Istanbul - Amman Flight Tickets

You can book a Pegasus Airlines Istanbul - Amman flight ticket to get to this beautiful city built on 20 hills. The flight takes 2 hours. The Queen Alia International Airport, located in Amman holds the title of largest airport in Jordan and is just 32 kilometers from the city center. While Amman flight tickets are not very expensive, when you book earlier there are even further discounted prices.

Transportation in Amman is mostly done with taxis. Walking is not a very feasible way to get around the city since it is situated on hills and the public transportation system is not very efficient. The traffic is quite heavy in the western part of the city. It is important to check that the meter is on when you get in a taxi, as drivers may try to charge too much.

After your Amman flight lands at the airport, you can take a bus or a taxi to the city center. Buses run between 5 AM and 10 PM and the bus fares are reasonable. Most taxi drivers at the airport are not very willing to turn the meter on, so it is a good idea to bargain a deal before you get in.

Shopping in Amman

The Amman shopping culture exhibits the same characteristics as the Middle Eastern shopping world, colorful and with a very wide selection. When you return home, it will truly be a difficult process deciding on which Amman souvenirs and gifts you decide to buy.

Places to visit in Amman are divided into two categories; traditional and modern. You can find several shopping malls surrounding the newly built residences in the western part of the city, whereas the eastern part offers a more traditional shopping experience.

Rainbow St.

This colorful street is filled with cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops and is especially lively at night. It has a traditional atmosphere and stands out for its safety. Many travelers prefer to book a hotel in this area.

Abu Baker Al Seddeek Street, Amman, Jordan

City Mall

One of the most popular shopping malls in Amman, City Mall offers a variety of fun activities for children, making it a very popular choice among families. It could easily be considered a reflection of Jordan’s modern culture and in City Mall; you can find all of the most famous fashion brands.

14 king Abdullah iI street, Amman, Jordan

Souk Jara

Souk Jara is a weekly open-air market held on Fridays where you can find handcrafts and gifts made by local artists as well as taste traditional foods and drinks, including wonderful tastes such as homemade ice cream, watermelon dessert and others.

Rainbow Street, First Circle, Amman, Jordan

Ola’s Garden

This store run by the lovely woman by the name of Ola Mubaslat is the place to go for handmade accessories and fancy dresses. Most of the items are designed by Ola herself and her handmade scarves and necklaces are especially in high demand.

Building No. 60, Khirfan Street | End of Rainbow Street, First Circle, Amman 1181, Jordan


Visit Mlabbas for t-shirts, mugs, cushions, postcards, posters and t-shirts with special cartoon characters, all designed by local artists, this shop is a favorite for younger shoppers and a great place to experience the contemporary side of Jordan.

28 Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan, 11162

Love on a Bike

The talented young artist Rima Malallah will make you think twice about how much room you can make in your bags to take some of her beautiful ceramics and woodworks, all of which are her original designs, home with you. You can also have a chat with the artist herself who runs the gallery as you are shopping.

34 Khirfan Street, Amman, Jordan

Accommodation in Amman

There are a number of hotels in the most cosmopolitan city and capital of Jordan. It’s possible to find a hotel according to any budget, therefore accommodation in Amman should be the least of your concerns when travelling to this country. King Hussein’s effective policies have helped Amman become a tourist center for the Middle East. Most hotels are full most of the year, so an early reservation may be needed. The closer your hotel is to the city center, the more convenient your stay would be.

Le Royal Hotel Amman

Le Royal Hotel Amman is only a 15-minute walk away from the city center and this 31-storey hotel gives its guests the opportunity to enjoy a fascinating view of the city. It has a well-deserved 5 star rating with its expert level customer satisfaction policy and staff and spacious and comfortable rooms.

Zahran St | 3rd Circle, Jabal Amman, Amman 11118, Jordan

Le Meridien Amman

Le Meridien Amman stands out with its excellent world cuisine options. It also provides an immaculate quality of cleanliness, which makes all guests comfortable. Le Meridien Amman offers 4 different room options and is located in the heart of the business district Shmeisani.

Queen Noor Street | Shmeisani, Amman 11195, Jordan

Caravan Hotel

If you are looking for more affordable options for accommodation during your Amman holiday, Caravan Hotel may very well be the best choice. It is located very close to the King Abdullah Mosque and provides an English-speaking taxi service. Former guests describe the hotel as ‘’a home away from home’’.

Al Ma'mun St | Jabal Al Weibdeh, Amman 11191, Jordan

Al Qasr Metropole Hotel

If you prefer to stay in a quieter part of the city, Al Qasr Metropole Hotel awaits. They serve up delicious Turkish coffee, so if you happen to be missing your Turkish coffee fix abroad, do not forget to make an early reservation at the Al Qasr Metropole.

Shmeisani Al Aroub St, Amman 11110, Jordan

Cliff Hotel

Cliff Hotel is the most affordable hotel in Amman and is located in the city center. The rooms do not get a lot of daylight but the communal area is very spacious and comfortable. Although run like a hostel, it is also possible to book a private room for an additional fee.

