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Below you can find all the necessary information on the adventurous sport of wakeboarding, how to do it and the required tools you will need. The best places to do wakeboarding in Türkiye and all around the world are also included for adventure seekers. Make sure to read through the information in order to explore in-depths of wakeboarding and best destinations to do it.

What is Wakeboarding?

what is wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is an extreme sport performed on water. The rider is fastened to a board and towed behind a motorboat at speeds of around 50 km per hour. It’s almost like riding an endless wave and it is suitable for a wide range of people in terms of age.

How to do Wakeboard?

how to do wakeboard

While learning any new sport is going to be difficult, wakeboarding is known to be a water sport that can be picked up quicker than many others. At first, the most important thing to learn is which foot should be the leading one. Once you figure that out it’s time to try to stand up on the board. When you are first trying to stand up on a wakeboard, put about 60% of your weight on your front foot and stay close to the board. And last but not least, know that the shorter the rope, the easier it is to handle. Wakeboarding beginners should keep their tow rope short and the tow handle low down on their body.

Wakeboard Styles

There are different styles to do wakeboard depending on the foot you are leading with naturally. For instance if you are wakeboarding with your left foot on the front it is called regular, while if you tend to use your right foot it’s goofy. 

Wakeboarding Equipment List: What Equipment is Needed for Wakeboarding?

wakeboarding equipment list

Wakeboarding is done with several pieces of equipment and while all of them are necessary some of them are not the most affordable, like a speed boat. But you’ll be able to rent a board at almost any facility that allows you to wakeboard.


A specific bending on the board from head to tail is called Rocker.  Broadly there are four types of wakeboards depending on the rocker design;

  • Continuous rocker: are recognized by a smooth curve from the nose till the end. Due to its flexible shape it enables more room for extra maneuvers. 
  • Hybrid rocker: has the characteristics of continuous rocker as well as the three stage rocker boards, which means that it allows wakeboarding over big wake hits and with smooth lands.
  • Three-Stage rocke: is ideal for using behind a boat. Its rather stiff structure facilitates more pops at greater speed. 
  • Five Stage rocker:  gives the wakeboarder a kickoff which is rather straight up at wake without the brake of a traditional board’s curve.

You can look at all of them to see which one you are comfortable with for the best wakeboarding experience. Although there are some tips to pay attention to while choosing the ideal wakeboard suitable for you. Boards are generally categorized as beginner, intermediate and advanced characterized by different materials at various intensities. Additionally, the right board for you may change depending on your height and weight. It is advised to pay attention to sizing charts labeled on boards that describe the proper ratios. 

Wakeboarding Boat

The wakeboarding boat is most probably an equipment you won’t buy yourself for the convenience. However you can rent these boats from many facilities and renters.

Wet Suit

The wet suits used by the wakeboarders to keep their body warm in the cold water, these are used in many water sports and are widely available.

Life Vest

Life vest is a safety wear that keeps you afloat in the case of falling from the board.

Wakeboard Line

This is a connecting line between the boat and the rider which the rider grabs by a handle bar.


Helmet is used as a protective measure as losing balance and falling down in case of great speed can be dangerous.

What is the Best Time for Wakeboarding?

what is the best time for wakeboarding

Because it is a water sport the ideal season for this thrilling activity is generally summer. Still, if you don’t mind the cold you can enjoy the ride as long as the water is not frozen. Most facilities allow beginners to wakeboard before 12 AM for safety as the water is generally not too crowded at early hours.

Best Places for Wakeboarding in Türkiye

Antalya Wakeboarding

The city with endless beaches and crystal clear water has several places for this exciting activity.  Hip-notics, Renaissance Antalya Beach Resort, and Rixos Antalya Resort are the nearest ones to the city center. If you’re willing to go around 100 kms east there is also Gold Cable Park in Alanya. This facility is near a lake between mountains so you can enjoy a smoother ride. There are also two Club Med facilities in Kemer. You can buy flight tickets to Antalya here.

İzmir Wakeboarding

There are three facilities to practice wakeboarding in Izmir. The first one is the Adrenaline Wakeboard and Kite School. The second one is Club Phokaia in Foça, almost 100 km north of İzmir. The last one is Club Teos in Sığacık. You can buy plane tickets to İzmir to enjoy the experience of wakeboarding in İzmir

Muğla Wakeboarding

Muğla has always been one of the most popular places for summer vacations in Türkiye with its various options of beaches, entertainment, and food. There are also wakeboarding options you can try on your holiday. Wake Bodrum and Happy Mag Resort Sea Garden in Bodrum are both very well equipped for water sports. You can also visit the Hillside Beach Club in Fethiye. You can easily buy your plane tickets to Bodrum from here or if you prefer an airport closer to Fethiye you can buy a ticket to Dalaman Airport here.  

Bursa Wakeboarding

Sukay Wake Park in Bursa is a facility on an island on a lake. They specialize on wakeboarding and its variations. They also teach different classes for different levels. There are no airports in Bursa but it’s only 154 km away from İstanbul so you can buy a plane ticket to İstanbul and then rent a car for a safe and comfortable drive.

İzmit Wakeboarding

Gölkay Park is also a facility that specializes in wakeboarding and other similar extreme water sports. It has various parkour depending on you’re surfing ability and past experiences. If you prefer they also have activities that do not require as much physical action like SUP or canoeing. You can buy your plane ticket to İstanbul and you can rent a car for a 104 km car ride.

Best Places for Wakeboarding in the World

Lake Como- Italy 

Lake Como is an incredible vacation spot; perhaps the most famous lake in all Europe, a favourite of Hollywood stars and also one of the deepest lakes in Europe. The wakeboarding experience here is immensely fun, and early in the morning or later in the evening is the best time of the day to enjoy it. Lake Como is easy to reach from Milan, to which Pegasus offers affordable direct flights. You can book your ticket to Milan via Pegasus.

Brena Reservoir- Spain

An absolute favourite of wakeboard enthusiast everywhere, this reservoir in Cordoba is the perfect place to enjoy a summer vacation. The reservoir offers a great wakeboard experience, one that you should definitely try. Pegasus has great deals for direct flights to Madrid, from where you can make your way to Cordoba. 

Neorion Bay- Greece

A true gem of the Mediterranean, Neorion Bay will make you fall in love. Not only will you love the clear waters and the beautiful nature but you will have the wakeboarding experience of your life behind the top of the line Wakesetters employed there. Poros, the city in which you’ll find Neorion is quite close to Athens, to which Pegasus offers direct flights. You can get your tickets here.

Lake Geneva- Switzerland

Lake Geneva amazes its visitors with the awe-inspiring Mont Blanc looming over the beautiful lake. It can be very crowded on the weekends, so we suggest you take your trip there during the week Pegasus offers direct flights to Geneva, get your ticket today to enjoy wakeboarding in Lake Geneva.

Dubai- United Arab Emirates

Dubai can offer you perhaps the most surreal wakeboarding experience. Wakeboarding amongst the tall skyscrapers towering all around you is a unique adventure. If it sounds attractive to you, add to that the fact that Dubai offers dozens of different kinds of pulls and boats, the best you can find anywhere, and you have a dream vacation in your hands. To make it a reality, book your direct flight to Dubai via Pegasus today.

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