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Below you can find all the essential information on the adventurous sport of parkour, how to do it and the required tools you will need. The best places to do parkour in Türkiye and all around the world are also included for adventure seekers. Make sure to read through the information in order to explore in-depths of parkour and best destinations to do it.

What is Parkour?

what is parkour

One of the most popular urban sports in the world, parkour is an action-packed sport where balance and power are used together to challenge gravity. Parkour is a type of physical education and lifestyle that aims to overcome obstacles by moving, running, jumping and climbing from one point to another in an urban environment. 

Historical Origins of Parkour

Parkour is a sport found by Raymond Belle in France and developed by his son David Belle and a group of friends in the late 80s. This sport became famous worldwide with the group called Yamakasi, founded by David Belle and his friends in 1997, and the film by the same name, which was shot in 2001. Male and female practitioners are named as Traceur and Traceuse respectively, meaning tracer in English. "l'art du déplacement" (Art of the movement), later renamed as Parkour, is a modern city sport. It has recently been supported by many famous sports brands and nowadays can be seen frequently in action movies.

How to do Parkour?

how to do parkour

Parkour does not require a specific training or accessories. Your body is the only tool you use with perseverance, discipline, and instinct. You need to find a suitable area or a parkour hall to practice the techniques and the movements, and train to improve your muscles. Also, it is very important to have a coach with you to learn quickly and correctly. For Parkour, which requires balance and strength, you must first develop your muscles and balance. You can practice the movements and techniques more easily by doing exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, and squats every day. Once you've strengthened your body enough, it is time to practice landing and rolling moves. You can start to learn how to land and roll smoothly with jumps from a height of half a meter to a meter as a start. You must then proceed with the vaulting, jumping and climbing maneuvers. As you work out these movements, you should create your style by discovering your favorite moves that suit your body. With regular training and exercises, you should keep your body fit and try new movements in different areas to create your style.  You can try to find people and groups to do Parkour together. You can go to outdoor parkour areas or parkour halls to learn and find other people that are interested in the sport. You can enjoy this sport more and learn faster while teaching or learning from others.

Parkour Equipment List- What Equipment is Needed for Parkour?

Parkour Clothing

Parkour does not require much equipment. A suitable sports shoe and comfortable sportswear are usually enough. A tracksuit you don't have to fix while moving is a good choice for Parkour, and you can find one that suits to your style. The choice of shoes is very important for you to be comfortable as well as to avoid injuries.

Parkour Shoes

A sturdy and flexible pair of shoes is the most important Parkour sports equipment. It is essential to have lightweight and shock-absorbing shoes while doing Parkour. This helps you to feel the surface and protect your foot and leg joints while performing movements. The shoes should be high quality to reduce the risk of injuries  and also for long-term use. The shoes should not be too tight on your feet.

Parkour Gloves and Protective Wear

Although not recommended by Traceurs and Traceuses, some protective equipment may be useful for beginners. Of these, Parkour gloves are perhaps the most important. Although it is important to feel the surface with your hands while you are doing Parkour, you can initially use special fingerless Parkour gloves. Gloves should be flexible and comfortable; climbing gloves can be preferred. You can also use elbow and knee pads.

When is the Best Time for Parkour?

when is the best time for parkour

Parkour is a sport you can do at any time of the year. However, it can be more difficult as well as more dangerous during the winter. You can always use the Parkour halls and do it outside on beautiful spring days. Parkour is also taking its place gradually in sports festivals held in many parts of the world. Festival times are the best times to meet a lot of people, share your experiences and learn from others to improve yourself.

Where to do Parkour in Türkiye?

Parkour is becoming a popular sport in Türkiye. In major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Eskisehir, there are many Parkour halls and outdoor Parkour areas. Also, the historical buildings, parks and urban spaces of these cities create many different areas for Parkour lovers.

İstanbul Parkour

One of the world's most populous cities, İstanbul is a historic city that welcomes millions of tourists from all around the world every year. İstanbul Parkour attracts worldwide attention with its parks, historic buildings, and urban spaces. This city, where many cultures and civilizations lived throughout the history, is an authentic and challenging space for Parkour. There are also Parkour halls in İstanbul where you can train and meet with local Traceurs and Traceuses.

