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Best Flight Deals to Eindhoven


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Airport of arrival: Eindhoven Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Eindhoven: 3 hours 50 minutes

The fifth biggest province of the Netherlands, Eindhoven is a city of art, education and engineering. With a population of 223.209, the city is home to many art galleries, museums and one of the biggest sports stadium of Europe.

Founded as a small town in 1232, Eindhoven has witnessed many breakthroughs throughout the history. Located in North Brabant state of the Netherlands, Eindhoven is composed of seven counties. The counties of the city are Woensel-Noord, Woensel-Zuid, Stratum, Gestel, Strijp, Tongelre and Center.

You can easily find affordable flight tickets to Eindhoven throughout the year. The trip between Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport and Eindhoven Airport is about four hours.

There are direct flights to Eindhoven Airport from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport which connects 33 different provinces of Turkey.

You can consider booking your ticket in advance for benefits featured by seasonal promotions of Pegasus Airlines.

About the Airport

The second largest airport of the Netherlands, Eindhoven Airport serves to more than two million passengers every year. Located 8 kilometres away the city center, Eindhoven Airport contains many restaurants and stores to keep you occupied.

Eindhoven Airport

Founded in 1932 under the name of Welschap Airfield, Eindhoven Airport has witnessed combat in its early years. After its renovation and development, the airport started to receive millions of passengers every year and became a prominent complex among other airports of the Netherlands.

Transportation from Eindhoven Airport to City Center

There are several transportation options to get to the center of Eindhoven from Eindhoven Airport.


The bus lines of 401 and 402 will take you to the downtown Eindhoven in 10 minutes. The tickets are sold by the drivers and cost 7.50 Euros. You can also obtain your bus ticket from the machines located near the departure areas.


You can also take the train line which connects other provinces of the Netherlands to each other. Although the train schedule changes according to the passenger traffic, it offers a comfortable ride to the center of Eindhoven.


If you are looking for a faster and a more comfortable trip to the city center, you can always book a taxi located right outside the terminals. One of the most popular taxi company is Connexxion which provides service with its vehicles 7/24. The trip between the airport and the city takes about 15 minutes.

Car Rental Services

If you would like to have a more flexible and a faster ride to the city center, you can rent a car through Pegasus Airlines.

Public Transport

Eindhoven is also a city of sports. Therefore, bicycles are one of the main transportation option used both by locals and visitors of the city. As the roads of the city are quite large and suitable for any type of vehicle, you can rent a bicycle to get around between the top attractions of Eindhoven.

Since most of the roads are closed to the traffic, buses are not quite popular among the transportation options. You can also walk around the city as it is quite safe and many of the landmarks are close to each other.

Eindhoven is a small and a lovely city that can be discovered by walking or cycling.

The small and serene town of Eindhoven is also rich in terms of accommodation. With its large parks, unique museums and fascinating architecture; the city is visited by thousands of tourists every month.

If you are visiting Eindhoven for touristic purposes, you can consider the accommodation options located on Stationsplain which is close to PSV Eindhoven Stadium and some of the museums of the city. If you are fond of natural beauties and want to get around between the city’s parks, Aalsterweg Square also features many hotels and accommodation alternatives.

If you would like to have our assistance while organizing your visit to Eindhoven you can book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines.

Although The Netherlands does not stand out with its cuisine, its food culture is composed of combinations of the world’s most distinctive dishes. The city is filled with the most luxurious cafes and bistros that feature delicious tastes.  Although the most famous food of the city is cheese, the locals of the Netherlands are also fond of red meat and fish. It is also quite possible to find delicious meals that are special to other cuisines of the world.

You can have more information about the local delicacies through Eindhoven Food Guide.

There are some side notes below which may help you during the process of organizing your trip.

About Visa

There are several types of visas depending on the purpose of your visit to the Netherlands. You can apply for the Netherlands Schengen Visa as the country is a member of the Schengen Area since 1995.

Neighbouring Cities

  • Tilburg (27 km)
  • Monchengladbach (73 km)
  • Ultrecht (74 km)
  • Antwerp (77 km)
  • Rotterdam (85 km)
  • Düsseldorf (94 km)


Eindhoven has warm oceanic climate with lots of rain. The winter season is quite rainy and cold. The average temperature in winter is 2° whereas it is around 16.8° during the summer season. The ideal time to visit the city would be in summer months in order to discover its top attractions and have a wonderful vacation. 3 or 4 days are ideal to visit Eindhoven.

Essential Numbers

  • Police, Ambulance and Fire Department: 113
  • Tourist Hospital Service: 020 592 3355

Due to its advancement after the Industry Revolution, the city has become a center of commerce and tourism. The city also offers a unique travelling experience full of culture and technology.

One of the most famous modern art museums of the world, Van Abbe Museum is located in Eindhoven. The museum is home to more than 2700 art pieces including the masterworks of El Lissitzky, Pablo Picasso and Kandinsky Wassily.

One of the most famous companies of the world, Philips has also impacted the city’s development. A museum established by the company can also be visited to learn about the company’s works and inventions.

Some of the other attractions that you can visit are Saint Catherine Church, Genneper Park and DAF Musum. You can have further information about the tourist attractions of Eindhoven from Eindhoven Travel Guide.


How to find cheap Eindhoven flight ticket?

There are a couple of things you can do to find the cheapest flight ticket to Eindhoven. First, it is always good to book your flight ticket in advance, ideally two or three months prior to your journey. Secondly, you can visit Eindhoven during its off-season which is winter and enjoy Pegasus Airlines’ amazing seasonal campaigns and promotions. Keep in mind that, flight tickets during weekdays are almost always cheaper than the ones scheduled on weekends.

Why should I visit Eindhoven?

Eindhoven is a city of industry, art and technology. The city is home to many museums and some of the most famous companies such as Philips and DAF. Eindhoven is an ideal city to have a cultural visit.

Is Eindhoven a safe city?

The fifth largest city of the Netherlands, the small town of Eindhoven is quite safe. You can always have a walk during the night and discover the city by yourself. Being careful against pick pockets is always recommended.

Is Eindhoven an expensive place?

Eindhoven and the Netherlands are not considered to be cheap in general. Although by booking your hotel and ticket in advance, you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

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