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Zurich Travel Guide

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The cultural and economic capital of Switzerland, Zurich is the biggest city of the country. Usually it is mistaken as the capital city of the country. Although Bern is the capital, Zurich is not only an important city in Switzerland but also in Europe. 

With its art galleries, lakes, museums, landscapes and amazing architecture; Zurich is one of the most sophisticated and beautiful cities of the world. Considered a must-see place in the plans of many travellers, this beautiful city invites everyone to be fascinated by its wonders. The roots of the city go back to Bronze Age. It was named “Turicum” by the Romans. The name is pronounced as “Zuri” when it is translated to German.  

Zürih Gezi Rehberi

General Information

Country: Switzerland
Region: Canton of Zurich
Area: 87.88 km²
Language: German
Average temperature: 22 °C
Climate: Temperate Oceanic Climate
Vegetation: Subtropical  
The difference between GMT: GMT+2
Telephone Code: +41 43
Currency: Swiss Franc
Socket Type: Type J250V

How to Get to Zurich?

There are many direct and indirect flights from other capitals to Zurich. Pegasus Airlines offers the most comfortable flights with great prices. In order to learn more, you can check Zurich flight ticket page.

The biggest airport of the country is located in Zurich and it is called Zurich Airport. The airport provides lots of services from booking a parking space online to car renting and shuttles. 


Transportation from Zurich Airport to City Center

There are a number of alternatives to reach the center of city. The suburban trains are the most preferred way of transportation. These trains will take you to the city center in 10 minutes. Since there are lots of trains, the estimated waiting time at the station is only 10 minutes. The lines S2 and S16 will take you directly to the center of Zurich. 

The tramway line also offers a comfortable ride that lasts 35 minutes. With the chance of seeing Zurich University and Technology Institute, this option is also recommended for those who have time and want to see important spots. 

The tickets can be obtained from the devices located inside the airport’s halls. There is also the smart card system which allows tourists and locals to use the transportation. The card is called Zurich Card and it can also be obtained from many spots in the city. 

There are also shuttles which ring every hour. These shuttles will take you to the center of the city 40 minutes. If you want to reach to the center of Zurich by yourself, you can also rent a car via Pegasus car rental service. 


Public Transport in Zurich

Zürih'te ulaşım olanakları

The transportation is also quite sophisticated in the city. The system contains many lines with high level of safety and comfort. It is not only useful but it also removes the problem of heavy traffic. Although Zurich is a metropolis, usual city problems are reduced to minimum. 

There are a great amount of options when it comes to getting around in Zurich. Suburban trains, buses, taxis, tramways, cable cars and bicycles will allow you to find your way in Zurich easily. But since the city is not big, you can also walk to busy and important destinations of the city. Zurich invites everyone to walk or use bicycles to explore its wonders. 

S-Bahn trains cover the long distances between the center and outer city. With 26 other lines, these comfortable and fast trains work from 06.00 to midnight.

The buses are also an option to get around city. There are 16 lines which start from the airport. 

There are 15 different tramway lines in the city. And in many spots of the city the lines of S-Bahn and the tramway are connected. The people of Zurich usually prefer tramways.

Since the city is quite suitable for bicycle rides, there are many renting services around the city. Exploring Zurich with bicycles is a great idea. 

Best Time to Visit Zurich

Zürih ne zaman gidilir?

Due to its climate, the city is quite cold in winters. The temperature reaches above 27 C in summer months and the hottest month of the year is July.

Zurich is mostly visited in July. Regardless of when you go, the city offers beautiful landscapes and various activities. Zurich is filled with many wonderful activities to do. 

Festivals in Zurich

  • Food Zurich (May)
  • Zurich Festival (June)
  • Züri Fascht (July)

Places to Visit in Zurich

You can have the ideal vacation in Zurich in three or four days. Since the city is full of art and culture, there are many museums and galleries to visit. 

Church of Grossmünster

Zürih grossmunster kilisesi

A protestant church, Church of Grossmünster has become a symbol of the city. The church is accompanied by a fascinating scenery and located just near a beautiful river. 

St.Peter’s Church

Built in 8th century, this magnificent historical building is located in the southern part of River Limmat. The clock on its tower is known to be the biggest clock in Europe. It is one of the most important churches in the city. 


Translated as Art House, the museum has been active since 1910. One of the most important museums in the city, the museum offers an amazing journey to the history of art and contains many precious art pieces. 

Church of Our Lady

Also known as Fraumunster was built in 9th century and was visited by noble German ladies. With its naive architecture, it characterizes a Biblical stance. The cost to visit the church is 5 CHF (2019).

Swiss National Museum 

The architecture of this wonderful museum is inspired by a French castle. Located near River Limmat, the museum invites everyone to a long trip from the Middle Ages to present day. 

Where to Stay in Zurich?

Zürih eski şehir

The city is quite rich in terms of accommodation options. There are lots of hotels and hostels according to the type of your travel. Most hotels of Zurich are quite comfortable and offer a great service. 

The most preferred accommodation regions of the city are Aussersihl, Seefeld and Enge. These regions are not only safe but they are also quite close to the must-see places of the city. The regions are also located near the river. 

If you are looking for a luxurious accommodation, Crowne Plaza features great services such as spa and swimming pool. On a budget, Olympia Hotel Zurich is a nice accommodation option, located in the center of the city. Another option for a business trip, Sheraton Zurich is a 4-star hotel. The hotel also accepts pets. The hotel is located in Enge. 


What to Eat in Zurich?

Zürih yemekleri

If you are planning to visit Zurich, experiencing the Swiss cuisine is a must. The cuisine of the city is highly inspired by German, Italian and French food culture. The cuisine is quite rich in terms of variety and it features distinctive tastes. Since Switzerland is also famous for its meat and milk products, there are lots of delicious dishes to taste. There are many luxurious restaurants, cafes or bistros around the city. Zurigschnatzlets and Fondue are one of the most famous dishes of the country. 

  • Zurigschnatzlets: Didi’s Frieden, Blindekuh
  • Bratwurst: Rolli’s Steakhouse
  • Fondue: Plüsch, Odeon, Babu’s Bake
  • Spaetzle: Le Dezaley, Lindenhofkeller

Shopping in Zurich: The Best Souvenirs to Buy

Zürih'ten ne alınır

There are many stores located along River Limmat. Chocolates, traditional items would be great gifts for friend and family. Buying different types of chocolates is a must if you are having a vacation in Zurich. Switzerland is also famous for its chocolates and the best products can be bought in Niederdorf region. Max Chocolatier and Lindt are some of the most important places to buy chocolate. 

Nightlife in Zurich

Zürih gece hayatı

Zurich is a city which does not sleep. There are great places to have fun and have a great night along the river and Niederdorf region. You can visit a bistro for a calm night or hit the club for live music. There are not only discos and clubs but also jazz performances or dance nights in the city. Zurich also offers a wide range in terms of nightlife. The mega city’s most famous clubs and bars are Oliver Twist, Rheinfelder, Zukunft, Acapulco, Widder Bar and Federal. Most of the places are in walking distances to the city center. 

Things to Know Before Visiting Zurich

  • The Sunday is the day the city goes to sleep. Many stores are closed and only the train stations are open. 
  • Most of the locals in Zurich know how to speak English.
  • Consider visiting the city in summer for festivals and an ideal vacation.  

Essential Numbers

Country code: +41

City code: 43

Zurich Airport: +41 43 816 22 11

Police: 114

Ambulance: 144

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