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Transportation to Prishtina can be done with many different alternatives. You can visit the city center and places to see with both public transportation and your private car. You can prefer to rent cars. However, let's us say that tais are a bit expensive in this city. 


Prishtina International Airport was officially opened to use in 1965. The city center 25 minutes away from the airport by car; there are a couple of other means you can use to go to you hotel. If you prefer a more comfortable way, you can take one of the taxis that wait outside of the airport. Normally, it costs 25-30 € to get to the city center but you can negotiate it down to 20€. If you call a local taxi company and request a taxi before you get on the plane, it'll cost 15 € to reach the city center. It'll be cheaper if you call a local taxi company in any case.


Prishtina has a quite advanced bus network. You can buy your tickets on the bus and it's very cheap. You can check bus hours and destinations on this website:


Taxis are more expensive than buses but they're still cheaper than most of the cities. Make sure that the taxit you take has a taximeter.


Remember that roads in Prishtina are in very bad condition and they're mostly under repair. Naturally the city has dense traffic.


Prizren Shuttle

There are shuttle services between Prishtina Airport and Prizren for every flight of Pegasus.

One way: 7 Euro

Round Trip : 12 Euro

Prizren Station: Near Prizren Bus Station, Opposite of Pizeria Furra

Tel : 049 129 635

Prishtina may not be the most suitable city for shopping. Prices are affordable but there aren't many options. Still, we've listed some of the places where you can go shopping in Prishtina.


•Bookstore on the outside of Grand Hotel

•Prishtina bazaar

•Outside of Boro Ramiz Sports Palace

•Music stores on the streets around Deshmoret

•Prizren that is located near Stone Bridge

•Silverwork of Kosova is very famous in this area. You can buy silver items on UCK street, Garibaldi Street and Krenare Rugovica.

You can buy old fabrics, costumes and pots from Delvina on Bill Clinton Boulevard.

If you're curious about where to stay in Prishtina, many alternatives for your taste and budget from luxurious hotels to hostel style rooms preferred by students are waiting for you.


Grand Hotel

This hotel located at the city center dates back to the communist era and it hasn't been renewed since then. Naturally, it's not the best option to accommodate but it's one of the most important spots of the city. There are internet, cable tv and meeting rooms.

Pristina Unio Commerce


Hotel Sirius


There is a luxurious restaurant at the top floor of this hotel that is located at the center. The decorations of its rooms are very stylish and all rooms have air conditioner, LCD television, mini bar and personal safe. Bathrooms have shower and air dryer. Also, the hotel has free wi-fi.


Hotel Prishtina

This hotel, which is very close to UNMIK building, is in walking distance to many places you may want to visit. The hotel, where mostly European Union employees stay, is quite clean and comfortable. There is free wi-fi and breakfast is included in prices.


Hotel Baci

Baci, which is similar to Hotel Prishtina, can be preferred for its closeness to the public transportation stations. There are places to hang out and free wi-fi in its lobby. Moreover, Hotel Baci offers free laundry service for its guests. It also has a gym and a sauna. Breakfast is included in the prices.


Hotel Begolli

There are 5 apartments and 11 rooms in this boutique hotel run by a family. Apartments have a kitchen and all the necessary utilities.

Off Mother Thereza Street


Hotel Sara

Rooms are very simple but clean. In this hotel, which has red and green corridors, some of the rooms have hot tubs too.

Maliq Pash Gjinolli St


Hotel Victory

This hotel that is located at the south of the city is 15 minutes away from the center by walk. Rooms have air conditioners and wi-fi. There are plenty of juice and pastries in breakfasts.

Mother Teresa, p.n.,

Tel: +038 543 277 


Buffalo Backpackers

Young but helpful staff of this hotel located at the city center will make your life easier. Breakfast is included in room prices. The hotel has free wi-fi, a kitchen guests can use, a big garden and a common area where all guests hang out.

274 Musine Kokolari

Tel: +377 45 643 261


Velania Guesthouse

You'll be pleased with the cisy atmosphere of this place which also has free laundry and wi-fi.


Hostel Pristina

In the hotel, which offers washing machines that can be used by guests, wi-fi and cable tv, breakfast is also included in prices.

16 Musine Kokalari



Hajde Hostel

The hotel's owners are quite genial and it has breakfast, wifi and laundry services like other hostels.

Ismail Dumoshi 40



Hostel Han

This hostel, which is located at the city center, is a good accommodation option with its warm staff and modern interior decoration. Also, its beds are very comfortable. There is free tea and coffee in the kitchen and guests can hang out and play PS3 in the common area for a whole day.