İstanbul's popular Parkour venues are usually parks. The parks in Bostancı and Caddebostan are the leading ones. However, every step you take in the historic streets of İstanbul, you will find a Parkour area. For this, we recommend you to visit the surrounding of Golden Horn (Fatih, Beyoğlu, Eminönü, Sultanahmet) and its surrounding areas and also to visit the parks on the Anatolian side.

İstanbul’s most famous Freerun and Parkour hall is the hall of Acroacedemy located in Levent district. The hall, where many Traceurs and Traceuses are trained and worked, you can practice many techniques and maneuvers. If you want to have an unforgettable experience you can click here to get your ticket to İstanbul and begin your journey to discover İstanbul Parkour.

Ankara Parkour

Parkour sport is becoming more and more popular in Ankara. Türkiye's capital Ankara is famous for its parks. Gençlik Parkı, Kuğulu Park, Dikmen Vadisi Parkı are among the most famous parks and are suitable places for Parkour.

Parkour is famous among the young population of the city and they form groups like the creators of Parkour. Although there is no active Parkour hall, you can get in touch with these groups and meet Traceurs and Traceuses from Ankara. It is the best way to learn the best outdoor Parkour areas and indoor places to train. If you want to discover Ankara, and Ankara Parkour, you can click here to get your ticket. 

İzmir Parkour

Türkiye's third-biggest metropolitan city İzmir is one of the best cities for Parkour. Parks along the seaside, sports fields, and historical urban spaces in the city make this city special for Parkour. İzmir Parkour is one of the most famous in Türkiye thanks to the young population of the city. There is no active İzmir Parkour hall or outdoor Parkour areas in here yet, but you can meet with local Parkour groups and learn the best Izmir Parkour locations and share the experience of Izmir Parkour with the local Traceurs and Traceuses. 

İzmir clock tower in Kordon and its surrounding areas is the most popular area where Parkour groups in İzmir hold meetings and festivals among themselves. If you want to experience the excitement of Parkour under palm trees at sunset in this beautiful city of Aegean, you can click here to visit İzmir.

Best Parkour Destinations in the World

Parkour is the best sport to discover the world’s wonderful cities, amazing parks, and urban spaces. It is very easy to travel around the world to do this sport because your body is the only tool you need. Being part of a larger community and having an amazing time while you are pushing your limits in various places is the experience of a lifetime.

Parkour Mardin

One of the oldest settlements in the world, Mardin will amaze you with its unique architecture. Unlike a park or an urban space, the city itself is the ground for Parkour. Jumping, running and vaulting from the top of the historic buildings is a rare experience for Parkour lovers. Thanks to its unique city structure, this city has become a popular spot for Parkour lovers around the world. In recent years, Parkour festivals and contests have been organized in Mardin. You can get your Mardin flight ticket for this unique adventure.

Parkour Paris

The birthplace of Parkour, Paris is a must-visit for those who want to experience this sport. Paris is the city where the movie Banlieue 13 was shot. This sport became popular worldwide with this movie starring David Belle, the founder of Parkour. Your Paris flight ticket is waiting for you to experience the roots of Parkour.

Parkour Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is a very modern and vibrant city. The city combines cultural architecture with modern architecture and has beautiful Parkour areas. The Parkour area in the Corniche has a structural feature that allows for many maneuvers. Get your Abu Dhabi flight ticket for the unique Parkour experience in this city, which is also frequented by many tourists from around the world. 

Parkour Milan

Milan is the second most popular city in Italy after Rome. This popularity comes from the touristic structure of the city. The history that the city carries has a great mixture with modern architecture which creates unique spots for Parkour. Other than the places around the city center, Romolo is a place where Parkour lovers visit frequently. Your Milan flight ticket is ready for you to try Parkour in this city.

Parkour Moscow

In the Russian capital Moscow, Parkour is becoming more and more popular. The city has amazing urban spaces and parks for this sport. There are Parkour halls in the city that you can practice and meet with the local Traceurs and Traceuses. There are many urban structures like Vorobievy Gory bridge where you can practice. If you want to discover this city, you can meet with the large Parkour community of Moscow, and they can show you all the good spots. If you are ready for this exciting trip, you can get your Moscow flight ticket and widen your Parkour world.

If you are planning to travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table.

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