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We collected the most essential information for those who are interested in all the details of skateboarding. You will discover below the basics of skateboarding and how to do it for beginners along with a list of required equipments. Make sure to read through our guide to explore the best locations for skateboarding in Türkiye and around the world. 

What is Skateboarding?

what is skateboarding

Skateboarding is a popular sport that involves performing tricks and riding on a skateboard. Skateboarding was invented by surfers in California during late the 1940s as an alternative to surfing when the waves are flat. Since then, skateboarding evolved into a huge recreational activity enjoyed by millions of people around the world and is on its way to becoming an Olympic sport in 2020. 

Skateboarding for Beginners

Skateboarding is an amazing activity that is hugely beneficial for participants' balance, concentration, fitness, and creativity. It is also a green-friendly and fun way to travel short distances. Skateboarders are always helpful to beginners; you can just go to a venue and start skating with a common skate (81 cm- 23 cm), experienced skaters are sure to help you with the basics. 

How to Skateboard?

how to skateboard

It is essential to internalize the very basics of skateboarding since the sport can possibly be dangerous if done without caution. Some of these basics are mounting, forward-backward motion and stopping. After you mastered these skills you can try to perform basic tricks like "tick-tack". There are many venues or parks in cities that are suitable for skateboarding, you can find online. 

Before You Go: Stuff You Need to Know

  • It is hard as well as dangerous to perform tricks for first timers. Try sticking to perfecting your basic riding skills while learning. 
  • The sport has created its cultural atmosphere with music and apparel. There are many song playlists online that is curated by the community.

Skateboarding Equipment List: What Equipment is Needed for Skateboarding?

skateboarding equipment list

Skateboard Types

Electric Skateboard

An electric skateboard is usually longer and equipped with an electronic system which makes sure that you don’t have to use your leg to push. Electric skateboards are getting popular because they are easier to use. Its speed is controlled by a hand-held throttle and has one to three years battery life. 


Waveboards are small but smart alternatives to traditional skateboards. Waveboards are two-wheeled instead of four and much more flexible than old school skateboards. You will feel like riding a snowboard because of its flexibility.

Old School Skateboard

An old school skateboard is made of maple wood, aluminum, and carbon fiber, with four wheels that are fixed to the bottom of both ends. First skateboards were made of wood and they were too heavy even for moving.

Skateboarding Accessories

Skateboarding Wheels

The wheels are essential for your skateboard because they allow you to move and determine how fast you can go. A wheel is measured in millimeters and most wheels range from 50 to 75 mm while 52 to 56 mm being the most common ones. 

Skateboarding Bag

A good skateboarding bag is there to keep your belongings, safety gear, and spare parts safe. Most new generation skateboards come with a skateboarding bag that you can pack after you call it a day. If you are planning to travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table. 

When is the Best Time for Skateboarding?

where to do skateboarding

Skateboarding is a year-round activity but can be much more challenging during snow or rain. Summer is typically the best season to enjoy skateboarding.

Best Spots for Skateboarding in Türkiye

Avcılar Skate Park / Barış Skate Park, Istanbul

Avcılar is a district of İstanbul and is located in the western part of the city. Avcılar skateboard is a frequent meeting place for skateboarding enthusiasts in the European side of İstanbul. Barış Skate Park is located in Pendik district of İstanbul in the Anatolian side. After you book your flight ticket to İstanbul, you can also enjoy skateboarding on most of the southern shores of the city. 

Bostanlı Skate Park, Izmir

Bostanlı Skate Park is located in Karşıyaka district of İzmir. The skate park is a great place to enjoy skateboarding. Book your flight ticket to İzmir to enjoy it for yourself. 

720 Skate Park, Ankara

720 Skate Park is located in Altındağ district of Ankara. The skate park is fairly new and frequently visited by skateboarders. Book your flight ticket to Ankara to show off your tricks.

Düden Skate Park, Antalya

Düden is a district of Antalya and located in the eastern part of the city. The park is fairly big and frequently visited by the residents in the area. Book your flight ticket to Antalya to enjoy the city and its amazing public parks like Düden Skate Park.

Best Spots for Skateboarding in the World


London is a skateboard-friendly city since the 1970s. Southbank Skate Park has been around for 40 years and became an inspiration for many young skaters. Book your flight ticket to London to visit the graffiti-filled skate park.  


Barcelona is a great city to enjoy skateboarding thanks to its warm weather and unique architecture. There are also many skateboarding venues with plenty of people to perform tricks. Book your flight ticket to Barcelona to enjoy the city and its vibrant skateboarding atmosphere.  


Berlin has become one of the most hip cities of Europe with its diverse art scene and vibrant social life. Experienced skateboarders all around the world had performed tricks in various public and skateboarding parks in Berlin, especially in “Skatehalle Berlin”. Electric skateboards are pretty common in the city. With your flight ticket to Berlin at hand, you might want to join them. 


Skateboarding in Copenhagen is fun and exciting. Copenhagen Skate Park is a very well designed park to skate and is frequently visited by locals. Book your flight ticket to Copenhagen to enjoy the city and discover its skateboarding scene. 


Moscow is a newly emerging skateboarding city and it is not uncommon to see young people riding their skateboards to the closest park. Book your flight ticket to Moscow during the summer to watch them ride.

If you are planning to travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table.

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