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Best Flight Deals to Mineralnye Vody


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Airport of arrival: Mineralnye Vody Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Mineralnye Vody: 2 hours 10 minutes

The city of spas, natural wonders and trees; Mineralnye Vody offers a unique combination of natural and urban life. The name of the province translates Mineral Waters. As the city is full of healthy water sources and rejuvenating woodlands, the small town of Mineralnye Vody stands out with its soothing and refreshing atmosphere. This humble Russian city is full of natural wonders and attracts visitors around the world to rejuvenate in its healthy water sources.

There are affordable flights available to Mineralnye Vody Airport throughout the year.

You can book a direct flight from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Mineralnye Vody Airport. You can also book your ticket in advance in order to benefit from seasonal promotions.

About the Airport

Operated by Novaport, the airport contains 41 parking spots and is located in Stavropol Krai. The complex situated 4 kilometres west of Mineralnye Vody and is a hub for Rossiya Airlines.

Mineralnye Vody Airport

As of 2017, the airport served more than two million passengers.

Transport from Marseille Airport to the City Center

The relatively small town of Mineralnye Vody lacks a sophisticated transportation system. Visitors and locals of the city usually prefer taxis or buses to get to the city center. As the distance between the central Mineralnye Vody and the airport complex is only 4 kilometres, the trips are not expensive.


Buses with code 223 will take you to the Pyatigorsk which is one of the busiest spots of the city. You can also take the bus with code 107 to reach Zheleznovodsk.

Car Rental Services

If you are looking for a more flexible and hassle-free ride between the city and the airport, you can use car rental services featured by Pegasus Airlines.

Public Transport

The transportation system of the city is composed of buses. As it is not a large town, locals and tourists of the Mineralnye Vody use buses to get around between the counties. You can also take the taxi to visit the remote places of the town.

Although taxis offer quicker yet more expensive transportation, setting the price and destination before you take off is always recommended. You can also use mobile applications to avoid unnecessary expenses.

There are several accommodation options which vary regarding your purpose of visit. If your visit to Mineralnye Vody is based on business, you can consider booking a hotel near the airport. ArtHall Hotel and Hotel Kavkaz are some of the most ideal options as they are situated in a region that is close to the airport.

If you are planning to have a touristic visit to Mineralnye Vody, accommodating near the city center would be a better idea. You can book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines for affordable prices.

The cuisine of the city is full of traditional Russian meals. Smetana, pirozhki, shashlyk and ikra are some of the must-tasted meals of the city. The unique cuisine of Russia can be experienced as Mineralnye Vody is full of restaurants, cafes and bistros.

For further information about the local delicacies and the cuisine of the city, you can have a look at What to Eat in Mineralnye Vody page.

Below you can find some side notes which can assist you during the process of organizing your trip to Mineralnye Vody.

About Visa

Russia requires a visa for those who wish to make tourist and commercial visits. Those who wish to make a family reunion in Russia are also required to obtain a Russian visa and are subject to different procedures than the Russian tourist and commercial visa applications.

Neighbouring Cities

  • Nalchik (89 km)
  • Stavropol (130 km)
  • Vladikavkaz (180 km)
  • Grozny (228 km)
  • Tbilisi (307 km)
  • Krasnodar (343 km)


The city is located in Northern Caucasia and has a temperate climate. As the place receives lots of rain during in winter and spring seasons, therefore it is recommended to visit the city during summer and fall.

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +7
  • City Code: 789- (22)
  • Mineralnye Vody Airport: 7 879 222-07-77
  • Police: 102
  • Ambulance: 103

Mineralnye Vody is not only enriched by nature, but the city is also home to many historic sites and ancient constructs.

Cathedral of the Holy Virgin is one of the most significant and visited attractions of the city. Inspired by the classic Russian architecture, the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin holds a significant place for the Orthodox.

Terskiy Horse Ranch is another place that attracts many visitors. If you wish to have a unique experience and practice horse riding, Terskiy Horse Ranch is one of the best places to go in Mineralnye Vody. Some of the other attractions of Mineralnye Vody are Ogon Vechnoi Slavy and Monument to the General Yermolov. These places offer the chance to have a glimpse at Russian history. For further information about the landmarks and attractions of the town, you can check Mineralnye Vody Travel Guide.


How to find cheap Mineralnye Vody flight ticket?

There are a couple of things you can do to find the cheapest flight ticket to Mineralnye Vody. In order to find the cheapest flight ticket, it is always good to book your flight ticket in advance, ideally two or three months prior to your flight. You can also visit Mineralnye Vody during its off-season which is winter and enjoy our amazing seasonal flight ticket promotions. In addition to these, flight tickets during weekdays are almost always cheaper than flight tickets that are scheduled on weekends.

Why should I visit Mineralnye Vody?

The city of Mineralnye Vody offers to witness a unique texture weaved by both nature and urban life. The town attracts thousands of tourists every month with its spas and water resources.

How long should I stay in Mineralnye Vody?

To visit its healthy water resources, spas and its top attractions; taking a trip which will last two or three days would be ideal.

When is the ideal time to visit Mineralnye Vody?

As the city is quite rainy during winter and spring seasons, visiting the city during summer months or fall season would be ideal.

Is Mineralnye Vody a safe city?

Although the city is not considered a completely safe place, its crowded and busy spots are not that dangerous. Staying vigilant against pickpockets are always recommended.

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