents modern and luxurious hotels.   If you prefer to make an online hotel reservation, Pegasus eases this procedure by simply presenting several information boxes to be filled.

Amman presents different styles of restaurants from traditional ones to western-style restaurants. Do not forget to try; Shwarma, mansaf, falafel, hummus, and "knafeh nabelseyyeh", the traditional dessert. If you would like to learn more about the gastronomy of Amman, check Amman Cuisine Guide.

Below written information will give insight about Amman for your trip.  

About Visa

 Jordan authorities follow different steps for visa procedures. Before applying for a visa, please check your country's eligibility from this link. Citizens of some countries, such as EU citizens can obtain their visas upon their arrival. Some of them need to pay others do not. On the other hand, citizens of some countries have to apply to the closest Jordanian Embassy before their trip.  

Neighboring Cities

  • Jerusalem (105 km)
  • Tel Aviv (213 km)
  • Petra (228 km)
  • Beirut (306 km)



Amman has dry summers and cool and rainy winters. In winter minimum temperature is 4oC while the maximum temperature is 17oC. January and February are the coldest months. From June to September minimum temperature is 16oC, while the maximum temperature is 32oC.   The best time to visit Jordan is the spring period from March to May and the autumn period from September to November. The cool temperatures at this time of the year allow tourists to visit the city comfortably.  

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +962
  • Amman Area Code: 6
  • Airport Contact: +962 6 500 2777
  • Emergency Line: 191(Police), 193 (Ambulance)
  • Airport Shuttle Service: +962 6 4891348

There are impressive historic places to be seen in Amman. The Roman Theatre, the Citadel, the Temple of Hercules, the Byzantine Church, and the Ummayad Palace are only some of them. Moreover, there are art galleries and museums that attract tourists. Besides, you may like to walk through the rainbow street, which is a very popular street day and night time among locals as well as tourists.  

You can visit Amman Travel Guide for more information.


How to find cheap Amman flight ticket?

Unfavored seasonal flights and weekday flights are cheaper than the other alternatives. Moreover, Pegasus offers many opportunities and seasonal campaigns for frequent passengers. Bolbol Program presents varied campaigns. Besides, using the mobile application of Pegasus multiplies your earnings.

Why should I visit Amman?

It is a multicultural, historic and oriental country. It is a good place to be in, if you are looking for an authentic trip.

What is the ideal season to visit Amman?

The ideal season is from March to May and from September to November due to mild weather conditions. 

How long should I stay in Amman?

4 to 5 nights can be enough for a well-organized trip. Depending on your planned activities that you would like to join, this duration can be longer. 

Is there a travel card for tourists in the city?

Yes, Jordan Pass allows you to save money and time during your trip to Jordan. It gives the opportunity to enter 36 touristic attractions, such as Petra and Jerash.

Is Amman a safe city?

Amman is accepted as the “safest capital” in the region. It is ranked 110th amongst 162 safest and most dangerous countries. Pickpocketing and bag snatching are pretty common.

Is Amman an expensive city?

According to the Economist Intelligent Unit worldwide survey, Amman is ranked as the 29th the most expensive city among 133 countries. It is also known as the most expensive city in the Arab world. 

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