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We collected the most essential information for those who are interested in all the details of surfing. You will discover below the basics of surfing, its different types and how to do it along with a list of required equipments. Make sure to read through our surfing guide to explore the best locations for wind surfing in Türkiye and all around the world. 

What is Surfing?

what is surfing

Today, surfing is one of the most popular and most preferred extreme sports in the world. It is done by riding the waves in the sea or the ocean by standing or lying on a surfboard.  This extreme sport, which is thought to have originated in the Southern Hemisphere in ancient times, was a necessity rather than entertainment or a hobby. Used as a way to return to the shore from the ships originally, surfing became a hobby with time and an official sport in 1920.

Types of Surfing

Wave Surfing

Surfing is a sea sport made by riding on the waves with the help of a longboard. 


Windsurfing is an extreme sport that allows you to move on the water using the wind with the help of a surfboard and a sail. In windsurfing, sail is used instead of the waves to move on the water.


Kite surfing is surfing with the pull of the wind power provided by the kite.


Wakeboard is a water sport where the athlete is pulled with a rope attached to the speed motor.


A skimboard is an extreme sport that is used to overcome a wave of refraction, to slip on the water surface and take it back to the shore.

How to do Surf?

how to do surf

While surfing is an extreme sport, it is one of the the most accessible and most common extreme sports. If you want to try this sport, read below to learn more about the different types of surfing.

Wave Surfing

If you want to surf, you will require some balance and durability. You should not lose your balance while standing on the surfboard and on the water. Before trying this sport, you should do some basic training that will improve your balance and endurance. You can prepare yourself for this extreme sport by going to surfing courses. When surfing, all you need is a surfboard. When you find the harmony between the sea and the wind, you can easily enjoy surfing.


Windsurfing is different from wave surfing, and you don't need waves to do this sport. Again, the first important thing in windsurfing, is to keep your balance. You should place your legs on both sides of the the board and the sailing mast, and then stand up. A balanced bow is drawn and the sail in the water is pulled and brought to an upright position. After holding the rope in the sail by the right hand, pass it over your right hand with the left hand and grasp the fork point of the sail. Then the rope in the left hand is released. Slowly pull the pole towards us and make it stand upright against the water. Turn your body slightly towards the front of the board, with the pole upright. Hold the fork with your right hand and gently pull it in. The wind will slowly begin to fill your sail.

Surfing Training

You can easily learn how to surf through the necessary educational materials and professional schools. Windsurfing, one of the easiest sports to learn, can begin with people of all ages with the power to lift sails. Since the sails used in training are lightweight and the boards are large and balanced; it is very easy to lift sails and keep in balance. The learning curve and time depends on the person however it shouldn’t take too long to learn the basics and get on the water. After learning the basic principles, you can improve yourself by surfing and trying new things.

By attending the courses, you can learn controlling the wind, the waves; have the material knowledge, learn how to climb on top of the board and stay in balance. You can learn how to guide yourself in these courses where you will learn general safety information, you can find the most suitable surfboard types for yourself and you can even surf with an electric surfboard. You can join any surfing course you want, or even improve yourself and surf the professional surf board.

Surfing Equipment List: What Equipment is Needed for Surfing?

surfing equipment list

Surfboard- Motorized Surfboard

The surfboard is the most necessary equipment for surfing. If you're just starting this sport and you're going to buy yourself a surfboard you can start with a foam surfboard. The foam surfboards, which are generally 258X59.2X10.6 cm in size, will be the ideal choice for beginners. A mini surfboard will also help you if you want to teach your kids how to surf. If you want to try something different, you can look at the paddle boards, the motorized surfboards or the electronic surfboards.

Surf Shoes

Surf shoes are one of the tools that help you while surfing. They will help you both in the surfing pool and in the sea.

Surfing Clothing

There are different types of clothing made especially for surfing. You should choose the one that suits you and the weather conditions.

Surf Jerseys/ Surf Sweatshirts/ Surf Lycra

You may need to wear a jersey to suit the weather conditions while surfing. You can choose a long-sleeved jersey or UV-protected sweatshirt depending on the weather. Or, if you want to be more comfortable, you can wear surf lycra. Even though the weather looks warm, you should pay attention to your clothes as you will stay at sea for a long time.