Fehmi Agani 2,

Tel:+377 44 760 792


Hotel Gorenje




Hotel Emerald

If you're curious about what to eat in Prishtina and Prishtina's most famous foods, take a look at the list we've created for you.


If you like drinking coffee, Prishtina is the right address. There are beautiful cafes everywhere and young people looking hip in them. Unemployment problem of Kosova is also a issue in Prishtina. That's wht the blonde guy sitting next to you may actually be an economist or political scientist, don't refrain from talking to people. Order a macchiato, lay your legs and enjoy the day. You can even work if you have your computer with you because almost all cafes have wi-fi. We especially recommend you to go the old OSCE area, around Tiffany's, Luan Haradinaj Street and Dardania.


Don't forget to eat traditional qebabtore in Prishtina. Also, like in many other cities, you'll come across doner kebab restaurants. It can be considered for a fast meal during the day.




Some say that pishat is the best restaurant of Prishtina. If you want to try the local kitchen, you should definitely eat at Pishat. In this restaurant, which has affordable prices and a bice atmosphere, everyhting you try will be delicious. However, we recommend you not to go there if you're in a hurry because although the service is quite genial, it's a bit slow.

Rr. Qamil Hoxha 11



This restaurant, that is right across ABC Movie Theatre, serves the most delicious version of the Mediterranean and Kosova cuisines. Employees of the international companies that are located near, delegates and chancellors, local actors and musicians generally eat here. It's also a grat pleasure to listen to the music they play. Moreover, waiters can speak English so it'll be easy for you.

Luan haradinaj

Tel: 044 336 336


Rron Restaurant

Rron is a hidden jewel just outside of Prishtina, on the road to Gracanica. This restaurant, which is mostly preferred by local and international politicians, attracts people with its interior design with high ceiling and garden filled with greens. There is also a little park for kids to play inside.

Veternik - Prishtina

Tel: 044 347 777


The Lounge

Foods are delicious in this restaurant which serves a fusion of international and local cuisines. Also, don't forget to order a cocktail from the bar.

Opposite of RTK Building, Mother Theresa Str.


Tiffany Pizza

This restaurant located right behind Home makes the best pizza in the city. One of the pizzas are called Raki, we think that it's worth trying.


XIX Restaurant

This restaurant located in the the center of Prishrina serves a fusion of Italian and local foods. Also, remember that you can use its wi-fi.

Luan Haradinaj 2

Tel: 038 248 002


Himalayan Gorkha

If you crave Indian food while travelling in Prishtina, you should stop by Himalayan Gorkha. You can start with a vegetable or chicken pakora and continue with chicken cooked in Tikka or Biryani style, which are classics of Indian cuisine. Prices are quite affordable.

Qafa Galery, TMK Street


Restaurant Ex

Waiters speak English and they are quite genial in this restaurant where you can taste both Far East food and local food.

Fehmi Agani



This cosy restauranthas both very delicious foods and an amazing city view.

Dragodan/Arberia Mahallesi


Il Passatore

If you want to eat real Italian food, you should visit Il Passatore. You can't get enough of the food in this restaurant which is managed by an Italian mother and her family.

taxi drivers know the name of this restaurant, they can take you there if you ask them to.


Famous Sarajeva Meatball Restaurant  1957

This meatball restaurant, which is in service between 8 am - 5 pm, is an ultimately radical and famous stop. You can also buy uncooked meatballs in special packages in kilograms here.

Rr. Andrea Gropa No:36 Near Qafa Business Center 

Tel : 044 135 232

Famous Sarajeva Meatball Restaurant 1 : Albimall Veternik- Prishtina

Tel 045 425 119

Famous Sarajeva Meatball Restaurant 2 : Albioutlet Mall Kosova Plain Fushe Kosova- Prishtina

Tel: 044 790 709

Work hours : 09.00-22.00


Famous Te Syla Meatball Restaurant 1967

You can experience an endless joy of taste in Grand Store Shopping Center. You can also buy uncooked meatball varieties how much you want here or its store located at the city center on Bulevardi I Deshmoreve Street.


Alaturka Turkish Restaurant

A mosaic restaurant where Turkish culture and Kosova spirit both live together.

Rr. Ahmet Krasniqi No:3 Dragodan Prishtina

Tel: 044 350 352 – 049 623 233


Famous Buregdzinica Bosna

You shouldn't leave Prishtina without tasting famous Bosna borek.

