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Flights to Kars

Flights to Kars

Kars is one of the cities which has been a settlement area since the Lower Paleolithic Age; has opened its arms to many civilizations and countries; which is a part of Turkey at the moment but used to be the capital city of another country.

Kars has been an important city for many cultures throughout history especially Urartus, Seljukians, Armenians, Ottomans, Russians and English people and it hasn't lost anything from its characteristic of bringing different cultures together. You have no excuse not to buy cheap flight tickets to Kars which will amaze you with churches and mosques located side by side, ruins belonging to hundreds of years ago and Russian houses built after the War of 93. Even today, many people from different cultures are living in Kars, which is one of the most developed cities of the Eastern part of Turkey. This city, which continues to protect its hundreds of years of history, is also known for its climate that is suitable for winter tourism and its nature. The city which combines history with natural beauties is covered in snow almost 6 months a year. And it's definitely the most beautiful when it's covered in snow. If you don't like cold weather, we recommend you to prefer July and August to visit Kars.




You can see the city location on the map.

Istanbul - Kars Flight Tickets

After buying your tickets for cheap flights to Kars from Pegasus, you can reach there with a 2-hour long flight. The fastest option to reach wherever you want to go from Kars Harakani Airport, which is located 6 km away from the city center, is taking a taxi. Buses that take off from the airport is another option you can use in transportation in the city. If you have a travel plan in which you'll visit different parts of the city, it'll be best for you to rent a car. If you'll be there in winter, renting a 4x4 or 4x2 vehicle is an important detail for a safe and comfortable drive.

Food and Drink in Kars

You'll have the chance to taste delicious local foods in Kars, which has a quite big food culture. In the city, where animal products and pastry are consumed a lot, goose meat is also very famous.

The delicacies you shouldn't leave the city without eating are:

-Kars Boregi

-Elma Dolmasi (Stuffed Apples)

-Umac Soup



Kars restaurants that will bring traditional tastes to your table are:


Hanımeli Kars Mutfagi

This restaurant which serves Kars' traditional tastes with the meticulousness of a home kitchen, draws attention with its delicious creations. It's also possible to taste homemade pickles there.

Faik Bey Cad., 16, Kars


Han-i Hanedan

Being one of the elegant places in Kars, Han-i Hanedan provides an ideal atmosphere for special day celebrations and business dinners.

Faik Bey Cad., 156, Kars



You'll have the chance to try important tastes of Kars in this restaurant which is as famous for its delicious foods as its polite service.

Halit Pasa Cad., 41, Kars


Kars Kaz Evi Restaurant

This restaurant, which is one of the best addresses to taste highly appreciated goose meat of Kars, brings unforgettable tastes to your table with the soups it serves.

Orta Kapi Mah., Sehit Polis Nuri Yildiz Sok., 17, Kars


Atalay’in Yeri

You should definitely eat a fish or have a glass of tea while watching the view in this place which is a small placr with a view of Lake Cildir.

Kars Yolu Mevki, Lake Cildir, Kars

Shopping in Kars

Its enough to drop by Kars Bazaar to shop in Kars. You can buy carpets with traditional patterns on them, silver jewellery as well as gifts and items made of stone and wood in the city. It's also possible to shop in the city which is famous for Kars Kasseri (cheese) and honey. You can also buy the lavash bread that is peculioar to Kars from one of the lavash bakeries in the bazaar. Since they will stay fresh for a long time as long as you keep them in the suitable conditions, you can buy as much as you like.   

Accommondation in Kars

There are many transportation options in Kars, which is famous for its winter tourism and history. You can stay in starred hotels as well as boutique hotels. Hostels will also be in your service in Kars.


Kar’s Hotel

Inside of this white hotel, which is located in an old Russian building, is also designed in all white. In the hotel, which allows you to accommodate in a historical atmosphere, you can find a car rental service or take part in their tours, as well.

Halit Pasa Cad., 79, Kars


Kars Konak Hotel

Kars Konak Hotel, which is located in the city center, is a striking option with its elegant design. It may help you have a peaceful holiday in the city with the high quality service it offers.

Merkez Mah., Faik Bey Cad., 89, Kars


Kale Hotel

The elegance of the hotel, which has spacious rooms and a Turkish bath, will amaze you. Also, you can buy beautiful presents for your loved ones from the gift shop of the hotel.

Yusufpasa Mah., Ataturk Cad., 60, Kars


Kafkasya Hotel

It's possible to have a calm and enjiyable stay in the hotel which is an affordable accommodation alternative. Also, the hotel has a free transportation service.

Ortakapi Mah., Faikbey Cad., 134, Kars


Hotel Temel

There is a tour service that will help you learn about the city in the hotel which is adorned with Turkish motifs and this may be enough reason on its own to choose it. Also, the hotel is quite suitable for those who have a small budget for accommodation.

Yenipazar Cad., 9, Kars

Places to Visit in Kars

Kars, which has opened its arms to different cultures, shows these differences in the most beautiful way possible. It's possible to open a new page of history in Kars, which is one of the oldest cities of the Eastern Anatolia that will amaze you with historical reflections and natural beauties. Here are the places you need to visit in Kars:


Ani Ruins

Being a gift from past to the present and one of the ancient cities, Ani has been a settlement area of huge coutries like Byzantium to Seljuks. Ani Cathedral and Mosque of Menucher are some of the works you need to see there. There is also a huge underground city in Ani.

Arpacay, Kars


Kars Castle

Kars Castle, which was constructed by the Saltuks in the 12th century and got severely damaged after the invasion lead by Timur, has reached the present days thanks to the renovations made by the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century.  The castle that lays the city view before your feet also makes you go through the dusty pages of history.

Kaleici Mah., Kars


Kars Museum

This museum, where you can have solid information about the history of Kars which has been the land of many civilizations, and where you can visit for free, is quite satisfying even though it's small.

Ihavastasyon Mah., Cumhuriyet Cad., 385, Kars


Museum of Apostles

This building, which is known as the "Hagia Sophia of the East", has been built by Armenians in the 10th century and turned into a mosque. This architecturally striking holy building, which is also known as Kumbet Mosque, is in use as a museum at the moment.

Sehit Ogretmen Vedat Ievlnan Sok., Kars


Evliya Mosque

The location and the architecture of the mosque, which has been built in the 16th century, offers a fascinating experience.

Asik Murat Cobanoglu Cad., Kaleici, Kars


Camuslu Rock Paintings

These rock paintings which have been found on the skirts of the Mount Aladag promoses a unique journey which will lead you to the Paleolithic age.

Camuşlu Village, Kars



Even though there is not much nightlife in Kars, which is a university city, it's much more developed than other Eastern cities. Especially in summer months, cafes and bars, where there is live music and you can go with your friends and have a nice time, are very popular. The two most popular place in the city are Bolera Pena and Yagmurcu.

Country Code: +90

Ambulance: 112

Fire: 110

Police: 115

Kars Harakani Airport: 0474 213 56 67



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