Surf Shorts/ Surf Bikini

Since you will be standing for a long time, you should pay attention to the comfort of your clothing. When buying surf shorts and surfing bikinis, you should make sure your clothing is comfortable for you.

Surf Goggles/ Surf Gloves

There are special goggles for surfing. By buying these glasses, you can protect your eyes from the sun and the waves that you will be exposed to for a long time.   

You will need some items while surfing. If you are planning on travelling with your equipment, please check here for the rules and prices.   

When is the Best Time for Surfing?

when is the best time for surfing

Most surfers prefer surfing just before the dawn and in the evenings. The wind and the waves are the most important elements of surfing. The majority of points favor winds blowing from the land, or no wind at all, and this is usually at dawn and dusk when the temperature of the water is similar to the temperature of the earth's surface. At dawn, temperatures are balanced and as a result, more undulating waters and waves are seen. Therefore it is better if you choose to surf at dawn or just before nightfall for the best conditions.

Best Spots for Surfing in Türkiye

Antalya Surfing

Antalya is located in Türkiye's Mediterranean coast and is known as one of the most touristic cities in the country. If you want to surf the wonderful sea of Antalya and add some fun to your holiday, you can get your Antalya flight ticket via Pegasus. Thanks to the beautiful Mediterranean weather, you can have a warm and adventurous holiday.

Bodrum Surfing

One of Türkiye's most important tourist centers, Bodrum manages to attract the attention of tourists with its beautiful structures and lovely weather. Bodrum is one of the 13 districts of Muğla, and it is waiting for you to explore. If you want to spend your holiday surfing in warm weather, this is the place for you. You can buy your Bodrum flight ticket through Pegasus.

Fethiye Surfing

If you want to go to Fethiye which is one of the 13 districts of Muğla and surf with the unique nature, it is very easy to reach by buying a Dalaman ticket through Pegasus.

İstanbul Surfing

İstanbul is the most populous city in Türkiye. If you want to see Istanbul's unique history and surf, you can get your İstanbul flight ticket by Pegasus. You can surf in Tuzla, Mimar Sinan, Gökçeada or Bozcaada regions and enjoy surfing with the beautiful scenery of İstanbul. 

İzmir Surfing

The third most populous city in Türkiye, İzmir is located in the Aegean region. If you like exploring the ancient artifacts and the ruins of the past, this city is definitely for you. You can also go to Alaçatı, Çeşme, Göztepe and Urla regions and surf the various surfing points or take a surfing course if you wish. If you want to go surfing in a great city like İzmir, all you have to do is to find the most suitable surfboard for you and get your İzmir flight ticket via Pegasus.

Best Surfing Locations In The World

Lefkada Surfing 

Lefkada is a Greek island situated on the Ionian Sea where surfing is among the most popular activities.Vassiliki and Agios Ioannis Beaches are particularly famous spots for windsurfing. You can book your flight to Athens from which you can take a connected flight or get on a regional bus. 

Barcelona Surfing

Barcelona, Spain's most important port and trade center, is one of the most important and beautiful surfing areas in the world. You can go to this city with a unique culture and surf in the beautiful weather. All you have to do to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture is to book your flight to Barcelona.

Dubai Surfing

Dubai is one of the 7 Emirates in the Arabian Peninsula. It is possible to surf in Dubai, in the city that attracts thousands of tourists every year with its developed economy and architecture. Book your flight to Dubai today to have a lively holiday. 

London Surfing

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, attracts everyone's attention with its historical monuments and buildings, and its unique, magnificent architecture. You can also go to this city and try surfing with paddles. All you have to do is book your flight to London and enjoy your holiday.

Porto Pollo Surfing 

There are many breathtaking spots on the Italian island of Sardinia for windsurfing including Porto Pollo. The north of Sardinia is especially beaten by the mistral wind and as a consequence it raises the best and most surfable waves. You can book your flight ticket for Rome and take a ferry to Olbia which is in close distance to Porto Pollo.   

If you are planning to travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table.

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