Kurriz – Dardania Prishtina

Counry code: +381

Ambulance: 93

Fire: 94

Police: 92

The closest pharmacy: 038 504 604

Prishtina's best places to see are generally comprised of historical and natural beauties. You'll explore warm people and interesting traces in this city which is home to many different cultures.


Ethnography Museum

Prishtina Ethnography Museum is located in the old city. Its curation that includes video and music elements is quite creative. There are birth and death rooms, costumes and traditional jewelleries in the museum, which has been founded in two houses from the 18th and 19th centuries.


National Museum

Prishtina's national museum is opened in an old building and its entrance is for free. If you have time and you're interested in history, you should visit.


Gërmia Park

You can have a pleasant day at this park that is located a bit outside of the city. Prishtina people who want to have a walk, walk their dogs or lay on grass are generally here. The pool in the park is filled with families and city's youth in summer. You can eat and enjoy the beautiful green view in the restaurants that are located at the upper parts of the park.


Granica Monastery

This monastery that is located right outside of Prishtina is one of the most touristic areas of the region. The monastery that was founded by King Stefan Milutin in 1321 had standed for hundreds of years. It became a national and political center for Serbians after the Kosovo War. At the moment, nuns live there. You can buy honey prepared by nuns during your stay. There are also rooms where tourists can accommodate there but there may be electricity cuts, remember that.


Christ the Saviour Cathedral

The cathedral, of which construction was started druing the Serbian rule, unfortunately, hasn't been able to completed. The church that has turned into a political issue is located in between modern buildings.


Boro Ramiz

This huge sports palace from the communist era can be seen from everywhere in the city. Although communist architecture's plain style is not that attractive, the size is fascinating. The building, which has many restaurants and cafes downstairs, is waiting for you with graffities on its walls.


Skenderbeg Statue

Gjergj Kastrioti, who worked for the Ottoman army in the 15th century, is a national hero for rebelling agains the Ottomans and bringing Albenian and Serbian peoples. He sits on his horse in the sculpture that is near the parliament building.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mosque

The mosque, which has been built in 1460 after Fatih Sultan Mehmet's Balkans invasion, is in the old city center. Being one of the oldest buildings of the city, the mosque is famous for its painted ornamentations from the 18th century.


The Great Hammam

The hammam (Turkish bath) located at the north-west of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mosque dates back to the end of 15th century.


Yashar Pasha Mosque

It was constructed by Yashar Mehmet Pasha in 1834. It's still open of prayers.


Clock Tower (Sahhat Kulla)

The bell of the tower, of which construction was completed in the 19th century, was made in Moldova in 1764. However, this bell was stolen in 2001.



Neighbourhoods of Prishtina


The city center or Qendra is surrounded by little hills and there are many neighbourhoods around it. Velania is an expensive area between the center and Germia Park. Hotels are mostly located in this area. There is Bregu I Diellit or the area that is known as Sunny Hill at the south of this area.


At the south of the center, there is another modern neighbourhood named Ulpiana. The expat community lives in the side streets of Arberia or Dragodan with its other name, which is at the west of the center; mostly because consulates are also located here. At the north of the center, there is Kodra e Trimave.



Prishtina Calendar


DAM Fest

International Young Musicians Festivals, gets Prishtina filled with classical music artists from all around the world during March and April.


Freedom Fest

This festival that is held in June is organized by a local radio station.


SURF Urban Festival

Different concerts, exhibitions and performances are organized between June and August in this summer festival.


9/11 Dedication Festival

The film festival that commemorates the 9/11 attacks is held in The National Theatre around September 11th. Short films of local directors are screened with English subtitles.



Prishtina International Film Festival is held in ABC Theatre in September. The winner is given the Golden Goddess Prize.


Prishtina Jazz Festival

Prishtina Jazz Festival, which is organized in November, is held in ODA Theatre. Many bands from different parts of the country and the world come and play in this festival.


Skena Up Film & Theatre Festival

This visual arts festival, which is organized in December, also has a competition element in it. In the festival, where film and theatre students share their own works with greater crowds, young people come together and learn about other cultures.



Prishtina's night life is quite active and it appeals to many different tastes. The fact that most of its population is comprised of young people has a great impact on that. If you're travelling to Prishtina espeically in spring or summer months, it's quite possible for you to see young people having fun in the streets and parks or join the fun in crowded night clubs.


Club Spray

Young people who have fun and dance till the morning with DJ performances are here.

Veternik, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo-Unmik

+ 377 44 118 518


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