Amman-Prince Mohammad St | Front of Hashem Restaurant, Amman 11118, Jordan

Food & Drink in Amman

Amman’s food and drink culture are quite similar to Turkish cuisine; however, you shouldn’t expect to find as much variety. Meat dishes play a dominant role in Amman cuisine; in addition, you can find different kinds of starters like falafel and hummus. Desserts are also similar to those in Turkish cuisine; baklava and künefe are very common. The only difference is that they are made with less sherbet than Turkish desserts. Mensaf, maklube and shavurma are among the most famous examples of Amman cuisine.


Famous for its vegetable dishes such as falafel, hummus, ful, etc, Hashem is one of the oldest restaurants in Amman.  This place is so popular that it is sometimes hard to find a table. It has been run by a Turkish family for over half a century. The prices are very reasonable, so we recommend you order a mixed menu and taste everything.

Complex No 4, Prince Mohammad St 4, Amman 11151, Jordan

Fakhr El-Din

Fakhr El-Din is the best example of Arab hospitality. You have to make a reservation in advance to be able to find available seating. This venue is famous for its meat dishes and is a great place to go with family or for business meals.

40 Taha Hussein Street | Jabal Amman, 2nd Circle, Amman 11184, Jordan


If you are looking for the most delicious Jordanian desserts, you should go to Habibah. Run in a fast food restaurant management style this place is most famous for its kadayif with cheese. For those looking for a unique taste they offer baklava with cashews. Not to be confused with a copycat place called Habibeh located on the same street.

Al Hazar St 2 | Marwan Madi Complex, Amman 11162, Jordan

Sara Seafood

If you are interested in tasting the seafood in Amman, you can go to Sara Seafood Restaurant in the city center. Their Chinese salmon is highly recommended.

Al-Ameer Faisal Street, Amman, Jordan


Ararat offers the best of traditional Armenian cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere. If you seek an excellent dinner served accompanied by the smiles of a very polite crew, then Ararat is waiting for you.

Rainbow Street next to the British Council | Jabal Amman - First Circle, Amman, Jordan

Country Code: +962

Ambulance: 199

Fire Department: 199

Police: 911

Airport: 455-2000

Places to Visit in Amman

There is a lot to see in Amman where traditional architecture meets modern architecture. You can go to the western part to see the modern face of the city and the eastern part to explore the more traditional areas. When you are visiting Amman, you will experience the mysticism of the Middle East and see the remnants of its glorious Roman history.

The Castle of Amman (Jabal al-Qal'a)

Just like Istanbul, Amman was originally built on seven hills, but in time, it spread and began occupying a bigger area. The Castle was built on the tallest of the seven hills, it is an ideal spot to see  panoramic views of the city. It is also the best place in Amman to watch the sunset.

Roman Theatre

The ancient theater is estimated to have been originally built in the 2nd Century AD and has a capacity of 6000 people. It was later restored for the enjoyment of Amman’s guests. This monumental building is located in the heart of the city and poses gracefully for photographers with in the first light of the day.

Jordan Museum

Situated right next to the municipality building, the Jordan Museum was built as a modern building, which meets international standards, and it is always filled with visitors. Considering the very rich history of Jordan, it deserves to be on top of your list of places to visit. Remains from Petra and the oldest human statues dating back 8000 years are amongst the collection housed in this museum.

Darat at-Funun

If you are interested in Jordan’s contemporary art scene, head for the northern hills. There you will find the Darat at-Funun building, which has a collection of works by Jordanian artists in its galleries, as well as hosts art libraries and workshops.

King Abdullah Mosque

Built by King Hussein in honor of his grandfather, the construction of this mosque was completed in 1989. It has a capacity of 10,000 people and is considered to be one of Amman’s symbols. The King Abdullah Mosque also stands out as being the only mosque in Amman open to non-Muslim visitors.


Amman has a livelier nightlife compared to most Middle Eastern cities. There are many nightclubs scattered around the city where people dance and are entertained until the morning hours. Many people come to Amman for its nightlife, especially from neighboring countries. There are also clubs in many hotels. The only problem is the nightlife can be quite expensive in Amman; therefore you need to keep an eye on your spending.

Blue Fig

Blue Fig is a complex of a number of quaint bars, restaurants, cafes, a terrace and a cinema. With regular live music performances, you will have great fun and forget all about the time.

Prince Hashem bin al-Hussein St, Abdoun, Amman, Jordan


If you want to have a good time with the latest tunes played by British DJs. Located next to Grand Hyatt Hotel, JJ’s is the ultimate spot for the youth and the most popular nightclub in Amman.

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Al-Hussein bin Ali Street, Jebel Amman, Amman, Jordan

Royal Culture Centre

If you are into a more sophisticated musical experience, you can catch some of the most exquisite performances in Arab music culture in the Royal Culture Centre.

Al-Malekah Alia Street, Shmeisani, Shmeisani, Amman, Jordan

Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts

Theater plays, cinemas and galleries... The meeting point of art lovers awaits with its monthly programs. This gallery is also home to the Jordan Film Festival.

Suleiman Al-Nabulsy Street, Jabal Al-Waibdeh, Amman, 11191, Jordan

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