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Flights to Bingol

Flights to Bingol

The dramatic landscapes of Bingöl have been home to many major civilizations throughout history. It's especially famous for its mountains and lakes, and brings its visitors up close with nature and history. If you want to explore Bingöl, just look for gre

Bingöl is a city surrounded by mountains, and is said to have taken its name from the lakes which sit atop them. But Bingöl isn't just full of spectacular nature, it boasts a rich history too. Not only will you see huge lakes and towering mountains, but you find the traces of ancient civilizations.



Transport in Bingöl

Buses are the cheapest and most popular option for getting around the city, and they'll take you wherever you want to go. There are also taxis available. You can also rent a vehicle from flypgs.com or one of the rental agencies at Bingöl Airport. This is perhaps the easiest way to get around the city.

About Bingöl Airport

Get a great deal on flights to Bingöl from Pegasus, and you'll be landing at Bingöl Airport (BGG). Opened in 2013, its passenger capacity grows every year and it features an international and domestic terminal.

Bingöl Airport is located about 20 kilometres southeast of the city centre and is very close to the town of Celtiksuyu. You can use shuttle services or taxis to get between Bingöl Airport and the city centre.

What to Eat in Bingöl

  • Gömme: Gömme is one of Bingöl’s signature dishes, and it's a traditional bread made in a hot iron pan with butter and buttermilk.
  • Sorina Pel: Sorina pel, one of the most well-known Bingöl dishes, is made by pouring yogurt and sauce over little dumplings which have been baked in the oven. Think of it as the local vegeterian version of ravioli.
  • Sulu Hedik: This tasty dish contains wheat and chickpeas in a tomato broth, and is one of the most popular dishes of Bingöl's cuisine.

Where to Eat in Bingöl

Bingöl City Centre: There are a host of restaurants in Bingöl city centre where you'll be able to sample local dishes. Some restaurants also offer some pretty spectacular views too.

Places to Visit in Bingöl

  • Hot Springs (Kaplıcalar): The hot springs in the Ilıcalar district of Bingöl are well known. Visit these rejuvenating springs, and make your trip to Bingöl unforgettable.
  • Çir Waterfall (Çir Şelalesi): This waterfall is one of Bingöl's natural wonder and has a height of about 50 meters. It's a must-visit in Bingöl.
  • Floating Island (Yüzen Ada): The Floating Island in the Solhan district of the city consists of 3 islets on a small lake.
  • King's Daughter's Castle (Kral Kızı Kalesi): This castle, which is thought to have been built in the time of Persians, is located in the Genç district of Bingöl. Legend has it that it was built for the daughter of the king of the period.
  • Buban Chimneys (Buban Bacaları): The Buban Chimneys resemble the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia and deserve to be on your list of places to visit in Bingöl.



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